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Everything Else Gallery

An eclectic mix of photos that don't fit within the other categories.

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Snow Plastered Trees DSCN162815 Water Tower Lit Blue For World Autism Month 90D106877-81 Tapped Maple Tree DSCN161399 Tree Trunk In Snow DSCN161540
Lone Tree In Snowfall DSCN161614 Park Bench In Spring Snow DSCN161873 Parking Lot Lights In Night Fog 90D104892 Setting Full Snow Moon Beyond Hydro Tower DSCN159661
When Life Gives You A Lemon, Make it a Photo Op (iPhone14-2948) Foggy Winter Forest DSCN156998 Birch Trunks Art DSCN157120 VIA Rail Sign In Predawn Fog 90D98301-5
Railway Signal Lights In Night Fog 90D98257 Ground Fog Beyond Lone Tree At Sunrise 90D96789 Winter Wonderland Snowscape DSCN153901 Autumn Cypress 25453
New Mexico Window 72423 Autumnscape DSCN150163 Frosty Fallen Fall Leaf DSCN150642 Fallen Fall Leaves Among Dusting Of Autumn Snow DSCN150725
The Other Photographer DSCN150146 Fall Foliage With Hydro Lines & Towers 90D90023 Converging Contrails Beyond Autumn Tree At Sunrise (iPhone14-2470) Old Stone Arch Dam Autumn Trees At Night 90D90226-30
Autumn Tree In Ground Fog 90D89571-5 Autumn Trees At Night 90D89190-2 Old Stone Arch Dam Autumn Trees (iPhone14-2445) Fog Beyond Lone Tree 90D86507
Fog Beyond Lone Tree 90D86507BW Two Tone Fallen Autumn Leaf DSCN148532 Dewy Spider Web 90D82934 Fall Foliage DSCN145811
First Fall Foliage DSCN144252 First Autumn Leaf Fallen DSCN143989 A Dying Breed (iPhone14-2005) Russell Street Mural Panorama (iPhone14-1650)
Sunrays DSCN137907 IDO ID207 Smartwatch P1090869 Tiny Bug On A Dewy Feather DSCN135473 Feather Macro DSCN133740
Ground Fog Beyond Trashy Park Bench 90D64514 Red Wall, White Window, Blue Sky 90D64697 Wet Patio Table Top DSCN127379 Tiny Water Droplets In Spiraea Spring Leaves DSCN127690
White Chair 90D63416 Bug In The Shadow Of A Yellow Pushpin DSCN126736-8 In The Bag P1090836 20230405 Ice Storm (DSCN125148-50)
20230405 Ice Storm - Broken Tree & Large Downed Limb DSCN125118 20230405 Ice Storm DSCN125072 Winter Landscape In Snowstorm DSCN122731 Green Bubbles P1090767
Dead Tree In Snowstorm DSCN122690 Snow Plastered Trees DSCN122704 Snow Plastered Trees DSCN122740 Hoarfrost On A Red Post DSCN121890
Winter Oak Leaf In Ice DSCN121714 (crop) Snowy Windstorm Victim DSCN119951 Magnolia Buds P1090729 Two Toned Tomato P1090680
Back Door Frost P1090692 Shrubbery Under Snow iPhoneXR1113 Lee Tavern Icicles 90D52047-51 Animal Tracks In Snow DSCN118884
Iced Fallen Autumn Oak Leaf DSCN118893 Iced Winter Plant DSCN118627 Iced Red Branches DSCN118685 Icy Winter Plant Close-up DSCN118617
Channel Marker In Fog 90D49324 Late Autumn Tree In Ground Fog DSCN117544 Hoarfrost DSCN117104 Dumpster Panorama DSCN117116
Fallen Autumn Leaves DSCN116527 Snowy Fallen Autumn Leaf DSCN116560 Frosty Plant 90D43658 Duck Island Trees On A Hazy Late Autumn Morning DSCN116077
Fallen Autumn Leaf On Snow DSCN115906 Remembrance Day 2022 (DSCN115243) Snowy Autumn Weeping Willow DSCN115711 Morning Fog Beyond Lone Leaning Tree 90D40781
Morning Fog Beyond Lone Leaning Tree_90D40781 (BW) Halloween Lights 90D39103-7 Riveting Graffiti DSCN114448-50 Riveting Graffiti DSCN114448-50 (BW)
Lone Tree At Sunrise 90D38664 Autumn Precipitation Beyond The Swale DSCN113760 Wet Fallen Fall Leaves DSCN112933 Windowsill Still Life (PhoneXR1021)
Solar Powered Mushroom Lights 60D49709 Fog & Mist Beyond Lone Tree 90D37005-9 Red Berries & Leaves DSCN110567 Tower Crane Lights At First Light 90D36179-83
Bug On A Wet Autumn Leaf DSCN110616 Autumn Tree DSCN110941 Fall Foliage DSCN110910 Tower Crane Lights 90D35920-4
Ornge Air Ambulance DSCN108671 Detached Downspout DSCN108778BW Ground Fog Beyond Lone Tree At Sunrise 90D33226-30 First Autumn Tree DSCN107603
Hydro Towers In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D24254 Le Boats Coming Out DSCN96900 Knothole In White DSCN96553 Big Crane DSCN97194
Iris Leaves DSCN96400 Centennial Park Fountains 90D23532 Backlit Spring Leaves DSCN95141 ornge helicopter at Smiths Falls DSCN95291
Rain Droplet On A Budding Tulip P1090407-20 Budding Tree Branch DSCN92808 Partial Rainbow iPhoneXR0838 Clouds Beyond Pine Tree 90D18184
Fallen Pine Needles 90D17577-2 Frosty Branches DSCN90701 Icy Trees DSCN90232 Winter Fence DSCN90119BW
Frosty Winter Lilac Branch DSCN90155 Solid & Liquid Winter Water DSCN89974 Old Arched Window DSCN89981 Tracks In Snow DSCN89644
Crescent Moon 4% Illuminated DSCN88755 20220203 Snowfall At Night 90D14623 Snowy Thicket DSCN89396 Fireplace Flame DSCN88648
20220117 Snowfall Amount DSCN88480 20220117 Snowstorm iPhone0820 Clearing A Park Path DSCN88410 Frosty Fallen Tree 90D12216-20
Winter Channel Markers DSCN88091 Two Winter Bales DSCN87827 Icy Evergreen DSCN87762 Sign Ice DSCN87802
Iced Tree DSCN87745 Fog Beyond Lone Tree DSCN87018 Frosty Trees At Sunrise DSCN87488 Snowy Fallen Red Oak Leaf DSCN86958
'NOEL' 90D10923-7 Field Of Snowcapped Bales At Sunrise 90D10468 Ice & Fallen Augumn Leaves DSCN86682 Fallen Late Autumn Leaves DSCN85860BW
Bales In Dusting Of Snow At Sunrise DSCN86460 Snow Shower At Sunrise 90D10444 Autumn Park Lamp DSCN86250 Fallen Late Autumn Leaves DSCN85860
Tree Fungus Closeup DSCN85160 Frosty Autumn Leeaves DSCN75875 'Art' Pepper Squash Topside DSCN75437 Autumn Birch & Pampas Grass 90D08339
Autumn Red Trees Backlit By Rising Sun DSCN75221 Grungy Autumn Leaf DSCN75143 Smiley Face DSCN74449 Smiley Face DSCN74449BW
Autumn Park Lamp At Night 90D07522-30 Birches Beyond Autumn Red Tree DSCN74037 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving DSCN74022 'Art Autumn Sumac DSCN73959
Fog Beyond Lone Autumn Tree 90D07119 Natural Abstract DSCN73408BW Band Of Bare Trees DSCN73369 Backlit Mottled Autumn Maple Leaf DSCN73354
Early Fall Foliage DSCN73121 Swan Neck Gourd DSCN72988 Early Autumn Color DSCN72774 Early Fall Foliage DSCN72106
Autumn Color DSCN70894 Wet Leaves DSCN70772 Summer Autumn Color DSCN69193 Lone Mushroom DSCN68194-6
Muskoka (Adirondack) Chairs At Sturgeon Lake 90D-01699 Red Moon Beyond Clock Tower 90D-01564-6 Lone Tree In Patchy Fog P1050101 20210719 Red Sun Sunspots P1040155 (crop)
20210719 Red Sun P1040155 Taste Smiths Falls 90D-00759-63 Shop Smiths Falls 90D-00749-53 Rainbow At Sunrise DSCN66629
Sun Through Fog DSCN64591 Interesting Sky DSCN63513 Yellow Lily & Lily Pad DSCN61640 Flower Bed Sprinkler DSCN60895-7
Seedy Dandelion Close Up DSCN60728 Suspended Dandelion Seed DSCN59658 Leaves Bliss P1590870 Blowin' In The Wind DSCN54875-83
Four Rain Droplets On A Leaf DSCN54569 Wet Pussy Willow Blossom Close Up DSCN54546 Moon & Budding Tree DSCN52514 Kite Flying Over The Moon DSCN52000.6
Young Birches DSCN51809 Frosty Wire DSCN50126 Frosty Post DSCN50099 Fog Beyond Snow Fence P1590246
Line Of Trees In Sunrise Fog P1590070 Frosty Wood DSCN48869 Frosty Misty Sunrise DSCN48607-9 Fire Hydrant In Snowbank DSCN48442
Clouded Sun DSCN47555 Lone Tree DSCN47520 'Dusting' Of Snow DSCN47464 Incoming Nor'easter DSCN47391
Loose Change DSCN47389 Spruced Up Moon DSCN47273 Pink Frost DSCN47226 Winter Autumn Leaves P1030423
Snow-capped Bales At Sunrise DSCN45144 Birches DSCN43790 Frosty Life Preserver DSCN43633 Boomerang Cloud At Sunrise DSCN43454
2020 Christmas Tree DSCN42778 Snowy Bale & Split Rail Fence DSCN42341 2020 Celebration Of Lights DSCN41713 2020 Celebration Of Lights DSCN41343-5
Snowy Tree DSCN41066 Down The Drain DSCN40561 Mute Swan Staring At Litter DSCN39973 Green Leaf On Autumn Snow DSCN39237
Tracks In Snow DSCN38651 Fallen Autumn Leaves In A Puddle DSCN38258 Autumn Leaf Galls DSCN38238 Wet Fallen Leaf DSCN38213 (crop)
Wet Fallen Maple Leaf DSCN37625 Red Orange Yellow DSCN36653 Autumn Tree DSCN35988 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving! DSCN35848
Wet Autumn Leaf DSCN35208 Clouded Red Sun DSCN34941.8 Ground Fog & Bales DSCN34243 Autumn Water Tower DSCN34153
Autumn Water Tower (faux IR) DSCN34153 Autumn Sumac Closeup P1560083 Frosty Leaves DSCN33706 Moon & Venus Over The Water Tower P1550877-82
Lone Lily Pad DSCN32999 Bobbers & Dewy Spider Web DSCN32625 First Autumn Color Of 2020 DSCN32513 High Chair DSCN31242
Billowing Morning Cloud DSCN29708 Early Morning Clouds DSCN26811-3 Cows In Ground Fog At Sunrise DSCN26712 Rolls In The Hay (Stubble) DSCN26598
Busy Yellow Jacket Nest DSCN26154 Wasp Nest Under Bridge Railing DSCN25131 Fountain Bubbles DSCN22094 Float In The Sky With Lines DSCN20948
Forget-Me-Nots & Log DSCN18121 Tree & Ground Fog DSCN15275BW Boathouse Horseshoe DSCN13868 Autumn Leaf In Spring After Winter DSCN12272
Pussy Willows DSCN12011-3 Chinese Money Plant Leaves P1020382 First Buds DSCN10098 CP 8740 Beyond Snowy Tree DSCN09992
Roof Ice Slide DSCN09791 Snowy Bench 0481 Frost On A Fishing Bobber Closeup DSCN08659 Frosty Snagged Bobbers DSCN08493
Spears Of Ice DSCN07942 Dripping Awning Icicles P1020013-26s Clouded Moon Beyond Clock Tower P1490774-80 Renovated Clock Tower P1490711-7
Frosty Red Berries DSCN05846 Red Channel Marker In Ice DSCN05826-8 Let It Snow! P1490414-20 Snowy Fallen Tree P1490351-7
Snowy Autumn Red Berries P1010583-5 Flags In Wind DSCN04244-50 Autumn Leaves DSCN04239 Dewy Autumn Leaf DSCN04138
Autumn Canal Light DSCN04085-7 Autumn Rideau Canal DSCN04079-81 Wasp Nest DSCN04007 Channel Marker & Geese In Fog DSCN03717
Autumn Trees In Fog P1470799-05 Autumn Trees In Fog P1470799-05BW Red Berries DSCN03597-9 Waning Hunter's Moon DSCN03333.7
Autumn Ivy At Sunrise DSCN03008-10 Autumn Ivy Leaves P1460662 Autumn Leaves DSCN02468 Early Autumn Tree DSCN02053-5
Barn & Autumn Tree P1450877-83 Sign Of Autumn DSCN01110-2 Contrails DSCN00762 Backlit Red Berries P1000026
Ground Fog Beyond Dead Tree P1440570-4 Disc Plow In Sunrise Ground Fog P1420725-31 Split-rail Fence & Wild Daisies DSCN34976 Home Hardware Reflected P1410110-2
Fog Beyond Spring Trees P1130556-8 SCOW #1 P1120187 SCOW #1 P1120187BW Springtime In Canada P1100074-6
Sundog Over An Osprey Nest P1090687-9 No Kidding DSCN32873 Frosty Winter Cattails P1390119-21 Red Swing On A Big Old Tree P1070487
Boathouse Doors P1060901 Oak Leaf In Ice P1380718-20 Picnic Anyone? P1050812-4 ClassicFlame Electric Fireplace P1050663-5
5 to 10 cm (P1050612) Vintage Westinghouse Portable Radio P1050480-2 Frosty Tree P1050048-50 Stained Glass Shop Windows P1370398-02
Christmas Eve Heritage House P1040567 Snowy Tamarack Needles & Cones P1040554 Holiday Crystal Palace Interior P1370067-73 White Christmas Tree Ornaments P1370046-52
Hot Air Balloon P1030792.804 Light Pole Holiday Wreath In Falling Snow P1350638-40 2018 Celebration of Lights P1350610-6 2018 Celebration of Lights P1350546
Double Dog P1030652 Frosty Grass & Fence P1030592 Autumn Weeping Willow P1030318-20 Snowy Pine P1030314
Side Lit Fallen Autumn Leaf P1030176-8 Snow Amid Fallen Autumn Leaves P1030170-2 Powered Paraglider P1030101-3 Autumn Leaves Afloat P1030080-2
Frosty Autumn Leaves P1030079 Wet Oak Leaf P1020702 LED Disco Party Bulb P1020663 Wet Autumn Leaf Underside P1020622-4
Snowy Oak Leaf P1020422-4 RCAF F-86 Sabre P1020349-51v2 Farm Wagon & Wind Turbines P1010151 Autumn Leaves P1000946-8
Dripping Wild Grapes P1000392 Autumn Trees P1000004-6 Fall Foliage Under Water Tower P1340796-02 Moon Beyond Autumn Color DSCN32354.7
Wet Iridescent Purple Leaf DSCN32207-9 Sumac Leaves DSCN32126-8BW Bales in Ground Fog P1340268BW Davidson's Horse-drawn Bread Truck P1330926-8
Ebony & Ivories P1330739BW Still Life P1330723BW Heritage House Museum Oven Preheating P1330705 Second Sign Of Fall DSCN31823-5
Canal Bubbles DSCN31776 Lily Pads DSCN31480 Wet Lily Pads DSCN30488-90 Leaves DSCN30217
Mushroom Growing On A Tree DSCN29229 Rain At Last DSCN27896 Brockville Railway Tunnel DSCN27655 Old Barn Latch & Lock DSCN26687BW
Tree Fungus DSCN23532 Wet Grill Handle DSCN21380 Blue Diesel Tank DSCN20851 Tropical Greenhouse DSCN20667-94
Old Door, New Handle DSCN20228-30 Library Capital P1290991-5 Hotel Rideau Detail DSCN19963 Feeding The Fire DSCN19691
Winter Leaves DSCN19640-2 Snowy Tamarack Cones DSCN19634 Tapped Trees DSCN19576 Tapped Trees DSCN19572
Clouded Moon At Sunrise DSCN19535 Community Centre Walking Concourse P1200449 Foggy Winter Morning P1290512 Red Channel Marker In Winter Fog P1290508
Prodigious Icicles DSCN19226 Large Ornate Old Hinges DSCN19163-5 Snow-capped Bales DSCN19055 Ice Fishing Shelter DSCN19019-21
Sunstruck Amaryllis Leaf DSCN18807 Pines & Picnic Table In Snow DSCN18743-5 Frosted Treetop DSCN18611-3 Ice Fishing Trailer At Sunrise DSCN18539
Peace Tower Clock At Twilight P1290008-10 Crop Peace Tower Clock At Twilight P1290008-10 Crop Christmas Morning 2017 (DSCN18390) Holiday Lights P1280596-00
Be It Ever So Humble DSCN18108-13 Blue Light Split-rail Fence P1280393-7 Snow-capped Bales At Sunrise P1270721-3 Autumn Leaves P1270503-5 'Art' B&W
Autumn Leaves P1270503-5 'Art' Autumn Leaf & Frost P1270485-7 Remembrance Day 2017 P1270458-60 Elephant Trunk Tree Limbs DSCN17247-9
Half & Half DSCN17187 Autumn Tree In Sunrise Glow DSCN16930 Old Log House Kitchen Sink P1270144-6 Old Log House Wall Hangings P1270141-3
Old Log House Place Setting P1270138-40 Bonnet Rack P1270135-7 Old Log House Foyer P1270132-4 Ground Floor Rocking Chair P1270129-31
Old Log House Upper Window P1270119-25 Old Log House Upper Window P1270112-8
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