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Mother Nature

Always different, always nice and always inspirating nature...
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Autumn in Torysky Fall landscape Entering military area Morning lake Shooting range Fall
WW2 monument Windy ridge Natural broom Chalet Gehula Ruins of Sklenar Autumn meadows
Lines Bela river I Scarecrow I Deers Bela river II Scarecrow II
On the bank Stone in the stream Scarecrow III Scarecrow IV Crocuses Solar powerplant
Rainbow Fresh green Blajzloch Lake Tree and water Snail on tree Cascades
After rain Blajzloch Lake Loong way An eye Rainbow sunset Blajzloch Lake
Spring flower Rest of snow Detail Low Sun Evening light Detail
On the rock On Kysky Borisov Black on walk Like a desert Spring lines
Spring flowers Solar plant Spring nature Thing :) Evening chapel Spring
30 seconds I 30 seconds II Head up White line Old tree Evening Sun
In the shadow Winter meadows On the hill Winter blue Crossing On the top
Kozi stit, High Tatras Gerlachovsky stit, the highest summit of Slovakia First rays of Sun Sunrise in High Tatras Fresh creamy snow Peak Novy, alt. 1999m.
Peak Novy, alt. 1999m. Teryho chata, High Tatras Observatory and sunrise Sunset Last rays of Sun Last rays of Sun
Last rays of Sun on Lomnicky stit On Babky peak, West Tatras Storm is coming Caching the Sun Sun behind Lomnicky stit, High Tatras Caching the waterfall
German military cemetery, Vazec German military cemetery, Vazec Sunset Two Suns Colorful ice :) Blue and white
Peak Krivan, alt. 2494m Sunset at Biele pleso (White Lake) Morning mists rolling over mountain ridge Zelene pleso valley Colorful fall Low Tatras in blue
From the helicopter door Blueberry Contrasts Kopske sedlo, High Tatras Wilderness in the valley Sunrise phases
Hot springs at Siva Brada Trees and their shadows Church on Marianska hora Snowy Tatras and colourful trees Stone & moving clouds Focused on Moon
On the top of Babky peak Valleys and mountains Misty valleys Layers Our destiny Fallen leaves
Focused on Moon II Cloudy sunset After the rain Spissky hrad (Spis castle) In avalanche Fall in West Tatras
Frozen beauty Morning moisture Macro from ground Purple and hairy In Hladke sedlo Symmetry of land and sky
In a window Late afternoon shower Storm is close Nature and clouds Autumn in High Tatras Autumn in full colors
Frozen sunset Slovakian mountains Besnik saddle Sunset lights Snowy Tatras German Military Cemetery
Autumn on the border Flower sunset Ant Thermal Africa :) Scared lizard From macro training
In Krupove sedlo, alt. 1925m On Dumbier, Low Tatras Low Tatras national park Winds are stong here TV transmitter on Kralova hola On Kralova hola, alt. 1946m
Sunrise in Tatras In Kopske sedlo, alt. 1933m In the evening Sun Mountain rose Sunset saturation Warm cold
Winter evening When the Sun is setting Caused by strong winds Late afternoon Sun Waves of snow September snow
View from plane Snowy day at Velka Knola Beautiful cold day Structures Evening shadows Layers of snow
Water veil Military cemetery entrance Names of fallen german soldiers High Tatras from Low Tatras In the saddle The Trinity
Avalanche pusher :) Waterfall detail High spring waters Spring river Water drop detail Jewellery
Evening mists Storm Liptov landscape Spring in Tatras I. Spring in Tatras II. Chata pod Rysmi
Spider web Wet attack :) Fly (or two? three?:) Rainbow Rohacske plesa Rohacske plesa
Simply Blue Late autumn contrasts Fall in West Tatras Snowy autumn Crystal clear waters Partly frozen lake
In sunset light Max & Walter In Tatras Thorns Microisland Rainy weather
My beloved chapel Autumn leaf One of many One of many Reflections Veins of Nature
Greetings from Earth Flying to the south Gentle touch Glowing ridge Evening... Spis Castle
Sunrise in mountains Floating mists Autumn Two trees Bath in gold Sunset time
Chapel I Chapel II Chapel III Moonset in Tatras Fresh fallen snow Leaf
In the woods Winter time I Winter time II Winter time III Nest Spis Castle
Snowy rollercoaster Lot of snow Winter landscape High Tatras Plays with bokeh Gentle structures
l Chains In the Shadow Low Sun Winter spring Piano keys
At the cemetary Low evening light Snowy day Foot steps City and the mountain Wall
Partial Solar Eclipse Partial Solar Eclipse Winter afternoon I Winter afternoon II The Wall Winter afternoon III
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