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Nikon Coolpix B700 Photo Gallery

On 3 November 2016, I bought a Nikon Coolpix B700 superzoom camera to replace my Fuji FinePix S1 that died in August 2016. I chose the B700 because, like the S1, it has RAW capability. Even better, the B700 can shoot RAW brackets, something the S1 could never do (although it could shoot JPEG brackets, go figure). The lack of RAW brackets was a constant annoyance and a puzzling oversight on Fuji’s part.

So far, after having had the B700 for three weeks as I write this, I’m liking it. On the positive side: it’s small and light with solid build quality, its lens is sharp; JPEG quality is quite good (often difficult to improve on it with RAW); the EVF is good and has an eye sensor; the articulating display is very useful, it has manual focus with peaking, focus area size options, easy access to exposure compensation, two programmable function buttons, 4K video, and despite what the salesman told me and despite some of the things I've read about it online, its Vibration Reduction (Nikon's brand of image stabilization) is effective even for handholding at full 1,440mm zoom (assuming a steady hand and good light, of course), so I'm happy enough with the camera.

On the negative side: it has no level indicator; it shoots brackets quite slowly compared to my Fuji HS50 (but the B700's image quality is much better); it doesn’t retain the 2 or 10 second self-timer setting after the shot; it has excessive lens flare around exceptionally bright lights (as have every superzoom I’ve owned); in A and M modes it often doesn't retain the last aperture setting when you turn the camera back on but does in P and S modes (mystifying behavior), sometimes in Aperture Priority the aperture won’t open up, being locked at f7.6 until the camera is turned off then back on, slow zoom speed, no remote release connector (remote operation via smartphone only), no hot shoe, battery indicator is useless since it shows full charge until just before the battery dies, came with no lens hood and no way to mount one solidly, filter threads do not run continuously but are divided into three sections making it more difficult to screw in a filter solidly, and it has no designated AE lock or AF lock button, and file numbering resets to 0000 after only 9999 shots. None of those negatives are deal breakers, but taken as a whole they detract from the overall enjoyment of using the camera.

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Osprey vs Great Blue Heron DSCN39094 Cedar Waxwing DSCN38998 Yellow Jacket On A Rusty Rivet DSCN38971 Bee In Flight DSCN38906
Heron Calling From A Treetop DSCN38848 Little White Moth DSCN38831-2 Clouds Over The Swale DSCN38821-3 Heron Warning Off Osprey DSCN38815
Two Cedar Waxwings DSCN38723 Two Cedar Waxwings DSCN38704 Peekaboo Yellow Warbler DSCN38645 Osprey Taking Flight DSCN38638
Storm Approaching Barn DSCN38581-7 Great Blue Heron DSCN38529 Kingfisher DSCN38522 Osprey Mooning DSCN38406
Juvenile Rose-breasted Grosbeak DSCN38333 Male Monarch Butterfly DSCN38107 Swan At Water's Edge DSCN38073 Grasshopper Closeup DSCN38058
Cedar Waxwing DSCN38036 Cedar Waxwing DSCN38029 (crop) Spotted Sandpiper DSCN37908 Goldfinch Atop A Tree DSCN37835
Dragonfly Head DSCN37826-7 Heron With A Catch DSCN37721 (Crop) Kingfisher Out On A Limb DSCN37618 Orange Spider DSCN37441-6
Yellow Warbler Reflected DSCN37399 Osprey Taking Flight DSCN37327,4 Gull With A Crayfish DSCN37309 Molting Mallard DSCN37274
Heron At Old Mill Channel DSCN37226 Nuthatch DSCN37184 Squirrel On The Bascule Bridge DSCN37111 Pileated Woodpecker DSCN37090
Pileated Woodpecker DSCN37046 Damselfly On A Stick DSCN36957 Purple Wildflowers Art DSCN36888 HOPPEDUP DSCN36766-8
Backlit Morning Glory DSCN36712-4 Blue Damselfly Closeup DSCN36703-8 Riveting Damselfly DSCN36598 Damselfly On A Shrub DSCN36565-6
Baby Grasshopper From Below DSCN36508 Heron On The Bridge DSCN36448 Yellow Warbler DSCN36272 Dragonfly On A Cable DSCN36240
Bullie the Bullfrog DSCN36153 Blue Dragonfly DSCN36073 Blue Dragonfly DSCN36064-5 Chicory Flower DSCN35986-8
Panting Heron DSCN35926 Great Big Heron Yawn DSCN35855 Blue Damselfly On A Grass Spikelet DSCN35821 Wet Duckling DSCN35729
Kingbird Feeding Chicks DSCN35682 Morning Fog DSCN35581-3 Hoverfly On Bilberry Ice Spiderwort DSCN35564 Red Damselfly Close Up DSCN35446-50
Blue Damselfly Close Up DSCN35416-7 (crop) Two Hoverflies Getting Frisky DSCN35339 Ominous Sky DSCN35317-9 Ominous Sky DSCN35314
Green Dragonfly Closeup DSCN35284-8 (crop) Over The Shoulder Yellow Warbler DSCN35255 Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN35249 Grackle With A Mouth Full DSCN35131
Thunderhead Beyond Barn DSCN35107 Female Red-winged Blackbird On A Fence DSCN35095 Warbling Vireo With Catch DSCN35086 Heron In Flight DSCN35029
Dragonfly DSCN35027 Six Bales Under Threatening Sky DSCN35008-10 Split-rail Fence & Wild Daisies DSCN34976 Bocce Ball Snapper DSCN34961-2
Five-legged Blue Damselfly Close Up DSCN34919 Heron In The Swale Reflected DSCN34867-8 Otter Lake Dock At Sunrise DSCN34801-6 Swamp Iris Up Close DSCN34747 'Art'
Heron On A Rock Reflected DSCN34702 Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN34651-6 Churlish Chickadee DSCN34612 Resting Common Goldeneye DSCN34574
Yellow Warbler Warbling DSCN34554 Turtle On The Move DSCN34522 Duckling Indecision DSCN34436-7 Heron On A Rock Preening DSCN34402
Heron On A Rock DSCN34399 Heron Beside Rapids DSCN34341 Early Bird DSCN34300 Swamp Iris DSCN34262
Heron In Flight DSCN34236 Blooming Poppies DSCN34213-5 Outside Looking In DSCN34192-4 50+ Gosling Flotilla DSCN34103
Heron Stepping Out DSCN34079 Gallinule Eating A Lily Stem DSCN34053 Gallinule Nibbling On A Water Lily Bud DSCN34021 Loon Wet Head DSCN33901
Dame's Rocket DSCN33808-10 Heron Poised For Flight DSCN33769 Heron In Flight DSCN33670 Heron Among Water Lilies With Catch DSCN33646
Three Mouthy Goslings DSCN33466 Goslings & Geese DSCN33437 Wood Ducklings DSCN33379 Chippie Scratching An Itch DSCN33358
Chipping Sparrow On Rusty Steel DSCN33269 Oriole In A Tree DSCN33232 Oriole In A Tree Top DSCN3229 Jupiter & Its Four Brightest Moons DSCN33164
Waxwing In A Pine DSCN33130 Wet Tulip DSCN33071-3 Cedar Waxwing In A Shrub DSCN33023 Cedar Waxwing With A Morsel DSCN32975
No Kidding DSCN32873 Gull On Ice With Sunfish DSCN32839 Strutting His Stuff DSCN32744 Autumn Tree DSCN32582-4
Flicker On The Ground DSCN32570 Autumn Landscape DSCN32525-7 Autumn Backroad DSCN32486-8 Ruby-crowned Kinglet DSCN32456
Old Stone Arch Dam DSCN32426.9 Moon Beyond Autumn Color DSCN32354.7 Moon & Osprey DSCN32259 The Morning Walk DSCN32233
Wet Iridescent Purple Leaf DSCN32207-9 Kingfisher In A Tree DSCN32192v2 Kingfisher In A Tree DSCN32189 Grasshopper On A Wet Leaf DSCN32147
Sumac Leaves DSCN32126-8BW Double-crested Cormorant DSCN32028 Cormorant In Flight DSCN31988 Ground Fog DSCN31853BW
Second Sign Of Fall DSCN31823-5 Canal Bubbles DSCN31776 Cape May Warbler DSCN31739 Kingfisher On A Light Standard DSCN31733
Monarch Butterfly DSCN31526 Lily Pads Art DSCN31480 Lily Pads DSCN31480 Trail Through Lower Reach Park DSCN31448-50
Yellow Flower Coming Through A Fence DSCN31380-1 Monarch Butterfly On A Leaf DSCN31376-7 Pied-billed Grebe DSCN31366 Sweet Tooth Chippie DSCN31341
First Sign Of Fall DSCN31331-3 Bee On An Orange Jewelweed DSCN31302 Lower Reach DSCN31249 Bridge Welder DSCN31216
Happy Swan DSCN31202 Bee Near Purple Loosestrife DSCN31134 Cockeyed Waxwing DSCN31091 Swan On A Line DSCN31037
PITTING ROHIBITED DSCN30934 Smiths Falls 9th Annual Trainfest DSCN30901 Train Ride Line Up DSCN30884 Smiths Falls 9th Annual Trainfest DSCN30869
Smiths Falls 9th Annual Trainfest DSCN30740 Conductor Anneke DSCN30725 Conductor Anneke DSCN30723-4 Coming 'Round The Bend DSCN30697
Gull Protecting Its Breakfast DSCN30674 Gull With Sunfish DSCN30639 White-breasted Nuthatch DSCN30599 Cape May Warbler DSCN30581
Waxwing First Flap To Flight DSCN30577 Merlin Falcon Checking Me Out DSCN30519 Merlin Falcon DSCN30517 Wet Lily Pads DSCN30488-90
Cedar Waxwing DSCN30482 Juvenile Pied-billed Grebe DSCN30410 Dragonfly On A Cable DSCN30392 Grebe Family DSCN30370
Eating Dragonfly DSCN30361 Catching Dragonfly DSCN30359 Dragonfly Caught DSCN30360 Heron On The Rocks DSCN30321
Detached Lock Basin DSCN30248-50 Osprey At Breakfast DSCN30226 Leaves DSCN30217 Orange Jewelweed DSCN30200
Grebe With A Catch DSCN30140 Osprey Up Close DSCN30097 Pink Water Lily DSCN29990 Predator vs Predator DSCN29959
White-breasted Nuthatch DSCN29936 Moulting Blue Jay DSCN29916 Downy Woodpecker DSCN29888 Woodpecker Pecking DSCN29881
Cedar Waxwing DSCN29819 Ragged Dragonfly DSCN29803 Big Red Shed DSCN29785-7 Town Swan Sparkling Wake DSCN29723
Waxwing With Mayfly DSCN29680 Cedar Waxwing DSCN29661 Bridge Restoration DSCN29544 Kawartha Voyageur DSCN29488-90
Cedar Waxwing DSCN29449 Quizzical Waxwing DSCN29419 Fishing At Sunrise DSCN29374.82 Loon Home Delivery DSCN29350
Like Parent, Like Child DSCN29349 Stretching Loon DSCN29291 Crouching Yellow Warbler DSCN29235 Mushroom Growing On A Tree DSCN29229
Footbridge Over The Tay DSCN29203-5 B&W Footbridge Over The Tay DSCN29203-5 Preening Heron DSCN29195 Preening Feather In Heron's Bill DSCN29171
Heron Scratching An Itch DSCN29147 Wildflowers Near Falling Water DSCN29109 Grebes In The Swale DSCN29074 Kingbird Scratching An Itch DSCN28888
Dragonfly DSCN28865 Dragonfly DSCN28857 Boat In The Swale DSCN28681-3 Bug-eyed DSCN28643-7
Grasshopper On A Budding Coneflower DSCN28606-8 White-breasted Nuthatch DSCN28587 Grasshopper On A Coneflower DSCN28568 Wet Fender DSCN28477-9
Rolling Thunder Car Club DSCN28462-4 Good Wax Job DSCN28455-7 Field & Barn Under Red Sky DSCN28411-6 Green Heron DSCN28352
Dragonfly DSCN28318-9 Kingbird Stretching Its Wings DSCN28300 Geese On Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCN28273-5 Misty Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCN28243-5
Butterfly On A Coneflower DSCN28216 Bee About To Take Flight DSCN28208 Dragonfly On A Rope DSCN28181 Monarch Butterfly DSCN28126
Town Swan Stretching DSCN28114 Sunstruck Black-eyed Susan DSCN28096 Dragonfly DSCN28009-11 Dragonfly DSCN27987
Dragonfly (crop) DSCN27973 Loon Pair, One With Catch DSCN27943 Loon Coming Up Empty DSCN27922 Rain At Last DSCN27896
Little Water Lily DSCN27871-3 Damselfly On A Water Lily DSCN27861 Damselfly On A Water Lily (crop) DSCN27861 Coneflower Closeup DSCN27793
Brockville Railway Tunnel (iPhone0225-08h02m44s835) Brockville Railway Tunnel-South Portal DSCN27733-8 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27721 Brockville Railway Tunnel-North Portal DSCN27703-5
Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27689 Brockville Railway Tunnel Lighting DSCN27677 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27655 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27634
Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27621 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27620 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27619 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27613
'Avoid Touching The Walls' DSCN27577 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27539 Double-crested Cormorant DSCN27535 Federal Caribou DSCN27508
Widow Skimmer Dragonfly DSCN27477 Equine Pal In Pasture At Sunrise DSCN27424 Lower Rideau Lake Clouded Sunrise DSCN27379-84 Turkeys In A Field At Sunrise DSCN27355
Fishing At Sunrise DSCN27328 Buggy Creeping Bellflower DSCN27214-25 Heron In Flight DSCN27099 Yellow Butterfly DSCN27097
Squirrel With Peanut DSCN26965 Church In Misty Clouded Sunrise DSCN26943-5 Flicker Taking Flight DSCN26879-11h35m42s416 Heron In The Bush DSCN26899
Flicker & Chick DSCN26879-08h42m10s870 Northern Flicker Chick DSCN26879-08h43m49s400 Sunrise Cloud DSCN26848-50 Common Loon Pair DSCN26800
Wet-head Loon DSCN26776 Heron Out For A Stroll DSCN26766 Old Barn Latch & Lock DSCN26687BW The Hay Is Better On The Bottom DSCN26666
Duke Head-on DSCN26645 Flicker Out On A Limb DSCN26608 Field Of Bales At Sunrise DSCN26582-7 Sunrise Sky DSCN26570-5
Great Blue Heron At Sunrise DSCN26426-7 Misty Rideau Canal From Afar At Sunrise DSCN26387-9 Cedar Waxwing DSCN26384 Great Crested Flycatcher DSCN26363
Horses Under Threatening Sky DSCN26351
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