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Fujifilm FinePix S1 Photo Gallery

On Friday, 31 October 2014, I purchased a Fujifilm FinePix S1, a superzoom digital camera that is dust and weather resistant, a unique feature in this class of camera at that time. I bought the FinePix S1 to replace my injured but still working Fuji HS50 (I fell with it one day) and in some ways the S1 is better and in other ways it's worse.

For instance, the HS50 has a manual zoom lens; the S1 has a motorized zoom which I like far less. The S1 though has a little better image quality, although it too suffers from the excessive flaring around exceptionally bright light sources that is characteristic of all the Fuji cameras I've ever owned.

Even after two firmware updates, if you shoot RAW format, forget about shooting continuous bursts or brackets with the S1. It only does that when shooting JPEGs. I find this a puzzling limitation and affects my shooting habits. Fuji should issue a firmware update to fix this. If they don't, they should be ashamed of themselves.

I don't remember what the S1's default autofocus setting was, but at first I had it on 'Area' and the camera wouldn't focus on anything challenging (i.e. birds in flight, dimly lit low contrast subjects, etc), the same situations the HS50 handles readily, but after changing the S1's AF setting to 'Center' the focus became quite fast and sensitive. Enough so that its AF speed and accuracy rivals the HS50, if not bettering it.

The long end of the S1's lens being rated at 1,200mm is highly optimistic. I compared it to the 1,000mm of my HS50 and at best the S1 only goes to 1,100mm, more like 1,080mm.

It is also annoying that while the HS50 came with a lens hood, the S1 did not, which is puzzling considering the absence of a lens hood makes the weather sealing almost useless for all practical purposes when shooting out in rain or snow because there is nothing to keep the precipitation off the front element of the lens and thus ruining any photos you might take. Also annoying is the ridiculously expensive price Fuji charges for the S1 lens hood (USD$40 at B&H and CAD$50 at my local camera store here in Canada), which prompted me to buy an aftermarket lens hood on eBay for a fraction of Fuji’s price (USD$15, CAD$17) and it works just fine, but I still should not have had to do that.

On the plus side, the S1 does have the features I'm not happy being without in a camera - RAW format, articulating LCD, viewfinder, good image quality, fast accurate AF - and has the environmental sealing most others in this class of camera don’t have.

On Sunday, 14 August 2016, the S1 died without warning, thus ending my love-hate relationship with this camera and with Fuji, which no longer makes cameras that interest me.
Cedar Waxwing With A Catch DSCF14812 Swamp Swan DSCF15202 Two Boats In The Basin DSCF12939 Hooded Merganser, Male S0207124
3M, JAX Reflection DSCF13021-3 Red Boat In The Bush DSCF15003-5 Gull In Flight_DSCF4693.jpg Gull Taking Flight_DSCF4697.jpg
Robin Singing In A Treetop S0016737 Out Standing In Its Field DSCF7670 Gull In Flight_DSCF4696.jpg Gull In Flight_DSCF4694.jpg
Gull In Flight_DSCF4691.jpg Chippie With Breakfast Snack DSCF12836 Gull In Flight_DSCF4695.jpg Crow Calling DSCF7700
Swallow In Flight DSCF9041 Canal Basin At Night 4s iso800 default (DSCF4739) Stretching Swan S0066983 Stretching Vulture On A Power Pole DSCF9446
Running Start S0106517 Osprey In A Pine Tree S0227304 Landscape DSCF14502-4 Nest Component Delivery S0017438
Osprey Taking Flight S0237061 3M, JAX Reflection DSCF13021-3 Osprey In A Pine Tree S0237372 Osprey In A Pine Tree S0167280
Getting The Grackle Evil Eye DSCF7974 Red-winged Blackbird Taking Flight DSCF8158 Kingbird On A Sapling DSCF12790 Heron Taking Flight DSCF13355
An Osprey Craning Its Neck DSCF7639 Grackle On A Dead Tree DSCF8205 Stretching Starling S0257559 Ospreys In Nest DSCF6879
Nest Component Delivery DSCF6909 Goose Taking Flight S0186828 Osprey On A Pole S0036931 Red-winged Blackbird DSCF6584
Hairy Woodpecker Atop A Pole DSCF12247 Snowy Osprey Nest S0017398-9 Returning Heron At Sunrise DSCF9346.9 Wigeon Couple DSCF8302.5
Loon Chicks Hitching A Ride DSCF14147 Home Delivery DSCF12114 Ruffled Starling DSCF6077 Air Filter DSCF14549-51
Chippie Standing At Attention DSCF12045 Green Bee On A Yellow Wildflower DSCF13256 Landscape DSCF14505-7 No Splash Splash-Pad DSCF14666-8
Stretching Swan DSCF6059 Ring-necked Duck At Sunrise DSCF6448 Osprey In Flight S0237063 Gull Photobombs Hooded Mergansers DSCF6693
Ring-necked Duck Taking Flight DSCF8141 Mallard In A Tree DSCF7593 Avian Pole Dancer S0227060 Wetback Goose DSCF6354
Robin In Snowfall S0117194 Flaps Down DSCF12799 Splashdown DSCF6674 Mallard Balancing Act DSCF8492-4
Viking Ship On The St Lawrence DSCF12692-4 Merganser Couple In Snowfall S0047175 Stretching Mallard S0086992 Flicker Atop A Dead Tree DSCF9501
Walk (Waddle) On The Wild Side S0037171 Frisky Swallows DSCF9253 Pine Siskin S0157522 Common Loon DSCF7799
Osprey In Flight DSCF6880 Home Delivery DSCF12115 Crop Two Grazing Goslings DSCF10143 Splayed Grackle Feathers DSCF7983
Starling In Budding Treetop S0017465 Stretching Swan S0037076 Beaver Face DSCF8048 Got Too Close DSCF6639
Two Merlins In A Pine Tree DSCF9626 Rabbit In The Grass DSCF14978-80 Nest Component Delivery S0077246 Mouthy Gull DSCF6715
Seeing Eye To Eye S0017003 Table & Chair DSCF9732 Common Gallinule DSCF8720 Preening Waxwing DSCF8106
White Muscovy Duck Head DSCF5910 Stretching Swan DSCF6637 Gull In Flight_DSCF4690 Heron Preening DSCF13600
Swallow Photobomb DSCF8849 Grackle In A Tree DSCF12445 Stretching Osprey S0027155 Rolls-Royce Grill DSCF14536-8
Curious Red-winged Blackbird DSCF7819 Kingbird In A Treetop DSCF13188 Otter In The Swale DSCF8640 Getting The Pigeon Evil Eye DSCF7790
Smiths Falls (Picnic Tricycle) DSCF13099 Swallow On A Tin Roof DSCF7887 Cormorant In Flight DSCF12585 Peekaboo Osprey S0117263
Pine Siskin S0207540 Muskrat On The Move DSCF8198 Gosling On The Rocks DSCF10140 Song Sparrow Singing DSCF7742
Pied-billed Grebe DSCF8072-4 Cedar Waxwing At Breakfast S0023772 Sunrise Fishing DSCF11638 White Muscovy Duck Head (crop) DSCF5910
Hooded Merganser, Female S0267140 Common Loon DSCF7806 Lower Reach In Falling Snow DSCF5738 Goose In Flight DSCF6327
Stretching Swan On Ice DSCF6405 Chicory Flower DSCF14944 Kingbird In Flight DSCF10638 Cumulus Closeup DSCF14331-3
Goose Taking Flight S0186829 Hairy Woodpecker On A Vine_DSCF12275 Killdeer DSCF13690 Blackbird On A Bridge Railing DSCF7823
Swallow Chicks Beak To Beak DSCF12109 Mr & Mrs Ring-necked Duck DSCF6449 Look Out Below! DSCF6661 Stretching Mallard DSCF6718
Mallard Splashdown DSCF6365 First Robin of 2016 (DSCF6194) Grebe DSCF14903 Grebe With A Catch DSCF14921
Killdeer Distraction Display DSCF13695 Heron Up Close DSCF13544 Swans On Ice DSCF5784 Geese On A Dock DSCF14459
Big Rideau Lake DSCF8996 Chippie Checking Me Out DSCF11378 Wood Duck Hen & Chicks DSCF10802 Swans In The Swale DSCF8601
Parade of Horses DSCF13443 Heron Striding DSCF11188 Kingbird In A Bush DSCF1001 Bohemian Waxwing DSCF8102
Stretching Bufflehead DSCF7619 Three Ducklings DSCF11026.32 Fence & Autumn Tree DSCF5114 Footbridge Over The Tay DSCF9119-21
Autumn Otter Lake DSCF4974 Mr & Mrs Mallard DSCF6596 First Frost DSCF5092-3BW FinePix S1 Streetlight Flare Test f5.6 (DSCF00092)
Three Swans Arriving DSCF5298B Hermon The Heron DSCF8613-5 Hey! Over here! DSCF12111 Hooded Merganser DSCF6170
Viking Ship & Tall Ship DSCF12680 Starling In A Flicker Hole DSCF12948-50 Woodpecker Pecking DSCF8546 Pink Morning Glory DSCF13262
Chipzilla DSCF12057 Duck & Duckling DSCF13225 Rainy Day Along The Rideau DSCF5010 Seven Swans A Flying DSCF5293
Common Loon DSCF11041 First Frost DSCF5092-3 Red Channel Marker Locked In Blue Ice DSCF5666 Osprey & Moon DSCF12325.34
Gosling On The Run DSCF10488 Chippie At Breakfast DSCF12010 Calf Licking Its Nose DSCF14388-9 Woodpecker Pecking DSCF9217-9
Song Sparrow Singing S0028284 Ducks In The Swale DSCF6419 Cedar Waxwing DSCF14866 Osprey Closeup S0237370
Heron On Land DSCF11139 Heron Fishing In Foam DSCF13009 Tree Swallow In A Birdhouse DSCF10526 Old Green Shutters DSCF4709
Landscape At Sunrise DSCF6481-2 Heads Up DSCF5794 Osprey Nestling Spreading Its Wings DSCF12804 Northern Flicker In A Tree DSCF9568-70
Duckling With A Dripping Bill DSCF13037 Hooded Mergansers Taking Flight DSCF6160 Calf Licking Its Nose DSCF14388-9 (crop) Backlit Waxwing On A Railing DSCF13799
Sparrow On A Red Branch DSCF6733 Duck & Ducklings DSCF9816 Calf & Cow DSCF14418-20 Duck Chowing Down DSCF14757
Cedar Waxwing Taking Flight DSCF13752 Gull Taking Flight DSCF4707 OMG! My Fly's Open! DSCF8970 Heron In Flight DSCF10090
Six Swans Approaching DSCF5295 Gosling Snacking On A Dandelion DSCF9926 Daylilies & Split Rail Fence DSCF13244-6 Abstract In Ice DSCF6103
Barns In Spring Wonderland DSCF6589 Vesper Sparrow DSCF7660 Come Fly With Me, Baby (DSCF6146-7) Swallow In Flight DSCF9050
Hooded Merganser DSCF6135 Two Swans Arriving DSCF5298A Male Northern Flicker Calling DSCF9208 Stretching Mallard S0066491
Cedar Waxwing DSCF14859 Osprey Calling DSCF14675 Flicker Scratching An Itch DSCF10250 On The Side Of 'Time' DSCF5466B&W
Viking Ship On The St Lawrence DSCF12713 Mallard Family DSCF10192 Home Delivery DSCF12115 Spring Wonderland DSCF6592
Yellow-rumped Warbler DSCF9171 Duck Taking Flight DSCF6453 Rainy Roof DSCF4997 Great Egret Hunting DSCF10831-3
Red-winged Blackbird Singing DSCF00800 Autumn Landscape DSCF4942 Mink Profile DSCF5804 Autumn Otter Lake DSCF4993
Osprey Closeup DSCF11488 Rainy Windshield DSCF5016 Preening Young Swan DSCF5308 Osprey In Flight DSCF11347
Hokey Pokey Geese DSCF5411 First Autumn Tree DSCF4823-5 Northern Flicker In A Tree DSCF9601 Backlit Robin With A Snack DSCF11522-3
Warbling Vireo DSCF10530 Heron On A Dock DSCF14222 Bringing Home The Bacon...uh...Fish DSCF10948 Autumn Trees DSCF4947
Red-winged Blackbird Calling DSCF6224 Heron On Its Nest DSCF10583 Heron Beside The Canal DSCF12918-20 Water Lily DSCF14523-5
Chippie On The Rocks DSCF11385 Hungry Grackle Fledgling DSCF11460 Sparrow On A Branch DSCF11553-4 Gull Closeup DSCF4687 (crop)
Leafy Stairs DSCF5138 Breakfast For Junior DSCF11437 Pigeon Getting It In Gear DSCF4790 Sunflower DSCF14513
Geese & Goslings DSCF9427 Chippie Peeking Out DSCF11391 Floating Gull DSCF5436 Goslings & Goose DSCF9987
Rainy Headlight DSCF4996 Monarch Butterfly DSCF14202 Common Snapping Turtle DSCF11116-8 Heron With A Catch DSCF13155
Rideau Canal Southern Entrance DSCF5471 Cornfield At Sunrise DSCF5056-8 Swimming Swan DSCF0563-2 Snowstorm 20160216 (DSCF5896)
Jim At Old Slys Lock DSCF4813 Three Swans On Ice DSCF5794 RC Model Yacht DSCF5343 Swamp Iris DSCF11423
Lone Swimming Goose DSCF5625 Rooster Beside Striped Wall DSCF4720 Swan Taking Flight DSCF6021 Great Blue Heron DSCF11879
Dripping Swan DSCF0592 Swan Under Ice DSCF0598 Viking Ship Under Way DSCF12690 Wet Head Loon With Catch DSCF4459
White On White DSCF5651 Heron Stalking DSCF11185 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF4680 Wintry Big Rideau Lake At Sunrise DSCF5692
Sunrise Fishing DSCF11598 Merlin Atop A Pine DSCF9849 Abstract DSCF6615 Muskrat Love DSCF11090
Ice Storm 20160225 (DSCF5901) Harvest Moon Eclipse DSCF4849 Beckwith Street Stone Arch Bridge DSCF14951-3 Blue Jay On The Ground DSCF4883
Switching Rail Cars DSCF00660 Gull Closeup DSCF4687 Skull & Cross Horns DSCF00617 Wildflowers DSCF11154
Domestic Dispute DSCF8475 Abstract DSCF5334 Two Old Barns DSCF5916 Two Swans On Ice DSCF5846
Preening Starling On A Rusty Perch DSCF4918 Patricia Arriving DSCF5256-8 Gaggle Of Goslings DSCF11262 Cow & Calf DSCF14421
Four Swans Flying DSCF0608 Keeley Falls DSCF5358-62 Stretching Swan DSCF5323 Winter Lone Tree DSCF0613
Moon In Clouds DSCF4546v2 Wet Goose Head DSCF01134 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF4677-8 Juvenile Pied-billed Grebe DSCF4808
Canal Basin At Night 30s iso800 (DSCF4742) Lower Reach Path DSCF12842-7 Blue Dinghy DSCF13112-4 Swans On Ice DSCF0531
Gull Taking Flight DSCF5536 Juvenile Male Wood Duck DSCF4632 Pied-billed Grebes DSCF4794 Sunrise Sunrays DSCF4544-5
Swimming Loon DSCF4274 Autumn Otter Creek DSCF5074-5 Evening Clouds DSCF4526 Five Swans Flying DSCF0607
Sticking Its Neck Out DSCF4605 Interesting Sky DSCF5250 Eagle In A Tree DSCF5957 Cooperative Chipmunk DSCF5144
Loon Stretch DSCF4149 Preening Swan DSCF0555 Loon Chicks Hitching A Ride DSCF14144 Stand Of Pines DSCF00935
Swimming Loon DSCF4131 Three Swans Flying DSCF0604 Big Rideau Lake In Autumn Sunrise DSCF4955 Loon In Tailwater DSCF4155
Watchful Parent DSCF0578 Parade of Horses DSCF13473 Snowy Bench DSCF00346 Bunny Eating The Yard DSCF4109
Chippie In The Grass DSCF4201 Harvest Moon Eclipse DSCF4854 Buck Lake Panorama DSCF5514-22 Inquisitive Turkey And Guineafowl Chick DSCF4400
Wet Duck 20150420 Lockmaster's Watch House DSCF4135 Looking Loon DSCF02088 Heron In the River DSCF02093
Robin Bath Time DSCF4191 Swans On Ice 20150219 Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCF5065-7 Cedar Waxwing DSCF4432
Cedar Waxwing From Behind DSCF4421 Thawing Fall River DSCF00825 Kingston City Hall, Old Train Station & CP Engine 1095 (DSCF5505) Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF5100-2
Rideau Canal Snowfall DSCF00526 Cedar Waxwing DSCF4437 Otter Lake Reflection At Sunrise DSCF01041-3 Otter Lake At Sunrise DSCF01071
Dessert Dish DSCF00341 Yacht Dolphin DSCF4519 Thawing Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF00867 Second Time Around DSCF4349
Licking Its Chops DSCF01899 Backlit Sunflower DSCF4494 Osprey Calling Its Mate DSCF4353 Moon Beyond Pine Tree At Sunrise DSCF4587
Sunrise Glow DSCF4538-40 Old Wood DSCF00137 Sinking Boathouse (2015) DSCF00771 Wet Flower Sprout In Snow DSCF01014-6
Flying Geese & Swimming Loon At Sunrise 20150418 Row Of Poplars At Sunrise DSCF00916 Rooster Profile DSCF4416 Beaver Lodge DSCF00050
Preening Duck DSCF00363 Equine Pal DSCF00471-3 Heron Tongue DSCF4254 Canadian Shield Landscape DSCF00180-1
Rock Lake Road DSCF00266 Shake Those Tail Feathers DSCF4322 Dark Canal Light DSCF00280 Confederation Drive Bridge At Night DSCF0384
Switching Rail Cars 20150314 Canadian Shield Marsh DSCF00269-70 Autumn Reflected 20141104 Ice Fishing At Sunrise 20150128
On & Off Road Hazards 20150318 Snowy Autumn Leaves 20141116 Barfing Bird DSCF4230 Rainy Night 20141112
Autumn Landscape DSCF00213 Pining For The Moon DSCF4874-5 Sunrise Pines 20141101 Moon In Clouds DSCF4546
White-breasted Nuthatch DSCF00060 First Sign Of Autumn? DSCF4325 Frisky Squirrels DSCF00010 Pink & Yellow Flower DSCF00063
Starling & Moon  DSCF5270-1 Hairy Woodpecker 20141205 Confederation Drive Bridge At Night 20150104 Sandra On The Shield DSCF00254
Stretching Swan DSCF0564-2 Harvest Moon Eclipse DSCF4867 Gemmels Point At Sunrise 20150403 1940 Chevy Grill DSCF4372