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samikosemi12-Apr-2013 04:33
Hi there , you have great galleries with interesting pictures .
you are one of my fevorites now !
keep doing great work !
Sami /
bill birdsong11-Nov-2012 22:44
Your galleries are inspiring and your thoughts on equipment and processing very helpful. Thanks!
artist03-Aug-2012 07:24
Hi ... you are so creative . I like your works so much....I am an artist from Udaipur , India.i paint on canvas, paper etc ..

what more can i say .. except keep-smiling ..
maljo 08-Nov-2010 01:06
Very nice images. You certainly get around!
JacoDub08-Feb-2010 17:10
You really make amazing pictures, especially -- but not only -- of people. Congratulations!

You said in a forum (which led me to your PBase galleries) that the Sony 35mm 1.4 was the king of prime lenses, but I hardly found any pictures taken with it among those of your galleries I went through. I would like to see some (if possible, taken with the A900) because I am thinking about maybe getting that lens for my new A850.
Bryant30-Jan-2009 19:32
Love your images! I also shot with a Minolta 7D.
Guest 15-Oct-2008 20:42
Great body of work! You have some iconic shots of California and it's residents.
Cedric Sims05-Jul-2007 02:39
Excellent galleries with a wide variety!
Cedric Sims05-Jul-2007 02:39
Excellent galleries with a wide variety!
Guest 27-Jun-2007 13:53
Pure display of talent.
Guest 23-Apr-2007 09:56
Mark, you have make an great difference in your galleries!
Impressive and beautiful~

Thanks for your sharing,
Guest 23-Apr-2007 09:29
Dear Mark,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Excellent work...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
Guest 04-Feb-2007 00:26
Great galleries... wonderful colours... fantastic vision. Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed very much.
Selvin Chance02-Jan-2007 00:26
Wonderful work especially those of Southern California.
The Hermosa Beach Pro Volleyball series captures the essence of the scene beautifully.
Guest 01-Jan-2007 09:49
Today, as many other days, i opened "my favorite artistes list" here on pbase and decided to send a message to each and one of you, since your galleries have inspired me since the begging.

So, i wish a very happy 2007 and all the best for the new year. May the clicks on your camera delivers this fine art for us to see...

Best Regards,
Stefanos Lampridis.
Guest 28-Oct-2006 14:31
Great galery .I wish you a safe trip and also a lot of pictures , I also love to trip and take pictures but unfortunately only when have holidays .
Xiao Ni 19-Oct-2006 19:49
You seem to be a frequent traveler and I like all of your galleries. Super!I just added you to my favorites list!

Xiao Ni
GoodListener18-Oct-2006 05:05
I have appreciated your work a lot. It must take a lot of time and money, but what fun! I notice that you use VERY good eqipment. For my part, just starting out w digital, i-photo and use of e-mail to tell stories to friends and family. Looking at a great many photos on PBase helps me undersand what's the difference between a snap shot and a "Photograph". But, always working on it, and sometimes a good old snapshot of family life is just the right thing.

Pllease, keep up the great work, and thank you so much for sharing!
B Thomas Johnston14-Oct-2006 10:15
Hi Mark, I don't know where to start. All your galleries are wonderful. Thankyou for taking the time to check mine out.
Guest 01-Oct-2006 14:01
Mark, do you shoot for a magazine? Your work is awesome! I've had you on my favorites so I see all of your updates. Great shots!!
dave weathers17-Sep-2006 04:26
hey mark
great work once again..we seem to follow the same path on alot of our work..
Guest 27-Aug-2006 15:35
Love the "splash" & your work on the BW!
Lawrence Solum06-Aug-2006 17:10
Wonderful galleries. Thanks so much.
Ron S. Bernardo22-Jul-2006 13:28
Impressive work on you photos Mark!
Janet 05-Jul-2006 00:56
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
Jeffrey 01-Jul-2006 09:19
Looking for information and found it at this great site...
Guest 30-Jun-2006 13:09
Guest 13-Jun-2006 09:48
great albums great pictures added to my favorites
Guest 12-Jun-2006 11:04
Mark, you can call yourself a great photographer.
Chuck Kuhn04-Jun-2006 17:17
Great to see California from you eyes. 04-Jun-2006 12:23
Incredible.. Ken
David Yu02-Jun-2006 20:02
I like a lot of your street photos. You ave a great vision when you take photos. thank you very much for sharing that.
Emad Omar29-May-2006 08:28
I just discovered your pbase. Very nice and good work
please check out my gallery
Signature Prints Photography07-Apr-2006 19:28
Thank you for taking the time to share

"It is said that the truly great, inspire those around them to greatness without intention"
You’re why I love and push this site so hard
the most talented people in our society aren’t published for all to judge, more over they inspire this countries foundation. Leave it to the HW culture to make sure some thing great is eventually covered and flashed across our adoring pages of worthless endeavors as a F***ed up society stuck on fake crack!

In short “ROCK ON!!” where ever you are and remember your opinion is all the truly matters so make sure some how your happy or laughing at your self in all your life’s efforts

SRH needs to stop editing the endless supply of wedding pictures
Thank God I love what I do, some times though I?
Sefval Mogalana25-Mar-2006 03:31
I love the sharpness to your images. Its amazing how sharp you could get it! Nice images throughout your galleries. Thank you for sharing with us!
Ken Crowder06-Mar-2006 19:16
I happened across your galleries, and just wanted to let you know how impressive they are. You shoot a variety of things very well, with consistent quality and vision. Most impressive. Thank you for sharing your travels with us, and I will check back in from time to time. Ken
Guest 16-Feb-2006 13:49
Hi there
Really love all your images
Keep posting
Marc Vandercasteelen 11-Feb-2006 22:55
I saw your pictures that you made with the Minolta 17-35/2.8-4 D
realy beautifull pictures
Are you pleased with this lens ?
I want to bey one for my 7D
Guest 08-Feb-2006 23:24
I love your color splash gallery. You use that technique very effectively.
Guest 06-Feb-2006 19:40
Your photos are excellent. How do you do your digital black and white conversions?

ErinJ 27-Jan-2006 22:24
So much to see in all your galleries, the travels, the B/W work....
I love your view of California the best, you show it so well
Guest 25-Jan-2006 13:10
Your galleries are very rich, show a huge variety of topics, places, ideas, and your pictures are always excellent. Congratulations.
Vilone22-Jan-2006 02:32
Thank you for your visit & kind comments.


dave weathers09-Jan-2006 23:27
Once again Mark great job...makes me want to go out and shoot rather then sit behind my desk and do my real job...thanks for the torture..
Henry Li 09-Jan-2006 22:56
You have such a diverse portfolio here.
I learn a lot looking through your works,
Thank you for the education and inspiration.
GŁnter Borgemeister30-Dec-2005 07:01
Thanks for your kind comments on my galleries.
Best wishes for you and a very happy new year!
Guest 19-Dec-2005 18:27

Thank you taking the time to look at my galleries and leaving a kind comment. I have admired your galleries for some time now and always look forward to seeing some of your new works. Congratulations on making the popular galleries again! Take care.

Offer Goldfarb19-Dec-2005 13:07
congretulation ! you are the most is very human very high quality gallery.
Thanks for the warm words on my works
Keep in touch
take care
Guest 17-Dec-2005 23:58
Great photos and Galleries..
Julia Greene 16-Dec-2005 17:58
Your Middle East galleries are truly an eye-opener. You present such a different image of the region, so much more human, so much more beautiful than the media-driven world of hate that drives our fears. Thank you for this, such simple truth was never needed more.
Streetworks Photography15-Dec-2005 13:35
I really appreciate all of your supportive words, it means a lot when fellow photographers feels inspirid by my work, as I learn so much from all of you.

Erina -- the selective color galleries are actually done quite quickly, see a discussion of different methods here, below the mian gallery:

Glenn -- I've gotten a number of questions about my equipment, and methods used in processing, so I've created this info sheet:
Piotr Sobolewski15-Dec-2005 08:29
mark, thanks for your comment and visiting my gallery. Looking into your gallery helps me to improve my skills. Best regards.
Guest 14-Dec-2005 17:32
mark....amazing images. thanks for your comment on my gallery as well.
quick question: when you upload your images how are you going about it.
what dpi do you use. and you use rgb i assume.
i cant seem to get the detail and richness of my images once uploaded and you do.
thanks for the help...
Jan Koster11-Dec-2005 22:59
Thanks for your kind words about my pictures. You are among my favorite photographers and, of what I have seen, certainly one of the top 5 Konica Minolta 7D users. Shy as I am in approaching people with my camera, I particularly envy your candids and portraits. Your pictures of the Middle East are superb!
Guest 04-Dec-2005 10:18
you must have spent lots of time for the color splash photo. wonderful, very well capture and excellent presentation.
AL05-Nov-2005 15:18
What a wonderful learning experience viewing your pics! Thanks for sharing and look forward to seeing more amazing and inspiring works from you... Hope to hear your valuable comments on my galleries, too :>
Ahmed Shehab01-Nov-2005 11:12
Hello mark, i have enojoyed seeing your pics, specially the ones of Cairo, good job mark , i would be glad if you come and see my very little gallery tho :) ..
JamesDelRoy 30-Oct-2005 00:42
Exlporing your galleries is like taking a walk through the many countries you've been to. You have such an amazing eye for composition, color, and action, thanks so much for posting all of these for the world to see!
Amie 09-Oct-2005 10:02
Hi Mark,
I love your pics! Thank you so much for sharing! God bless you!
Love, Amie
Ana Carloto O'Shea04-Oct-2005 11:04
It was a pleasure to visit your galleries.
You have amazing works and I will surely return to keep checking.
Congratulations on your works.
Garrett Lau04-Oct-2005 05:19
Nice photos, over a broad range of categories. Thanks for your comments on my cycling photos. --Garrett
Guest 02-Oct-2005 03:51
Hello Mark,
I enjoyed viewing your excellent photographs. How fortunate you are to have had the opportunity to travel to so many wonderful places. I also feel fortunate that you've decided to share these great memories. Great job!
Guest 23-Sep-2005 13:57
Moon ( s'pore) 23-Sep-2005 01:51
These pictures are fantastic.
I did not know you had such great talents in photography among others!!
well done!MARKWP!
Scott Ryan 20-Sep-2005 10:28
Hi mate,
Found your card today and jumped on to check out your photos from the Egypt/Jordan trip. They along with all your photos are just fantastic. Site now in my favourites - will be back from time to time to watch the works continue to grow.
Enjoy the rest of your travels and keep up the great work.
Scott - Melbourne, OZ
Streetworks Photography20-Sep-2005 00:27
Thanks for all of your supportive words -- I really love hearing from people in parts of the world I've visited, or hope to visit, it really makes my day. Jason -- these images can easily be downloaded for personal use, but, of course, You need to contact me if you wish to use any of them on a website, or for other purposes.
Guest 20-Sep-2005 00:07
Hi Gallery,
Great Gallery. I love the gallery you have for the people you've met during your travel.
Great capture of people's expression. Great Job!
Thanks for Sharing
Guest 17-Sep-2005 08:58
Great galleries, im really impressed. Your the best I've seen at capturing the mood and atmosphere of these places around the world.
Guest 14-Sep-2005 07:07
Hi Mark
Thank you for passing by my galleries, and for living nice comments. You have an amazing collection of photographs.
Thanks for sharing.
Jason 12-Sep-2005 23:56
Love the pics for Santa Cruz. Do you mind if I save a few? Thanks for the response
Carsten from Germany 11-Sep-2005 17:14
Wow. Perfect eye, perfect photos, perfect places. I'd like to be at all these places the same time. Thanks for these gorgeous images Mark :-)
Streetworks Photography10-Sep-2005 18:12
Thanks for all of your supportive words -- particularly from Niall, whose amazing work is such an inspiration for myself and others here at Pbase.
Guest 10-Sep-2005 18:06
Bravo Mark,
I love your photos and I'll come back often to visit your galleries.
Added to my favorites

Roe..07-Sep-2005 10:19
Hi Mark..thanks for your comment..I enjoyed my journey through your galleries..I'm planning a trip to Greece this years so daydreaming while looking at your photographs was magical..
B Thomas Johnston20-Aug-2005 05:27
Thanks for your comments in my Malaysia gallery Mark, I'm glad you liked them and can recommend Malaysia and it's people for a visit.
Sherri 14-Jul-2005 02:29
Very nice pictures.. I love your costline and lighthouse pictures the best...
type05-Jul-2005 23:47
Hi Mark, thanks for your encouraging work. Had a browse through your travel galleries. Some wonderful stuff (especially Rome) and your lighting is uniformally excellent. All the best, Niall.
Guest 29-Jun-2005 13:31

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

Angel Gonzalez Molero28-Jun-2005 20:19
I took a look at your galleries, and enjoyed my visit very much. You have a very interesting assortment of photographs.
Thanks for share your photos
Nico Van Ganzewinkel22-Jun-2005 19:33

Thank you for this encouraging words,.
Since i had the plan to buy a Konica Minolta Dynax 7 D i follow evrything about it on
DP review. They lead me to your gallery's. I like the Baja 1 and 2 and the University series


Nico VG
Guest 22-Jun-2005 08:30
Hi Mark,
you have great galleries and fantastic pictures. It would be extremely difficult to me to vote for any of them. Therefore, here is a vote for all your work. Thanks for sharing.

Dayna 26-Apr-2005 17:13
You have an amazing gallery of pictures here, honey. I love the shots of Houston as I live there and love the images you captured in and around the city.
Guest 15-Apr-2005 07:45
hi mark =D thanks for passing by my galleries im glad you liked my shots =D you've captured a ot too!! especially luv the themed gallery (yellow in particular coz i luv that colour!!) will watch out for more from you coz im definately learning alot too!! ciao,
Guest 22-Mar-2005 16:09
Hi Mark,
You're pictures are incredible. You have a real eye for seeing the usual and making unusual.
Thanks for sharing.
Jean Ray07-Mar-2005 05:28
Hi Mark. You have some really incredible images here. I really enjoyed browsing and will be back.
Guest 28-Feb-2005 05:27
Your photos are incredible, and the colors are just awe inspiring. When I see photos like these I question why I ever thought of picking up a camera. Thanks for showing me how they should really look like ha ha.
Guest 19-Feb-2005 21:56
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España donde tienes un amigo
Johan Toll14-Feb-2005 08:57
I really like your galleries. They are very inspiring and inventive. Beautiful work!! /Johan
Guest 12-Feb-2005 20:26
Thanks for stopping by. Go to South America, it is an amazing place and having looked through some of your pics I'm sure you will capture some amazing images. It looks like you have travelled quite a lot as it is so I'm sure you would enjoy the experience.
veselina ganeva 11-Feb-2005 10:50
That was one of the best galleries I've ever seen.Compliments!I envy you :)
Guest 03-Feb-2005 07:55
wOW, What a treat, you have really great stuff. TFS, Regards
Guest 18-Jan-2005 19:47
What a fantastic collection of photos you have here! Congratulations. You really have an eye for color and composition. - Claus
Peter 18-Jan-2005 01:04
Just happened upon your galleries while shopping for telephoto lens. What a delight! Within minutes I had forgotten my search and become totally entranced by your work. Thanks for sharing, and I'll be back often. Cheers
Richard Haas 03-Dec-2004 10:38
could you please contact me
Thanks in advance
Fred Gordon 18-Nov-2004 21:38
Grand series of photographs. Please let the world see more of your fine work.
Guest 12-Nov-2004 21:50
I really like your style. nice variety of images.
great work!
Très belle gallerie avec beaucoup de variété
En fantastisk samling, mycket vackert.
Wundervolle Bilder.

Guy Walsh16-Oct-2004 19:37
Outstanding work…..photographs taken with a camera that cost penny’s compared to my gear …yet you make my work pale into insignificance my friend.
Streetworks Photography16-Oct-2004 04:59
Thanks Selvin -- the red blue and yellow galleries were inspired by other Pbase users -- one of many ideas I've gotten from this site.
Selvin Chance10-Oct-2004 18:37
Your recent "Red" gallery is an interesting way to highlight things we may have missed before.
Aloha and great job.
Guest 09-Oct-2004 22:51
just wanted to tell that i like your gallerys...
Ola Berglund30-Sep-2004 21:06
Hi Mark. Thanks for looking at my pictures. When I looked at your pictures I understood you like travelling and I belive you, as I, never leave the camera at home. I really liked your pictures and if you visit Sweden and Stockholm you can find new motives everywere. I have seen many towns and countries in Europa but now, after we bought a flat in Nice at The France Riviera I always go there.
Best Regards Ola
Guest 30-Sep-2004 18:08
Thanks for visiting my galleries. Fortunate enough to live near the places you hope to travel soon. Browse through your galleries. Wonderful shots! Particularly like the one on St. Peters, Rome, with rays of light beaming down. :)
Streetworks Photography21-Aug-2004 01:17
Thanks Steve, but I prefer to let the pictures speak for themselves, too much text litters the screen.
Steve 18-Aug-2004 20:35
You have an amazing collection of photos from all over the world. You trave a lot. Tell us something about the different places. It is wonderful to have some words to go along with the photos.
Guest 12-Aug-2004 12:45
Thank you for visiting my galleries. I am so glad you did. I have really enjoyed viewing your images. Especially the ones of Japan. They are beautiful. I am going to be moving to Iwakuni, Japan in October so I was so glad to see such beautiful images of my "soon to be" new home. Thank you for sharing.
MEAGAN 09-Aug-2004 18:36
hey sup gurl im really feelin your syte itz good very good i luv the pictures u put on it there wonderful makes it look very intelligent but the question i haveiz did u go to tokyo or u jus felt lyke takin pic of it o well either way itz still great g2g hun

{Pyce}*yours truly meagan*
Guest 02-Jul-2004 07:36
I'm new to pbase, but you've given me a lot of good ideas on how to set up my galleries. So many great photos that you have posted, I like the "people" gallery best.
Guest 28-Jun-2004 18:06
Your galleries are really terrific! Your photoes are able to capture and vividly communicate the feel of a place.
Guest 16-Jun-2004 00:22
Wow, I really really like your travel galleries -- with the bicycle trip in South Australia as my favorite. I got some good ideas on shooting coastals from several of your gallleries. I find it hard to come up with original coastal shots, but many of yours are just that.
Guest 26-Apr-2004 22:22
I like the "Seascapes of the Pacific Coast" a lot! Thanks for sharing.
Guest 26-Apr-2004 17:49
Interesantes fotos
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
Guest 11-Mar-2004 21:15

Your images capture a wide variety of subjects with a rare combination of careful composition, appreciation of the the value of good lighting, and a flare for creative ideas that is so essential in creating moving images. Your "People I've Encountered" gallery displays your ability to the greatest degree -- I would encourage you to to take more portraits as you continue to develop your photography. I'm developing several travel websites at this time, and I'll be contacting you in regard to the use of some of your wonderful travel shots,

All the best -- and keep shooting!!
Jeff Cochran10-Mar-2004 20:44
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
Ellen 01-Mar-2004 19:42
Hi Mark,

great pictures, keep shooting more and share.
I hope you don't mind but I added a link to your galleries in my Yahoo Group: .

Best Regards,
Guest 01-Mar-2004 07:50
I like all your galleries
Chuck Kuhn23-Feb-2004 06:56
Amazing travels...and magical pictures, thanks for sharing
Yvonne18-Feb-2004 06:33
I particularly enjoyed your South Australia selection - I hope you enjoyed your stay in S.A.
Guest 17-Feb-2004 07:32
I like all your galleries.It is a wonderfull work
J'ai admiré toutes vos photos-Bravo
Guest 08-Feb-2004 17:44
Thanks for your kind words about my galleries. You've done a fantastic job with yours, also. I really like your Kyoto pics. You've really captured the beauty of this historic city.
ac04-Feb-2004 10:47
Interesting galleries, full of beautiful photos from all over the world.
Michael Emmerich (fotographer)03-Feb-2004 21:12
Thanx for leaving a comment !
Your galleries are also very nice and invite
for virtual journeys ... you must have been
in many parts of the world.

Guest 02-Feb-2004 20:43
You photos are absolutly wonderful. Welcome to the Pbase family.
Guest 23-Jan-2004 06:09
Absolutely breathe taking! It’s a beautiful record of your travels. Glad you’re sharing them with us.
Joseph 16-Jan-2004 22:33
Your images caught my eye through a random search and I'm really very impressed with the way you've been able to capture the many places you've visited. I've spent a bit of time of the central coast of California, and I particularly like the way you've presented this oft photographed region. Thanks for the inspiration and keep shooting!
Guest 15-Jan-2004 02:32
Just as I was thinking of what a good idea it would be to have a gallery for beat me to it. I enjoyed viewing your images very much. Thanks for sharing. Regards, Arif
hgk14-Jan-2004 00:08
Thanks for your message. We just visited your page and admired your images - especially watching places we have been as well in Australia - and we now know we have to go to Oregon, what we never thought about before...