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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Autumn 2022 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Autumn 2022

Since autumn colors began appearing this year here in Eastern Ontario, Canada shortly before the
start of the more common astronomical autumn that started on 22 September 2022, photos in this gallery were
taken during meteorological Autumn 2022, which started on 1 September and ends 30 November.

Lower Reach Sunset 90D45306 Disappearing Sunrise 90D45283 Westbound Freight Train In Red Dawn 90D45181 2022 CP Holiday Train Departing At Dawn 90D45156
Three Trains In The Rail Yard 90D45005 2022 CP Holiday Train Arriving Smiths Falls 90D44718 2022 CP Holiday Train At The Chambers Street Subway 90D44695-9 2022 CP Holiday Train Arriving Smiths Falls 90D44641
Fallen Autumn Leaves DSCN116527 Turtle Island At Night 90D44630-4 Seven Swans a-Swimming DSCN116330 Juvenile Trumpeter Swan Swimming Past Old Tree Roots DSCN116279BW
2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Sunrise 90D44480-4 Old Barn At Sunrise 90D44316-20 2022-23 Celebration of Lights At Dawn 90D44251 Christmas Lights 90D44151-5
Disappearing Sunrise DSCN116146 Dripping Trumpeter Swan Close Up DSCN116096 Crescent Moon Beyond Departing VIA Rail Train 41 (90D43957) Clouded Sun 90D43859-63
Frosty Trees At Sunrise 90D43682-6 Frosty Plant 90D43658 Mute Swan In Flight DSCN115868 Mute Swan In Flight DSCN115867
Five Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN115855 Five Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN115854 Sunrise Beyond Barn In Autumn Snow 90D43473-7 Night Snow On Russell Street 90D43062-6
Male House Finch DSCN115538 Waning Gibbous Moon 68% Illuminated DSCN11544-31 White-breasted Nuthatch With Morsel DSCN115372 White-breasted Nuthatch With Morsel DSCN115369
Four Trumpeter Swans In Flight DSCN115333 Blue Jay On Rotting Wood DSCN115280 Remembrance Day 2022 (DSCN115243) Rail Yard At Sunrise 90D42727-31
Sunrise Beyond Bare Trees 90D42707-11 Misty Irish Creek Sunrise Reflected 90D42532-6 Goose Flotilla In Dawn Mist 90D42447 20221108 Lunar Eclipse Beyond the Swale At Dawn 90D42360
20221108 Total Lunar Eclipse At Dawn 90D42312 20221108 Total Lunar Eclipse - Start to End Trumpeter Swan Kerfuffle & Cheering Section DSCN115064 VIA Rail Trains Coming & Going DSCN115013
Trumpeter Swan Family DSCN114988 Red Dragonfly On A Rock DSCN114817 (Crop2-4X) Eight Trumpeter Swans In Flight At Sunrise 90D42147 Foggy Lower Reach Sunrise DSCN114805-7
Foggy Lower Reach At Sunrise DSCN114739 Rail Yard In Night Fog 90D41873-7 Meteor Over The Rideau Canal On A Foggy Night 90D41866 Three Geese Swimming In Fog DSCN114712
Misty Gemmells Point at Sunrise 90D41627-31 Misty Gemmells Point at Sunrise DSCN114670 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog 90D41564-8 CP 6644 D-Day Remembrance Locomotive 90D41359-63
CP 6644 D-Day Remembrance Locomotive 90D41322 CP 6644 D-Day Remembrance Locomotive 90D41281 Two Trumpeter Swans Swimming 90D41188 Drained Victoria Basin At Night 90D41073-7
Rideau Canal Red Sky In The Morning 90D40942-6 Red Sky Beyond Barn 90D40887-91 Fog Beyond Ducks & Geese On The Rideau Canal 90D40793 Morning Fog Beyond Lone Leaning Tree_90D40781 (BW)
Morning Fog Beyond Lone Leaning Tree 90D40781 Foggy Sunrise At Old Slys Locks 90D40638-42 Kilmarnock Lock Swing Bridge In Fog 90D40603 Hunter Sailing Into Fog 90D40588
Fog Advancing On The Sun 90D40448-52 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D40441 Serious Mist On The Water At Sunrise 90D40146-50 Solar Pillar Beyond Misty Otter Creek At Sunrise 90D40046-50
Centennial Park From Victoria Park At Night 90D40016-20 Duck Island Footbridge In Autumn DSCN114490-2 Riveting Graffiti DSCN114448-50 (BW) Riveting Graffiti DSCN114448-50
Autumn Rideau Canal DSCN114364-6 Autumn Duck Island At Night 90D39699-04 Turtle Island At Night 90D39674-8 Westbound Freight Train On A Foggy Night 90D39570
Early Morning Commuter 90D39466 Early Morning Commuter 90D39466 (SC) Autumn Victoria Basin At Night 90D39379-82 Duck Island Footbridge In Autumn DSCN114178
Female Downy Woodpecker DSCN114140 Messy Mouth Dark-eyed Junco In Golden Light DSCN113998 Hunter's Waning Crescent Moon DSCN113965 Autumn Tree Abstract DSCN113871
Crescent Moon Beyond The Rideau Canal At Dawn DSCN113827-9 Halloween Lights 90D39103-7 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D39026 Autumn Precipitation Beyond The Swale DSCN113760
Abstract Close-up DSCN113659 Clouded Sunrise Sunrays 90D38983-7 Skein Of Geese Over Crane At Sunrise 90D38876 Misty Autumn Rideau Canal 90D38688
Lone Tree At Sunrise 90D38664 Island In Mist Reflected 90D38647 Le Boat Fleet Queue At Night 90D38632-6 Le Boat Fleet Queue At Dusk 90D38541-50
Le Boats Heading For Winter Storage DSCN113428 Autumn Back Road DSCN113378 Clouded Sunrise Beyond The Rideau Canal 90D38398.03 Autumn Le Boats At Night 90D38351-5
Asian Lady Beetle Among Cosmos Flower Buds DSCN112918 Autumn Barn At Sunrise 90D38346-50 Sunrise Sunrays Beyond Distant Rideau Canal 90D38331-5 Paving Beckwith Street DSCN113144
Wet Fallen Fall Leaves DSCN112933 Autumn Le Boats At First Light 90D38205-9 Asian Lady Beetle On A Budding Cosmos DSCN112918 Autumnscape Beyond Bare Trees DSCN112903
Autumn Shed 90D38150 Sunrise Beyond Ground Fog & Distant Rideau Canal 90D38130-4 Le Boat 2022 Canadian Fleet DSCN112888 Le Boat 2022 Canadian Fleet DSCN112828.31
Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D37975-9 Autumn Boat At Sunrise 90D37827 Hunter's Moon Setting Beyond Autumnscape 90D37809-13 Passenger & Freight Trains At Dawn 90D37649
Jupiter & Three Jovian Moons DSCN112631 Eight Wood Ducks DSCN112584 Rail Yard Pedestrian Underpass 90D37434-9 Autumnscape DSCN112548
Three Wood Ducks On A Wetland Mound DSCN112506 Clouded Moon Beyond The Swale At Night 90D37328 Autumnscape DSCN112266 Autumnscape DSCN112231
Autumnscape DSCN112151 Autumnscape DSCN112134 Contrails DSCN112110 White-throated Sparrow Among Grapes DSCN112099
Wood Duck Couple Reflected DSCN112052 Autumn Trees DSCN112021 Windowsill Still Life (PhoneXR1021) Misty Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 90D37201-5
Fog & Mist Beyond Lone Tree 90D37005-9 Fog Beyond Misty Irish Creek At Sunrise 90D36900-4 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound Thru Dawn Mist 90D36862 Autumn Misty Kilmarnock Rideau Canal Cut At Sunrise 90D36823
20221002 Aurora 90D36703 20221002-Aurora 90D36687-9 Peregrine Falcon Spreading Its Wings DSCN111806 Wet Mink With Catch DSCN111785
Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D36653-7. Solar Powered Mushroom Lights 60D49709 Back On Beckwith - Hornettes 90D36559 Back On Beckwith - Hornettes 90D36504
Fly Close-up DSCN111769.74 Gemmells Point In Clouded Misty Sunrise 90D36403-7 Hunters In Boat At First Light 90D36323 Shopper's Drug Mart Mural DSCN111646
Morning Fog Beyond Rideau Canal DSCN111637 Foxy Fotographer On The Duck Island Footbridge On A Foggy Morning DSCN111589 The 6:22 VIA Rail Train 41 Torontobound At Dawn 90D36205 Tower Crane Lights At First Light 90D36179-83
Three Trumpeter Swans In The Swale DSCN111439 Ominous Clouds Over The Swale DSCN111340 Wet Patio Tabletop Close-up DSCN111339 Great Blue Heron In The Old Mill Channel DSCN111325
Swamp Sparrow DSCN111271 Missing Right Side Door Casing DSCN111264 White-crowned Sparrow DSCN111227 Hunters In The Swale DSCN111130
Tower Crane Lights 90D35920-4 Two Trumpeter Swans In Wetland DSCN111092 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Rideau Canal 90D35905-9 Two Geese Flying Toward Waning Crescent Moon 90D35853
Waning Crescent Moon DSCN110955 Autumn Tree DSCN110941 Fall Foliage DSCN110910 Bug On A Wet Autumn Leaf DSCN110616
Fog Beyond The Swale DSCN110580 Red Berries & Leaves DSCN110567 Goldfinch Dining On Weed Seed DSCN110353 First Autumn Tree DSCN107603
Happy American Thanksgiving 90D21604 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving 90D21604