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Suddenly I heard a band playing downstairs....

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For the musicians and all the people who asked me for their photos...

It was about 7 p.m. in a cloudy and relatively cold Sunday.
I was trying to have an inspiration to cook something for dinner.
Suddenly a wave of jazzy music with a taste of Balkan rhythm invaded my kitchen from the open window.
It sounded lively, merry and good.
I took my camera and I rushed downstairs.
A lot of passers-by stopped to listen to the unexpected performance and,
seeing me taking pictures, asked me if it would have been possible to see them.
So here they are.
I managed to record also a little of the ambiance sound.
It’s what you might hear, opening some of the pictures of this series.
The quality of the recording is average, but all was done “live”.
g5/82/62182/3/98788769.lcX7T0Ai.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98788768.01jwyU3Z.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98788766.1kFQYgOV.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98767983.khWurXEf.jpg
g5/82/62182/3/98767091.gcCKqXZr.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98762424.mGcNXlvK.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98762084.EustGtAW.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98725494.pGrI2mIY.jpg
g5/82/62182/3/98725497.PH0YbMrE.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98725500.vnpqeMiF.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98726764.FCtVf2Jp.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98727565.6nHqWsML.jpg
g5/82/62182/3/98727965.DvOXdbIh.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98728159.eR1V0isQ.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98729124.JujFidFk.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98728230.QYGyHtBC.jpg
g5/82/62182/3/98729255.1cIKoAUa.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98761875.Ut4GqSp5.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98761874.D85LXy0O.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98729282.If2l8qAX.jpg
g5/82/62182/3/98729338.srThG3Lk.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98761871.n3v2lugF.jpg g5/82/62182/3/98761796.ddvI8VUp.jpg