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Gordon W | profile | all galleries >> After the Odyssey Galleries >> Autumn 2021 tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Autumn 2021

Since autumn colors began appearing this year here in Eastern Ontario, Canada a few weeks before the
the start of the more common astronomical autumn on 22 September 2021, photos in this gallery were
taken during meteorological Autumn 2021, which started on 1 September and ends 30 November.

Snow Shower At Sunrise 90D10444 Male Wood Duck DSCN86555 Wood Duck Swimming With Head On The Water DSCN86516 2021 Celebration Of Lights 90D10284
CP 8928 On A Foggy Night 90D10212-6 2021 Celebration Of Lights 90D10141 2021 Celebration Of Lights 90D10136 Female Hooded Merganser Rising Up DSCN86415
Gull Spreading Its Wings-Reflected DSCN86369 Gulls On Ice At Sunrise DSCN86304 Autumn Park Lamp DSCN86250 Hardy Park Autumn Shoreline DSCN86175
Ring-billed Gull With A Catch DSCN86150 (crop) Ring-billed Gull In Flight With A Catch DSCN86141 Ogdensburg-Prescott International Bridge DSCN86116 Farm At Sunrise DSCN86076
The Plane Flew Under The Moon DSCN86060 CP 118 With CP 9765 & CP 8891 At Smiths Falls 90D10020 Irish Creek Sunrise 90D09849-53 Beaver Full Moon After The Eclipse Setting Into Clouds DSCN85970
20211119 Partial Lunar Eclipse @ 4:06 (90D09814) 20211119 Partial Lunar Eclipse @ 3:43 (DSCN85932) 20211119 Partial Lunar Eclipse Through Clouds (90D09689-93) 20211119 Partial Lunar Eclipse @ 2:30 (DSCN85901)
Fallen Late Autumn Leaves DSCN85860BW Fallen Late Autumn Leaves DSCN85860 Fallen Late Autumn Leaves DSCN85860 (art1) Female Hooded Merganser Stretching DSCN85829
Autumn Sunrise 90D09638 Bald Eagle Taking A Bow DSCN85726 Bald Eagle Profile DSCN85719 Bald Eagle Perched Atop A Tree DSCN85703
Beckwith Street Bridge On A Snowy Night 90D09538-42 First Autumn Snow 90D09536 First Autumn Snow 90D09508-12 Two Distant Bales At Sunrise DSCN85512
Pied-Billed Grebe DSCN85469 Interesting Sky Over The Swale DSCN85436 Leopard Frog On A Fallen Leaf DSCN85402 Female Ring-necked Duck Stretching DSCN85349
Moon & Jupiter Through Hazy Cloud Cover 90D09348-52 Geese Flying Over Autumn Tree DSCN85300 Cenotaph On Remembrance Day At Dawn 90D09293 Female Ring-necked Duck Reflected DSCN85215
Cloud Mountain Sunrise 90D09278-82v2 Autumn Sunrise 90D09191-5 Tree Fungus Closeup DSCN85160 Two Female Hooded Mergansers DSCN85091
Rideau Canal In Foggy Sunrise 90D09086-90 Male Hooded Merganser DSCN75984 Mute Swan Couple DSCN75959 Autumn Kilmarnock Lock Panorama 90D09058
Looming Autumn Cloud At Sunrise 90D08981-5 Frosty Autumn Leeaves DSCN75875 'Art' Frost DSCN75846 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise DSCN75835
Frosty Autumn Sunrise DSCN75822 20211104 Northern Lights & Airplane Lights 90D08932 20211104 Clouded Aurora 90D08919 20211104 Clouded Aurora Beyond Cornfield 90D08898
20211104 Aurora 90D08885 20211104 Aurora 90D08868 First Autumn Ice DSCN75773 Autumn Sunrise 90D08783-7
Lower Reach Panorama At Sunrise DSCN75659 Lanark Anglican Church DSCN75644-6 Autumn Tamaracks DSCN75611 Waning Hunter's Crescent Moon DSCN75524
CP 118 with CP 8761 Leading, NS 1144 Behind (90D08752) Dwarf Railway Signals 90D08608-12 Old Post Office On A Foggy Night 90D08588-92 Westbound Train With 3 Locomotives 90D08522
Pepper Squash Topside DSCN75437 Autumn Victoria Basin DSCN75425 Sandra Running In Autumn DSCN75423 The 12:35 VIA Rail Torontobound DSCN75387
Autumn Bascule Bridge DSCN75368 Dewdrops On A Autumn Leaf DSCN75354 Foggy Misty Rideau Canal 90D08387 Autumn Birch & Pampas Grass 90D08339
Autumn Birch & Pampas Grass 90D08339 (100% view crop) Two Purple Flowers DSCN75282 Autumn Cataraqui Trail DSCN75260 Autumn Green DSCN75248
Autumn Red Trees Backlit By Rising Sun DSCN75221 Three Trumpeter Swans In Golden Hour Flight DSCN75213 Autumn Laneway DSCN75178 Grungy Autumn Leaf DSCN75143
Rideau Canal Autumnscape 90D08269 Turtle Island At Sunrise 90D08242-6 Victoria Basin Sunrise 90D08212-6 Eastbound Train At Night 90D08089
Eastbound CP 8830 At Night 90D08056-60 Cormorant Taking Flight & Landing DSCN75125-6 Cormorant Near Birch Tree DSCN75117 Interesting Sky Over The Swale DSCN75070
Waning Gibbous Hunter's Moon DSCN75062 Four Juvenile Trumpeter Swans On A Muskrat Lodge DSCN74955 Sunrise Clouds Over Autumn Ground Fog 90D07936 Hunter's Moon Over Ground Fog 90D07911-5
Blue Jay & Sunflower Seed DSCN74896 Blue Jay On A Chain Link Fence DSCN74867 Blue Jay & Sunflower Seed DSCN74792 Autumn Trees At Sunrise 90D07906-10
Irish Creek Sunrise 90D07901-5 Former RV Park DSCN74714 Autumn Rideau Canal At Sunset 90D07891-5 Rideau Canal At Sunset 90D07841-5
Blue Jay With Sunflower Seeds DSCN74694 Lone Cloud At Sunrise 90D07761-5 'Art' Autumn Wolford Chapel 90D07751-5 Pink Edged White Cosmos DSCN74625
Clouded Sun DSCN74553 Smiley Face DSCN74449BW Smiley Face DSCN74449 Airborne Le Boat DSCN74375
Autumn Sunrise 90D07592-6 Autumn Park Lamp At Night 90D07522-30 Le Boat Queue At Night 90D07511-5 Clouded Moon Beyond Autumn Tree 90D07496-0
Le Boat Queue At Dusk 90D07486-90 Le Boat Queue Panorama DSCN74205.8 Crow Flying Over Barn In Ground Fog At Sunrise 0D07466-70 Two Docked Boats At Sunrise 90D07411-5
20211011-12 Clouded Aurora 90D07347 Two Mute Swans DSCN74156 Autumn Barn At Sunrise 90D07323 Barn In Autumn Sunrise 90D07298-02
Autumn Backroad DSCN74082 Birches Beyond Autumn Red Tree DSCN74037 Happy Canadian Thanksgiving DSCN74022 'Art Autumn Sumac DSCN73959
Fog Beyond Lone Autumn Tree 90D07119 Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D07084-8 Autumn Split Rail Fence 90D07029 Birches On A Foggy Autumn Morning 90D07027
Misty Autumn Otter Lake At Sunrise 90D06995 CP 113 Leading Locomotives With Fog Moving In 90D06865-8 CP 113 Stopped For A Crew Change 90D06835-9 Clouded Sunrise Beyond Distant Rideau Canal DSCN73865-7
Lower Reach At Dawn 90D06715-9 Bridge Shadow In Mist DSCN73859-61 Barn In Sunrise Fog 90D06670 Sun Through Fog DSCN73805
Distant Horses In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D06628 Autumn Trees At Night 90D06505-9 Preening Cormorant DSCN73782 Three Otters Swimming Away DSCN73761
Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D06470-4 Foggy Swale Boathouses DSCN73710 'Art' Wildlife In The Rail Yard DSCN73619 White-crowned Sparrow DSCN73597
Messy Mouth White-crowned Sparrow DSCN73577 Grasshopper On A Pink Flower DSCN73542A Domestic Turkeys DSCN73507 Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D06420
Natural Abstract DSCN73408BW Band Of Bare Trees DSCN73369 Backlit Mottled Autumn Maple Leaf DSCN73354 Goose Taking Flight DSCN73339
Clouds At Sunrise 90D06325-9 Irish Creek At Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D06280-4 Cormorant Closeup DSCN73303 Peregrine Falcon On A Railing With A Catch DSCN73271
Peregrine Portrait DSCN73271 Rideau Canal Clouded Sunrise 90D06220 Blue Jay Beneath A Drooping Sunflower DSCN73181 Clouded Sunrise 90D06205-9
Early Fall Foliage DSCN73121 Skein Of Geese 90D06173 Skein Of Geese At Sunrise 90D06173 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 90D06154
Here Comes The Sun Beyond Ground Fog 90D06104-8 Old Slys Fog 90D06019-3 Swan Neck Gourd DSCN72988 Early Autumn Color DSCN72774
Wood Duck Couple DSCN72760 Ring-billed Gull In Flight DSCN72694 Red Sky In The Morning Over Turtle Island 90D05964.9 Harvest Moon Beyond Contrail DSCN72671
Dawn Cloud 90D05844.8 Yellow-rumped Warbler Going For A Grape DSCN72532 (crop) Misty Rideau Canal In Foggy Sunrise 90D05806 Harvest Full Moon Setting Into Fog 90D05675
Harvest Full Moon Setting Into Fog 90D05672 Harvest Moon-Rays 90D05643-7BW Harvest Moon Over Distant Fog 90D05613-7 Cormorant Coming Out Of The Water DSCN72391
Panting Heron DSCN72203 Early Fall Foliage DSCN72106 Rideau Canal Near Sunrise 90D05546-50 Rideau Canal At Night 90D05531
Irish Creek At Night 90D05494 Cedar Waxwing On A Dead Branch DSCN72035 Fogbow DSCN71954.7 Spotted Sandpiper Among Lily Pads DSCN71896
Sun Rising Through Fog 90D05476 Clouds At Sunrise Over Ground Fog 90D05367 Rideau Canal Sunset DSCN71848-50 Moon Shining Through Sunset Clouds DSCN71831
Interesting Sky Over Golden Field DSCN71821 Kingfisher & Fishing Floats On A Cable DSCN71800 Kingfisher On A Wind Sock DSCN71782 Goose Breath DSCN71734
Distant Mist At Sunrise 90D05235-9 Heron On A Retaining Wall DSCN71658 (art) Interesting Sky Over Lift Bridge DSCN71628 Red Dragonfly On A Leaf DSCN71618
Red Dragonfly On A Leaf DSCN71609 Heron In The Old Mill Channel DSCN71531 Sunrise Color Beyond Ground Fog 90D05215 Fishing At Sunrise 90D05155-9
Bullfrog On A Lily Pad DSCN71416 CP TEC Train Overnighting-Rear 90D05145-9 CP TEC Train Overnighting-Front 90D05140-4 CP TEC Train Overnighting-Rear 90D05135-9
Two Monarchs Mating DSCN71327 Monarch Among Black-eyed Susans DSCN71318 Monarch On A Purple Flower DSCN71302 Monarch On A Purple Flower DSCN71302 (crop)
Distant Fog Bank Beyond Gemmells Point DSCN71130 Two Trees In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D05055 Autumn Color DSCN70894 Green Heron On A Dead Limb DSCN70834
Green Heron In A Dead Tree DSCN70822 Wet Leaves DSCN70772 Water Droplets On A Yellow Flower DSCN70750-8 Water Droplets On A Yellow Flower DSCN70750-8 (crop)
Great Blue Heron In The Swale DSCN70700 Bumble Bee On A Thistle DSCN70502 Merlin On A Dead Limb DSCN70381 Northern Waterthrush DSCN70367
Sun Rising Over Ground Fog 90D04960-4 Sunrise Sunrays 90D04913 Moon Beyond Westbound CP 8710 At Dawn 90D04745 Belted Kingfisher On A Cable DSCN70235
Bumble Bee Sleeping Under Goldenrod DSCN70211 Great Blue Heron With A Catch DSCN70144 Monarch Butterfly On A Brown-eyed Susan Closeup DSCN70047 Great Blue Heron Landing DSCN69854
Cedar Waxwing On A Lichened Limb DSCN69750 Rideau Canal Sunrise 90D04505 Rising Sun Beyond Barn 90D04307-11 Leaning Barn Of Kilmarnock 28635
Sunrise Ground Fog 90D06069-3