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PhotoCamel Meet & Greet - Amsterdam 2008

Impressions from a little get-together of 5 PhotoCamels - one accompanied by his wife - from all over Europe... an Englishman living in England, an Australian living in The Netherlands, a British couple ( :-) sort of :-) ) living in Germany, a Dutchy living one bridge too far :-) and undersigned, born and raised in Amsterdam, now operating from Castricum...

...hope you like...

Kindest regards,

1D3_MG_6169.jpg 1D3_MG_6170.jpg 1D3_MG_6171.jpg 1D3_MG_6175.jpg 1D3_MG_6177.jpg
1D3_MG_6179.jpg 1D3_MG_6180.jpg 1D3_MG_6182.jpg 1D3_MG_6183.jpg 1D3_MG_6190.jpg
1D3_MG_6193.jpg 1D3_MG_6196.jpg 1D3_MG_6197.jpg 1D3_MG_6198.jpg 1D3_MG_6200.jpg
1D3_MG_6202.jpg 1D3_MG_6206.jpg 1D3_MG_6208.jpg 1D3_MG_6209.jpg 1D3_MG_6213.jpg
1D3_MG_6214.jpg 1D3_MG_6217.jpg 1D3_MG_6218.jpg 1D3_MG_6219.jpg 1D3_MG_6221.jpg
1D3_MG_6223.jpg 1D3_MG_6225.jpg 1D3_MG_6226.jpg 1D3_MG_6229.jpg 1D3_MG_6233.jpg
1D3_MG_6234.jpg 1D3_MG_6251.jpg 1D3_MG_6264.jpg 1D3_MG_6265.jpg 1D3_MG_6266.jpg
1D3_MG_6267.jpg 1D3_MG_6271.jpg 1D3_MG_6279.jpg 1D3_MG_6280.jpg 1D3_MG_6283.jpg
1D3_MG_6284.jpg 1D3_MG_6287.jpg 1D3_MG_6289.jpg 1D3_MG_6290.jpg 1D3_MG_6293.jpg
1D3_MG_6294.jpg 1D3_MG_6296.jpg 1D3_MG_6297.jpg 1D3_MG_6298.jpg 1D3_MG_6300.jpg
1D3_MG_6301.jpg 1D3_MG_6302.jpg 1D3_MG_6303.jpg 1D3_MG_6304.jpg 1D3_MG_6305.jpg
1D3_MG_6306.jpg 1D3_MG_6308.jpg 1D3_MG_6309.jpg 1D3_MG_6315.jpg 1D3_MG_6316.jpg
1D3_MG_6317.jpg 1D3_MG_6319.jpg 1D3_MG_6321.jpg 1D3_MG_6323.jpg 1D3_MG_6325.jpg
1D3_MG_6326.jpg 1D3_MG_6328.jpg 1D3_MG_6331.jpg 1D3_MG_6333.jpg 1D3_MG_6334.jpg
1D3_MG_6336.jpg 1D3_MG_6337.jpg 1D3_MG_6338.jpg 1D3_MG_6340.jpg