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My Best Birds

The photos below are some of my bird photos that I particularly like for one reason or another and are duplicated here from my other bird galleries.

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Cedar Waxwing Dining On Tree Buds DSCN94456 Mallard Family Swimming In Foam DSCN131265 Tree Swallow Taking Flight DSCN94477 Osprey With A Big Catch DSCN104535
Bald Eagle Taking Flight DSCN47017 Goose Breath DSCN71734 Gosling Sibling Dispute DSCN57797 Laughing Heron DSCN62300
Roseate Spoonbill 20070128 Whooping Cranes In Flight 20070208 FEED ME!!! 20070612 Bald Eagle
Two Red-Bellied Woodpeckers 20070329 Red Heron 20070109 Nesting Hummingbird 20080229 Hummingbird At A Fairy Duster 20080320
Mockingbird In Flight 24927 Taking Terns On The Beach 20061208 Mirror Mirror On The Water 20070807 Ferruginous Hawk Closeup 20071126
Robin In A Pine Tree 20070301 Egret In A Pond 52954 Taking The Plunge 20081222 Cardinal Closeup 77310
Little Bay Dawn 20070218 Drying Its Wings 20060812 Hawk On A Post 20070120 Heron in Flight 4769
White Sands Bird 32297 Two Egrets in Predawn 4516 Hey! You! Get Off Of My Raft!!!  20070812 From One Log To Another 57033
Lorikeet 20070421 Hummingbird 20071204 Cactus Wren 20071130 Happy Pelican 36768
Geese Flying By Setting Moon 20100726 Ibises Flying Over The Setting Moon 20081212 Young Sandhill Crane2 Two Redpolls DSCF00022
Pyrrhuloxia 86064 Osprey Eyes 58001 Dawn Takeoff 20060823 Aspen's Head 3506
Pheasant 20071117 Osprey Eating A Fish... 58123 Craning Their Necks 73806 Feeding Frenzy Winner 50982
Pigeon Portrait 48558 (crop) Cactus Wren Singing 20051226 Harris's Hawk Closeup 20080219 Sparrow In Autumn Color 20091017
Goose & Gosling 20110512 Osprey & Crow 20070317 Sandhill Cranes 73133 Anhinga Drying Its Wings 8886
Pelican Eye 20061212 Killdeer Chick 49861 Heron On A Log 20080911 Wood Duck On The Edge 20100506
Loon In Sunset Reflection 20100625 Goslings In The Grass 20080528 Doing The Pelican Stomp 20061210 Mama Mallard 20080609
About To Go Off The Deep End 20080617 Song Sparrow Singing 48418 Stretching Its Wings 20100716 Hey! Is That A Nikon? 83964
Verdin 20080126 Macaw Closeup2 Wood Duck 46782 Ruffled Feathers 50522
Great Egret At Sunrise 20081204 Woodpecker On A Cactus 75955 Nuthatch With A Leaf 20220 The Egret Is Landing 20081126
Tree Swallows & Their Bird Box 20080702 Osprey With Catch 34048 Spoonbill In Flight 20090323 Pelican Closeup 44957
Turkey On The Table 6482 It was THIS big! [73803] Frisky Swallows 20100512 Great Horned Owl Closeup 75080
Pileated Woodpecker 20080531 Egret In Flight 20081117 Heron Face 44927 Anhinga In A Dead Tree 58185
Swallow Taking Flight 20110506 Grebe Among Lily Pads 23169 Waxwing On The Wing 20110124 Tri-color Heron Landing 20070117
Grackle At Dawn 27776 Cormorant In Flight 20080910 Parting Shot 20081217 Two Redpolls 20110303
Gull Closeup 20100508 Attempted Steal 54732 Woodpecker Taking Flight 26412 Lucy! I'm Home 26686
Red-winged Blackbird Foggy Breath DSCN03612 Dawn Heron In Flight 20080812 Five Geese Aswimming 20140806 Swamp Sparrow 20080907
Worth Two In The Bush 20090925 Dawn Takeoff 20090908 Dawn Heron In Flight 20090815 Woodpecker In The Bush 26401
Sandhill Cranes Taking Flight 20070223 Leaving Its Post 26669 Heron Yawn 20090322 Ducks In Flight Silhouettes 20110422
Reddish Egret Downs Lunch 54738 Egret In Flight 20110824 Barn Owl 74693 Flying Over The Moon 20130330
Brown Creeper Closeup DSCF01277 Pigeon-toed 26136 Heron Beside Boathouse 20111003 Wood Stork In Flight 20070306
Woodpecker In Flight 20150322 American Tree Sparrow 26278 Curve-billed Thrasher On A Saguaro 83236 Geese Dawn Takeoff 20090817
Goose Head 25943 Duck In Flight 20130406 Barn Owl With Lunch 20080306 American Goldfinch 89265
Goose In Flight 20090901 Hairy Woodpecker Portrait 26354 Pelican Eye 42018 Wild Turkey 33063
Getting The Grackle Evil Eye DSCN11746 Lovebird Swallows 20090326 Long-Billed Curlew 50264 Tern Hovering 34263
Bringing Home The Fish 20110403 Bird in the Bush Nuthatch With A Seed 52070 Jumping For Joy... (20080226)
Parrot Closeup 85024 Bufflehead Poised For A Dive 26249 Egret & Heron In Flight 26214 Great Blue Heron DSCN10232
Hummingbird 76634 Cactus Wren Closeup 75727 Loon At Sunset 24574 Gilded Flicker Closeup 86782
Looking For Breakfast 20090112 Roseate Spoonbill Head (Crop) 50910 Hummingbird 86985 Landing On River Grass 06094
Turkey In Flight 20101120 Cardinal 77284 Swamp Sparrow 51190 Cardinal Attacking Its Reflection 39307
Heron In The Harbor 20090114 Waxwing With Mayfly DSCN29680 Heron In Foggy Flight 20120610 Red-breasted Nuthatch 52386
Killdeer In Flight 20090321 Two Coots In Foggy Sunrise Excitable Duck 20080614 Bird Taking Flight From A Cactus 84999
Wild Turkey 33052 Peacock Portrait 50021 Sandra & Nuthatch 10085 Gull In Flight 12521
Eastern Phoebe 40664 Terned Head 41480 Duck In Snow 20120201 Home Sweet Saguaro 86559
Common Mergansers Taking Flight 20101129 Brown Pelican Landing 30376 Hooded Merganser In Flight 35292 (crop) Starling In A Vent 52910
Bird In The Hand 52779 Leaving Home 84864 Barn Owl 74697 Downy Woodpecker P1110700
Robin On A Picnic Table 00149 Why Don't We Do It In The Road 10154 Heron In Flight 20110909 Stretching Swan DSCF0564-2
Three Geese P1010440 Bluebird Landing On Mirror 24962 Look Out Below! 53723 Ring-necked Ducks 24679A
White Pelican In Flight 35579 Heron Head 36024 Gull Overhead 25097 Swans In Flight 21980
Ruffled Grackle 26877 Two Swans Aswimming DSCF10151 Sandhill Cranes Landing 35609 There's Always One 20120531
Geese In Dawn Flight 50458 Osprey Nest Material 24925 Barn Owl Portrait 75684 Gull In Flight DSCF00764
Heron Head 20110929 Hermit Thrush 39407 Red-winged Blackbird 53287 Heron In Foggy Flight 24427
Getting The Osprey Evil Eye DSCN04470 Cormorant In Flight 19667 Pileated Woodpecker P1140889 Swans In Flight 21981
Canada Goose In Flight 26195 Cross Crow 20140622 Duck In Flight 34089 Heron Posing For Man With Smartphone DSCN30297
Gaggle Of Geese 20120718 My Fly's Open! 28289 Heron In Foggy Flight 24432 Flicker Tail Underside DSCN24080
Mute Swan Portrait 20121015 We Have Liftoff 26731 Ducky Dozen 23984 Osprey vs Great Blue Heron DSCN39094
Swans In Flight P1180715 Swans Seeing Eye To Eye DSCN03542 Biting Off More Than It Can Chew 20140715 Pole Position 26782
Osprey Feeding Chick DSCN22346 Domestic Dispute DSCF8475 Heron Taking Flight 24426 Home Delivery DSCF12115
Heron With A Catch DSCN37721 (Crop) Swans At Sunrise DSCN11517 Moon With Geese In Flight At Sunrise P1080594.6 Loon Chicks Hitching A Ride DSCF14144
Hunkered Heron Out In The Canal DSCN28858 House Sparrow Stare Down DSCN39660 (crop) Eagle On Ice DSCN07011 Three Mouths To Feed 48502.17
Mute Swans In Flight At Sunrise P1080674 Juvenile Trumpeter Swan Spreading Its Wings DSCN04564 Robin Stare Down DSCN00705 Swallow Photobomb DSCF8849
Loon Posed To Dive DSCN24199 Heron Warning Off Osprey DSCN38815 Swallow Taking Flight P1130001-02 Churlish Chickadee DSCN34612
Great Big Heron Yawn DSCN35855 Swan Landing Gear Down DSCN04745 Great Blue Heron At Night P1610205 Pigeon Landing P1040401
Swan Taking Flight DSCF6021 Gull On Ice With Sunfish DSCN32839 Male Bufflehead At Sunrise DSCN11084 Red-winged Blackbird Atop A Pole DSCN05933
Eagle In A Tree DSCF5957 Red-winged Blackbird Calling DSCF6224 Skein of Geese Over Rising Beaver Full Moon P1570589 Heron On A Light Standard DSCN01887
Duck Taking Flight In Sunrise Mist P1130303 Nuthatch With A Morsel DSCN00324 Osprey Composite DSCN20935-43 Goose Taking Flight S0186829
Angry Swallow P1110723 Duck Chowing Down DSCF14757 Kingfisher On A Wire DSCN21400 Second Time Around DSCF4349
Starling In A Tree P1110333 Osprey Portrait DSCN00736-7 Pied-billed Grebe With Catch DSCN14474 Goose On Ice Inspecting A Crayfish DSCN06226 (crop)
Osprey Profile P1100120 Crossed Swan Bills DSCN17125 Happy Swan DSCN31202 Gull With A Crayfish DSCN37309
Duck Twerking On A Dock DSCN23413 Dragonfly Slayer DSCN24457 Gull With A Bite Of Breakfast P1040412 Heron With A Catch Reflected DSCN63143
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