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Nikon Coolpix P1000 Photo Gallery

On 23 August 2019, despite its weight and large size, I bought a Nikon Coolpix P1000 superzoom camera since wildlife I had been seeing on the morning walks needed longer zoom than the cameras I already had.

Now, more than a year later (19 October 2020) and after shooting more than 12,000 brackets (36,000 shutter activations) I can say that the Nikon Coolpix P1000 is the first camera I've ever owned that has all the telephoto reach I can handle and for the first time in my life I am not interested in a camera with more. I still don't like its weight and large size but it's manageable. The camera is truly an amazing device and after discovering the equally amazing Topaz Labs DeNoise AI for noise removal, the P1000 has become my "go-to" camera for wildlife and nature photography. Basically, if my old eyes can see something in the distance, I can get a usable shot of it.

Then tragically on 12 May 2024 and 55,409 brackets (166,227 shutter activations) later, the P1000 abruptly and without warning died as I was simply walking with it, looking for the next bird. Sadly, this left me in a dilemma because after almost six years Nikon is no longer producing them or a new model to replace it and stores no longer have them in stock and there’s nothing available from any other manufacturer that rivals it (a truly one of a kind camera). Happily, it was then discovered that a friend of a friend had a virtually unused P1000, having taken only 52 shots with it before learning it was too much camera for him and he was happy to sell it to me on 22 May 2024.

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Two Caspian Terns On A Rock DSCN003503 Common Loon Taking Flight DSCN003392 Common Loon Spreading Wings DSCN003391 Yellow Warbler With Its Ear To The Ground DSCN003313
Great Blue Heron On A Bridge DSCN003345 Common Loon Swallowing Catch DSCN003317 Dragonfly Head-on DSCN003168 Bug On A Bullfrog Reflected DSCN003213
Yellow Warbler Among Leaves DSCN003228 Mr & Ms House Finch Dining On Weed Seeds DSCN003191 Dragonfly On A Redleaf Rose Pooping DSCN003159 Male Wood Duck Taking Flight DSCN003069
Smiths Falls Avenue Fire DSCN003007 Unsettled Sky DSCN002915 Mute Swan & Three Cygnets Reflected DSCN002668 Eight Wood Ducklings DSCN002849
Brown Thrasher DSCN002882 Double-crested Cormorant In Flight DSCN002396 Green Heron In A Tree DSCN001781 Common Loon Calling DSCN002561
Three Wild Turkeys DSCN001727 Common Loon Reflected DSCN002487 Yellow Warbler With A Morsel DSCN002618 Sunrise Sunbeams DSCN002451
Thunder Bay Lake Freighter DSCN002288 Backroad Through Woods DSCN001992 Great Blue Heron In The Swale DSCN002085 Mute Swan Reflected & Three Cygnets DSCN002054
Mute Swan Family Swimming Into Cattails DSCN001757 Baltimore Oriole Singing DSCN001889 Green Heron On A Rusty Railing DSCN001770 Warbling Vireo Warbling DSCN001611
Great Blue Heron On A Mound DSCN001661 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN001634 Mute Cygnet With A Mouthful DSCN001481 Song Sparrow Singing DSCN001410
Mute Swans & 3 Cygnets At Sunrise DSCN001293 Mute Swan & Three Cygnets At Sunrise DSCN001145 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN001070 Mute Swan Laughing At Its Three Cygnets DSCN001000
Common Loon In Flight DSCN000951 Chipmunk On A Rock DSCN000228 Sun Through Thin Clouds DSCN000441 Gosling Wing Flap DSCN000887
Mute Swan & Cygnet Reflected DSCN000827 Two Loons In Misty Sunrise DSCN000571 Gray Catbird DSCN000736 Mute Swan & Three Cygnets DSCN000644
Boat In Steam Fog At Sunrise DSCN000624 Mute Swan & Three Cygnets DSCN000291 Mayfly Reflected DSCN000329 Mute Swan In Setting Moon Reflection DSCN000283
Great Blue Heron Profile DSCN000201 Mute Swan & Two Cygnets DSCN000064 Female Northern Cardinal DSCN165919 Mute Swan In Flight DSCN166072
Mute Swan In Flight DSCN166070 Eastern Towhee Calling Atop A Spruce DSCN166193 Mute Swan Taking Flight DSCN166066 Orange-crowned Warbler DSCN166018
Mute Swan In Flight DSCN166073 Eastern Towhee DSCN165899 Le Boat Fleet Queue Beginning DSCN165731 Gosling Sticking Out Its Tongue DSCN165672
Great Blue Heron In The Swale DSCN165548 Great Blue Heron At Abbott Street Dam DSCN165638 Rideau Canal Victoria Basin Filled DSCN165496 Mourning Dove Lurking In An Evergreen Bush DSCN165458
American Bittern In Flight DSCN165395 American Bittern In Flight DSCN165393 Yellow Warbler In An Evergreen Bush DSCN165072 Yellow-rumped Warbler DSCN165067
Common Loon Spreading Its Wings DSCN164733-4 Goslings On The Rocks DSCN164894 Belted Kingfisher In A Tree DSCN164685 Great Blue Heron In Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN164598
Trumpeter Swans Making Cygnets DSCN164634 Mute Swan Wing Flap DSCN164529 Sunspots 20240426 (DSCN164474) Ring-billed Gull In Flight At Sunrise DSCN164139
Mute Swan Busking DSCN164385 Osprey In A Field DSCN164267 Trumpeter Swan Preening Under Wing Reflected DSCN164202 Ring-billed Gull In Flight At Sunrise DSCN164109
Two Mute Swans DSCN164082 Great Blue Heron Behind Grass DSCN164038 Seventeen Cedar Waxwings In A Tree DSCN164020 Horned Grebe In Breeding Plumage Taking Flight DSCN163907
Cloud Bank Over Rideau River DSCN163980 Horned Grebe Couple In Breeding Plumage DSCN163899 Horned Grebe In Breeding Plumage DSCN163905 Cedar Waxwing DSCN163693
Loon In Rain DSCN163867 Purple Tulip Interior DSCN163859 Cormorant In Flight DSCN163846 Red-tailed Hawk Portrait DSCN163594
Bumblebee On A Door Jamb DSCN163745 Cormorant Taking Flight DSCN163827 Fifteen Cedar Waxwings In A Tree DSCN163682 Tree Swallow Putting On The Air Brakes DSCN163600
Cormorant In Flight DSCN163569 Female Red-breasted Merganser DSCN163553 Red-tailed Hawk DSCN163581 Male Bufflehead Flapping His Wings DSCN162924
Wet Spring Blossoms DSCN163540 Wet Spring Blossoms DSCN163540 'Art' Interesting Morning Sky Over The Swale DSCN163506 Muskrat At Sunrise DSCN163330
Tree Swallows Chatting DSCN163476 Osprey Landing On A Floodlight DSCN163383 Sunlit Open Dark Pink Tulip DSCN163314 Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN163275
Two Trumpeter Swans In The Swale DSCN163243 Clouded 20240408 Solar Eclipse DSCN163173 Clouded 20240408 Solar Eclipse DSCN163132 Downy Woodpecker Twofer DSCN163049
Female Ring-necked Duck On The 'Alligator' Mound DSCN162949 Wild Turkey Fanning Tail DSCN162959 Mallard Drake In Flight DSCN162882 Beaver Boogying Along The Road DSCN162853
Lower Reach Park In Spring Snowstorm DSCN162844 Eastern Meadowlark DSCN162493 Snow Plastered Trees DSCN162815 Calm Lower Reach DSCN162566
A Gulp Of Swallows Composite DSCN162744-52 Male Northern Shoveler DSCN162629 Shed Side Detail DSCN162548 Male Northern Cardinal DSCN162545
Eastern Meadowlark Singing DSCN162485 Osprey Watching Waning Worm Moon DSCN162351 Osprey Closeup DSCN162255 Mute Swan In Flight DSCN162129
Blue Jay Behind A Branch DSCN162210 Mute Swan Preening DSCN162168 Mute Swan In Flight DSCN162123 Male Bufflehead Duck DSCN162060
McNeely Avenue Bridge DSCN161823 Red-winged Blackbird On A Cattail Calling DSCN162095 Male Hooded Merganser Taking Flight DSCN162046 Male Common Goldeneye DSCN161825
Male Common Merganser DSCN161904 Tulip Sprouts In Spring Snow DSCN161888 Park Bench In Spring Snow DSCN161873 Male Northern Cardinal Calling DSCN161858
Black-capped Chickadee Dining On A Tree Bud DSCN161781 Mississippi Riverwalk DSCN161691 Common Goldeneye In Flight DSCN161844 Lone Tree In Snowfall DSCN161614
Ring-billed Gull In Flight DSCN161642 Sunbeams Beyond Trees DSCN161493 Male Northern Cardinal DSCN161441 Lower Reach At Sunrise DSCN161599
Snowy Boathouse Roofs DSCN161504 Mute Swan Couple DSCN160838 Tree Trunk In Snow DSCN161540 Song Sparrow Profile DSCN161589
Male Cardinal Singing DSCN161432 Tapped Maple Tree DSCN161399 Bald Eagle Flying Away At Sunrise DSCN161313 Mist Beyond Canada Geese DSCN161174
Black-capped Chickadee On A Branch DSCN161228 Small Spider DSCN160959 Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN161057 Silver Lining & Sunbeams DSCN161045
Canada Goose In Flight DSCN160931A Threatening Sky Over CPKC 231 (DSCN160028) Seven Ring-necked Ducks At Sunrise DSCN160888 Mute Swan In Wind-Blown Water DSCN160855
Common Mergansers Taking Flight DSCN160722 Canada Geese Territorial Dispute DSCN160766 Canada Goose In Flight DSCN160212 Two Herring Gulls On Ice With A Meal DSCN160671
Red-winged Blackbird In Flight DSCN160706 Common Grackle Courtship Display DSCN160655 Common Grackle DSCN160649 Long-jawed Orb Weaver Spider DSCN160617
Two Bald Eagles In A Distant Tree DSCN157845 Jumping Blue Jay DSCN160543 Crescent Moon Beyond Thawing Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN160478 Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN160505
Bald Eagle On Ice With A Kill Closeup DSCN159342 Three Mallards In Flight DSCN160433 Path Through Trees In Morning Fog DSCN160370 Male Hooded Merganser DSCN160275
Yellow Daffodils Closeup DSCN160193 (Art) Mr & Mrs Wood Duck DSCN160243 Male Common Merganser Surfacing With Catch DSCN160187 Red-winged Blackbird Calling DSCN160157
Interesting Sky DSCN160092 Migrating Canada Geese At Sunrise DSCN160058 VIA Rail 40 Passing CPKC 231 (DSCN160033) Setting Full Snow Moon Beyond Hydro Tower DSCN159661
Departing Storm Clouds DSCN159875 Sunlit Yellow Daffodil DSCN159855 Snow Bunting In Snow DSCN159311 Full Snow Moon Beyond Centennial Park DSCN159641
Female Common Merganser Spreading Her Wings DSCN159797 Backlit Horse In Farmyard DSCN159740-Bk50 American Tree Sparrow In A Tree DSCN159771 Clouded Sun With Sunspot AR3590 (DSCN159608)
Bald Eagle On Ice With A Kill DSCN159317 Two Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN159573 A Hole In The Sky Beyond The Basin DSCN159514 Four Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN159545
Clouded Setting Waxing Snow Moon DSCN159375 Bald Eagle On Ice With A Kill DSCN159332 Bald Eagle On Ice With A Kill DSCN159325 Bald Eagle On Ice With A Kill DSCN159357
Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree DSCN159195 Snow Bunting Looking Up DSCN159286 Cedar Waxwing Eating Snow DSCN159014 Yawning Trumpeter Swan Profile In Falling Snow DSCN158884
Winter Hutton Creek At Sunrise DSCN158987 Snow Bunting On A Wire DSCN159100 Cedar Waxwing On A Small Branch DSCN159059 Watery Sun Beyond Turtle Island DSCN158910
Three Female Common Mergansers, One With Catch DSCN158793 Two Trumpeter Swans Taking Flight DSCN158653A Baby's Breath Between Roses DSCN158870 Rose Petals DSCN158629-TS2
Shooting A Winter Wonderland DSCN153208 Ten Trumpeter Swans In Flight Overhead DSCN158660 Two Trumpeter Swans Taking Flight DSCN158652A Otter On Ice Downing Breakfast DSCN158448
Two High Flying Trumpeter Swans DSCN158489 Farm In Ground Fog At Sunup DSCN158538 Natural Abstract DSCN158570A Two Trumpeter Swans In Flight Trumpeting DSCN158501
Female Common Merganser Surfacing With Small Catch DSCN158242 The Swale In Sunrise Glow DSCN158382 American Goldfinch DSCN158199 Gemmells Point In Hazy Sunrise DSCN158396
Trumpeter Swan Through A Bush DSCN158421 Five Locomotives DSCN158280 Female Common Merganser With Catch DSCN158142 Otter On Ice At Breakfast DSCN158067
Morning Fog In Lower Reach Park DSCN158006 Four Trumpeter Swans In Flight At Sunrise DSCN158098 Morning Fog In Lower Reach Park DSCN158016.7 Trumpeter Swan In Flight DSCN158046
Bald Eagle Hunkered In A Distant Tree DSCN157957 Female Common Merganser Reflected DSCN157942 Two Trumpeter Swans Beyond Channel Markers DSCN157927 Winter Wonderland DSCN153189
Two Bald Eagles In A Distant Tree DSCN157864 Three Snow Buntings In A Tree DSCN157023 Female Common Merganser Reflected DSCN157822 Muskrat In The Swale On Ice DSCN157764
Blue Jay Calling DSCN157743 Male Mallard Spreading Its Wings DSCN157396 Future Hockey Star DSCN157542 Female Common Merganser On Ice DSCN157374
Mallard Pair Makin' Whoopee DSCN157408 Over-The-Shoulder Blue Jay DSCN157090 Swans, Merganser, Muskrat DSCN157200 Birch Trunks Art DSCN157120
Two Blue Jays In A Cedar Tree DSCN157099 Four Snow Buntings On The Ground DSCN156664 Sundog At Sunrise Beyond Old Barn DSCN156980 Two Snow Buntings In A Tree DSCN157023
Foggy Winter Forest DSCN156998 Merlin On A Dead Limb DSCN157050 Snow Buntings In A Tree DSCN157024 Sundogs At Sunrise DSCN156963
Three Otters In Icy Irish Creek DSCN156801 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Snowy Field DSCN156923 Female Common Merganser In Open Water DSCN156893 Snow Bunting In Flight DSCN156671
Cloud Bank At Sunrise Beyond Gemmells Point DSCN156835v2 Bald Eagle On Ice DSCN156720 (crop) Male Northern Cardinal DSCN154517 Wind Ruffled Bald Eagle In Distant Tree DSCN156443 (crop)
Bald Eagle Walking On Ice DSCN156750 Snow Buntings On The Ground DSCN156786 Bald Eagle On Ice Eating DSCN156705 Snow Bunting Flock In Flight DSCN156669A
Otter In Ice DSCN156658 Snow Bunting On Snow DSCN156665 Three Otters On Ice DSCN156487 Five Common Mergansers DSCN156460
Swale Winter Wonderland DSCN154310 Wind Ruffled Bald Eagle In Distant Tree & Crop DSCN156443 Winter Barn DSCN156374 Cluttered Clouded Sunrise DSCN156257
Snow & Ice Beyond Mallard Couple DSCN156277 Winter At Edmunds Lock DSCN155560 CN 1112 Steam Engine In Snowfall DSCN156209-11 Otter Lounging On Ice DSCN156097
Four Trumpeter Swans Flying Away DSCN156084 Otter At Breakfast In Ice Hole DSCN156075 Sunrise Sunbeams & Solar Pillar DSCN156041-3 Three Canada Geese In Flight DSCN155998
Duck Island Footbridge In Fog DSCN155723 Waning Gibbous Moon DSCN155948 (TS2-80s haze) Waning Gibbous Moon DSCN155948 Trumpeter Swan Yawning DSCN155831
Foggy Rideau Canal DSCN155779 Sunspots 26 December 2023 (DSCN155760) Bald Eagle In A Distant Tree On A Foggy Morning DSCN155649 Trees In Fog DSCN155518
Bald Eagle In Distant Tree DSCN155431 Dark-eyed Junco On A Snowy Limb DSCN154522 Two Bald Eagles In A Distant Tree DSCN155349 Cottage On Wintry Gemmell's Point DSCN153923-5
Trumpeter Swan On Ice Stretching A Leg DSCN155265 Bittern Stump DSCN155059 Trumpeter Swans & Canada Geese DSCN155238 Cottage On Wintry Gemmell's Point DSCN153928
Three Trumpeter Swans DSCN155033-4 Winter Wonderland Snowscape DSCN153901 Trumpeter Swan Spreading Its Wings DSCN154980 Waxing Crescent Moon DSCN154992
Mergansers Beyond Trumpeter Swan In Flight DSCN154958 Sunrise Color Over Lower Reach DSCN154726 Beaver At Breakfast DSCN154892 Iced Otter At Breakfast DSCN154799
Trumpeter Swan Among Canada Geese DSCN154713 Ring-billed Gull In Flight With A Catch DSCN154685 Old Farmstead Snowscape DSCN153893BW White Muscovy Duck On A Snowy Rock DSCN154473
Winter Wonderland Backroad DSCN154439 Ground Fog Beyond Cornfield DSCN154571 American Robin On A Snowy Tree Limb DSCN154412 Pines Beyond Split Rail Fence Winter Wonderland DSCN154529
Male Northern Cardinal DSCN154508 Backroad Snowscape DSCN154348 Kilmarnock Island Snowscape DSCN154168 Snowscape DSCN153896
Duck Island Footbridge & Snowy Trees At Night DSCN153559 Muskrat On Ice Reflected DSCN153140 Muskrat On Ice Reflected DSCN153183 Snowy Centnnial Park DSCN153030
Late Autumn Tree On Snowy Duck Island DSCN153003 Trumpeter Swan vs Canada Goose Kerfuffle DSCN152894 Jupiter & The Moon Appulse DSCN152691 Male American Black Duck DSCN152725
Snow & Canada Geese DSCN152419 Six Ring-billed Gulls On Ice DSCN152590 Two Trumpeter Swans At Sunrise DSCN152183 Female Common Merganser DSCN152581
Late Autumn Trees DSCN152441 Canada & Snow Geese DSCN152404 48 Pigeons In Flight DSCN152423 Female Common Merganser Wing Flap DSCN152347
Clouded Sun Rising DSCN152149 Great Blue Heron In Flight At Sunrise DSCN152123 Three Trumpeter Swans Taking Flight DSCN151985 Waxing Crescent Moon At Sunset DSCN151939
Blue Jay Calling DSCN151632 Red Berries Beyond Tree Sparrow DSCN151591 Swans, Mallard, Merganser DSCN151520 Four Hooded Mergansers DSCN151486
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