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Abstracts gallery

Some of my abstract photos that I particularly like, 'abstracts' being defined as an image with a pleasing composition but is not an immediately recognizable representation of the subject.
Shed Side Detail DSCN162548 Snowy Boathouse Roofs DSCN161504 Abstract (iPhone14-2966) Natural Abstract DSCN158570A
Shadows On Icy Driveway 90D100970BW Tim Hortons Sign In Night Fog 90D101070 Abstract In Ice DSCN150653 Autumn Ice DSCN149935
Bow Reflected DSCN136345 Abstract-1 DSCN133936 Wet Patio Table Top DSCN127379 20230405 Ice Storm DSCN125072
Water Bottle Bubbles Close-up2 DSCN124250 Abstract DSCN124273 Bricks Lines & Shadows DSCN124362 Abstract In Ice DSCN123854
Abstract P1090786 Green Bubbles P1090767 Abstract P1090747 Winter Oak Leaf In Ice DSCN121714 (crop)
Two Toned Tomato P1090680 Back Door Frost P1090692 Frost On Glass P1090622 Abstract DSCN116998
Abstract DSCN115411 Autumn Tree Abstract DSCN113871 Riveting Graffiti DSCN114448-50 Riveting Graffiti DSCN114448-50 (BW)
Abstract Close-up DSCN113659 Wet Fallen Fall Leaves DSCN112933 Missing Right Side Door Casing DSCN111264 Wet Patio Tabletop Close-up DSCN111339
Detached Downspout DSCN108778BW Dewy Goose Feather DSCN101312 Knothole In White DSCN96553 Iris Leaves DSCN96400
Tones Of A Rose P1090353 Abstract DSCN93184 Abstract DSCN92489 Spring Runoff At Sunrise 90D18552
Frosty Branches DSCN90701 Window Frost DSCN89865 Abstract DSCN88067 Abstract 90D12017
Iced Tree DSCN87745 Frost DSCN75846 Tree Fungus Closeup DSCN85160 First Autumn Ice DSCN75773
Autumn Birch & Pampas Grass 90D08339 (100% view crop) Gateway Arch Tram Interior 70735 Ethereal Abstract 20060623 Sunrise Over Georgian Bay 20050711
Lighthouse Stairs2 Wawona Tunnel 23194 Staghorn Sumac Dam & Floats 60438
'Walg' 28182 Skylight 20060622 Blocks of Snow Jalapeño Fireworks10
Big Bend 7030 1000 Islands Marsh Grass1 Building & Palm 5515 Playground Abstract
Star-crossed Pine Cone Spray Painted Leaf 20060626 Pink Petunia 39488 One in Every Crowd
Architectural Abstract 76653 Concession Roof 20060519 Monarch Wing Saguaro Skeleton Cross Section 20071215
One Petal Open 20060507 Seashell Closeup 45999 Shallow Flora 20060808 Raindrops On A Goose Feather 20080623
Big Golden Flower 20051014 Pier Reflections Sunrise Sky Squiggle 20110409 Marsh Grass 20060811
Rusting Bridge 20110418 Sun on the Water 20060814 Wet Calla Lily Leaf 20070720 River Grass At Sunrise 20090814
Saguaro Ribs Metallic Paint & Vinyl Abstract Dead Palmetto Frond 58673 Autumn Leaf Veins 20050830
Salt Flats 8915 Montezuma Well 20060219 Young Coneflower (Crop) River Grass 11683
Red & Blue Abstract Railing Shadows On Snow 20110122 Little Pigeon Rapids 6448 Dew on  Autumn Leaf 5864
'Dozing in the Sun 20060206 Coastal Bayou 29769 Tower Trail Pool 5870 God's Brushstrokes 20080904
Cactus Closeup 20060202 Poolside Desert Rock Texture 20071225 Irish Creek Ice Shelf 06440-1
Autumn Trees Reflection 20091005 Multicolored Leaves Rings of Fire 20050627 Bubble 20051023
Ceiling Lighting Dewy Coneflower Center 63144A Old Tractor Tire Abstract Canna Leaf2
Canoe Skeleton 20090718 Sculpture Abstract Imperial Sand Dunes 26565 Spring Runoff 20110417
Pink Petunia 39492 Hen & Chicks 20120801 Orchid Closeup Weathered Piling Top 50787
Science Museum Seating Tracks On Frozen Farren Lake 20120226 Lighthouse Lens Kid's Playground 20050618
Tulip Interior 20070509 Field Contours 29866 Pilings In Sun's Foggy Reflection 20081220 Leaf on Wet Wood 20050831
Reflections of Dawn 20050615 Tulip Closeup 20070513 Abstract 20120311 Umbrella
Imperial Sand Dunes 26603 Slide Rock 29822 Shallow Floral 39222 Sunset Ripples in the Sand 12755
Door & Shadow 20120527 Scum & Autumn Leaves 28266 Ripples & River Grass 20070817 Golden Doorway 20110210
Ramada Roof 75634 Golden Waves Sunset Ripples in the Sand 12751 In Motion 20120726
Stairs Shadows 88394 A Riveting Image 20050807 Backlit Calla Lily Leaf 01523 Dining Room Floor 20100413
Kid's Slide Abstract Leaves on Steps Shallow Floral 39336 Shallow Flora 39260
Flaming Paint Job DSCF02263 Rock & Leaf Abstract Wet Boardwalk 20070103 Museum Abstract
Backlit Wave 48298 Desert Red Rock Sunset Ripples in the Sand 12762 Shallow Flora 39282
Sunrise Abstract 20101216 Mozaïk Civilization Mural Canna Leaf 20060729 Tanker Timashevsk 47640
Sunrise Ripples Purple Jamb, Pink Door 16245 RD-6 (29364) Pattern in Sand2
Sun thru Umbrella Shallow Flora 39278 Peeling Boathouse Paint Shallow Flora 20060807
Ottawa Abstract 20060527 Natural Abstract Snowy Field 20150111 Shallow Floral 39186
Gateway Arch 70765 Polo Balloon Festival 26267 Tidal Flats 37408 Sunrise Reflections 50214
Digital Network Exhibit1 Rock & Sand Abstract 20111027 Gateway Arch Steps 70651
Sunrise Ripples In The Sand 69219 Station Platform 19250 Yellow Flower Closeup Shallow Flora 39321
7-Up Close-Up DSCF01106-7 Round Window Columns & Lights 20100307 Purple Flower Closeup 20120522
Misty Aransas Bay 50770 Ottawa Abstract 20060601 Open Pit Mine 82634 Palm Frond 20070104
Shallow Flora 39190 Quartz 77129 Hot Air Abstract 64851 Gateway Arch 70713
Raindrops on a Canna Leaf2 All Too Brief Reflection 20070816 Abstract 80634 Westport Harbour Bridge 01347
River Reflection 08379 Yucca Leaves 85322 Hog's Back 13430 Dead Wood 72986
Palm Frond 33218 Crock-Top DSCF03216 Saguaro Abstract 77402 Window Frost 20100130
Abstract 80660 Lily Pads 20090627 Texture 80664 Carnival Ride 67048
Georgian Bay Rock 12686 Raindrops On A Purple Iris Petal 14154 Dune At Sunset 42962 Curved Beams 84123
Carnival Lights 20080530 Abstract 42075 Abstract 20120130 River Grass At Sunrise 20130424
Natural Abstract 20111201 1940 Chevy Grill DSCF4372 Reflected Bridge Lights 23344 Over Rideau Falls 12970
White Sands 32282 Couches 20090412 Museum Roof 15994 Playground Abstract 13748
Backlit Autumn Leaf Closeup 51594 Small Waterfall 03131-2 Freezing Rain 20130412 Weathered Stump 72992
Palettes Against Wall 5201 Jones Falls Penstocks 24027 Motion Abstract 20090822 Polo Balloon Festival 26284
Seaway Reflection 16611 Rock Texture DSCF01302 Wet Abstract 20130523 Spring Runoff DSCF00639
Some Things Will Grow Anywhere 01060 Freezing Canal 02547 Abstract DSCF02272 Gateway Arch 70709
Tulip Leaves DSCF04147 B&W Abstract 14926 Chandelier 9370 April Shower Droplets 201304018
Canal Water Ice Snow 05498 Spring Runoff 20130421 Gateway Arch 70711 Barn Roof Reflection 20100722
Rust Over Rust 33225 Rust 20090120 Tulip Leaves DSCF04147 Indianola Park 29899
Thawing Lake 20110219 Scum & Autumn Leaves 28265 Twist 1.5 Closeup 13465-7 Dewy Palmetto Frond 28065
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Car 20130427 Oak Leaf Closeup DSCF00344 Abstract DSCF02665 Cod Liver Oil Closeup 20120209
Reflections 28361 Derailed Railway Bridge 09388 Abstract 20130625 Bench Shadow 20120403
Abstract In Glass DSCF03006 Autumn Leaves 17889 Wetlands 29764 Abstract 44780
Self-Portrait Of Sorts 13477-9 Abstract DSCF03473 Dandelion Closeup DSCF01453 Backlit Leaf 20130527
Abstract 42307 Fence Shadows 52530 White Sands 32263 Manhole Cover 52991
Looking Up DSCF02458 Backlit Lace 20130213 Community Labyrinth DSCF03195 Breaking Wave At Sunrise 20120912
Homemade Crocheted Quilt DSCF11676 Falls At Almonte 20110227 Rock In Rapids DSCF01802 Abstract 09502
Coat Rack 20130416 Natural Abstract 20110625 Almonte 'Iceberg' 14069 Seedy Dandelion (crop) DSCF02528-30
Indianola & Powderhorn Bayou 29760 Green Ring DSCF01138 Iced Tree DSCF00438 Sprung 20130801
Abstract DSCF12310-2 Abstract In Pink 20130606 Abstract 07537-9 Shadows 20120526
Top Of A Falls 20130718 Falls At Almonte 14062 Abstract 20120328 Wetlands 29770
Wetlands 29828 Leaf Lines 20130720 iPod Touch Home Button DSCF00405 Railing Shadow 20131206
Soapy Window Screen DSCF02889 Snowy Sand & Gravel 06146 Ceiling Fixture 20130410 Blowin' In The Wind 20131101
Floral Pattern DSCF11049 Specular Bokeh 20130912 Raindrops Keep Falling On My Car (Green) DSCF01292 Prow Reflected DSCF08450
Cornered 20130116 Wetlands 29908 Wetlands 29917 Wetlands 29802
One Big Leaf 01561 Wood Grain 11033 Inside A Bag DSCF11456 Snow On The Pumpkin DSCF11394-6
After The Morning Showers P1090421-3 Mouse On Trackpad 20130212 Sunrise Reflection P1020827 Red Blue & White 20130117
Grill Droplets DSCF11391-3 There & Gone DSCF11419.22 Pretty In Pink DSCF03612 Stripes DSCF18334-6
Ceiling Light From the Floor 20130628 Window Vase DSCF18620 Snowy Doormat 20130202 Troubled Waters DSCF01177
Wet Emerging Poppy Flower P1130436-41 Observatory Dome 85172 Abstract 20130327 Green Leaf Red Veins DSCF08921
Wet Purple Iris Petal P1130494 Snow Tracks 33724 Abstract 20130313 Snowy Autumn Leaves 20141116
Wetlands 29887 Abstract 20121220 Concession Roof 20130223 Rapid Water 00106
Flaming Hood DSCF06772 Wetlands 29718 Green Droplets DSCF14270 Autumn Reflection DSCF09828
On Edge 20130124 Kinsmen Amphitheatre 12689-90 Fallen Lily Pad 14784-5 Contour Rows P1060251
Sheer Fantasy 20131004 Wetlands 29926 Natural Abstract 10742 Pink Coneflower Stamen DSCN12678
Wet Window Screen DSCN04077 Curtains 01957 Wet Green Grape P1080543-5 Sunset Clouds P1060185-7
Dessert Dish DSCF00341 Young Tulip Leaf Tip P1100521 First Ice 38562 After A Rain P1150160-2
Couch Stripes P1030427 Upside Down Trees 20131023 Viking Ship Stern Detail P1080287 Steam Plume Reflected 37720
Wind On The Water P1030015 Old Wood DSCF00137 Amaryllis Abstract P1070202 Snowy Cattails & Trees-Blurred DSCN04203-5
Spring Runoff P1020076 Condensation P1060065v2 Sodium Vapor Bokeh P1180442.51 Beginning Tulip DSCF14472-4
Rideau Rapids P1000896-9 OJ Dregs P1030308-10 Incoming Storm Clouds P1210809-11 Amber Droplets P1200113-5
Frosty Footprints 20140919 Chilled Grill P1040413-8 Misfire 20130301 Wet Lupine Leaf P1080680-2
Docklight Reflection 35392 Otter Creek Grass, Snow & Ice 20141216 Feather Bustle DSCN09406 Abstract P1200033-5
Daylily Droplets P1150349-54 Field Contours 29868 Cutting Edge Photo P1040809-10 Abstract P1040913
Red Wood DSCF14084-6 Soy Bean Field P1220571-3BW Ice-Coated Branches P1170413 Frost P1010052
Restaurant Light P1050583 Hard & Soft Water P1060089-91 Abstract DSCN04847 Backlit Autumn Oak Leaf Closeup P1210243
Air Filter DSCF14549-51 Abstract P1030922-35 Early Riser P1140741-3 Log In Spring Runoff P1030860
Freezing River At Sunrise 20141115 Abstract In Ice DSCF6103 Crock Top P1020691-6 North Atlantic Clouded Sunrise P1240269
Arches P1230657 Abstract P1190986-8 Studebaker Grill DSCN12725 Chaffey's Mill Race DSCN21116
Rocks In Runoff DSCN17676 Natural Ice Sculpture P1040480-2BW Crock Pot Lid Knob P1020703-5 Shadow On Snow P1060507
Autumn Ice P1140930-2 Wet Grill Handle DSCN21380 Sunstruck Amaryllis Leaf DSCN18807 Sunrise Cloud & Contrail P1220005-9
Ice On The Rocks P1020306-8 Abstract P1040457 Natural Abstract DSCN17273 Cumulus Closeup DSCF14331-3
Backlit Tropical Leaf DSCN20417-9 Banker's Lamp & Reflection P1180352-8 Abstract In Green P1080784 Snow On Ice At Sunrise P1480747
Rainy Windshield DSCF5016 Spring Runoff P1190255 Wetlands 29775 Circular Abstract 20141127
Snowy Abstract DSCN03353 Abstract P1040918 Abstract P1020285 Clouds At Sunrise DSCN11795-7
Autumn Color Beyond Pines DSCN15977 Frozen Tracks 20150312 Autumn Ice DSCF23769-70 Abstract P1190992-3
Wet Bridge Deck Reflection DSCN06242 'Art' Abstract P1050575 Snowy Shoreline Rocks P1250197-9 Icy Abstract P1030850-2
Good Wax Job DSCN28455-7 Abstract P1040924-6 Winter White Water P1240953 Snow On Ice P1220664-6
Wet Fender DSCN28477-9 Spring Runoff P1390583 No Splash Splash-Pad DSCF14666-8 Abstract DSCF6615
Backlit Ferns DSCN08633 Unsettled Sky DSCN13848 The 6:22 Departing To Toronto P1350888-9 Fuzzy Peach P1100989
Rain Runoff At Night P1140770-2 Drifted Snow At Sunrise P1510683 Canoe Curves DSCN11261 Red Fountain Beyond Blue P1410551
Abstract DSCN06296 Abstract In Ice P1030416-8 Spring Runoff 20150405 Rain Runoff At Sunrise P1140865
Morning Frost On Amber Glass DSCN05641 Wet Leaves DSCN24274 Mushroom Waterfall P1200438-40 Abstract P1140106
Drifted Snow P1510683BW After A Rain DSCF32996-8 Railway Lines P1040152-4 Abstract DSCF5334
Soft Drink Condensation P1100726 Wet Bridge Deck Reflection DSCN06242 Icy Little Rapids P1050632 Goose Feather Closeup DSCN11960
Abstract P1040923 Sun In Steam Plume 37742 Combined Lock Icefall P1070145-7 Fall Snowfall P1020434-6
Autumn Leaves In Ice P1030260 Abstract P1520368 (crop) Abstract In Ice DSCN06503 Abstract DSCN07154
Snowy Rock Amidst River Ice DSCN07407 'Art' Frosty Wood Grain P1020231 Abstract P1180977 Girders In Golden Light DSCN22690-1
Contrail Through Mercury-Venus Conjunction P1540205 Frosty Pine Needles P1050781 Splotchy Paint DSCN11946 Water Bottle Bubbles P1020282
Ice & Waterfall DSCN07499 Autumn Reflected P1010529-31 Abstract DSCN22847-9BW Frost On A Black Handrail Closeup DSCN48484
Airborne Ice DSCN43663 Rainy Roof DSCF4997 Hole In One Rusty Railing DSCN53981 Condensation DSCN46365
Interesting Clouds At Sunrise DSCN27315 Abstract DSCN36765 Wall Sculpture P1050747-9 Condensation DSCN42905
Flower Bud DSCN25347 2020 Celebration Of Lights Closeup DSCN42585 Abstract DSCN43669 Boomerang Cloud At Sunrise DSCN43454
Abstract DSCN33353 First Ice Of The Season DSCN38751 Abstract DSCN43705 Natural Abstract DSCN50005
Abstract In Ice DSCN11454A Seedy Dandelion Close Up DSCN60728 April Ice DSCN13813 Swan Neck Gourd DSCN72988
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