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Canon G1X Mark II - the Master improved ?

In this gallery you will find images taken with and images taken of the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II.

The 13 MP PowerShot G1X MkII is Canon's latest addition to the G - line, that saw first light on September 18, 2000 with the presentation of the 3 MP PowerShot G1.

Other than in the previous 12 G's (G1, G2, G3, G5, G6, G7, G9, G10, G11, G12, G15 and G16) the X- line's sensor is not compact (G12: 7.4mm x 5.6mm), but a 1.5"(18.7mm x 14mm)deriver-ate from the Canon EOS 7D/60D/600D 18MP sensor, with all the advantages to Image Quality a 'DSLR-sized' sensor brings.

My aim and goal is to 'show these advantages off' in this gallery, I hope you enjoy,

kindest regards,

GX2-IMG_1718.jpg GX2-IMG_1719.jpg GX2-IMG_1722.jpg GX2-IMG_0017-DPP.jpg
GX2-IMG_0017.jpg GX2-IMG_0019-DPP.jpg GX2-IMG_0019.jpg GX2-IMG_0024.jpg
GX2-IMG_0056.jpg GX2-IMG_0057.jpg GX2-IMG_0058.jpg GX2-IMG_0059.jpg
GX2-IMG_0060.jpg GX2-IMG_0061.jpg GX2-IMG_0070-MaH-PE10.jpg GX2-IMG_0082.jpg
GX2-IMG_0083.jpg GX2-IMG_0088.jpg GX2-IMG_0096.jpg GX2-IMG_0097.jpg
GX2-IMG_0099.jpg GX2-IMG_0114.jpg GX2-IMG_0117.jpg GX2-IMG_0118.jpg
GX2-IMG_0121.jpg GX2-IMG_0122.jpg GX2-IMG_0123.jpg GX2-IMG_0128.jpg
GX2-IMG_0130.jpg GX2-IMG_0131.jpg GX2-IMG_0132.jpg GX2-IMG_0134.jpg
GX2-IMG_0135.jpg GX2-IMG_0136.jpg GX2-IMG_0139.jpg GX2-IMG_0141.jpg
GX2-IMG_0143.jpg GX2-IMG_0145.jpg GX2-IMG_0148.jpg GX2-IMG_0152.jpg
GX2-IMG_0169.jpg GX2-IMG_0170.jpg GX2-IMG_0173.jpg GX2-IMG_0174.jpg
GX2-IMG_0175.jpg GX2-IMG_0178.jpg GX2-IMG_0183.jpg GX2-IMG_0185.jpg
GX2-IMG_0188.jpg GX2-IMG_0189.jpg GX2-IMG_0190.jpg GX2-IMG_0194.jpg
GX2-IMG_0198.jpg GX2-IMG_0199.jpg GX2-IMG_0200.jpg GX2-IMG_0201.jpg
GX2-IMG_0213.jpg GX2-IMG_0214.jpg GX2-IMG_0215.jpg GX2-IMG_0216.jpg
GX2-IMG_0217.jpg GX2-IMG_0218.jpg GX2-IMG_0219.jpg GX2-IMG_0221.jpg
GX2-IMG_0259.jpg GX2-IMG_0264.jpg GX2-IMG_0268.jpg GX2-IMG_0271.jpg
GX2-IMG_0274-pe10.jpg GX2-IMG_0276.jpg GX2-IMG_0277.jpg GX2-IMG_0279.jpg