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Moon Gallery

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First Quarter Moon Beyond The Swale At Night 90D59741-5 Clouded Waxing Crescent Moon 90D59236-40 Lunar Eclipses Gallery
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Waning Crescent Worm Moon At Dawn 90D58500
Lunar Corona Beyond Victoria Basin 90D57931.8 Worm Moon With Lunar Corona 90D57921-5 Clouded Full March Worm Moon DSCN122305-7 Clouded Full Worm Moon Beyond Beckwith Street Bridge 90D57620-4
Clouded Waning Crescent Snow Moon 90D55804 Waning Gibbous Snow Moon Beyond Lift Bridge DSCN121084 Moon Beyond Frozen Irish Creek At Sunrise 90D55313-7 Moon At Dawn 90D55519
Snow Moon Beyond The Swale At Sunrise 90D54703 Moon Beyond Old Barn At Dawn 90D51312-21 Wolf Moon With Lunar Corona Over Water Tower 90D49686-90 2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Night 90D48546-50
Full Cold Moon & Mars Post Occultation DSCN116845 Waning Gibbous Moon 68% Illuminated DSCN11544-31 Crescent Moon Beyond The Rideau Canal At Dawn DSCN113827-9 Hunter's Waning Crescent Moon DSCN113965
Hunter's Moon Setting Beyond Autumnscape 90D37809-13 Waning Crescent Moon DSCN110955 Two Geese Flying Toward Waning Crescent Moon 90D35853 Clouded Harvest Moon 90D35264
Clouded Moon Beyond Lift Bridge At Night 90D32195.03 Clouded Moon Beyond Old Post Office 90D32165-89 Clouded Moon Beyond Beckwith Street At Night 90D32125.44 Sturgeon Moon Beyond Footbridge Over The Rideau Canal 90D31742-6
Crescent Moon Beyond Rideau Canal 90D30083-7 Crescent Moon & Venus At Sunrise 90D27055-9 Crescent Moon Beyond The Railway Museum 90D26799-03 Daylight Moon DSCN99354
Silos & Strawberry Moon At Sunrise 90D26210 Clouded Strawberry Moon 90D26060-1 20220515-16 Lunar Eclipse 90D22662 20220515-16 Total Lunar Eclipse Beyond Turtle Island 90D22656
20220515-16 Total Lunar Eclipse Beyond Victoria Basin 90D22622-6 Crescent Moon Between Snow Squall Clouds 90D18373 Waning Half Last Quarter Moon 90D17819 The 6:22 Train Torontobound 90D17298
Setting March Worm Moon Partly Obscured 90D17046 2022 February Snow Moon DSCN89962 Crescent Moon 4% Illuminated DSCN88770 Crescent Moon 4% Illuminated DSCN88755
Crescent Moon Over Footbridge Winter Approach 90D13722 Waning Crescent Moon DSCN88563 Moon Over Fog Bank Beyond Centennial Park 90D13259-63 Moon Over Foggy Frozen Combined Lock 90D13144-8
Wolf Moon Through Clouds DSCN88369 Waxing Crescent Moon DSCN88203 Moon Over The Swale At Sunrise DSCN87707 Cold Moon Setting Beyond The Swale DSCN87436
Cold Moon Beyond CP 90D11361-5 Moon Over 2021 Celebration of Lights 90D10554-8 The Plane Flew Under The Moon DSCN86060 Beaver Full Moon After The Eclipse Setting Into Clouds DSCN85970
20211119 Partial Lunar Eclipse @ 4:06 (90D09814) 20211119 Partial Lunar Eclipse @ 3:43 (DSCN85932) 20211119 Partial Lunar Eclipse Through Clouds (90D09689-93) 20211119 Partial Lunar Eclipse @ 2:30 (DSCN85901)
Moon & Jupiter Through Hazy Cloud Cover 90D09348-52 Waning Hunter's Crescent Moon DSCN75524 Waning Gibbous Hunter's Moon DSCN75062 Hunter's Moon Over Ground Fog 90D07911-5
Clouded Moon Beyond Autumn Tree 90D07496-0 Harvest Moon Beyond Contrail DSCN72671 Harvest Full Moon Setting Into Fog 90D05675 Harvest Full Moon Setting Into Fog 90D05672
Harvest Moon-Rays 90D05643-7BW Harvest Moon Over Distant Fog 90D05613-7 Moon Shining Through Sunset Clouds DSCN71831 Sturgeon Moon Setting Beyond The Swale 90D03913-6
Sturgeon Moon Setting Beyond The Swale 90D03883-6 Sturgeon Blue Moon & Jupiter Over Ground Fog 90D03838-42 Red Crescent Moon P1060552 Red Moon Beyond Clock Tower 90D-01564-6
Setting Strawberry Moon DSCN65110 20210610 Partial Eclipse Thru Clouds P1600664 20210610 Partial Eclipse Thru Clouds P1600659 20210610 Partial Eclipse At Sunrise P1600646-50
20210610 Partial Eclipse At Sunrise P1600611-5 Heron & Moon Over The Le Boat Fleet DSCN60515 Clouded Flower Moon Over The Le Boat Fleet P1600346-50 Geese Flying Over The 2021 Flower Full Moon DSCN60305.25
Moon Over Irish Creek At Sunrise DSCN56123 2021 Pink Moon Setting DSCN55556 Crescent Moon Beyond Sunrise Clouds DSCN53351 Moon & Budding Tree DSCN52514
Moon Over The Swale DSCN52508 2021 Worm Moon DSCN52476 Kite Flying Over The Moon DSCN52000.6 Clouded Crescent Moon DSCN50170
Last Quarter Moon DSCN47474 Along The Moon Terminator DSCN47295 Spruced Up Moon DSCN47273 Moonset, Smiths Falls, Ontario DSCN47142-53
Wolf Moon Lowering Beyond The Swale DSCN47084.7 Wolf Moon Through Clouds DSCN47064-6 Skein of Geese Over Rising Beaver Full Moon P1570589 Setting Beaver Moon Beyond Bascule Bridge DSCN41993
Clouded Beaver Moon & Rail Yard At Night DSCN41892-4 3rd Quarter Moon DSCN39779 Moon & Clouds DSCN39318 Clouded Halloween Blue Hunter's Moon P1570278
Halloween Blue Hunter's Moon Setting DSCN38876 The Moon Through Clouds DSCN38495 Moon & Venus Over Autumn Trees DSCN37038 Moon & Jet DSCN36567.77
Clouded Harvest Moon-Mars Conjunction DSCN35777 2020 Harvest Moon P1560340-6 Moon & Venus Over The Water Tower P1550877-82 Mars-Moon Conjunction (20200906) DSCN32149
Crescent Moon About To Disappear DSCN29541 Moon & Mars Conjunction P1550349 Moon Beyond Sunflower DSCN28497.05 Moon Over The Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN27993
Night Sky Composite P1550014 Moon, Bascule Bridge, Comet NEOWISE P1540991 Saturn-Moon-Jupiter Conjunction 2020 (P1540756-62) Buck Moon In Penumbral Eclipse DSCN23930
Moon Over Departing Storm Clouds DSCN19453-5 Clouded Flower Moon P1530394 Interesting Night Sky P1530362-8 Full Flower Moon Setting Into Clouds P1530273,251
Mars Saturn Jupiter above the Moon P1530110-6 Moon - Last Quarter DSCN13132 April Pink 'Supermoon' Setting Beyond Trees DSCN12736 Pink Full Moon Setting Over Otter Lake DSCN12736
Pink Full Moon Setting Over Otter Lake P1530005-11 Moon Setting Beyond The Swale P1520983-9 Waning Crescent Moon, 28% Illuminated DSCN11040 Waning Crescent Moon, 28% Illuminated DSCN11040 (crop)
Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, & Moon P1520641-7 Full Worm Moon Setting DSCN10453 Full Worm Moon Setting DSCN10421 Moon Above Four Trees At Sunrise P1510688-94
Moon Over Winter Swale DSCN09395 Moon Beyond Winterscape At Sunrise P1510548-54 Clouded Snow Moon DSCN09136 Snow Moon Setting Between Boathouses P1510513-9
Snow Moon Setting Over The Swale P1510471-7 Venus-Moon Conjunction P1500244 Waning Crescent Moon At Sunrise P1500131-7 Waning Gibbous Moon 57% Illuminated DSCN06331
Waning Gibbous Moon 57% Illuminated DSCN06331 (Cropped) Clouded Moon Beyond Clock Tower P1490774-80 Moon Setting Over The Swale P1490620-6 Moon Waning Crescent 43.5% (DSCN04953)
Moon Craters DSCN03693crop Waning Hunter's Moon DSCN03333.7 Crescent Moon Over Rideau Canal Sunrise Fog P1460187 Belated Harvest Moon P1450386-92
28% Crescent Moon DSCN00220 Waning Buck Moon Over Victoria Basin P1430031-6 Moon At Sunrise P1410862-8 Strawberry Moon Setting P1410810-6
Moon & Clouds At Sunrise P1400962-8 Setting Flower Moon P1140101-7 Irish Creek Moonrise P1400191-4 Barn & Tree At Night P1390921-7
Setting Moon P1390677-83 Moon With Geese In Flight At Sunrise P1080594.6 Clouded Worm Moon P1080405 Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island At Dawn P1380904-10
Setting Snow Moon Over Collapsing Boathouse P1060821-7 Setting Snow Moon Beyond Winter Tree P1060814-20 Setting Snow Moon Beyond Winter Tree P1060723-9 2019 Snow Moon DSCN32636
Clouded Crescent Moon P1370723.6 Moon & Venus Over Turtle Island P1370700-6 Moon Over Rideau Canal At Sunrise P1370116-22 Sunrise Moon P1370111
Clouded Cold Moon Setting P1360891-7 Clouded Cold Moon Setting P1360857-61 Moon Beyond Contrail P1350453-66 Autumn Moon P1020218
Clouded Hunter's Moon P1020002 Moon Beyond Autumn Color DSCN32354.7 Moon & Osprey DSCN32259 Crescent Moonrise P1330279-81
Crescent Moonrise P1330270-2 Moon Setting Over Misty Cornfield P1330016-8 Waning Crescent Moonrise P1320651-3 Waning Crescent Moonrise P1320616
Clouded Moon Over Irish Creek P1320274-9 Buck Moon Over Canal Basin P1320239-45 Buck Moon Over Canal Basin P1320162-8 Moon Over Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise P1310629-33
Moon Setting Into Sunrise Cloud Bank DSCN24132-3 Moon & Geese Over Misty Kilmarnock P1300577-9 Moon Over Irish Creek P1300501-7 Clouded Moon At Sunrise DSCN19535
Crescent Moon Over Cloud Bank P1290473.83 Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island P1290476-8 Moon At Sunrise Composite DSCN18644-9 Cold Moon Rising P1280242-8
Moonrise, Rideau Canal, Ontario P1280221-7 2017 Beaver (aka Frost) Moon Setting P1270310-6 Harvest Moon Over The Swale P1260517-23 Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250130-4
Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250085-9 Moon Over Pouch Cove P1250084 Giant Rubber Duck Backside P1230220-4 Thunder Moon Setting P1210997-02
Thunder Moon Rising P1210902-4 3% Waning Crescent Moon P1210540-5 Strawberry Moonset P1210384 Setting Flower Moon DSCN07374
Setting Flower Moon DSCN07361 Sap Moon Over Otter Lake P1180976-82 Last Quarter Moon Sunrise P1180201-3 Snow Moon Setting P1180009-10
Wolf Moon & Light Standard P1170190-2 Setting Cold Moon P1160593-9 Cold Moon Over The Swale P1160476 Cold Moon Setting Beyond Collapsing Boathouses P1160439-45
Clouded Cold Moon P1160419 20161113 Supermoon Rising DSCN00726.9 Day After The Full Moon P1140203 Sturgeon Moon Over Ground Fog P1100469-71
2016 Buck Moon P1090125-7 Osprey & Moon DSCF12325.34 2016 Strawberry Moon At Sunrise P1080092-8 Full Moon & Hot Air Balloon P1060780.805
Crescent Moonrise P1050014-6 Middle Of The Road Crescent Moon P1020835-9 Moon On The Bascule Bridge P1020035-9 Crescent Moon Over Turtle Island P1010040
Moon Setting Over The Swale P1000085-91 Moonset Beyond The Bascule Bridge P1230555-63 Moonlit Lower Reach P1220684-6 Starling & Moon  DSCF5270-1
Clouded First Quarter Moon P1200939 Crescent Moon At Dawn P1200296-8 Moon & Planets Conjunction 20151010 (P1200270) Pining For The Moon DSCF4874-5
Harvest Moonrise P1190410-2 Moon & Venus P1180393 Moon Beyond Pine Tree At Sunrise DSCF4587 Moon In Clouds DSCF4546
Moon In Clouds DSCF4546v2 Clouded Moon Over The Canal Basin P1130769-71 Moon & Osprey At Sunrise P1110591 Rideau Canal Moonrise 20150416
Crescent Moon Over The Rideau Canal P1080862 Bright Moon Over The Lift Bridge P1080461-3 Canal Basin Moonset 20150205 Moon Over Russell Street P1050507-12
Moon Beside The Clock Tower 20150105 Waning Crescent Moon At Dawn 20141220 Waning Gibbous Moon 94.2% P1000763 Clouded Moonrise P1000623
Harvest Moon Rising Over The Rideau DSCF18352-4 Clouded Perigee Moon 20140713 Setting Moon 20140712 Clouded Moon Over The Canal Basin P1060767
Moonlit Departing Clouds 20140614 Hiding Moon 43556 Moon Over Rideau Canal At Dawn 20140317 Sunrise Moon Over Pines 42544-5
Dawn Moon Over Otter Lake 20140217 Dawn Moon DSCF12783-5 Moon Over Pines 41771 Full Moon Over Three Pines 20140116
Moon Over Pines At Sunrise 41113 Full Moon Over Fields At Sunrise 20130821 2013 'Supermoon' 35248-51 Moon 20130421 (T1i/100-400mm/1.4X TC)
Moon 20130421 (HS50) Flying Over The Moon 20130330 Moon & Pine At Sunrise 20130309 Moon At Sunrise 20121203
Moon Over Heritage House 25119-20 Steeple & Moon 24128-32 Moonlit Rideau Canal 22964-7 Moonlit Rideau Canal 22959
Moonlit Nightscape 22957 Moon Over Hotel Rideau DSCF03574 Moon Over Ornamental Brickwork 20111212 Moon Over Perth 19657-62
Setting Moon 10895-8 Setting Supermoon 07377-9 Moon Over Trees 06606-8 Moon Over Barn 20110301
Winter Moonset 05004-6 Moon & Barn At Sunrise 03867-8 Setting Moon 21114-6 Moonset Over Irish Creek 19393-4
Geese Flying By Setting Moon 20100726 Moonrise Over A Lockmaster's House 20100528 Dawn Moon 20100511 Moon At Sunrise 15440
Sunrise Moon Over Two Barns 14505 Moon Over Sherkston Quarry 20091014 Scugog River Moonrise 20090903 Peeking Over Trees 51081
Moon Over The North Shore 20090711 North Shore Moon 02869
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