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2008-08-11 Working the Railroad - II

...and we met again on August 11th,as I was invited/hired to shoot a reportage of the reportage of the reconstruction of several kilometers of double-track railroad between Amersfoort and Barneveld by Dura Vermeer Rail Infra, one of the companies of the Construction Group I work for.

The highlight of the work was the presence of one of the larges rail-constructing machines in Europe, brought into the action by our German partner in the execution of the work, Messrs. Wiebe A.G. This time - and this time only - we got to photograph the machine in action, under scrutinuous guarding of the security staff...

Kindest regards!


So hereunder find the images, taken moving from Wierden to Nijverdal.

I hope you enjoy,

Kindest regards,


Castricum, July 20th, 2008
1D3_MG_6642.jpg 1D3_MG_6643.jpg 1D3_MG_6644.jpg
1D3_MG_6645.jpg 1D3_MG_6642.jpg 1D3_MG_6643.jpg
1D3_MG_6644.jpg 1D3_MG_6645.jpg 1D3_MG_6646.jpg
1D3_MG_6647.jpg 1D3_MG_6648.jpg 1D3_MG_6656.jpg
1D3_MG_6657.jpg 1D3_MG_6658.jpg 1D3_MG_6659.jpg
1D3_MG_6660.jpg 1D3_MG_6661.jpg 1D3_MG_6662.jpg
1D3_MG_6671.jpg 1D3_MG_6674.jpg 1D3_MG_6677.jpg
1D3_MG_6688.jpg 1D3_MG_6691.jpg 1D3_MG_6704.jpg
1D3_MG_6711.jpg 1D3_MG_6725.jpg 1D3_MG_6732.jpg
1D3_MG_6736.jpg 1D3_MG_6739.jpg 1D3_MG_6765.jpg
1D3_MG_6773.jpg 1D3_MG_6775.jpg 1D3_MG_6781.jpg
1D3_MG_6786.jpg 1D3_MG_6794.jpg 1D3_MG_6800.jpg
1D3_MG_6805.jpg 1D3_MG_6816.jpg 1D3_MG_6834.jpg
1D3_MG_6838.jpg 1D3_MG_6861.jpg 1D3_MG_6865.jpg
1D3_MG_6893.jpg 1D3_MG_6909.jpg 1D3_MG_6912.jpg
1D3_MG_6915.jpg 1D3_MG_6933.jpg 1D3_MG_6936.jpg
1D3_MG_6947.jpg 1D3_MG_6949.jpg 1D3_MG_6960.jpg
1D3_MG_6966.jpg 1D3_MG_6969.jpg 1D3_MG_6973.jpg
1D3_MG_6974.jpg 1D3_MG_6982.jpg 1D3_MG_6987.jpg
1D3_MG_6992.jpg 1D3_MG_6994.jpg 1D3_MG_6996.jpg
1D3_MG_7010.jpg 1D3_MG_7017.jpg 1D3_MG_7019.jpg
1D3_MG_7023.jpg 1D3_MG_7026.jpg 1D3_MG_7043.jpg
1D3_MG_7044.jpg 1D3_MG_7048.jpg 1D3_MG_7051.jpg
1D3_MG_7054.jpg 1D3_MG_7086.jpg 1D3_MG_7110.jpg
1D3_MG_7123.jpg 1D3_MG_7174.jpg 1D3_MG_7205.jpg
1D3_MG_7209.jpg 1D3_MG_7211.jpg 1D3_MG_7231.jpg
1D3_MG_7234.jpg 1D3_MG_7241.jpg