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Autumn 2014

Photos taken during Autumn 2014, which officially started here in Eastern Ontario, Canada at 10:29 PM EDT
on 22 September, but to me autumn is when the foliage turns color and because of that, several photos here
were taken before the official start of the season. And by my definition, autumn ends either on the official day
of winter or when snow and ice arrive, whichever comes first.

Store Closing 20141130 CP Holiday Train 2014 At Dawn P1030514.17 CP Holiday Train 2014 At Sunrise 20141129 CP Holiday Train 2014 At Sunrise (P1030494-6)
CP Holiday Train 2014 At Dawn (P1030473-87) CP Holiday Train 2014 Arrival (P1030419) CP Holiday Train 2014 Arrival (P1030416) Sunrise Landscape 20141128
Circular Abstract 20141127 Middle Of The Road 20141126 The 6:22 To Toronto P1030219 Black-capped Chickadee 20141125
Wind Damaged Roof P1030202-4 Farmscape P1030161-3 House On A Corner P1030140 Foggy Confederation Park At Night P1030092.98.103
Turtle Island Dock Light On A Foggy Night 20141123 Santa Claus Parade 2014 (20141122) Santa Claus Parade 2014 (45024) Split-Rail Fence P1020724-6
Landscape At Sunrise P1020718-20 Irish Creek At Sunrise 20141114 Complements To The Colors P1020656 Complements To The Colors P1020656BW
Sunrise Solar Pillar 20141113 Rainy Night 20141112 Dark Canal Light DSCF00280 Canadian Shield Marsh DSCF00269-70
Rock Lake Road DSCF00266 House In The Shield P1020612-4 Sandra On The Shield DSCF00254 Autumn Landscape DSCF00213
Canadian Shield Landscape DSCF00180-1 Remembrance Day 2014 (P1020573-5) Rideau Canal At Dawn 20141110 Victoria Park At First Light 20141109
New Equine Pal At Sunrise P1020463-5 Sunrise Sunflare 20141108 Steaming Coffee P1020403 Lockmaster's Watch House 20141107
Lone Autumn Tree 20141106 Shoppe Window P1020350 Table Candle P1020339-41 Eastbound Freight P1020317
The 6:22 Train To Toronto 20141105 Old Wood DSCF00137 Autumn Reflected 20141104 Ladybug Closeup P1020178
Chickadee P1020169 Autumn Tree In Sunrise Glow P1020160 Barn At Sunrise P1020151-5 Two Barns At Sunrise 20141103
Main Street At Dawn 20141102 In The Bag P1020110 Sunrise Pines 20141101 Pink & Yellow Flower DSCF00063
White-breasted Nuthatch DSCF00060 Beaver Lodge DSCF00050 Frisky Squirrels DSCF00010 Equine Pals At Sunrise 20141031
Combined Lock At Night P1020036-7 Halloween Decorations P1020030-2 Gathering Of Migrating Geese At Sunrise P1010955 Gathering Of Migrating Geese At Sunrise 20141030
Autumn Victoria Park 20141029 Autumn Victoria Park P1010837-9BW Autumn Young Flower 20141028 Out On Bale P1010791
Asian Lady Beetle P1010757 Morning Commute 20141027 Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs 20141026 Beckwith Street Bridge North Stairs P1010627-30BW
Starry Night Sky P1010618-9 Starry Night Sky 20141025 Boathouses & Bridge At Night 20141024 Autumn Back Road P1010592
Autumn Landscape At Sunrise 20141023 Look Both Ways P1010580 Scherzer Rolling Lift Bridge At Night 20141022 Elderly Black-eyed Susan 20141021
Hard Boiled P1010500 Pumpkins In A Row P1110281 Cloud Arcs P1010486 Sign Of The Thymes P1010473-5
Autumn Bushes 20141020 Second Floor Door P1010428 Autumn Church Door P1010419 Canal Basin At Night 20141019
CN Engine 1112 At First Light (20141018) Autumn Tracks P1010359 Autumn Sumac 20141017 Wet Autumn Oak Leaves 20141016
Bright Night P1110237,40,41 Beckwith Street Bridge Underpass 20141015 Water Tower & Cenotaph P1010222-4 Autumn Back Road P1010219
Canalside Heron 20141014 Newboro Lake Sunrise P1010098-100 Farm In Sunrise Fog P1010083 Equine Pals At Sunrise P1010078-80
Equine Pals At Sunrise P1010075-7 Misty Rideau Canal Sunrise 20141013 Frost P1010052 Autumn Back Road P1010003
Autumn Back Road P1000979 St James Anglican Church P1000974-5 Jelly Beans P1000961 High Flying Geese P1000951
Fog At Sunrise P1000926 Misty Rideau Canal At Sunrise 20141012 Autumn Brassils Creek 20141011 Little Guttersnipe 20141010
Autumn Tree At Sunrise P1000799-801 Heritage House At Night P1000769-73 Waning Gibbous Moon 94.2% P1000763 Autumn Decaying Barn 20141009
Peek-a-Boo P1000678 Beneath The Beckwith Street Bridge P1000673-5 Beneath The Beckwith Street Bridge 20141008 Clouded Moonrise P1000623
Turtle Island At Night 20141007 Equine Sunrise 20141006 Bovine Breakfast P1000496 Little Autumn Barn 20140905
Lone Autumn Tree P1000472 Clock Tower In Sunrise Glow P1000451-3 Wet Oak Leaf P1000290-1 Crumbling Stairs 20141004
Beckwith Street Bridge P1000275-7 Panasonic Lumix FZ200 (P1110202) Tree In Clouded Sunrise P1000242 Rideau Canal Sunrise 20141003
Early Autumn Leaves P1110190 Foggy Autumn Canal 20141002 Blue Jay Stare Down P1000032 Sylvan Siren P1000027
Stumped Squirrel P1000016 Fallen 20141001 Turtle Island At Night 44953-5 Autumn Trees At Night 20140930
Confederation Drive 44931-4 Window Vase DSCF18620 Autumn Tree & Fence 20140929 Foggy Farm P1100997
Foggy Sunrise P1100986,8 Foggy Sunrise 20140928 Equine Pals At Sunrise P1100905 Sunrise Sunrays P1100804
Canal In Autumn Sunrise 20140927 Autumn Barn P1100698-700 Autumn Wetlands At Sunrise P20140926 Reflected Glass DSCF18616
Sunrise Sunrays P1100583-5 Misty Sunrise 20140925 Autumn Back Road P1100499-501 Autumn Marsh P1100418-20
Autumn Landscape DSCF18598-600 Canal Basin In Fog 20140924 Kawartha Voyageur At Night 44865-7 Golden Cornfield P1100400-2
Fall Fence 20140923 Lone Red Tree 20140921 Pumpkin P1100337 Pumpkin P1100337 Art
Autumn Colors In Summer 44826 Autumn Marsh 20140918 Autumn In Summer  P1100019-21 Rideau Canal Sunset P1090826-8
More Premature Autumn Color 20140829 First Sign Of Autumn 20140827