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Nikon Coolpix P1000 Photo Gallery

On 23 August 2019, despite its large size and weight, I bought a Nikon Coolpix P1000 superzoom camera since wildlife I had been seeing on the morning walks needed longer zoom than the cameras I already had.

Now, more than a year later (19 October 2020) and after shooting more than 12,000 brackets (36,000 shutter activations) I can say that the Nikon Coolpix P1000 is the first camera I've ever owned that has all the telephoto reach I can handle and for the first time in my life I am not interested in a camera with more. I still don't like its large size and weight but it's manageable. The camera is truly an amazing device and after discovering the equally amazing Topaz Labs DeNoise AI for noise removal, the P1000 has become my "go-to" camera for wildlife and nature photography. Basically, if my old eyes can see something in the distance, I can get a usable shot of it.

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Otter On Ice DSCN120704 Winter Swale Mist At Sunrise DSCN120547 Edmonds Overflow Dam Mist DSCN120649 Clouded Sun Rising DSCN120561
Male Common Merganser DSCN120260 Muskrat On Ice At Breakfast DSCN120528 Mute Swan DSCN120441-2 Three Common Mergansers DSCN120297
Muskrat On Ice DSCN120363 Damselfly Beneath White Campion DSCN105340 Muskrat On Ice DSCN120187 Mute Swan Landing DSCN120054
Winter Wonderland DSCN119990 Mute & Trumpeter Swans DSCN119791 Mute Swan Couple In The Swale DSCN119654 Blue Jay Atop A Pine Tree DSCN119589
Muskrat On Ice In Falling Snow Reflected DSCN119473 Muskrat At Breakfast On Ice In Falling Snow Reflected DSCN119460 Turtle Island Sunrays In Mist DSCN119309-11 Winter Sunrise Clouds DSCN119201-3
20230113 Winter Storm DSCN119182 Lower Reach Snowfall DSCN119150-2 Flaps Down Landing Approach DSCN118974 Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN119082
Female Common Merganser Mouth Open DSCN119056 Iced Fallen Autumn Oak Leaf DSCN118893 Three Trumpeter Swans DSCN118994 Swan Dance On Ice DSCN118895
Animal Tracks In Snow DSCN118884 Icy Winter Plant Close-up DSCN118617 Iced Red Branches DSCN118685 Iced Winter Plant DSCN118627
Two Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN118413 Two Bald Eagles In A Distant Tree DSCN118527 Beaver Swimming In Ice Opening DSCN118247 Four Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN118413
Trumpeter Swans Interacting (crop) DSCN118278 Lift Bridge Ice Puddles Reflection DSCN118171 Winter Swale At Golden Hour DSCN118123 Juvenile Bald Eagle Displacing A Crow DSCN117794
Eagle Perched Above A Crow DSCN117369 Snowy Yellow Peril Harvard DSCN117881 'Art' Distant Beaver On Snowy Ice DSCN117434 Faint Sunbow Beyond Great Lakes Freighter DSCN118017
Otter On Ice DSCN117785 Merry Christmas 2022 (DSCN117510.1) Winter Swale At Sunrise DSCN117848 Late Autumn Tree In Ground Fog DSCN117544
Sunrise Beyond Mist Over Otter Creek DSCN117548-50 Otter At Breakfast DSCN117636 Beaver At Breakfast DSCN117491 Bald Eagle On A Snowy Tree DSCN117371
20221216 Winter Storm DSCN117182 Snowy CP 8128 In 20221216 Winter Storm DSCN117138 Dumpster Panorama DSCN117116 Ring-billed Gull On Ice At Sunrise DSCN117050.3.4
Hoarfrost DSCN117104 Juvenile Ring-billed Gull In Flight At Sunrise DSCN117029 Juvenile Trumpeter Swan Swimming Past Old Tree Roots DSCN116279BW Sunrise Silver Linings DSCN116869
Abstract DSCN116998 Six Geese Taking Flight DSCN116932 Full Cold Moon & Mars Post Occultation DSCN116845 Two Geese In The Swale On A Misty Morning DSCN116771
White-breasted Nuthatch DSCN116740 Two Canada Geese In Flight DSCN116626 Snowy Fallen Autumn Leaf DSCN116560 Fallen Autumn Leaves DSCN116527
Five Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN115855 Seven Swans a-Swimming DSCN116330 Mute Swan In Flight DSCN115867 Disappearing Sunrise DSCN116146
Dripping Trumpeter Swan Close Up DSCN116096 Mute Swan In Flight DSCN115868 Duck Island Trees On A Hazy Late Autumn Morning DSCN116077 Fallen Autumn Leaf On Snow DSCN115906
Five Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN115854 Snowy Autumn Weeping Willow DSCN115711 Rideau Canal Starting To Ice Over DSCN115773 Male House Finch DSCN115538
CN 1112 Steam Locomotive DSCN115450.3 Waning Gibbous Moon 68% Illuminated DSCN11544-31 Abstract DSCN115411 White-breasted Nuthatch With Morsel DSCN115372
White-breasted Nuthatch With Morsel DSCN115369 Four Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN115333 Blue Jay On Rotting Wood DSCN115280 Remembrance Day 2022 (DSCN115243)
Trumpeter Swan Kerfuffle & Cheering Section DSCN115064 VIA Rail Trains Coming & Going DSCN115013 Trumpeter Swan Family DSCN114988 Red Dragonfly On A Rock DSCN114817 (Crop2-4X)
Foggy Lower Reach Sunrise DSCN114805-7 Foggy Lower Reach At Sunrise DSCN114739 Three Geese Swimming In Fog DSCN114712 Misty Gemmells Point at Sunrise DSCN114670
Duck Island Footbridge In Autumn DSCN114490-2 Riveting Graffiti DSCN114448-50 Riveting Graffiti DSCN114448-50 (BW) Autumn Rideau Canal DSCN114364-6
Duck Island Footbridge In Autumn DSCN114178 Female Downy Woodpecker DSCN114140 Messy Mouth Dark-eyed Junco In Golden Light DSCN113998 Hunter's Waning Crescent Moon DSCN113965
Autumn Tree Abstract DSCN113871 Crescent Moon Beyond The Rideau Canal At Dawn DSCN113827-9 Autumn Precipitation Beyond The Swale DSCN113760 Abstract Close-up DSCN113659
Le Boats Heading For Winter Storage DSCN113428 Autumn Back Road DSCN113378 Asian Lady Beetle Among Cosmos Flower Buds DSCN112918 Paving Beckwith Street DSCN113144
Wet Fallen Fall Leaves DSCN112933 Asian Lady Beetle On A Budding Cosmos DSCN112918 Autumnscape Beyond Bare Trees DSCN112903 Le Boat 2022 Canadian Fleet DSCN112888
Le Boat 2022 Canadian Fleet DSCN112828.31 Jupiter & Three Jovian Moons DSCN112631 Eight Wood Ducks DSCN112584 Autumnscape DSCN112548
Three Wood Ducks On A Wetland Mound DSCN112506 Autumnscape DSCN112266 Autumnscape DSCN112231 Autumnscape DSCN112151
Autumnscape DSCN112134 Contrails DSCN112110 White-throated Sparrow Among Grapes DSCN112099 Wood Duck Couple Reflected DSCN112052
Autumn Trees DSCN112021 Peregrine Falcon Spreading Its Wings DSCN111806 Wet Mink With Catch DSCN111785 Fly Close-up DSCN111769.74
Shopper's Drug Mart Mural DSCN111646 Morning Fog Beyond Rideau Canal DSCN111637 Foxy Fotographer On The Duck Island Footbridge On A Foggy Morning DSCN111589 Three Trumpeter Swans In The Swale DSCN111439
Ominous Clouds Over The Swale DSCN111340 Wet Patio Tabletop Close-up DSCN111339 Great Blue Heron In The Old Mill Channel DSCN111325 Swamp Sparrow DSCN111271
Missing Right Side Door Casing DSCN111264 White-crowned Sparrow DSCN111227 Hunters In The Swale DSCN111130 Two Trumpeter Swans In Wetland DSCN111092
Waning Crescent Moon DSCN110955 Autumn Tree DSCN110941 Fall Foliage DSCN110910 Woolly Bear Caterpillar On A Sidewalk DSCN110757
Bug On A Wet Autumn Leaf DSCN110616 Fog Beyond The Swale DSCN110580 Red Berries & Leaves DSCN110567 Gull In Flight With Catch Being Chased DSCN110509
Osprey With A Catch DSCN110467 Juvenile Pied-billed Grebe With A Small Catch DSCN110395 Goldfinch Dining On Weed Seed DSCN110353 Great Blue Heron Swallowing Fish DSCN110298
Great Blue Heron Taking Flight With Catch DSCN110294 (crop) Great Blue Heron Taking Flight With Catch DSCN110294 Great Blue Heron Striking DSCN110293 Misty Rideau Canal DSCN110194
Bullfrog On A Flooded Lily Pad DSCN110148 Gallinule In Wetland Grass DSCN110044 Pink & Red Hibiscus DSCN109970 Little Leaf Bug On A Porch Railing DSCN109903-8
Two Little Leaf Bugs On A Porch Railing DSCN109897.900 Happy Heron DSCN109481 Osprey Taking Flight From A Pole DSCN109453 Juvenile Ring-billed Gull In Flight DSCN109327
Grasshopper On The Porch DSCN109312-4 Juvenile Pied-billed Grebe DSCN109233 Female Belted Kingfisher On A Dead Tree DSCN109195-6 Great Blue Heron At Old Mill Rapids DSCN109165
Common Loon (Nonbreeding) DSCN109059 Gull In Flight DSCN108977 Green Heron On A Dead Limb DSCN108908 Heron & Spiderweb In The Old Mill Channel DSCN108819
Detached Downspout DSCN108778BW Kingfisher On A Cable With A Catch DSCN108703 Ornge Air Ambulance DSCN108671 CP Business Train Westbound DSCN108623
American Bittern DSCN108459 Great Blue Heron Taking Flight DSCN108426 Great Blue Heron Lightens The Load DSCN108417 Dragonfly Eyeing Snack DSCN108316 (crop)
Deer Swimming In The Swale DSCN108287-8 Leaves Turning Autumn Color Behind Cedar Waxwing DSCN108153 Two Canada Geese Taking Flight DSCN108113 Broad-winged Hawk DSCN108060
Blue Jay Close Up DSCN107847 Messy Mink On An Old Railway Bridge DSCN107828 Eastern Forktail Damselfly DSCN107658.64 Wood Duck Wing Stretch DSCN107624
First Autumn Tree DSCN107603 Pink Cosmos DSCN107594 CP Business Train 40B Departing Smiths Falls DSCN107491 CP Business Train Power DSCN107448
Male Goldfinch Landing On A Bird Bath DSCN107352 Clouded Sun Beyond Boathouses DSCN107135-9 Great Blue Heron Standing On A Dead Tree Limb DSCN107063 Osprey Taking Flight From A Tree DSCN106828
Great Blue Heron On A Roof DSCN106762 Boat On Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN106628 Yellowjacket On A Lily Pad DSCN106230 Green Heron DSCN106201
Kawartha Voyageur Crewmember DSCN106164 Kawartha Voyageur Southbound DSCN106129 Dewy Pink Morning Glory DSCN106117 Otter At Breakfast DSCN106019
Female Purple Finch DSCN105988 Belted Kingfisher Couple DSCN105942 Great Blue Heron Gular Fluttering DSCN105854 (crop) Black Tern In Flight DSCN105815
Dragonfly Above A Spider DSCN105793 Great Blue Heron On A Deadfall DSCN105632BW Tiny Grasshopper On A Double Zinnia DSCN105590 Blue-eyed Dragonfly DSCN105572
Small Spider Lurking On A Black-eyed Susan DSCN105535-6 Hummingbird Clearwing Moth DSCN105523 Ruffled Cedar Waxwing DSCN105420 Bumblebee On A Coneflower Closeup DSCN105268
Cloud Mountain Peak DSCN105243 Yellow Warbler Near Red Berries DSCN105159 Sun Rising Beyond Lifting Fog DSCN105098-00 Monarch Butterfly & Bumblebee On Coneflowers DSCN105093-4
Monarch Butterfly On A Coneflower DSCN105089 Yellowjacket Photobombs A Monarch DSCN104829 Monarch On Goldenrod DSCN104783 Kawartha Voyageur Window Cleaner DSCN104741
Trumpeter Swans & Cygnets DSCN104631 Swimming Mink DSCN104541 Osprey With A Big Catch DSCN104535 Red-winged Blackbird Mobbing An Osprey DSCN104519
Monarch Butterfly DSCN104391 Female Belted Kingfisher DSCN104310 Goldfinch Atop A Post DSCN104220 Juvenile Yellow-bellied Sapsucker DSCN104147
Rough-winged Swallow Feeding Fledgling DSCN103938 Female Kingfisher Calling DSCN103670 Common Loon With A Catch DSCN103553 Sparrow With A Dragonfly DSCN103460
Male Cardinal Singing DSCN103413 Half-hidden Female Yellow-shafted Northern Flicker DSCN103268 Dragonfly On A Cable DSCN103265 Purple Loosestrife Beyond Great Blue Heron DSCN103143
Trumpeter Swans & Cygnets DSCN103054 Trumpeter Swans & Cygnets DSCN103042 Common Loon DSCN103013 Fishing On A Misty Rideau River DSCN102910
Bee & Bug On A Daisy DSCN102888 Spotted Sandpiper DSCN102826 Contorted Great Blue Heron DSCN102703 Wood Duck Dispute DSCN102590
Three Trumpeter Swan Cygnets DSCN102482 Trumpeter Swans & Cygnets DSCN102475 Cygnet Breakfast DSCN102454 Trumpeter Swans & Cygnets DSCN102442
Belted Kingfisher Preening DSCN102422 Belted Kingfisher Couple DSCN102416 Distant Storm DSCN102292 Great Blue Heron Drying Out DSCN102164
Four Common Loons DSCN102066 1956 Imperial DSCN101990 Rise At The Falls Car Club Show 2022 DSCN101888 Kingfisher Yawning DSCN101747
Two Kingfishers Out On A Limb DSCN101747 Kingfisher Photobombed By A Grackle DSCN101660 Cormorant Taking Flight DSCN101442 Cormorant Colony DSCN101426-8
Federal Asahi Majuro DSCN101417-8 Dragonfly & Ant On A Yellow Flower DSCN101378 Dragonfly On A Yellow Flower DSCN101360 Dragonfly On Graffiti DSCN101339
Dewy Goose Feather DSCN101312 Great Blue Heron Sleeping DSCN101222 Damselfly Closeup DSCN101087 Damselfly On A Leaf DSCN101072
Orange Damselfly Closeup DSCN101049 Red-eyed Vireo DSCN100970 Bug On Glass Reflected DSCN100898 Barn Swallow On A Wire DSCN100860
Great Blue Heron In Flight DSCN100686 Great Blue Heron In The Swale Reflected DSCN100525 Halloween Pennant Dragonfly DSCN100500 Mallard Duckling Telling Mama To Slow Down DSCN100430
Damselfly Close Up DSCN100379-81 Yawning Great Blue Heron Reflected DSCN100217 Lurking Damselfly DSCN100115 Swimming Raccoon DSCN100080
Loon & Raccoon Swimming Past Each Other DSCN100075 Loon & Raccoon Swimming Toward Each Other DSCN100074 Fogbow Over The Lift Bridge DSCN99842.5.8 Sun Through Fog DSCN99779
Five Common Loons DSCN99689 Common Loon In Calm Water Reflected DSCN99519 Male Common Yellowthroat DSCN99482 Wet White & Purple Flowers DSCN99465
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