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Nikon Coolpix P1000 Photo Gallery

On 23 August 2019, despite its large size and weight, I bought a Nikon Coolpix P1000 superzoom camera since wildlife I had been seeing on the morning walks needed longer zoom than the cameras I already had.

Now, more than a year later (19 October 2020) and after shooting more than 12,000 brackets (36,000 shutter activations) I can say that the Nikon Coolpix P1000 is the first camera I've ever owned that has all the telephoto reach I can handle and for the first time in my life I am not interested in a camera with more. I still don't like its large size and weight but it's manageable. The camera is truly an amazing device and after discovering the equally amazing Topaz Labs DeNoise AI for noise removal, the P1000 has become my "go-to" camera for wildlife and nature photography. Basically, if my old eyes can see something in the distance, I can get a usable shot of it.

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Airborne Le Boat DSCN74375 Le Boat Queue Panorama DSCN74205.8 Bridge Shadow In Mist DSCN73859-61 Two Mute Swans DSCN74156
Happy Canadian Thanksgiving DSCN74022 'Art Birches Beyond Autumn Red Tree DSCN74037 Autumn Backroad DSCN74082 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal DSCN73865-7
Sun Through Fog DSCN73805 Three Otters Swimming Away DSCN73761 Preening Cormorant DSCN73782 Foggy Swale Boathouses DSCN73710 'Art'
Grasshopper On A Pink Flower DSCN73542A Messy Mouth White-crowned Sparrow DSCN73577 White-crowned Sparrow DSCN73597 Wildlife In The Rail Yard DSCN73619
Domestic Turkeys DSCN73507 Natural Abstract DSCN73408BW Goose Taking Flight DSCN73339 Backlit Mottled Autumn Maple Leaf DSCN73354
Band Of Bare Trees DSCN73369 Peregrine Portrait DSCN73271 Cormorant Closeup DSCN73303 Peregrine Falcon On A Railing With A Catch DSCN73271
Blue Jay Beneath A Drooping Sunflower DSCN73181 Early Fall Foliage DSCN73121 Swan Neck Gourd DSCN72988 Early Fall Foliage DSCN72106
Wood Duck Couple DSCN72760 Early Autumn Color DSCN72774 Wet Leaves DSCN70772 Ring-billed Gull In Flight DSCN72694
Harvest Moon Beyond Contrail DSCN72671 Yellow-rumped Warbler Going For A Grape DSCN72532 (crop) Cormorant Coming Out Of The Water DSCN72391 Panting Heron DSCN72203
Cedar Waxwing On A Dead Branch DSCN72035 Spotted Sandpiper Among Lily Pads DSCN71896 Fogbow DSCN71954.7 Moon Shining Through Sunset Clouds DSCN71831
Rideau Canal Sunset DSCN71848-50 Kingfisher On A Wind Sock DSCN71782 Interesting Sky Over Golden Field DSCN71821 Kingfisher & Fishing Floats On A Cable DSCN71800
Red Dragonfly On A Leaf DSCN71618 Goose Breath DSCN71734 Heron On A Retaining Wall DSCN71658 (art) Monarch On A Purple Flower DSCN71302 (crop)
Heron In The Old Mill Channel DSCN71531 Interesting Sky Over Lift Bridge DSCN71628 Red Dragonfly On A Leaf DSCN71609 Bullfrog On A Lily Pad DSCN71416
Monarch On A Purple Flower DSCN71302 Monarch Among Black-eyed Susans DSCN71318 Two Monarchs Mating DSCN71327 Distant Fog Bank Beyond Gemmells Point DSCN71130
Autumn Color DSCN70894 Green Heron On A Dead Limb DSCN70834 Green Heron In A Dead Tree DSCN70822 Water Droplets On A Yellow Flower DSCN70750-8 (crop)
Water Droplets On A Yellow Flower DSCN70750-8 Great Blue Heron In The Swale DSCN70700 Bumble Bee On A Thistle DSCN70502 Merlin On A Dead Limb DSCN70381
Northern Waterthrush DSCN70367 Belted Kingfisher On A Cable DSCN70235 Bumble Bee Sleeping Under Goldenrod DSCN70211 Great Blue Heron With A Catch DSCN70144
Monarch Butterfly On A Brown-eyed Susan Closeup DSCN70047 Great Blue Heron Landing DSCN69854 Monarch Butterfly Flying DSCN69637 Monarch Butterfly On A Purple Flower DSCN69502
Monarch On A Mexican Sunflower DSCN69489 Orange Butterfly On A Purple Flower DSCN69457 Cedar Waxwing Profile DSCN69331 Summer Autumn Color DSCN69193
Osprey Leaving A Tree DSCN69186 Osprey In Flight DSCN69182 Belted Kingfisher DSCN69014 Cedar Waxwing On The Street DSCN68938
Monarch & Bug On A Yellow Flower DSCN68801 Osprey Landing In A Tree DSCN68741 Red Sun Rising Through Fog DSCN68623.4 Brown Dragonfly On A Leaf DSCN68558
Swimming Bullfrog DSCN68477 Kingfisher Panting On A Tin Roof DSCN68414 Bullfrog On A Lily Pad DSCN68221 Lone Mushroom DSCN68194-6
Preening Great Egret DSCN68051 (crop) Great Egret DSCN68018 White Flower DSCN67530 Great Blue Heron In Flight DSCN67474
Hunkered Heron In The Bush DSCN67316 Three Otters, One With Crayfish DSCN67226 Kingfisher On A Cable DSCN67102 Yellow Warbler Landing On A Cable DSCN67012
Green Grasshopper With Black Stripes DSCN66959 Great Blue Heron In Flight DSCN66839 Duck Dock DSCN66643 Rainbow At Sunrise DSCN66629
Red Sky In The Morning DSCN66625-7 Yellow Warbler DSCN66586 Two Yellow Warblers DSCN66503 Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN66440
Misty Irish Creek Sunrise DSCN66412 Sunrise Ground Fog DSCN66409-11 Common Loon DSCN66189 Equine Pal At Sunrise DSCN65864
Dragonfly, What Big Eyes You Have DSCN65793 Dragonfly, What Big Eyes You Have DSCN65793 (crop) Green Bottle Fly On A Screen DSCN65740 Crows Fighting Over Empty Doritos Bag DSCN65687
Pink Morning Glories DSCN65645 Eastbound CP 112 Entering Rail Yard DSCN65582 Gallinule Scratching An Itch DSCN65462 Bales In Pseudo-IR Landscape DSCN65231
Great Blue Heron In The Swale DSCN65156 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise DSCN65119-21 Setting Strawberry Moon DSCN65110 Yellow Warbler DSCN65104
Irish Creek Sunrise DSCN65077-9 End Of The Overcast DSCN64951 Little Bee In Flight Beside Yellow Flowers DSCN64865 Clouded Sunrise DSCN64853
House Wren DSCN64790 House Wren Calling DSCN64727 Female Eastern Bluebird DSCN64724 Foggy Rail Yard DSCN64618-20
Sun Through Fog DSCN64591 Misty Foggy Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN64510 Misty Foggy Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN64507 Wood Duck Family Among Lily Pads DSCN64490
Bullfrog Under A Water Lily Pad DSCN64230 Gypsy Moth Caterpillar Head DSCN64059 Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly DSCN64036 Ebony Jewelwing Damselfly DSCN64012
Rideau Trail Murphys Point DSCN63992BW Red-throated Loon DSCN63934 Red-throated Loon Close-up DSCN63899 Red-throated Loon Profile DSCN63886 (crop)
Red-throated Loon Bathtime DSCN63842 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN63790 Six Juvenile Grebes DSCN63736 Wild Turkey Fanning Tail DSCN63701
Dragonfly On Pink Spirea DSCN63669 Grackle With A Crustacean DSCN63545 Interesting Sky DSCN63513 Common Gallinule In The Swale DSCN63499
Mist Beyond Grazing Horses At Sunrise DSCN63377 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN63329-30 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN63304-6 Heron With A Catch Reflected DSCN63143
CP TEC Train Westbound Leaving Smiths Falls DSCN62619 CP TEC Train Westbound DSCN62593 CP TEC Train Overnighting DSCN62532 Male Baltimore Oriole Calling DSCN62497
Male Baltimore Oriole From Behind DSCN62486 Spider On A Wild Daisy DSCN62341 Laughing Heron DSCN62300 Ruffled Yellow Warbler DSCN62266
Damselfly On A Leaf DSCN62161 Gallinule With A Catch DSCN62144 CP 651 Train DSCN62048 Otter Creek Sunrise DSCN62003
Damselfly On A Branch DSCN61925 Common Gallinule Calling DSCN61863 Three Eclipsed Male Wood Ducks DSCN61838 Sunrise Rain Shower DSCN61768
CP 8764 Leading, CP 4403 Second, CP 8208 Third DSCN61724 Great Blue Heron Profile DSCN61714 Great Blue Heron Head DSCN61681 Yellow Lily & Lily Pad DSCN61640
Kayaker Photographing Water Lilies DSCN61528 Kayaker In The Swale DSCN61524 Interesting Sky Over Victoria Basin DSCN61458 Gallinule In The Swale DSCN61402
Pied-billed Grebe In Calm Water DSCN61375 White-breasted Nuthatch DSCN61357 Gosling Train With Mid-DPU At Sunrise DSCN61188 Red-winged Blackbird Mobbing a Great Blue Heron DSCN61103
Yellow Water Lilies DSCN60992 Flower Bed Sprinkler DSCN60895-7 First Pleasure Craft In The Basin 2021 DSCN60880 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN60801
Gosling Train In Early Morning Mist DSCN60776 Seedy Dandelion Close Up DSCN60728 Great Blue Heron In Flight DSCN60689 Great Blue Heron In Tall Grass DSCN60617
Great Blue Heron In The Swale DSCN60608 Heron & Moon Over The Le Boat Fleet DSCN60515 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN60443 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN60436-8
White-eyed Mayfly On Glass Head-on DSCN60393 White-eyed Mayfly On Glass Head-on DSCN60393 (crop) Yellow Warbler DSCN60349 Geese Flying Over The 2021 Flower Full Moon DSCN60305.25
Hook, Line & Kingbird DSCN60214 Hook, Line & Kingbird DSCN60213 (crop) Here Comes The Sun DSCN60120-2 Heron Stretching A Wing And Leg DSCN60060.2
Belted Kingfisher On A Dead Branch DSCN60033 Gallinule In The Swale DSCN60012 Heron Having Just Landed On A Rock DSCN59909 Male Baltimore Oriole DSCN59793
Wild Turkey In Tall Grass DSCN59772 Grackle With Dragonfly Snack DSCN59753 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN59720 Suspended Dandelion Seed DSCN59658
Great Blue Heron In Flight DSCN59527 White Cap Cloud Beyond The Swale DSCN59417 Field Of Seedy Dandelions DSCN59319 Purple Iris DSCN59284 (art)
Heron Jumping Rocks DSCN59267 Duckling On The Rocks DSCN59198 CP 8937 Westbound DSCN59093 Chambers Street Subway DSCN59087
Two Mallard Ducklings Swimming DSCN59084 Backlit Lilac Flower DSCN59055 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN58932 Two Geese & A Grebe DSCN58728
Cedar Waxwing DSCN58599 Gagging Gull DSCN58514-5 Great Blue Heron Taking Flight DSCN58460 Heron Landing On A Canal Fence DSCN58404
Otter Creek Sunrise DSCN58351 Mama Mallard & Her Eight Ducklings DSCN58262 Feather-billed Female Mallard DSCN58245 Town Swans On Turtle Island DSCN58209
Beaver Bow Wave At Sunrise DSCN57878 Yellow Warbler From Behind DSCN57860 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN57849 Gosling Sibling Dispute DSCN57797
Great Blue Heron At Leaky Weir DSCN57700 Two Trumpeter Swans Landing DSCN57676 Tree Swallows, Cables, & Cattails DSCN57664 Great Blue Heron In A Nest DSCN57592
Tree Swallow In Flight DSCN57525 Canada Geese & Goslings At Sunrise DSCN57515 Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN57483 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN57425
Early Bird Robin DSCN57372 Gallinule In The Swale DSCN57217 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN57156 Gosling Reflected DSCN57121
Canada Goose On The Run DSCN57073 Red Fox Running Across A Highway DSCN57051 Starling Yawning DSCN56903 Common Loon Stretching DSCN56880
Wet Orange Tulip DSCN56824 (crop) Coot Among Lily Pads DSCN56755 Osprey In Flight DSCN56682 Muskrat With A Salad DSCN56664
Interesting Sky DSCN56643 Le Boats Back Into The Water Day DSCN56604 Gosling On Shore DSCN56510 Five Goslings DSCN56342
Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCN56300 Heron In Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN56183 Moon Over Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN56123 Yellow Tulip Interior DSCN56106
Snowy Red Tulips DSCN56073 Red-winged Blackbird On A Twig DSCN55943 Red-winged Blackbird Calling DSCN55941 Sandra At Centennial Park DSCN55896
Filled Victoria Basin DSCN55811 Ring-necked Duck Couple DSCN55785 Tree Swallow DSCN55777 Yellow Tulip DSCN55768
Easter Lily Leaves & Stalk DSCN55746 Four Trumpeter Swans & Canada Goose DSCN55678 Two Geese In Flight DSCN55675 The Swale DSCN55633
Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge Reflected DSCN55624 Tree Swallow Landing DSCN55595 Hermit Thrush DSCN55574 2021 Pink Moon Setting DSCN55556
Male Bufflehead Duck DSCN55487 A Lot Of Flowers DSCN55449 Eastern Phoebe DSCN55413 Interesting Sky Over Irish Creek DSCN55394
Do You Hear What I Hear? DSCN55366 Eastern Phoebe DSCN55316 Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN55300 CN 1112 Steam Locomotive At RME0 DSCN55262
Dripping Trumpeter Swan DSCN55252 Osprey Outside The Box DSCN55204 Great Blue Heron In The Swale DSCN55100 Red Tulips In 20210421 Snowfall DSCN55049-51
Walker In 20210421 Snowfall DSCN55004 20210421 Snowfall In Lower Reach Park DSCN55002 Grape Hyacinths In Snow DSCN54989 Dandelion Really Close Up DSCN54915
Blowin' In The Wind DSCN54875-83 Killdeer On The Rocks DSCN54804 Mist On The Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN54758 Grackle On A Bridge Railing DSCN54671
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