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Black & White Gallery

Typically, I find black & white (or grayscale or greyscale) images flat and lifeless compared to their color counterparts,
so I don't do many black & white conversions. However, now and then an image with a good combination of subject
and tones inspires me to see it in grayscale and those along with some subtly monochromatic, highly
desaturated, and selective color (desaturated except for one color) images can be viewed here in this gallery.

Moon Beyond Ground fog 90D109978BW Snowy Boathouse Roofs DSCN161504 Lone Tree In Snowfall DSCN161614 Park Bench In Spring Snow DSCN161873
Walkers At Night In A Spring Snowstorm 90D107300 Healey School Buses 90D105656BW Parking Lot Lights In Night Fog 90D104892 Winter Wonderland DSCN153189
Birch Trunks Art DSCN157120 VIA New Fleet Train 41 Arriving In Fog 90D98330BW Cottage On Wintry Gemmell's Point DSCN153928 2023-4 Celebration of Lights 90D95889BW
Old Farmstead Snowscape DSCN153893BW Murphy Park In 20231109 Snowfall 90D91787-91BW Converging Laneways Through Snowy Woods (iPhone14-2791) Fog Beyond Lone Tree 90D86507BW
Fishing A Misty Rideau At Dawn 90D83862-6BW Wet Russell Street At Bowie's 90D82168-72BW Light At The End Of The Road In Fog 90D77849-53BW Wet Lilies DSCN136386BW
Bow Reflected DSCN136345 White Zinnia DSCN135147BW Great Blue Heron Poised To Strike DSCN132205BW 20230405 Ice Storm At Night 90D60857-61
Abstract In Ice DSCN123854 Snow Plastered Trees DSCN122740 Winter Landscape In Snowstorm DSCN122731 Snow Plastered Trees DSCN122704
Dead Tree In Snowstorm DSCN122690 20230304 Winter Storm At Night 90D57248 Rail Yard On A Snowy Night 90D55850-4 Back Door Frost P1090692
Laundromat On A Snowy Night 90D53209-13BW Winter Wonderland DSCN119990 Snowy Windstorm Victim DSCN119951 Nighttime Winter Wonderland 90D52342-6BW
Nighttime Winter Wonderland 90D52332-6 Frost On Glass P1090622 Barn Light At First Light 90D47141 Abstract DSCN116998
Juvenile Trumpeter Swan Swimming Past Old Tree Roots DSCN116279BW Rail Yard In Night Fog 90D41873-7 Morning Fog Beyond Lone Leaning Tree_90D40781 (BW) Riveting Graffiti DSCN114448-50 (BW)
Early Morning Commuter 90D39466 (SC) Detached Downspout DSCN108778BW Old Barn In Ground Fog 90D33692BW Great Blue Heron On A Deadfall DSCN105632BW
Tones Of A Rose P1090353 Waning Half Last Quarter Moon 90D17819 Fallen Pine Needles 90D17577-2 Thawing Rideau Canal At Night 90D17247-51BW
Hoarfrost DSCN90692 (crop) Winter Fence DSCN90119BW 20220219 Snowfall At Night 90D14992BW 2022 February Snow Moon DSCN89962
Trumpeter Swan Kerfluffle DSCN89795BW Turtle Island Footbridge After A Snowfall DSCN89333BW Hazy Sun Beyond Snowy Turtle Island DSCN89330-2 Vehicles On A Snowy Night 90D12756SC
Vehicles On A Snowy Night 90D12755-9BW Waxing Crescent Moon DSCN88203 Beckwith Street Bridge On A Winter Night 90D11821-5 Tree Shadow On Snow At Night 90D11819.21-5BW
Footbridge On A Foggy Night 90D11726BW Fallen Late Autumn Leaves DSCN85860BW Smiley Face DSCN74449BW Natural Abstract DSCN73408BW
Harvest Moon-Rays 90D05643-7BW Sun Over Sturgeon Lake 90D-01619-23BW Rail Yard Pedestrian Underpass 90D-00394 Bales In Pseudo-IR Landscape DSCN65231
Rideau Trail Murphys Point DSCN63992BW Rain Ripples P1590864BW Misty Otter Creek DSCN53662BW Copse Of Young Birch Trees DSCN52012
Two Winter Trees Beyond A Snowy Hill DSCN49041 Frost On A Black Handrail Closeup DSCN48484 Last Quarter Moon DSCN47474 Along The Moon Terminator DSCN47295
Moonset, Smiths Falls, Ontario DSCN47142-53 Birches DSCN43790 Snowy Tree DSCN41066 Down The Drain DSCN40561
Boathouse Collapsing Into The Swale DSCN40544sepia Late Autumn Trail DSCN39706 (Sketch) Mute Swan Couple DSCN38580 Frosty Log DSCN37436-8A (BW)
CP 8504 & 8851 In Morning Fog P1560638 Autumn Back Road (faux IR) DSCN34840 Autumn Water Tower (faux IR) DSCN34153 CN Dining Car 4006 At Night P1550476-82BW
Pink Flower In Black & White DSCN26484-6BW Tree & Ground Fog DSCN15275BW Departing Freight Train P1520878BW Two Common Loons DSCN12510
Old Tulip Stamen & Pistil P1020507bw Open Barn Loft Door P1020305 Orion P1510700-4 Drifted Snow P1510683BW
Combined Lock In Winter DSCN09329BW Bascule Bridge In Snowfall P1020071 Tanker Train Departing In Night Fog P1500476-82 BW Tanker Train On A Foggy Night P1500462-8 BW
CP Crew Change On A Foggy Night P1500427-33 BW Birches DSCN07342 'B&W' Two Swans A-swimming DSCN07186 Abstract DSCN07154
Two Swans A-swimming DSCN05355BW Flight of Bridge Stairs P1480212-8 Autumn Trees In Fog P1470799-05BW Gull On A Channel Marker DSCN01593
Little Black Bee On A Wildflower DSCN00741 Tall Ships 'Empire Sandy' & 'St Lawrence II' DSCN00592 'Art' Water Lily DSCN00196-8BW Smiths Falls KFC P1430246-52SC
Smiths Falls KFC P1430246-52BW SCOW #1 P1120187BW Clouded Worm Moon P1080405 Turtle Island In Misty Sunrise P1390184-90BW
Red Swing On A Big Old Tree P1070487 Snowscape P1060445 Trees In Winter Fog P1050914-6 Trees In Winter Fog P1050886
Red Channel Marker P1040773 Natural Ice Sculpture P1040480-2BW Wet Oak Leaf P1020702BW Fall Snowfall P1020446-8BW
Sumac Leaves DSCN32126-8BW Bales in Ground Fog P1340268BW Ebony & Ivories P1330739BW Still Life P1330723BW
Ground Fog DSCN31853BW Leaves DSCN30217 Footbridge Over The Tay DSCN29203-5 B&W Bale With Tree In Ground Fog P1320367-9BW
Sunstruck Black-eyed Susan DSCN28096 Old Barn Latch & Lock DSCN26687BW Heron On Dead Wood DSCN26330BW Merrickville Lock 22 (DSCN25759BW)
Narrows Lock Dock DSCN21090BW Mid-April Snow P1300340 Mid-April Snow P1300329-31 Foggy Winter Morning P1290512
Three Pines In Snowstorm DSCN19061-3 Pines & Picnic Table In Snow DSCN18743-5 Stewart Park In Winter DSCN18737-9 B&W January Thaw DSCN18671
Peace Tower Clock At Twilight P1290008-10 Crop Winter Farmscape P1280794-6 Abandoned Apartment Building 48924-9 Autumn Leaves P1270503-5 'Art' B&W
Edmonds Lockstation At Sunrise DSCN16923-5 B&W Old Log House Pitcher & Wash Basin P1270044-50 Aged Old Log Barn P1260965-7 Aged Old Log House Shed 1260959-61 (fauxIR)
Old Log House Outbuildings P1260956-8 Sunrays Over Pouch Cove P1240436-8 Winchester Cathedral Door BW England Big Ben & Bridge BW
San Blas Kuna Girl BW Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230955BW Sunday Sunrise Fishing P1230950-2BW Two Bales At Sunrise P1220783-89v2
Curved Staircase DSCN13167 Curved Staircase DSCN13140 Soy Bean Field P1220571-3BW Docked In Night Fog P1210628-30
Foggy Night At The Canal Basin P1210627 Niagara Falls P1200538-40BW Niagara Falls P1200462 Foggy Loweer Reach DSCN06450
Under The Beckwith Street Canal Bridge P1190531-3BW VIA Rail Station In Fog P1190510 The Old Post Office Building On A Foggy Night P1190504-6BW Kilmarnock Lockstation DSCN04247
Two Trees In Fog Full Of Blackbirds DSCN04034 Wonky Dock & Grass In Fog DSCN03986 Barns In Spring Snowfall DSCN03756 Tree Row Sunrise Shadows P1180150-6BW
Barn In Winter P1170766-8 Art Snowy Shoreline Rocks P1250197-9bw Lone Tree In Foggy Park P1170514 Ice-Coated Branches P1170413
Winterscape P1250164 Autumnscape P1140314-6 Autumn Tree Faux IR P1140268 Leaking Lock P1130136
Misty Lower Rideau Lake At Sunrise P1120717-23 Tall Ships Festival 2016 (P1120500BW) Farm & Fog P1110764-8 Garden Bench DSCF21545-7
Air Filter DSCF14549-51 Lower Reach Path DSCF12842-7 Blue Boat, Red Chair DSCF11334-6 White Rose P1050460
Wolford Chapel P1040513-7 Foggy Sun P1040498-502 Abstract P1040457 Chilled Grill P1040413-8
Spring Wonderland DSCF6592 Barns In Spring Wonderland DSCF6589 Trees In Fog P1030443-5 Snowy Leaning Tree P1010314-6
Snowy Gallipeau Centre Driveway P1010308-10 Pedestrian Underpass P1000827-9BW Backups P1000578-80 Old & Older Barns In Winter P1230783-5
Arches P1230657 Barn Window P1230079-81BW Canalside House At First Light P1220896-901 On The Side Of 'Time' DSCF5466B&W
Frosty Chain P1210407-9 First Frost DSCF5092-3BW Harvest Moon Eclipse DSCF4849 Moon In Clouds DSCF4546v2
Evening Sunrays DSCF20944-6BW Rainbow Bridge DSCF20502BW Garden Gnome P1130445-7 Canadian Spring 20150321
Winter Lone Tree DSCF0613 Rideau Canal Snowfall DSCF00526 Dawn Beside The Combined Lock P1060228-30BW Railroad Bridge 20150124
Winter Farmscape 20141219 Chambers Street Subway 20141209 Complements To The Colors P1020656BW Old Wood DSCF00137
Autumn Victoria Park P1010837-9BW Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs P1010627-30BW Waning Gibbous Moon 94.2% P1000763 Fridge Handles DSCF18374
Slowly Sinking Into The Swale DSCF18218 Basement Stairs P1080910 Spare Room Corner P1080685-7 Facing The Bush 20140731
Bales In Misty Sunrise (Pencil) P1070095-7 Art Sunrise Fishing P1050978 Art Hard-boiled DSCF16289 Sunless Shades P1040628-30BW
Glass Iris Blooming P1010121 Clean P1010006 Rustic Building At Sunrise 42884 B&W Winter Barn 20131231
Freezing Irish Creek DSCF12262 Watch Your Step 40141 Gordon the Grey 38321 Mirkwood DSCF10522
On My Plate DSCF09872-6 Prow Reflected DSCF08450 Sprung 20130801 Abstract 20130313
Frozen Lake Ontario 34049,51bw Have A Seat 20130306 'Adam & Eve' 20130305 Lone Winter Tree 33950
Snowscape 33927-8 Snowscape 33925 Snowy Fence & Pines 33913 Fog In The Park 33808-9
Barn In Snowstorm DSCF04483 Foggy Winter Night 33254,59-64B Winter Shed 33228-9 Marlborough Forest Snowscape 33226
Cornered 20130116 Winter Graveyard 32422 Winter Barnyard 32406 Winter Barn 32397
Winter Tree 32379 Snowscape 32283-4 Frank Clair Stadium 31926 Frosty Wonky Dock 30742-3
Buddha 30600 Nymph 20121111 Morning Mist 29203 Fifty Shades Of Gull 20120926
Tulip Leaves DSCF04147 B&W Log Cabin In Winter 21955 Tracks On Frozen Farren Lake 20120226 Late February Snowfall 20120224
Three Pines 20120215 Buried Bench DSCF3991 Two Trees DSCF3989 Multi-Barns DSCF03980BW
Soccer, Anyone? 21298 Pine Against Poplars 20120222 Out-standing In Its Field 20120102 Barns In Snowfall 20111228
Hotel Rideau DSCF3539 Natural Abstract 20111201 Dawn Mist 20110922 Lone Tree 14498BW
Chair In Ivy DSCF02111BW Lock Steps 12208BW Outstanding In Its Field 20110529 Leftover Leaf DSCF01291bw
First Day Of Spring 20110321 Self-Portrait 2011 (06625v2) Anchor Streetlighting 06049-60 Canal Light In Fog 05306-7
Snowed-in Dock Cleat 05148-9 Rideau Canal In Snowfall 04658 Canal Lights On A Foggy Night 01720-2BW Water Tower In A Fog 00204-6
Tree Shadows 20762-4 B&W Cemetery Of Crosses 20562 Tiny Island In Mist 20100804 Wild Rose 20100529
Chair Back 20100412 Thawing Mississippi River 14822-3BW Split Rail Snowscape 14269 Split Rail Snowscape 14261
Snowstorm Snowscape 20100226 Self-Portrait Of Sorts 13477-9 'Frosty' 12843 Mostly Frozen Mississippi 12764-5
Snowscape 12734 Log Barn In Snow 20100102 Snowy Picnic Table 11850BW Snowy Old Fence 11565
Fence In First Snow 20091106 Retreating Geese 20091105 Bleached Tree Bones 20090702 Bodacious Beard 00280 (B&W)
Chapel Candles 43728-31 B&W Presley Porch Swing 20081109 Autumn Tobacco Barn 24795 (faux IR) Autumn Tobacco Barn 24793 (faux IR)
Barn & Pond 149346 (faux IR) Canal & Arboretum 13134 (faux IR) Saguaro Cactus 75567 Mountain Layers 74246BW
Old Gnarly Tree 71573v2BW Paul's Creek 9222BW Calla Lily 59744BW Leatherlips Sculpture 59282
Ghost Tree 55627BW Abandoned Farmhouse 52740bw Dawn Takeoff 40467 Sunstruck Ripples
Morning Fog 40354 Morning Fog 40353 An Appreciation of Clouds 20060627 Candle in the Window BW
White Sands 32293B&W White Sands 32230BW White Sands 32224 Dune Shadow 31889BW
Tombstone 31036 Mescal Hanging Tree 30943B&W Yosemite Valley 22919BW Anonymous in Death
Age Spots 14754 Two Loons on Kennedy Bay Waiting Room 7721BW Blind Abstract
Tree Outcrop 2511 (faux IR) Sharon Woods Bridge 2245BW Handrailing [B&W] Niagara Falls 2767BW
San Blas Pipe Smoking Kuna Woman 2407v2BW Medieval Window DSCN0428 Sunrise Mist On The Basin P1070311-7 Clouded Sun DSCN20989-94
Morris Island Trail 62251 (faux IR) Swamp Scene 56967 (faux IR)