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Animals Gallery

Being defined as any living organism characterized by voluntary movement, this gallery covers all types of animals with the exception of birds, bugs, and people, all of which have their own galleries.
Messy Mink DSCN006473 Mink On An Old Railway Bridge DSCN006813 Swimming Raccoon DSCN004739 Bullfrog Croaking DSCN003932
Painted Turtle Head Reflected DSCN004163 Bullfrog Croaking DSCN004232 American Bullfrog DSCN004352 Bug On A Bullfrog Reflected DSCN003213
Chipmunk On A Rock DSCN000228 Muskrat At Sunrise DSCN163330 Beaver Boogying Along The Road DSCN162853 Walkers At Night In A Spring Snowstorm 90D107300
Backlit Horse In Farmyard DSCN159740-Bk50 Otter On Ice Downing Breakfast DSCN158448 Otter On Ice At Breakfast DSCN158067 Swans, Merganser, Muskrat DSCN157200
Muskrat In The Swale On Ice DSCN157764 Three Otters In Icy Irish Creek DSCN156801 Otter In Ice DSCN156658 Three Otters On Ice DSCN156487
Beaver Swimming In Open Water DSCN156349 Otter At Breakfast In Ice Hole DSCN156075 Otter Lounging On Ice DSCN156097 Iced Otter At Breakfast DSCN154799
Beaver At Breakfast DSCN154892 Muskrat On Ice Reflected DSCN153183 Muskrat On Ice Reflected DSCN153140 A Touching Moment 90D85442
Ground Fog Beyond Foal & Its Mother 90D84969 Cat In Burned Out Building DSCN147415 Equine Pal In Fog 90D84322 New Equine Pal 90D84658
Bullfrog Between Two Lily Pads DSCN144035 Otter Having Breakfast DSCN142784 White Tiger 3594 Out On A Limb
Rattlesnake Closeup 76694 Kentucky Horse Farm 20070410 Dawn Deer 20060415 Chipmunk With A Nut 20080512
Shaggy Poodle Frog Face 61260 Fish Face 20090402 Deer Amid Wildflowers 20070710
Bared Fangs 20080218 Chipmunk On A Post 20070603 Eye of a Stingray Fish at Kemah
Young Giraffe Head Lioness 3534 Raccoons Bison
Desert Coyote 74436 Tiger Yawn 20070819 Anole Lizard On A Leaf 20090327 Bullfrog 62624
If you rub my tummy... 20051222 Deer On Two Legs 71162 The Thinker 59517 Curious Red Squirrel 88796
Bullfrog 11049 Praying Chipmunk 15820 Sitting Armadillo 20090122 Two Horses In Misty Sunrise 20120917
Texas Longhorn Upclose 46520 Dressage Horse 20060624 Two Horses On A Frosty Morning 20091111 Mountain Lion 74621
Squirrel Feeder 20110509 Lion TLC 3567 Two Horses At Sunrise 63834 Playful Horses 20070412
Lion 3539 Lone Horse 68215 Hopping Down The Bunny Trail 86806 Barnyard Sunrise 20090726
Friendly Horses At Sunrise 20110530 Coyote Truckin' 20080122 Prairie Dog Closeup 75662 Alligator Eyes 58340 (crop)
Giant Panda Bandit On The Railing 20080425 Sticking Its Nose Out 20060428 Peekaboo 20060905
Chipmunk in a Tree 20060621 Don't Need To Pick It... 20051221 Cow Moose with Calf 20090705 Alligator 20070401
Campground Cat 27566 Young Giraffe Relaxing Three Horses At Dawn 20110315 Two Horses In Misty Sunrise 28026
Spectacled Bear 3455 Rustic Horse Shed 20110308 Red Squirrel 88899 Squirrel Feeder 20100316
Texas Longhorn 20090302 Eye to Eye 20050901 Chipmunk On A Rock 20100505 Two Dawn Deer 24240
Headbutting Bison 20120628 Bullfrog 63718 'Max' 20100119 Mama Motivating Junior 73311
Licking Its Chops 20071109-72054 Squirrel On A Limb 20070625 Iridescent Fish 4394 Eye to Eye... 77154
Red Squirrel Closeup 20090607 Frisky Foal 20090608 Horse At Sunrise 28055 Burro 6732
Sunset Bullfrog 12325 Ocelot In A Crevice 77668 The Grass is Always Greener Bullfrog in River 20050801
Rabbit Curious Moose 02925 (crop) Chipmunk Closeup 53108 Banff Elk 17408
Curious Cows 56326 Cataloochee Elk 6683 Deer in White Sand 3256 Deer On The Road 20110618
Desert Coyote 74457 Little Cow At Dawn 63885 Deer 3578 Red Squirrel 26341
Grinning Deer 20070824 California Ground Squirrel Reindeer Lunch 20111216 Say 'Ahhhh' 77763
Bullfrog Walking On Two Legs 20100701 Carrot Dinner 20060613 Deer in White Sand 3250
Cataloochee Elk 6688 Young Takin Grinning Snake DSCF06947 Coyote On The Run 20110816
Donkeys In Misty Sunrise 13530-2 Misty Morning Stretch 20130927 On the Outside Looking In Banff Elk 17799
Chipmunk On The Rocks 26217 Curious Chipmunk White & Orange Fish P1170049 Looking Out 06599
Otter With Breakfast 20130403 Smug Camel 65929 Polar Bear Squirrel At Breakfast DSCF03394
Equine Pals In Misty Sunrise P1170030.3 Sunset Beaver 07852 Mountain Lion 74636 Lop-eared Goat DSCF08416
Big Sucker 20110715 A Bunch Of Real Horses' Asses 63597 Young Deer DSCF01848 Horse Beside Log Barn 20100215
Groundhog Closeup DSCF00873 Bullfrog Face DSCF05729 Deer & Deer Flies DSCF03879 Young Bullfrog2
Young Bullfrog1 In The Shelter Of Mother 20090729 Lounge Lizard 34946 Texas Longhorns 32941
Bobcat 74653 Road Hazard 02360 Monkey 3469 Armadillo 58040
Fish 54490 Young Bullfrog3 Gorilla 59532 Bear On A Bridge 02357
Like Mother, Like Daughter 60614 Horse In Misty Sunrise 20131013 Turtle on a Log1 Harris's Antelope Squirrel 79257
Deer On The Run DSCF03927 Chipmunk On A Post 15728 Two Friendly Horses 20111006 Lizard 5052
Bullfrog in River2 Alligator in the Wild 4890 Branching Out 20060920 Scratching an Itch
Muskrat In The Canal DSCF00445 Goat In A Door 06328 Miniature Donkeys 20080413 Autumn Horse 20110925
Anole Flashing Its Dewlap 58713 Young Buck DSCF03900 Upper Canada Village 36683 Horse In Stall 20070921
Texas Longhorn 46523 Harris's Antelope Squirrel 75194 Fat 'n Sassy 62752 Deer Amid Wildflowers 62556
Tennis, Anyone? 20080629 Roadside Attraction DSCF06283 Deer Amid Wildflowers 62551 Rusty Building & Goat 29407
Horse In Stall 67215 Invisible Deer 09788 Fawn Looking Back 53897 Mountain Lion Closeup 74629
Grazing Horse 68186 Chipmunk Chowing Down 60553 Red Squirrel Chowing Down P1000243 Bighorn Family Portrait 77258
Nosy Sheep 15284 Horse In Barnyard 20130510 About Face! 20080701 Jackrabbit 76284
Upright Groundhog 14250 Treed Frog 62726 Lily & Frog Crop Friendly Horse DSCF00518
Alligator 58340 Chubby Cheek Chipmunk 20100421 Bobcat Bath Time 83671 Bosque Coyote 72593
Upper Canada Village 37365 Chipmunk In A Tree Notch 62363 Mountain Lion 77649 Jasper Undercover 20120804
Bosque Badger 73029 Bighorn Sheep On The Rocks 75783 Bactrian Camel 65930 Curious Deer 73327
Tombstone Hitching Rail 31093 Three Horses 20130814 'Bangs' 62602 Drawing 4 Tons 63588
Lianne On Saucy 20080608 Hoof In Mouth 73271 Gimme Five, Times Two DSCF03370 Deer On The Run DSCF06280
Fish Head 20080328 Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1450166-72 Bunny In The Garden 16553 Reindeer Closeup 03947
Prairie Dog 77613 Barnyard Sheep DSCF02479 Mexican Wolf 77206 Junior Getting An Earful From Mother 20101110
I'm Not Talking To You 20131019 Kermie 20080714 Bighorn Descending 75800 Equine Chow Line 20110504
Horses in Barnyard Snail On A Rail 20080825 Banff Elk 17806 Curious Moose 02928
Road Hazard DSCF06289 Banff Elk 17444 Backlit Elk 11239 Intense Chipmunk 51506
Two Horses At Sunrise 20121118 Elk In Snow 20091222 Curious Horses 21858 Canadian Shield Scene DSCF02995
Red Squirrel In A Tree 13630 Heading For The Hills 02363 Chubby Squirrel 20091231 Mule Deer 73294
Hey Dude, Got Any Nuts? 26493 Bullfrog Closeup DSCF05748 Bambi On The Road DSCF01983 Running For The Rails 62563
Curious Horses 21856 I've Got My Eye On You DSCF09101 Two Deer 20100601 Red Squirrel Closeup 52767
Horse & Hay 67944 Goat Herd DSCF3509 My Hay... 67949 Stony Swamp Croaker 16375
Elk Among Trees 52468 Dolphin Closeup 54351 Posing Horse 20131201 Squirrel In The Sun DSCF01026
Shark-Infested Water 54496 Cat Studying Tulip 88674 Lurking Gator 45725 Two Horses 20090512
Mule Deer 73269 Cow Beside Barn Windows P1010976 Solar Pillar & Horses 20130920 Chipmunk on a Rock
Swimming Muskrat 09375 Playing Kissy Face 87617 Texas Longhorn 32934 Two White Horses 20101017
Three's Company 15342 Friendly Bovine DSCF10745 Curious Cow 20120824 Two White Horses 19967
Just Hangin' Out DSCF09097 Don't Need To Pick It... (00680) Equine Pals At Sunrise P1100905 Llama DSCF02606
Intensity 28363 Down By The Stream 01283 Snowshoe Hare 20140219 Snowshoe Hare Profile DSCF13617
White-tailed Deer DSCF12578 Colt & Mare 04124 Red Squirrel In A Tree 20110205 Dolphins 54555
Fish 54520 Cat In A Window 20100223 Chowing-down Chipmunk 54446 Doe & Yearling 21460
Red Squirrel On A Branch 52010 Two Horses 48432 Mule Deer 73276 Chubby Cheeks Chippie DSCN10222
Deer Head 21472 Friendly Llama 20120407 Living On The Edge 20120701 Horseplay 20110610
Curious Horse 20100324 Shark 54505 Bosque Coyote 72591 Friendly Donkey 29277
Bullfrog 53785 Goats & Trough DSCF08420 Two Horses At Sunrise 20120606 Two Elk 52491
Backlit Horse 10810 Stranded Beaver 20140531 Bounding Deer 20140307 Porcupine DSCF13485
Horse Head 14450 Fat Feline 22816 Bullfrog 11047 Bison 20120428
Otter On Ice At Sunrise 20150412 Swimming Beaver At Sunrise 20140423 Alpacas 19425 Deer & Bale 26266
Alpaca Watching The Sunrise 15067 Horse & Barn Window 20140419 Two Sheared Alpacas 26580 Texas Cattle 34922
Cat On A Split Rail Fence 20120702 Foamy Frog DSCF16762-4 Bighorn Sheep Posing 75765 Fish 54457
A Dark Horse 31904 Down The Beavertail Trail 24701 Fawn On The Run 53877 Grazing Appaloosa DSCF17109
Grazing Horse At Sunrise 13826-7 Equine Sunrise 20141006 Snowshoe Hare DSCF13552 Highland Cow P1110349-50
Eastern Coyote DSCN06605 Equine Pals At Sunrise P1010078-80 Horse At Sunrise 20120709 Retreating Bison 26653
New Equine Pals P1070905-6 Two Horses In Misty Sunrise P1130907-9 Three Deer DSCF13970 Equine Pals At Sunrise 20141031
Three Amigas DSCN13950 Two Horses 14495 Swimming Beaver At Sunrise 20150422 Otter On Ice P1030781
Santa Claus Parade 2013 (39590) Equine Pal At Sunrise P1070206 Red Squirrel Chowing Down 53079-80 Otter With A Catch DSCN09928
Horse In Snow 06729 Cold Forage P1010733 Horse Pasture At Sunrise P1070562-4 Chipzilla DSCF12057
Groundhog Profile DSCN21169 Jellyfish P1080919 Beaver On Ice P1030768 Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1260332-4
New Equine Pal At Sunrise P1020463-5 Frisky Squirrels DSCF00010 Roadside Deer DSCF16206 Heron With A Catch DSCN37721 (Crop)
Otter On Ice At Sunrise P1020772.4 (crop) Common Snapping Turtle DSCF11116-8 Horse By The Sea 27904 Horses Under Threatening Sky DSCN26351
Shedding Bison 24993 Sunrise Pasture P1210133-5 Fox On The Go P1000436 Sweatered Rat Snake DSCN24360
Cow & Calf Feeding DSCN18274 Equine Pals Chilling Out P1010712-4 Loon & Raccoon Swimming Past Each Other DSCN100075 Appaloosa In Sunrise Ground Fog P1180685-6
Open Wide 28470 Dappled Horse Beside Dappled Barn 26529 Pawing For Grass P1280606-9 Pale Horse In Misty Sunrise P1090042
Bullfrog On A Leaf DSCF17577 On & Off Road Hazards 20150318 Bunny Eating The Yard DSCF4109 Swimming Beaver DSCF19627
Chippie In The Grass DSCF4201 Little Guttersnipe 20141010 Sunrise Over Ground Fog And Cows P1150145-51 Doe & Fawn 20140726
Morning Nuzzle 26320 Prince the Horse (Happy To See Me) P1270177 The Grass Is Always Greener 20140517 Goldfish P1290052
Beaver On Ice 20140401 Stumped Squirrel P1000016 Tall Tail 27375 Three Grey Horses P1090095-6
Otter On Ice P1370524 Chippie Peeking Out DSCF11391 Equine Pal 20140910 Was It Something I Said? DSCN05376-7
Sweet Tooth Chippie DSCN31341 Yellow Fish 01667 Muskrat Love DSCF11090 Bocce Ball Snapper DSCN34961-2
Equine Pal DSCF00471-3 Shark P1080875 Wet Mink Walking On Water DSCN06546 Three Beavers DSCN04905
Horses In Sunrise P1140615-7 Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080845 Chipmunk On A Split Rail DSCF21327 Bullfrog DSCN24804
Equine Pals At Sunrise P1010075-7 Parade of Horses DSCF13473 Equine Pals In Snowfall 20150307 Turtle Laying Eggs DSCN09879
Two Horses In Misty Sunrise P1170842 Equine Breakfast 26101 Chipmunk DSCF17383 Three Horses In Misty Sunrise P1340461-3
Swimming Beaver 20150425 Shark & Stingray P1080862 Three Otters At Edge Of Ice DSCN09930 Otter In The Swale DSCF8640
Spooked DSCN02779 Otter Head DSCN07436 Spooked DSCN02772 Beaver Standing Tall DSCN44650
Mink Standing Up P1000735 Equine Pal Posing At Sunrise DSCN05328 Sand Crab Coming Out 45164 Winter Equine Pal DSCN01918
Ground Fog Beyond Horse At Sunrise P1330604-10 Bath Time 3590 Three Deer 7505 Chippie Up Close DSCN05620
Lion 3545 Bothered Beaver DSCN22351 Sunrise Over Ground Fog And Cows P1150103-9 Sunset Horse 10360
RCMP Musical Ride DSCN23877 Rabbit In The Grass DSCF14978-80 Cooperative Chipmunk DSCF5144 Grazing Horses At Sunrise P1420326-32
Shoulder Nuzzle P1020206 Chippie At Breakfast DSCF12010 Stingray & Viewing Tunnel From Above P1080929 Baa Baa Brown Sheep P1140524
Grazing Horse 20140430 Five Horses At Sunrise P1170956-8 Backlit Mink Beside Open Water DSCN06563 Chippie Hanging On DSCF1003
Trees In Sunrise Glow P1480114-18 Equine Pal P1100686 Wet Mink On Ice P1050228.9 Chippie On The Rocks DSCF11385
Orange Fish P1080839 RCMP Musical Ride 06h29m14s404 Sterling the Second P1080567 Squirrel With Peanut DSCN26965
Hopeful Squirrel DSCN01309 Equine Pal In Misty Sunrise 45662 Stingrays P1080899 Black & White Horses In Black & White P1050261
Two Horses In Sunrise Ground Fog P1310809-11 Equine Pal Posing P1220084 Stingray P1080868 Winter Horses At Sunrise P1240261-3
Two Chippies DSCN14205 Swimming Beaver DSCF19624 The Ride Across Canada P1180078 Chippie On A Rock DSCN17202
RCMP Musical Ride 06h40m02s7372 Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080813 Calf Licking Its Nose DSCF14388-9 (crop) Cow & Calf DSCF14421
Cow & Calf DSCF14421 Swimming Beaver DSCN22303 Busy Beaver DSCN06146 (crop) Mink Looking Out DSCN06479
Swimming Otter P1370532 Equine Pals At Sunrise 46020-2 Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080836 Equine Pals P1040614
Busy Beaver DSCN22145 Mink Profile DSCF5804 Chippie On A Rock DSCN09591 Coming Over To Say 'Howdy' DSCF2688
Wet Mink On Ice DSCN06537 Impudent Squirrel P1060833 Equine Pal In Misty Sunrise P1160068-70 Licking Its Chops DSCF01899
Brown Squirrel DSCN16870 Bullfrog Eye (crop) DSCN24804 Why Are You Doing This To Me P1140806 Red Squirrel In A Tree DSCN10181
Curious Cows P1190255 Swimming Beaver DSCN21184 Chippie Checking Me Out DSCF11378 Grazing Horse At Sunrise P1120619
Squirrel On The Bascule Bridge DSCN37111 Beaver On Ice DSCN05751 Chippie Standing At Attention DSCF12045 The Ride Across Canada P1180108-10
Horse & Ground Fog At Sunrise P1400767-72 White Horse P1230100 Shark P1080859 Purple Loosestrife Pasture P1220900-2
RCMP Musical Ride DSCN23859-20h02m15s592 RCMP Musical Ride DSCN23715 Zach Fetching His Blue Ball DSCN24765 A Lot Of Bull DSCN09635
Prince the Horse P1270177 Chippie In The Rocks P1480226 Rosedale Creek Otter P1010025 Otter With Breakfast DSCN14956
Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080832 Sawfish Over Viewing Tunnel P1080883 Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080799 Outside The Viewing Tunnel P1080876
Swimming Beaver DSCN21907 Red Squirrel Up Close DSCN19278 Chippie With Breakfast Snack DSCF12836 Horse & Little Rustic Barn P1180365-7
Bullie the Bullfrog DSCN36153 Two Otters Frolicking P1370465 Chippy DSCN14227 Red Squirrel Dining Out DSCN10202
RCMP Musical Ride 06h26m39s412 Two Horses In Their Barn Door P1040707-9 Bovine Breakfast P1000496 Chippie Scratching An Itch DSCN33358
Two Jellyfish P1080927 Ol' Frosty Breath P1000975.88 Otter Surfacing Through Ice DSCN09960 Two Otters On Ice DSCN09944
Beaver Climbing Its Lodge At Sunrise DSCN17711 Beaver With A Mouthful DSCN05460 Hightailing Deer P1040363 Beaver Bad Fur Day DSCN22043
Eastern Coyote Beside A Laneway DSCN06596 Otter Breakfast DSCN09934 Had Their Undivided Attention P1220958 Equine Pal Posing P1060389-91
Beaver On Ice DSCN05971 Horse In Pasture P1150477 Molly the Donkey P1270165 Inquisitive Sheep DSCN04308
Calf Licking Its Nose DSCF14388-9 Bullfrog DSCN09708-9 The Hay Is Better On The Bottom DSCN26666 Out Standing In Its Field DSCF7670
Equine Breakfast P1130262 Ripley's Aquarium of Canada P1080888 Wildlife In The Rail Yard DSCN73619 Turtle On The Move DSCN34522
Muskrat Chowing Down DSCN11560 Muskrat On Ice DSCN11580-2 Muskrat On The Move DSCF8198 Yummy Maple Seed DSCN09071
RCMP Musical Ride 06h39m13s513 Out On Bale P1010791 Swimming Mink DSCN06386 Equine Pal In Pasture At Sunrise DSCN27424
'Buttercup' DSCN20873 Broken Horn P1220953-5 Tater Admiring His Painting P1040676 Running Horses 20150311
Loon And Beaver DSCN23578 Two Beavers Chowing Down DSCN05804 RCMP Musical Ride 06h27m26s439 Beaver Nibbling On A Twig P1150325
Otter On Ice P1370510 Snake In The Swale P1040540 Swimming Beaver Face DSCN05451 Reindeer P1280661-5
RCMP Musical Ride DSCN23708 Busy Beaver DSCN22175 Chippie At Breakfast DSCN21877 Otter On Ice DSCN05128
Chippie With Leafy Lunch P1140594 Ermine In Winter Coat DSCN87868 Equine Pals On A Snowy Day DSCN19822 Cows On A Foggy Morning 45887
Calf & Cow DSCF14418-20 Swimming Otter From Behind P1090968 Little Bullfrog P1010564 Pedestrian Skunk P1430077
Clouded Sunrise P1230674-80 Red Squirrel Up Close P1070826 Chippie Out On A Limb Praying P1130364 Heading Out To Pasture P1150818
Deer In Woods DSCN06692 First Chippie Of The Year P1110417 Ripley's Aquarium Canada P1080850 Snowshoe Hare Hiding In Plain Sight DSCN09888
Beaver Face DSCF8048 Chowing Down Chippie DSCN22729 Equine Pals At Breakfast P1230124 Deer Among Wildflowers P1420802-7
Over The Shoulder Fur Piece P1130144 Otter On Ice P1090940 Out Standing In Its Field 45892 Chippie On A Porch P1210420
I Think Those Are For Me P1040591 Porcupine On The Run DSCN22122 Three Horses On A Foggy Morning P1400892-8 Otter Lake Otter Feeding Frenzy DSCN02911
Two Horses P1150199-201 Deer In A Clearing DSCN06673 Deer In A Meadow P1110773 Chippie Standing Tall P1020493
Beaver In The Swale P1130178 Deer Standing In Meadow P1420785 Pronghorn Face 8005A Preening Beaver DSCN06105
Northern Leopard Frog P1010226 Otter Breaststroke P1090962 Christmas Fog, Grass & Beaver DSCN44256 Blue Lobster P1080819-21
Otter On Ice At Breakfast DSCN49762 Two Beavers On Ice Chowing Down DSCN44014 Three Horses Under Sunrise Clouds DSCN31069-74 Musing Mink DSCN51538
Snowshoe Hare Closeup DSCN09870 Beaver On Ice Chowing Down DSCN43104 Wet Beaver On Ice DSCN44679 Beaver On A Curb P1020519-00
Beaver On Ice Chowing Down DSCN42878 Three Beavers On Ice DSCN42949 Tater, the Pug Christmas Elf (P1010966) Waiting Squirrel DSCN15993
Beaver Stare Down DSCN44645 Otter On A Muskrat Lodge DSCN44351 Horse & Foal P1230098 Running Pronghorn 7998
Snake Stare Down DSCN23483 Tombstone 30642 Ground Fog Beyond Running Horse At Dawn 90D25872 Three Otters Swimming Away DSCN73761
Pronghorn Posing 8006A Wet Mink On Ice DSCN46234 Bullfrog Croaking P1030718 Equine Pals DSCN34548
Supersquirrel-Faster Than A Speeding Bullet P1020498 Ground Fog & Grazing Horse At Sunrise DSCN29011 Wet Mink With Catch DSCN111785 Bullfrog Up Close DSCN30817
Earthworm Head End DSCN35391 Pudgy Groundhog DSCN30893 Running Deer P1420793 Skunk Head Stuck In A Cup DSCN27760
Equine Pal At Sunrise DSCN65864 Young Red Fox DSCN32897 Wet Mink Stare Down DSCN51540 Lounging Wet Beaver DSCN44248
Wet Beaver On Ice DSCN50683 Bullfrog Head-On DSCN23586 Frog Half On A Lily Pad DSCN31218 Osprey With A Big Catch DSCN104535
Tombstone 31089 Equine Pal In Ground Fog At Sunrise P1540631 Yawning Otter P1080033 Swimming Beaver In Reflected Sunrise Color DSCN53298
Equine Food Truck DSCN45081 Tombstone 30620 Trumpeter Swan Swimming & Muskrat On Ice DSCN46168-9 Ground Fog Beyond Horses 90D-02561
Beaver On Ice Chowing Down DSCN43106 Raccoon Having A Bite Of Breakfast DSCN19906 Tombstone 30654 Northern Leopard Frog DSCN27221
Beaver On Ice Under Tree DSCN44703 Sunrise Beyond Equine Pal 90D70773-7 Frog On A Lily Pad DSCN28613 Three Otters, One With Crayfish DSCN67226
Two Otters On An Ice Shelf DSCN49742-3 Snapping Turtle Profile DSCN21416 Two Equine Pals DSCN36523 Red Fox Running Across A Highway DSCN57051
Frog On A Lily Pad DSCN30542 Otter Walking On Ice DSCN86736 Horse Running In Ground Fog P1600015 Raccoon On The Run DSCN32352
Otter On A Muskrat Lodge DSCN44348 Snowy Otter At Breakfast DSCN49817 Swimming Beaver DSCN53528 Beaver In Otter Creek At Sunrise DSCN53292
Two Otters On Ice DSCN86741 Wet Muskrat On Ice Chowing Down DSCN43519 Wet Muskrat On Ice Chowing Down DSCN43539 (crop) Young Alligator 4357
Otter Beside Ice DSCN51756 Four Otters On & Around A Muskrat Lodge DSCN44319 Horse In Ground Fog DSCN34165 Otter On Ice At Breakfast DSCN49844 (crop)
Two Horses Running In Ground Fog P1600010.3 Beaver Bow Wave At Sunrise DSCN57878 Rattlesnake Under A Rock 76676 Otter Working On A Late Breakfast DSCN87040
Croaking Bullfrog DSCN135731 Squirrel With A Bagel DSCN133778 Mist Beyond Grazing Horses At Sunrise DSCN63377 Porcupine Out On A Limb DSCN88249
Camera Shy Horse DSCN44380 Yak Licking Its Nose DSCN87132 Raccoon At A Weir DSCN19871 Yawning Well-Fed Otter On Ice DSCN86801
Distant Horses In Ground Fog At Sunrise 90D06628 Leopard Frog On A Fallen Leaf DSCN85402 Abstract-1 DSCN133936 Muskrat With A Salad DSCN56664
Swimming Bullfrog DSCN68477 Otter Working On A Late Breakfast DSCN87041 Deer Crossing Field DSCN138901 Bullfrog On A Lily Pad DSCN71416
Beaver On Ice DSCN87289-90 Backroad Riders DSCN52047-9 Beaver Under A Tree DSCN90651 Train Track Porcupine At Sunrise 90D75172
Bullfrog On A Lily Pad DSCN68221 Painted Turtle Swimming DSCN129882 Porcupine In A Tree DSCN90207 Ground Fog Beyond Two Horses 90D27015
Distant Beaver On Ice DSCN86853 Fog Beyond Deer In Golden Field DSCN135845 White-tailed Deer On The Run 90D69951 Bullfrog In The Swale DSCN20258
Breaching Dolphin 36164 Equine Pal On A Foggy Morning 90D72040 Otter In The Water DSCN91651 Ground Fog Beyond Horses P1600038
Swimming Mink DSCN104541 Otter In The Water DSCN91644 American Mink On Ice Close DSCN123057 Painted Turtle Head Above Water DSCN139117
Beaver At Breakfast DSCN117491 Bullfrog On Water Lily Pad Reflected DSCN138823 Beaver On Ice Chowing Down DSCN92086 Bullfrog Under A Water Lily Pad DSCN64230
Muskrat At Breakfast On Ice In Falling Snow Reflected DSCN119460 Distant Beaver On Snowy Ice DSCN117434 Messy Mink On An Old Railway Bridge DSCN107828 Moose In A Field DSCN93821
Beaver On Ice Dining DSCN90582 Three Otters Playing On Ice DSCN86732 Deer Swimming In The Swale DSCN108287-8 Otter At Breakfast DSCN106019
American Mink On Ice DSCN123057 Snapping Turtle Profile DSCN98271 Otter On Ice DSCN117785 Farm Sunrise 90D33858-62
Deer Crossing A Road DSCN98656 Swimming Raccoon DSCN100080 Two Horses At Sunrise 90D35194 Abstract With Beaver Closeup DSCN126117
Otter Face DSCN122840 Beaver Swimming Up Close DSCN126448 Equine Breakfast 90D26998 Loon & Raccoon Swimming Toward Each Other DSCN100074
Otter At Breakfast DSCN117636 Moose Head DSCN93736 Bedraggled Coyote 90D64582 Swimming Beaver 90D64187
Otter On Ice DSCN122843 Bullfrog On A Flooded Lily Pad DSCN110148 Beaver Swimming Through Reflected Sunrise Clouds 90D61650-4 Otter At Breakfast In Ice At Sunrise DSCN121161-4
Swimming Beaver At Dawn 90D19035 Muskrat On Ice In Falling Snow Reflected DSCN119473 Painted Turtle Sunning On A Fallen Tree DSCN127986 Two Otters On Ice, Two Channel Markers In Ice DSCN121472
Bullfrog On A Wet Lily Pad DSCN142418 Otter On Otter Creek With A Catch DSCN92357 Skunk On The Run DSCN120882 Osprey Scaring Off A Squirrel DSCN124672
Porcupine Waiting To Cross The Road 90D64930 Animal Tracks In Snow DSCN118884 Moose In A Field DSCN93691 Moose Profile DSCN93823-4
Muskrat On Ice At Breakfast DSCN120528 Muskrat On Ice DSCN120363 Beaver Swimming In Ice Opening DSCN118247 Otter On Ice On The Go DSCN121483
Dog With Ice Fisherman DSCN120804 Muskrat On Ice DSCN120187 Otter On Ice DSCN120704 Otter Scratching An Itch DSCN121614
Muskrat At Breakfast On Ice DSCN121036 Otter With Fish For Breakfast DSCN121626 More Animals
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