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Fujifilm F550EXR Photo Gallery

Photographs taken with my little Fujifilm FinePix F550 EXR compact travel zoom camera. This is my expendable camera since it has the poorest image quality of all my cameras, but is still acceptable. I take this camera with me when I'll need more zoom in a pocket camera than I get with my Canon S100, which has exceptional image quality for that sized camera but limited zoom range, or I feel where I’ll be shooting might put the camera at risk, for instance in a boat where there is a chance it might get wet.
F550 with LCD Shade
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Fuji FinePix F550 EXR Tests Gallery
<< Fuji FinePix F550 EXR Tests Gallery >>
2 Crazy Ladies (20111120) Abstract 20111027
Abstract 20120130 Abstract 20120311 Abstract 20120328 Abstract DSCF02272
Abstract DSCF02665 Abstract DSCF03473 A Door With Character 20110709 After-The-Walk Stretch DSCF03623
A Photo OP 20111101 Apple Closeup 20110420 Autumn Barn DSCF02700 Autumn Cemetery 20111022
Autumn Fallen Leaves DSCF02583 Autumn Raindrops DSCF02561 Autumn Raindrops DSCF02566 Autumn Trail 20111103
Autumn Tree 20111014 Bambi On The Road DSCF01983 Barn In Snowstorm DSCF04483 Barn Ladder DSCF02692
Beckwith Street Bridge DSCF01832 Bench Overlooking Winter Marina 20120202 Bench Shadow 20120403 Beneath The Beckwith Street Bridge DSCF01060
Biking The Cataraqui Trail 20110726 Bowled Over Bench 20120220 Brick Window 20111026 Brown Creeper Closeup DSCF01277
Brown Creeper DSCF01282 Bubbles DSCF02802 Bubbles DSCF02805 Budding Trees 20110503
Building Mural DSCF01248 Buried Bench DSCF3991 Buried Picnic Table 20120219 Canadian Shield Landscape DSCF02360
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02904 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02908 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02915 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02917
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02925 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02935 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02945 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02952
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02960 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02963 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02973 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02985
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02995 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02999 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03006 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03007
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03012 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03013 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03019 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03020
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03022 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03023 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03028 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03031
Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03038 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03047 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF03051 Cart Corral Icicles 20120119
Ceiling Light DSCF04108 Chair In Ivy 20110706 Chair In Ivy DSCF02111 Chair In Ivy DSCF02111BW
Chairs On A Dock DSCF04129 Chickens In The Wild DSCF02822 Christmas Bow DSCF03564 Cod Liver Oil Closeup 20120209
Coffee Culture Reflections 20110517 Coffee Cup Lid Condensation 20120316 Collegiate Institute Arch DSCF01189 Community Labyrinth DSCF03195
Community Labyrinth Symbol 20111122 Condensation 20120418 Connection To The World DSCF04238 Convention Centre Reflection DSCF01144
Convention Centre Reflection DSCF01148 Cow On A Roof 20111119 Crock-Top DSCF03216 Curtain 20120408
Deck Chair 20111128 Dismembered Sawhorses DSCF02424 Docked Boat DSCF01932 Dragonfly DSCF02490
Duck In Snow 20120201 Easter Lily 20110423 Electrified Outhouse 20120214 Enlightened Pines DSCF03605
Equine Chow Line 20110504 Farmscape DSCF02603 Festival Flags DSCF02135A Fill 'er Up DSCF03341
First Boats 20110601 First Flower Of Spring 20120402 First Sign Of Fall 20110904 Flaming Paint Job DSCF02263
Flaming Paint Job DSCF02270 Fly Closeup DSCF01835 Foggy Rideau Canal DSCF01475-80 Ford DSCF02279
Franktown Radome DSCF02710 Freezing Rain 20111221 Frog's Eye View 20120410 Frozen Ottawa River DSCF03925
'G' (DSCF03478) Geese Over IKEA DSCF03589-90 Getting A Lift 20120116 Gimme Five, Times Two DSCF03370
Goat Herd DSCF3509 Gone To Seed DSCF01815 Gulls On A Dock 20111209 Harvey's 20111222
Heritage House DSCF02462-3 Heritage House DSCF02464-5 Heritage House DSCF02486 Hog's Back DSCF02056
Holiday Self-Portrait 20111205 Hotel Rideau DSCF3539 Hotel Rideau DSCF3539 Hotrod DSCF02281
Hydrant 20111117 Hydrant DSCF03213 Incoming Storm DSCF01751 Keeley Falls DSCF02039
Kingston Mills DSCF01993-4 Lawn Bowling Bench 7 (DSCF02425) Leftover Leaf DSCF01291 Leftover Leaf DSCF01291bw
Library Columns DSCF03812 Lilac Closeup DSCF01816 Lilac Closeup DSCF01817 Little Cottage On The Water 20120705
Llama DSCF02606 Looking Up DSCF02458 Loon DSCF04434 Marsh Deadwood DSCF01704
Medical Transport DSCF02096 Mississippi Lake 20120312 Moon Over Hotel Rideau DSCF03574 Moon Over Ornamental Brickwork 20111212
Morning Coffee DSCF04259 Mother Barnes Homestead DSCF3512 Multi-Barns 20120213 Multi-Barns DSCF03980BW
Murney Redoubt DSCF01989 Natural Abstract 20110625 Natural Abstract 20111201 New Mouse 20120223
New Ottawa Convention Centre DSCF01161.3 Oak Leaf On Ice 20111125 Off The Track 20111114 Old Barn DSCF01580
Old Caboose Window DSCF02203 Old Fire Hose Tower 20111025 Old Wood Knot 20110714 On-Track DSCF03157
Ottawa Chinatown Gateway 20111115 Ottawa Chinatown Gateway DSCF03115 Otter Lake DSCF04359 Outstanding In Its Field 20110529
Out Standing In Its Field 20111130 Out-standing In Its Field 20120102 Overhead Light 20111129 Pontiac DSCF02294
Pop Photo 20120112 Power Osprey DSCF02248 Punch Buggy DSCF03560 Purple loosestrife DSCF02326
Rainbow Poncho DSCF03309 Really Red Barn 20111204 Red Barns 20110708 Red Berries DSCF02664
Red Chair 20110528 Red Closet Doors 20110415 Restaurant Light 20110622 Restaurant Table 20120405
Rideau Canal Sunrise DSCF03428 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF01107 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF01465 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF03256-8
Rideau Canal Sunset DSCF04124 Roadside Birches DSCF02517 Rock Texture DSCF01302 Rusting Bridge 20110418
Rusty Hinge DSCF03263 Skating Practice DSCF03470 Smiths Falls Hockey Rink DSCF03738-40 Snow-Capped Hydrant 20120118
Snow Covered Leaf DSCF03702 Snow-Covered Thicket DSCF03685 Snow Emergency 20120225 Snowmobile Trail DSCF04067
Snowscape 20111231 Snowscape 20120121 Snowscape 20120125 Snowscape DSCF03771
Snowscape DSCF03781 Snowscape DSCF03879 Snowscape DSCF04078 Snowy Oak Leaf 20111202
Snowy Rail Fence 20111230 Snowy Trail 20111223 Solar Array 20120206 Sparrow On A Column 20111107
Split-Rail Laneway DSCF01389- Spring Runoff 20110417 Squirrel At Breakfast DSCF03394 Squirrel Feeder 20110509
Squirrel In The Sun DSCF01026 Stairwell DSCF03391 Stars 'n Stripes 20111113 Steeple At Sunrise 20111227
St James Anglican Church DSCF03860 Swale At Sunset 20110502 'Sweet Thing' 20120414 Table & Chairs On Mud Lake DSCF03900
Taking The High Ground DSCF03144 The Forecast - Clear Skies DSCF03440 Threatening Sky DSCF03410 Three Flags At IKEA DSCF03587
'Tis The Season 20111208 Tracks In Snow 20120109 Tracks On Ice 20120110 Train Station Wall DSCF02171
Tree Among Bales 20110629 Tree In Snowstorm 20130220 Tree Row Reflection DSCF01272 Trees Beside Frozen Ottawa River DSCF03919
Twilight Water Tower 20110407 Two Sheds DSCF03863 Two Trees DSCF3989 Up A Floorlamp DSCF04027
VIA Train DSCF03668 Visitors 20111215 Wagon In The Woods DSCF02552 Water Tower & Streetlight DSCF03818
Wet Tulip Petal DSCF01685 William Street DSCF03640 Window & Shadow 20110915 Wintry Back Road DSCF03615
'WOK' DSCF03101 Wolfe Island Wind Project DSCF02439,44 Yin And Yang House 20111213