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rv-7a panel work

4-29-05+panel+work- downward view of dynon 4-29-05+panel+work+036.jpg dynon flush mount back view 4-29-05+panel+work+059.jpg
feb+05-- first big cut. BMA EFIS one. feb+05+023.jpg cig+lighter+and+trim+id+decisions+007.jpg cig+lighter+and+trim+id+decisions+006.jpg
4-29-05  circuit breaker bus bars done 4-29-05 Dynon in XL right panel panel+work+4+22+05cir+breakers holes drilled more+panel+aileron decisions
5-30-05+004.jpg 5-30-05+002.jpg 5-30-05+007.jpg DSCN1983.JPG
ready to take over to the trophy shop for silk screening DSCN1985.JPG DSCN1986.JPG DSCN1987.JPG
DSCN1993.JPG panel back in shop. got talked into Vinyl graphics DSCN2447.JPG DSCN2468.JPG
DSCN2469.JPG 8-19-05 fri 004.jpg-- ken's Heritage 8-27-05 sat thinking about putting this back together 8-27-05 sat - thinking about clear coating over labels
9-1-05 big day- back in place after mos of details 9-1-05 lost a few knobs and screws along the way. 9-1-05 big day -- probably use black pan head screws or socket head 9-1-05 big day-- PPG DBC /2905S  base and 2042, DCX61, DT885 clear
9-1-05 ran out of panel space-- had to put some things under dash like parking brake and alt air 9-1-05 had to put cabin heat push pull under panel-- no room left. 9-1-05 big day 090.jpg 9-1-05 big day 088.jpg
9-1-05 big day-- had to get rid of the stereo speaker-- too big of a magnet 9-1-05 big day -- will be asking for help(how) to rivet top skin 9-1-05 big day-- headed the right direction 9-11-05 001.jpg
9-11-05.jpg more+full+panel+aileron.jpg more+full+panel+aileron.jpg feb+23+panel+txp+fit.jpg
feb+05+panel+pict+unfinished.jpg feb+05 inside panel shot.jpg feb 5 inside left panel area.jpg inside panel shot.jpg
4-21-05+orig+cb+design.jpg 11.23.05 018.jpg 11.23.05 016.jpg 11.23.05 041.jpg
11.23.05 047.jpg 4-21-05+auto+pilot+ctlr++cpu.jpg 4-21-05+blue+mtn+cpu.jpg 4-21-05+BMA+CPU+almost+done.jpg
auto pilot mounted.jpg blue+Mtn  cpu left view.jpg blue+Mtn  cpu mounted.jpg cpu view from right side.jpg
extra cables --URGHH.jpg DSCN1615.JPG DSCN1616.JPG DSCN1617.JPG
6-13-05+030.jpg too close to edge. had to lower for nut plate placements efis tray.jpg 7-18-05 036.jpg
7-18-05 037.jpg 7-18-05 038.jpg 7-18-05 040.jpg 7-18-05 007.jpg
7-18-05 008.jpg 7-18-05 019.jpg 7-26-05 006.jpg 8-18-05 011.jpg
8-18-05 006.jpg 8-18-05 019.jpg 10-10-05 016.jpg 10.20.05 008.jpg
10.20.05 013.jpg 10.20.05 012.jpg 10.21.05 007.jpg 10.21.05 009.jpg
10.21.05 013.jpg 11.05.05 sent CPU back to BMA for gyro upgrade 11.05.05 012.jpg 12.28.05 007.jpg
12.28.05 009.jpg 5.10.06 006.jpg 5.10.06 016.jpg 5.10.06 030.jpg
7.29.06 013.jpg 7.29.06 014.jpg 7.29.06 040.jpg 7.29.06 041.jpg
7.29.06 051.jpg RIPON got to put the camera down now 7.29.06 420.jpg 7.29.06 421.jpg 7.29.06 422.jpg
7.29.06 424.jpg 7.29.06 425.jpg 7.29.06 426.jpg 7.29.06 428.jpg Very Hazy going into the valley for Provo, ut
7.29.06 429.jpg 7.29.06 431.jpg 7.29.06 434.jpg Departing Provo, Ut 7.29.06 436.jpg North Las Vegas
7.29.06 439.jpg 9.02.06 095.jpg 9.02.06 096.jpg 9.02.06
9.02.06 008.jpg 8.09.07 035.jpg 8.09.07 043.jpg 8.09.07 045.jpg
8.09.07 046.jpg 8.09.07 047.jpg 8.09.07 080.jpg 8.09.07 052.jpg