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John Medlin05-Apr-2020 19:24
Hi, Marisa. I love your beautiful photos in the current What's Cooking competition. But they give me a perverse idea to set up the same kind of scene, featuring something handmade by me. After all, there aren't any rules saying the image has to be pleasant to look at! :->
Jean Chiasson24-Dec-2019 16:09
Merci Marisa un jour du viendra au Québec Bye
Carl H. Johnson01-Jan-2018 13:16
Chrissie Higgleton08-Sep-2017 18:09
I have enjoyed looking through your galleries. Your website is amazing, I will be back.
Dave Putz 16-May-2014 13:38
Doing some online scouting for an upcoming trip to Annecy France. Found your Annecy images - very impressive!
I may not copy your shots directly, but you have given me a wealth of ideas. Thanks!
Trent Watts02-Jan-2014 01:20
I just noticed your galleries. You have such an intriguing way of capturing everyday objects and commenting on life. As well your mastery of presenting the material with varying backgrounds, colors and fonts is impressive. Keep up the good work.
Linda & Pr Johansson05-Dec-2013 12:50
Marisa! Thank you very much for the Christmas card I got! I'd love to send you a Christmas card but have no address, can you give me your address. I was so happy and surprised!
aluco01-Nov-2013 11:31
Hi Marisa!
Love your Pbase side! And your wonderful photos!!
Ismat Asha 14-Oct-2013 21:38
I greatly admire your work which revolves around the countries I love. Having been to Switzerland and Italy many times , your work brings back many pleasant memories.
Do you post process your images and to what extent.
I have the same camera, fz150 and D-lux4 but there is a vast difference between my pictures and your high quality ones.
Please keep up the beautiful, meaningfully work!
Guest 09-Oct-2013 21:17
Hi Marisa,
Yes, the image of the two "coons" were taken in the wild....
Thanks so very much for your nice comments on my water images as well...
Veronica Fresh22-Aug-2013 23:35
You are an incredible and extremely gifted artist. I enjoyed browsing through your Galleries...too many images to comment on all of them... I am amazed at your creativity.
Jerry Kemper13-Jul-2013 22:26
Just re-visiting your galleries again today. Terrific work as always. And thank you for your kind comments in 2008 for my photo of Riva degli Schiavoni. Cheers from Texas!
Guest 06-May-2013 03:05
Thanks Marisa for the very nice comment on my Doe In The Fog...
Iris Maybloom (irislm)13-Apr-2013 21:29
Yours are probably the most creative and interesting galleries I've seen on pbase. I look forward to returning and returning again to your inspiring work and I thank you for commenting on one of my images from Cuba.
Robert Houde27-Mar-2013 18:01
Superbe galleries et excellent travail Marisa.
Maria Luisa Loup 18-Feb-2013 02:25
Can I share your photos on my Facebook Profile ? PLEASE ! Thanks
John Lamb01-Jan-2013 23:49
Marisa, I see you are a wizz with Pbase style sheets and I hope you can help me. I want to add a link to Top birding sites in my 'Birds in New Zealand' gallery. They sent me a code to paste into the gallery but I'm not sure how to do this and would appreciate any help you can offer. Thanks and best wishes for a happy 2013. John
Barry S Moore01-Jan-2013 01:13
Marisa, your creative photographys and artistry remind me of William Blakes poem ....
To see a world in a grain of sand,
And a heaven in a wild flower,
Hold infinity in the palm of your hand,
And eternity in an hour.....
.... May the challenges of the new year be good to you. Keep inspriing us all with glorious snapshots of life and the things it has to offer. Kindest regards Barry
Carl H. Johnson24-Dec-2012 16:58
Wishing you and your family a Merry Christmas!!!!
larose forest photos15-Nov-2012 17:53
I just want to say, again, how much I love your wonderfully creative galleries. They are a high point on PBase as far as I'm concerned. You quote Edward Weston: "Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph;not searching for unusual subject matter,
but making the commonplace unusual." Well, you succeed beautifully in making the commonplace unusual. I am inspired by your work.
Best, Christine
George G. Chiodo21-Oct-2012 11:20
Marisa, I have been following you for years on PBase; really and just this morning realized I have never sent you a comment. Your work is outstanding! I visited Italy in 1975 and wish to again return to see more of Europe, but through your photography and stories I feel I am in touch with Europe. Your work is personal and reveals the wonder and everyday beauty in the places you visit and photograph. Thank you for your posts, I have truly enjoyed them and will continue to experience Europe until I can again return.
Petros Labrakos20-Sep-2012 19:59
dear friend,
You are among classy participants,
that really worth a special notice!
Thank you for your excellent contribution
to my inspirational Art pursuit
warmest regards
Guest 27-Aug-2012 10:52
Hi Marisa. Thanyou for visiting my Switzerland gallery and for your kind comments. I only visited the Lucerne area for a week this Summer and what I have seen of your Country is truely beautiful.
Your photos are lovely and will be back soon when I have a bit more time to have a longer look through your galleries. Thanks again, Kevin.
artist24-Aug-2012 09:48
Hi ... you are so creative .I like your works so much....I am an artist from Udaipur , India.i paint on canvas, paper etc .. I hope we can be good friends ....

what more can i say .. except keep-smiling ..
danad24-Aug-2012 09:44
Vos galeries sont admirablement présentées. Elles "ralentissent" le temps et l'on a envie de s'y perdre.. Merci de nous faire partager vos dons artistiques.
Iasha 20-Aug-2012 14:32
You are lucky to live in a postcard country with so many beautiful picture opportunies but your style is outstanding.
I used to spend my vacations in the Thun/Interlaken area.
Best wishes
Terri Rucker 07-Aug-2012 18:45
Your photographs were just sensational: of particular note was "birth." Thank you Columbus Ohio
Theresa Mullins Low26-Jul-2012 11:41
I really like the setup of your site and your galleries. I told my husband I want to go to Switzerland. I even read your blog. I will be back to visit.
George Fricker09-Jun-2012 02:35
In a word, "outstanding". I really enjoy looking at your photograph's
George Fricker (junglegeorge)
Nurdan Sray 02-May-2012 06:06
Merhaba Maria!

Bildiðinizi tahmin etmediðim bir dilde de olsa sizi kutlamak istedim!
Her kareniz düþlerime, hayallerime benden daha yakýn.
Çok güzeller ve büyüleyiciler.

Kutluyorum. Ýstanbul'dan Sevgiler...

Guest 27-Apr-2012 15:48
Well Done! I love that sort of day trip. I was in Switzerland from 1961-64. Basel and Biel were my faborite cities, I think.; Amerideutsch trying to understand Schweizerdeutsch! The Zurich See froze one year.
I enjoyed the old-style architecture, but unfortunately, I was unable to take many photos. Your gallery brought back a lot of memories.

Bratwurst and Weisswurst were my favorites, along with fresh-roasted Chestnuts you could buy from vendor's carts, which were everywhere, iirc. Sergei could have tried the Sausage McMuffin at McDonald's, if he was desperate.
Carl H. Johnson12-Apr-2012 00:34
Marisa, your work simply "OUTSTANDING". I enjoy how time after time, you will take an ordinary image and make it to the most extraordinary piece of art.
Carlo Ciciriello 12-Feb-2012 18:54
Marisa, yesterday I spent more than 1 hour watching your "winter gallery". I was amazed.
Great photographic work, technically and emotionally. With your pics you´re a real story teller. This makes difference. And gives also inspiration, aslo for someone (like me) that is not exactly a big "winter fan". In fact today I was out fereezing and taking pics aroud Stans. Switzerland is a beautiful country and you´re showing us its better sides. Tanks for sharing your superb work.
rousselziak18-Jan-2012 10:55
Bonjour Marisa,
je découvre peu à peu votre travail qui denote une qualité artistique qui me touche beaucoup !
Dwight Rankine11-Jan-2012 15:49
I am enjoying your galleries.
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 22:56
Bonjour Marisa ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Steph :)
an nguyen19-Dec-2011 01:30
Happy Holidays to you and yours .
All the best .
Anne N
Victoria Lisowski 17-Dec-2011 03:05
Hi Marisa, I enjoy looking at your work. I too love doing photography. It takes me back to 1964 when I had the opportunity to go to Switzerland with my Grandmother during my Summer break from school. There we did many things and I got to meet my cousins, Great Aunts and others. My Grandmother was born and raised there along with 13 siblings. My father was born there as well and then when he was still a baby they migrated to California USA. I which I could connect with my cousin Cecila Roos who would be around 60 years old now.
Jim Coffman26-Nov-2011 23:59
Marisa,I can not thank you enough for all of the help you have given me!
Many thanks my friend! You are special!!!
an nguyen12-Nov-2011 15:13
Marisa ,
I cannot believe I never sigh your guest book .
Photography excellence and perfection are the character I have seen through out your photo work .
Thank you for your kind words on my humble style .
Love and cherish your photo work .
Anne N
chaqy 13-Oct-2011 03:50
hello maarisa_ i'm chaqy from INDONESIAn tropical country. are yaou from biologist ?
Michel Duval05-Sep-2011 20:43
Félicitation, Marisa, pour l'ensemble de tes galeries.
Tu réalises le mariage de l'imagination et de l'esthétique avec une belle aisance.
Mes compliments et mes amitiés
vatimus25-Aug-2011 18:06
Marisa, I've written you before and keep coming back to your galleries. I could talk about your colors, your photographs, or your subjects. I'm just going to say you have to one of the best ever!
Nina Ludwig01-Aug-2011 11:03
A superb body of work Marisa, I keep coming back!
Guest 01-Aug-2011 10:59
Hi Marisa

Just had another browse through your pages and enjoyed it a great deal.
Roberto Bellucci30-Jul-2011 16:33
Marisa, you have an extraordinary series of galleries! I like your creativity an the way you show details! I'll come back often to check your work!
Guest 25-Jul-2011 15:23
Maris, I always enjoy your view, of life and of Switzerland. Thank you for continuing to share this.

Best Regards,
A Friend in Washington, DC
Aud Elise Sjsther07-Jul-2011 15:53
Thanks again Marisa for your very kind comments! You are a talented photographer and your website designs are a pleasure to look at. Cheers, Aud Elise.
Nina Ludwig26-Jun-2011 09:57
Fantastic body of work Marisa, your creativity knows no bounds. I am surprised that I haven't discovered your galleries sooner, I'll have to catch up now.
Rick 27-May-2011 12:58
Hello Marisa
I write From Ct (usa) as I am retired and loved doing photography most of my life, I cannot tell you how much I injoy viewing your website, you are the most artistic photograper I have had the pleasure have viewing, Thank you for sharing your beautiful photographs,
Thank You
LeSon Photography21-May-2011 17:06
Your gallery is wonderfully presented, amongst my favorites.
Besides, the images are well thought as I am glancing through some of them. Well done. V!
Shaun, CA
Guest 16-May-2011 17:27
Thanks for visiting my site and your positive comments. Great praise from a source with a talent like yours. Paris is for me the loveliest city I have visited, and always holds beautiful suprises and corners to explore. You interpretation of it is amazing. I visit fairly often, roughly every 2 years, and usually stay about a week before going on to further explorations. Your country is also one of my favorite places, I grew up near the mountains in Canada and always feel at home with huge natural stone walls all around...
norbi15-May-2011 20:09
Thank You Marisa for commenting my photography.
I feel honoured because it comes from You.
Since longer time I am an admirer of Your photography and
the way, Your are presenting it.
In a few words: it is quality "Swiss made".
Best regards
Guest 25-Apr-2011 02:18
Hi marisa. just taking a moment to let you know that my teenage grandson, Jesse is starting to take an interest in photography. He started pbase today. I gave him my old canon and got him on pbase. Of course he is just starting out. any comments and help you may give him would be appreciated. He would love getting a comment form Switzerland. Would make his day! Thanks dear friend. He is at
alain_frechette03-Apr-2011 03:23
In my opinion you are one of the greatest photographer on the web. You are gifted to see thing like nobody. I wish you long life.
Guest 27-Mar-2011 03:39
My compliments to your passion for photography and perfection! Every image in your galleries clearly demonstrates your passion for perfection! Bill
gabe 11-Mar-2011 11:07
when is the book comming on the market!!
Guest 08-Mar-2011 09:36
Hi Marisa..
really great stuff i can see here..
thanks for sharing these wonderful photos..
Mark Robinson02-Mar-2011 12:02
Thanks for answering the question I left on the forum. Much appreciate your help.
paul yung11-Feb-2011 04:39
Uncommon Talent. Congrats!
Peter Sussex24-Dec-2010 15:23
Dear Marisa,

I wish you and yours a very Merry Christmas and hope that Santa brings you everything on your wish list. May you have a very Happy and Healthy New Year too!
Guest 25-Oct-2010 05:49
Hey Marisa ! I went through your portraiture, your pictures are soo soo nice, your sharpness and framing is excellent, your B&w's are couldnt be treated any better, im adding you to my fav's
Guest 25-Oct-2010 05:48
Hey Marisa ! I went through your portraiture, your pictures are soo soo nice, your sharpness and framing is excellent, your B&w's are couldnt be treated any better, im adding you to my fav's
Alex Cheung17-Oct-2010 12:59
You are an outstanding photographer!!! excellent composition and image processing!!!
Debbie B.24-Sep-2010 05:30
Your thoughtful critiques are awesome! I really appreciate you taking the time to look. We got lucky and got to go up in a balloon this year. It was nearly the coolest thing I have done second only to swimming with the Manta Rays at night in Hawaii.
Thomas Berge 18-Aug-2010 00:26
Hi there how are you? This is my first visit to your galleries and they are really cool. I just wanted to say thank you for letting me view them. My favorite is the photo's with the recorded music what a great idea.
maryann19-Jul-2010 19:15
Thank you for the inspiration- your creativity is amazing. I always enjoy wandering through your galleries- and you also motivated me to customize my own galleries. I have so much more to learn, but beginning is the first step.

Tom K. Wysocki13-Jun-2010 08:35
You are unique :)

Best wishes, Tom.
Guest 05-Jun-2010 17:57
Your page is a great surprise to me: besides a style of your own, a consistency in the color treatment I find humor, lots of good and refreshing sense of humor. Sorry, Marisa, for my boldness , but this was the last thing I did expect from a Swiss.
I already add you to my favorites, to fully enjoy your pictures and your humor
para 01-Jun-2010 10:49
cool and rural pictures very relaxing.Enjoyed the pictures. take care have a great day everyday
Alex Cheung24-Apr-2010 22:54
Excellent photographying and image processing!!!
Nicola 17-Apr-2010 08:40
Your photos touch my heart,
I just see couple of them and know I need to see all of them hoping never finish.
thanks for the precious gift
Brendan 30-Mar-2010 21:48
I love your gallery from the bottom of a drawer. The photos of Ireland certainly makes one think. Well done
silverghost195110-Mar-2010 16:22
Well, you know which way to hold the camera, that much is for certain. Very professional,
artistic work. Wish I had your skills.
Bruce Roberts 09-Mar-2010 20:42
Long time not been on pbase.
On holiday and look forard to relaxing
and maybe pictures.
Hope this finds you well
Bruce Roberts
krishan01-Feb-2010 05:12
Hi.... like your photos so much..... you are really great photographer..... im an artist and i paint on canvas. I hope we can be good friends.

Guest 18-Jan-2010 17:58
I just took a visual walk trough your paths and I am amazed with your sensibility to capture not only images but moments as well and then describing it in a very poetic way. Is what you do,poetry with images and words.
Incidentally I love winter, myself.

shawfu 17-Jan-2010 14:42
Gorgeous pictures.. Thanks Marisa. Enjoy everyone of them. Particularlly the one with winter views. I am from CT , USA and appreciate winters here too.
Mike 05-Jan-2010 00:28
Hello Marisa,
Love your work here... exceptional photography, a lot of which made me very hungry and / or thirsty for a warm cappuccino or a cold beer... perhaps both at the same time with Giuseppe's pizza! Your use of light, color, exposure, focus, framing and composition are among the best I've seen here so far.

Best wishes,
larose forest photos11-Nov-2009 21:28
Hi Marisa, I am really enjoying your galleries, although I have yet to explore all of them, but I will!! You have an incredibly creative eye and a great talent for photography and also for putting photos together with appropriate, amusing, informative, clever, captions. If I was a fraction as creative as you I'd be content!! Great work. Cheers, Christine
Guest 04-Nov-2009 20:17
i need someone to talk to
Guest 02-Nov-2009 06:20
Thanks for visiting again, Marisa. I hope now that your summer has ended and the weather has cooled and you are feeling much better than you were a few weeks ago. The continuing unique character of your beautiful galleries tells me you are restored. Best wishes ... Brian
WR Langston 30-Oct-2009 05:05
Very nicely done... interpretational photography. I love "roaming" your landscape. What happened to the music I think I remember playing when certain of your galleries were opened? That was several years ago if memory serves. I enjoyed the matching of music to visuals. At any rate, very nice work.
Tanya 26-Oct-2009 04:53
Your photographs are absolutely beautiful!! And I love Nyon (I was born in Givrins, just up the road). I was researching the Panasonic LX3 when I came across your photos. Thank you for sharing!
Greg Little21-Sep-2009 20:28
Hi Marisa,

Thanks for the nice comment on my last photo. I was home sick with a nasty flu bug and was looking back a some old shots I never posted. ...a lot there I can re-work a bit if there were only enough time!
cits_4_pets17-Sep-2009 23:47
Really enjoyed some of your galleries. Love the animals you find on your travels. Where I am it is often unsafe to let them roam free due to traffic & wildlife. (Illegal for dogs to roam as there are leash laws) You sure know how to edit well. I am so inept at it and rely on my eye to composed, bracketing often. Have tried a few major alterations, and it is pretty obvious as I am not very good. I usually just do a bit of burning & dodging like I did in the darkroom many years ago.

I don't think you have seen any of my galleries.
I think you may love my Windows Gallery, great use of light and composition. Old Ways has some old romantic charm. Would love to have you visit and be sure to leave comments!
Marina Arimany11-Sep-2009 21:41
Thank you for your kind comments. Since I discovered your galleries in Pbase I visit them very often, because I love them. Thanks for sharing your art.
Ashley Hockenberry02-Sep-2009 01:04

Please see my updated gallery of best shots and you can see how you have inspired me!!

Thank you
Guest 24-Aug-2009 23:57
Hi Marisa,
You are so talented!!! I had a great time going through your galleries.
Greg Little15-Aug-2009 18:29
Hi Marisa,

Thanks for the many nice comments in my Transylvania gallery. Yes, Pbase is not the easiest site to keep track of photographers you like, and its been quite slow as of late. I haven't been that active on this site, but am trying to reconnect again.

Thanks again. Cheers,
Layla 31-Jul-2009 01:50
Hi Marisa.... Haven't been here in a while and wasn't sure it still existed! Your photos of Diagon Alley is outstanding with composition and colors and the time you took to think out the pic titles. You have a great photographers eye and so nice to see you included the felines. Can't wait to check out you other galleries. Thank you :)
Kimberly 31-Jul-2009 00:34
Very interesting work, eye catching.
Doug Kessler26-Jul-2009 19:02
Your Daigon Alley gallery is one of the finest I have seen on pBase. Very well done and narrated.
John Kay03-Jul-2009 08:48
Marisa--what comes through in your work is your great love for life and the world around you. You elevate the world a full notch, making the often commonplace shimmer; and the words you put to the music of your camera, are lyrics, the counterpoint that points us in the direction of Love. You and your work are inseparable. Your work is a symphony that comes from the heart. Every human being on the plant should have a chance to see this. I keep coming back.
John Kay03-Jul-2009 08:47
Marisa--what comes through in your work is your great love for life and the world around you. You elevate the world a full notch, making the often commonplace shimmer; and the words you put to the music of your camera, are lyrics, the counterpoint that points us in the direction of Love. You and your work are inseparable. Your work is a symphony that comes from the heart. Every human being on the plant should have a chance to see this. I keep coming back.
Guest 10-Jun-2009 06:54
Really nice photos.
Guest 08-Jun-2009 12:58
-)Excellent layout of the whole page,
-)fascinating galleries
-)impressive images:
Martin Lamoon28-May-2009 08:17
Hi Marisa,
I find myself a regular visitor to your wonderful galleries and find something new each time. Whatever camera you use the results are stunning. You must really enjoy your photography, thank you for sharing.
Best Regards, Martin
Guest 23-May-2009 09:33
This is a great set of galleries because of the breadth and variety as well as the quality of the photos. I especially enjoy the cafe and food shots because of the sheer relaxation and enjoyment they convey. I appreciate visiting Europe through PBase because I am way over here in Arizona. Hope to get back to Europe in 2011.
Michal Pistol21-May-2009 13:34
Thank u soooo much for your warm word in my site
You have marvels galleries.
Yin 11-May-2009 08:19
I can't close my mouth while looking to your picture.
Thanks for those beautiful picture. Nice to know you.
Frank Wilson09-May-2009 05:19
I completed my first full year of PAD today. I would like to thank you for your comments and encouragement over the past year. THANK YOU !
Brian23-Apr-2009 18:32
Hello Marisa

I have spent just a fraction of the time needed to look at all your galleries, every time i open a new one i find that i get drawn in and i pick one picture (or does the picture pick me)that means something to me. It can evoke happy and some sad memories they shout out look at me!!!! You are obviously a very gifted photographer and i will be back looking through your wonderful galleries soon.

Yvonne 16-Apr-2009 23:48

I wanted to relax and relax I did while looking through your wonderful pictures. Thank you for sharing the beauty you've captured.
Edgar Ortiz 30-Mar-2009 17:41

I have gone to your galleries and paroused your art work many times. Have even contacted you to tell you how beautiful it is. While browsing again today during lunch, I find myself absolutely enchanted by your photographs. I never use the word enchanted, however that is exactly what your art is. Enchanting, mesmorizing, romantic, poetic. I'm sure the next time I find myself drawn back to your gallieries I will have a few more adjectives for you. Keep them coming!

Most sincerely,

Guest 24-Mar-2009 02:47
Thank you so much for your wonderful comments Marisa.
I have been busy and away from the site for a week and just noticed your kind words.
I have locked your site in and have every intention to view your galleries.
Thanks again and happy photo taking.
Ilana gil09-Mar-2009 14:54
There is no words to describe the marvelous work you have done here!
It was a joy and inspiration to visit your unique galleries.
You are a wonderful artist!!!
I'll come back !

Guest 05-Mar-2009 21:32
Fantastic photography in every gallery of yours..

/ K
Tania Bounader24-Feb-2009 23:45
Marisa, I remember looking at some of your galleries a couple of years ago, and it is a pleasure to look at them again ! Your Windowsills gallery is simply OUTSTANDING !
Cheers :)
max 24-Feb-2009 04:08
Marisa, a great gallery indeed! Love it! warm regards, max
hdp12-Feb-2009 12:22
Great images and lighting ! Rick USA
Ted10-Feb-2009 01:52
such wonderful galleries. you impart a spiritual quality to the art of photography.
Guest 23-Jan-2009 20:13
Interesting that the site is in Switzerland as many of the photos remind me of streets for Diagon Alley remind me of streets in Basel and Liestal
sreeraj nair 20-Jan-2009 13:59
wishing u all the best ...its awonderful journey towards your pic'
Leonid 14-Jan-2009 01:07
Thank you for wonderful pictures!
You have great imagination and taste of life.
I like all you works.
Michele Rodgers12-Jan-2009 10:33
I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday. I hope you have a wonderful day seeing the world with such gifted eyes as yours.

Cheers from a Canadian friend,

Maria Luisa 06-Jan-2009 14:47
Hi, Narisa
I just LOVE your photos ! Amazing pictures ! Thank you !
All the Best for 2009 !
Maria Luisa
Lisbon - Portugal
andrewd_za28-Dec-2008 21:39
I am so glad I discovered your galleries... it feels like peering down the rabbit hole - not sure where it is all leading to... will definitely spend some (quality) time here... thank you for sharing your insights and your creativity... :))

indeed - best wishes to you and all of us at pbase for 2009
Guest 28-Dec-2008 17:09
Hello Marisa
I think I would have to say you have the most enjoyable, energising, ecstactic galleries on Pbase, and indeed anywhere.

I bow to a master !

Have a beautiful 2009

David L Hone
Carol How24-Dec-2008 21:24
Hello Marisa and Merry Christmas and best to you in 2009! Your images and ideas are very inspiring and inciteful - I know where to come when I need inspiration and cheering up. Can't wait to see what next year brings..... Ann
Guest 22-Dec-2008 04:28
Marisa, you are a poet and a genius.
Guest 18-Dec-2008 15:14
WOW, no words to describe the wonderful work u have done here Marisa!
Hats off to you, hope u will keep in touch via mail.

Guest 18-Dec-2008 04:17
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , to you and your family !
eric hamilton 06-Dec-2008 23:01
Eric Hamilton
Marisa,I've just discovered your site, I find it remarkable/having just turned 80 years old I have found it is now in my favorites.

A Big hug from me,
Eric ham,(Australia)
Eric Harrison 30-Nov-2008 04:55
Marisa, every time I visit your gallery it makes my day. You are my favorite photographer and one could learn alot from your pictures and I feel you are a wonderful inspiration. Please keep it up.

Eric (USA)
Alan Klaw24-Nov-2008 21:03
Your galleries are a poetic delight with very special incites into "People and Emotions". Thank you for a stroll with a creative artist who stills pulses with "The Sacred" in life.Alan Klaw New Mexico U.S.A.
Jean-Luc Elias20-Nov-2008 12:31
Marisa, you have to many outstanding pictures to make a comment on each. I spend an hour looking at your pictures and still have had not enough...I put you in my favourits and will come back regulary..
Your pictures are so original and individual and loaded with so much sensitivity...

Kind regards, Jean-Luc
Guest 17-Nov-2008 09:22
what a wonderful work..
great done pics..
it is a great plaesure to take a look at your galleries..
Bartosz Kotulski30-Oct-2008 13:55
Thank You Marisa for such a nice tour around Your work again and again.Every time when i am watching Your pictures i find me in nicer better word. Thank You for that and Your very nice comments to my work.
murray newell16-Oct-2008 01:30
your photos are just beatifull ,you do a great job.
i enyoyed them very much.
keep up the great stuff.
cheers murray
Photos by Paul25-Sep-2008 14:02
Marisa . . . your excellent photography is equaled by your wit and verbal expression. If it 's OK with you, I'd like to "visit" every now and then.
Marcia Rules08-Sep-2008 14:58
Marisa, the rain gallery is some of the most unusual and well-executed thematic bodies of work I've come across! They are beyond artful & I can't find the right words to express the knockout punch they have!!!! I'd LOVE to hear from you in regards to my work, can you take a peek and give me some input? might rain here today, but----never mind---I can't come close to your work.....marcia :)
Ali in America 04-Sep-2008 03:34
Thank you, Marisa, for sharing your wonderful photos. They take me to forgotten memories and fresh possibilities.

I particularly am moved by your Tired Old Horse and the lovely house on your home page.

I'll visit again!
Rosemarie Kusserow30-Aug-2008 11:34
Hi Marisa, I would like to say that it is every time a plesure for me to stroll through your so beautiful galleries, to watch your so beautiful colored compositions togehter with your thoughts is balm for my soul, you are one of the best artists here on PBase for my taste and you could be proud, God bless you and yours, kind regards, Rosemarie :o
FotoCat 09-Aug-2008 10:47
I have loved looking through your work this evening. The images indeed have a tranquility about them - I feel the same as RachelJane (comments below). I am inspired and I love the quote about 'experimenting' and getting a new angle. Essentially putting something of yourself in your images. Awesome. Thanks Marisa for sharing. You are in my favourites!
Guest 01-Aug-2008 10:07
Great travel photos. you know you should really make an album in this site: and promote your galleries with him...

like this gallery:

ask them in to add to your albums your website gallerys.
Guest 24-Jul-2008 01:57
Ohhh my gosh. Thank you for sharing all of this. I don't know where to start! I think I'm going to spend the rest of my life in your galleries. :)
Possiel12-Jul-2008 05:34
I think your work is an inspiration to many. I'll be sure to come back for more.
Guest 29-Jun-2008 21:43
I was trying to figure out today, what it felt like to see your images. They evoke something so strong and personal in me. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, in the past. But today, as I marvelled at your work. This impossibly beautiful and pefect flawless work. An artists dream and endeavors to capture what real beauty is. And I figured it out; I realised that your work, which I literally want to step into, viewing it on a screen is no where near enough. I want to be "part" of your images. And it came to me; they tell a story, one of fairytales and happy endings. In your images, you have created the world I wish I could step into, and live within. I want to live the life of your pictures, because life then, would be, truely wonderful.
You have a gift few posess Marisa.
Beautiful and outstanding work xxx
Martin Engel26-Jun-2008 02:24
You are my inspiration,beautiful work.Gruezi from Norlina,NC
Guest 11-Jun-2008 02:21
You are so prolific, how do you find time for anything else?
Guest 11-Jun-2008 00:15
I love your work. Your composition and colors are delicious. It takes my breath away. Thank you!
Ann Cleeves26-May-2008 23:40
Marisa... I have been away too long, so I hope you will excuse my plethora of comments! I have just spent almost a day of great pleasure wandering through your galleries. They just get better & better. I never forget you introduced me to Pbase and were the inspiration to try a digital camera and have a go myself. Hope all is well with you & yours, and that Sergey is enjoying Switzerland.
gouter0824-May-2008 10:15
Many thanks for your comment on my Nimfeo village gallery. Your comment has great value for me , because you are such an accomplished photographer and artist !
Thomas Wilson 16-May-2008 17:35
You have combined two things I hold dear to me. Bicycles and art photography have been melded into one inspiration. Wow! I'll do both with greater pride after seeing your work.
I own a bicycle hearse, come to Colorado and see.
Guest 08-Apr-2008 02:57
You're the best
Nhut Duong 08-Apr-2008 02:56
Because of your inspiration I recently bought my first dsrl camera. Now I need to learn how to use Photoshop the way you do.

You're the best!
marita toftgard27-Mar-2008 18:59
Dearest Marisa
The comments you wrote today
mean the world to me.
Thank you so much
iva_de18-Mar-2008 09:32
You are inspiring. Thank you for being here.
sherwood frazier02-Mar-2008 14:05
I want to thank you for your comments on my galleries Marisa. I have so enjoyed you galleries over the last couple of years that I have been a PBase supporter. Your work is photo art at its' best, there is a uniqueness about your photography that is so fresh and creative. Your personal touch with poems, music, and links only adds to the quality of you and your photo work. Again, thank you for noticing my work. I'll be back often for another shot of inspiration, best always. Sherwood
Ron31-Jan-2008 03:07
Dear Marissa, you were correct about my gallery and some of the photos being sideways. I am still working on this gallery. The photos are all straight now, but not in the correct order (soon I hope). Thanks for the reminder and stop back soon.
Popko van Meekeren28-Jan-2008 22:09
Your photos are absolutely brilliant. So many different styles and with an unbelievable lot of creativity. Sometimes you see photos and think: this gives a lot of new inspirition for photography. This is what might be the result of looking at yours. I'll be back sooner or later!!
Guest 28-Jan-2008 08:02
Marisa, your photographs are incredible and probably the best on pbase. The vibrant colours make them stand out and the subjects unusual and creative. It would be great to see some of your processes to achieve these spectacular outcomes. Great stuff keep it up. They are a pleasure to view. AntRn
Guest 25-Jan-2008 03:09
You are gifted indeed! I absolutely enjoyed venturing through your galleries and, by far, you are creative, individualistic, multi-talented, and beautiful. Wow! Keep up the fabulous work and I'll be back to visit often. :)

God bless,
Sasha Azevedo
M Williamson Lebon12-Jan-2008 15:24
Bon Anniversaire, Marisa.
You are very important teacher for us in pbase.
Enjoy your day and your life, and thank you for your work.
Best wishes, Mónica
Guest 11-Jan-2008 10:26
La fotografia è espressione e specchio della nostra anima...attraverso le tue foto si intuisce la tua grande sensibilità. A presto Marisa!
Guest 11-Jan-2008 05:05
Many people should understand better what is the photography simply watching your pictures. You have the third eye, the third eye is not the latest model of digital camera and when we understand this ...
Darbowski07-Jan-2008 22:27
Merci de votre visite et de vos commentaires, vos galeries de qualité sont d'une grande richesse et je reviendrai régulièrement les visiter, à bientôt...
windybaer05-Jan-2008 08:51
I am happy to relate yo you that your images communicate your thoughts in a refreshing and intelligent way, which leads me to be hopeful, for our humanity. Not bad, young lady. Walk proud.
windybaer05-Jan-2008 08:35
I have found a new "love". Your photographs are inspirational, at the very least. I could never equal the approbation of your admirers, I can only second the motion! God bless your insight and articulation of it.
leila 08-Dec-2007 18:52
Trés belles phtos. Moi aussi j'adore faire des photos du lac léman.
Walter Otto Koenig05-Dec-2007 17:03
Hi Marisa,
I'm so glad I found your galleries by way of your Lac Leman gallery. I think your work is outstanding. I've added you to my favorite artists and will be back many times to visit. Take care and happy shooting.

Best Wishes, Walter
Joel12-Nov-2007 20:09
Hi Marisa,
I could go into each of galleries (which I still may do) and express my compliments, but I thought I would start in your guest book. I just love your artisitc style - it is definitely unique and never dull. The thing I appreciate most about your work is that your galleries are fun - the small stories and creative banners add to the effect. I lied. the thing I like most is that fact you keep your galleries fresh with new content on a consistent basis.
Thanks so much for sharing your art with everyone. I look forward to seeing much more from you.
Stefan10-Nov-2007 13:02
Your photography is breath taking. I have been working with digital images since the early '80s and I don't recall any more striking use of the media whether it is digital or film. I am bookmarking this gallery site and will return again and again. Thanks for showcasing what is possible with a creative mind.
A fan,
Alain LESTRADE05-Nov-2007 19:37
I felt in love and am already jealous... You have superior skills for telling stories inside any of your images, it's what I look for, during any of these blasted days....
Boris27-Sep-2007 22:25
Thanks for your interesting galleries. You did a lot of work.
Guest 23-Sep-2007 22:58
Yes Marisa, you did it once again. Your gallery “Because the night” is superb. I like the treatment, the colours, the light, the mood you get. Congratulations. (with your permission: some of these pics comes to my “better in pb” particular collection!!!)
Josep Mª
Fred & Julie Bertram15-Sep-2007 12:22
Amazingly Beautiful work, Imaginative, Inspiring and a fantastic view into your world.
Fred Bertram
Guest 14-Sep-2007 14:21
I just thought I would add another message
Wow, your use of colour has blown me away
I adore your work and spend hours just admiring such great images
A true artist xx
Linda Solan20-Aug-2007 03:00
Just stopped by to pay you a visit again. Your NEW work is as extraordinary... as ever. What a wonderful "world" your head lives in... I can see your thoughts in your art..
Linda Solan
edwin16-Aug-2007 22:04
such rich color saturation. feeling a bit tipsy now. beautiful work.
Guest 15-Aug-2007 18:11
This is a beautiful gallery Marisa
Rosemarie Kusserow14-Aug-2007 19:18
Thanks dear Marisa for your very kind comments, I´m proud about and it inspired me to continue, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 12-Aug-2007 06:45
Hi Marisa

I have to say, your gallery is the best , at least one of the best 10 on Pbase.
I visit your gallery last week, and all of suddenly I was shocked, and later decided to apply a account on pbase to present my works.

your galleries are telling many stories about your true life, this is the part I like most.

you are welcome to my galleries, though they are kind of small.

All the Bests, looking forwords for more good shots from your camera.

Guest 09-Aug-2007 03:11
All right Marisa! Let the secret out and just tell us all: HOW DO YOU DO IT????? hehehehe
Love love love your work. You are one of my absolute favourites!!
zeusho08-Aug-2007 03:58
Hi Marisa,

I have posted your pics in my forum and make a very short introduction of you, here you are the link:

Thanks again for allowing me to post your pics in my forum.
Guest 06-Aug-2007 18:13
Hi Marissa i like your photographs and your creativeness, keep up the good work. stay in touch.
Petros Labrakos03-Aug-2007 05:44
impassioned imaginativeness and efficiency,
a discrete pBase profile!
kind regards
Vladimir Babkin03-Aug-2007 05:23
I liked your photos very much, so spectacular and original! And I like Switzerland!
Jeff Real02-Aug-2007 00:56
Thank you for letting us into the world of your creativity. It is inspiring to all who view it and helps me develop my own work.
Guest 19-Jul-2007 14:45
I am in awe of your work and find you imaginative, creative and inspiring xx
Flemming Bo Jensen Photography16-Jul-2007 20:03
Marisa, your work is amazing. You have such a great eye for photography and unlike most of us you have a unique artistic touch to your pictures. Others may produce photos but you produce art!
Guest 02-Jul-2007 01:36
Hi Marisa, I'm an art director in NYC and I'm interested in talking to you about some of your photographs. Please contact me through Nadine Michel at Y&R New York - 212-210-3000. Thanks. Ron Arnold
Guest 22-Jun-2007 14:03
I'm impressed by your talent, specially your photos.Is it ok if i ask what program do you used to create a good background? tnx and regards...
anuschka18-Jun-2007 18:03
Thanks Marisa for visiting my humble pages and making me aware of your work.
I am very impressed by your skills, the quality and quantity of your images.
A pleasure to explore, I'll be back soon for more.
Zahn Ismail28-May-2007 06:00
WOW! Brilliant work! I have to come back for more!
Gary Stanley23-May-2007 23:05
Your site is the best I have seen on Pbase!
I really enjoyed my visit.
Guest 15-May-2007 07:36
Dear Marisa,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent work...Greetings from Montenegro and i will come back with pleasure...
Barry S Moore28-Apr-2007 11:19
I have enjoyed viewing your photographs and sharing some words with you. Keep the magic flowing in your work - show us the beauty in the things that surround us all. Kindest regards Barry
Jan Frode Aase27-Apr-2007 16:42
To visit your excellent galleries and photos, is a joy and inspiration.
You have your own special and personal touch in your visual arts; very artistic.

Best wishes, Jan Frode
Guest 26-Apr-2007 19:38
Hi Marisa,
There's something in your work that's...well...I don't know...kind of...eeeehhh...
oh, yeah...BRILLIANT!
You just keep amazing me. The colors, the atmosphere, a bit of a dreamworld...
Debbie B.26-Apr-2007 04:47
You are too kind! Yes that is my daughter, I practice on her. :-) If I ever learn to take portraits it is because of her.
ps, your pictures are the coolest!!
Zahn Ismail15-Apr-2007 13:39
This is some brilliant work! Oh wow..unbelievable! Hmmm...Merci
Guest 08-Apr-2007 23:45
Very impressive pictures. Best regards
vatimus19-Mar-2007 22:33
Marisa, I have commented here before, but your use of colors with the ordinary is just amazing. Keep up the excellent work!!! -jv
mike robson11-Mar-2007 14:59
Probably the best gallery on the whole of Pbase.......


Guest 07-Mar-2007 13:55
Thoroughly enjoyed your work. Thank you for sharing.
Didier Vanderperre06-Mar-2007 02:31
I understand why you are so popular on PBase.
Wonderful work
peterjay4504-Mar-2007 14:14
Hi Marisa, your galleries are incredible and an inspiration to me. You have a great eye for composition and you are able to produce, in all of your work, the most amazing colours. I will return again and again, you have a great talent.
Paco Lpez28-Feb-2007 19:11
Marisa, you have an excellent collection of shots in your galleries!! You have a lot of masterpieces. It´s a pleasure for the eyes.
Thank you very much for your very nice comments in my galleries.
Best regards,
Guest 27-Feb-2007 15:59
You're a great photographer (since now one of my favourites). I've enjoyed with your photos.
Guest 22-Feb-2007 02:30
Hi Marisa,
I haven't been here for a long time, and i'm very happy to see that you are still doing amazingly well.
Guest 21-Feb-2007 11:53
Beautiful images. Wish I can shoot landscape like that.
Guest 09-Feb-2007 21:13
Vous êtes une photographe avec un talent immense.
Chaque fois que je reviens visiter vos galeries je suis séduit. La lumière, les sujets, la façon de regrouper les thèmes dans chaque galerie, tout est parfait.
Bravo, c'est les gens passionné de beauté comme vous qui fait que je suis heureux d'avoir ouvert les yeux ce matin. Alex
paul5505-Feb-2007 18:10
Marisa- It is a great pleasure to add you to my Favorite Artist list as much for your kind and expert assistance as well as your grand art. Safe journeys now and in the future.
Guest 16-Jan-2007 10:57
Very interesting gallery & profesionally done.
Donald Verger13-Jan-2007 14:13

i FEEL those stories in your images!

and there is

a deep

beauty and wonderful personal presence in

your images

i always know an image is yours when i find it!

peace and love, don!
vatimus11-Jan-2007 19:56
I agree with the previous poster, and I've commented here before ... simply awesome and amazing. I love the colors and the expression of the ordinary to something extraordinary. You are a talent!!! It makes me want to grab my camera and try to interpret the place I live as well as you do yours!!
Guest 06-Jan-2007 06:19
After all the comments that you have here. One word: "AMAZING". And as many have already wished, Happy shooting in 2007 hope to see more of your work since it is so inspiring that I feel like grabbing my camera and going out right now (1:15am warm and rainy January morning).

Thank you
Andr Bessot28-Dec-2006 08:16
Je prends toujours autant de plaisir à voyager parmi vos images et j'en profite pour vous souhaiter une excellente année 2007.
Bien cordialement.
Jim Hakvoort24-Dec-2006 23:49

As a member of my 'favorit artists' list I want to wish you a merry christmas and a happy 2007. In the new year I hope I will be able to enjoy your work as much as I did last year.

Sheldon and Marci Morton18-Dec-2006 18:25
Ive been a huge fan of your work for a long time. Thank you so much for sharing.
Guest 17-Dec-2006 13:18
Parabéns por um dos trabalhos mais originais que já vi! Fantástico!!
Rene Hales13-Dec-2006 16:05
Marisa, I love your opening gallery page. Very well done. The slideshow works great!--Rene
Stephan Venter 13-Dec-2006 14:04
Hi Marisa,

Absolutely beautiful. Mesmerizing. Do I have permission to use them as backgrounds for my desktop?

I'll bookmark your page.

Stephan, London.
Robyco06-Dec-2006 15:54
You really have your own great syle to make pictures.
I love them and will be back with you another time.
Lance Moreland05-Dec-2006 18:41
I've enjoyed your galleries very much. I have added you to my "Favorite Artists" and will check back often for your future work.
Guest 01-Dec-2006 10:04
Dear Maisa,
All of your pictures are so great! I'm very impressive.
Bob Kelly29-Nov-2006 15:12
Dear Marisa,
Your galleries are wonderful, great stories and wonderful views of your world. Thanks for sharing, Bob Kelly
Guest 28-Nov-2006 22:14
Una grande sensibilità artistica nella fotografia e l'immagine.
Complimenti per lo stile eccellente.
Sono onorato nel ricevere commenti da un fotografo di questo livello.
Jean-Paul PLUME27-Nov-2006 19:01
Je vous remercie pour votre sympathyque message sur ma gallerie "paysages de Picardie". Cela me fait vraiment plaisir. Vous aussi apportez beaucoup d'attention aux éléments qui composent une image. Nouvel adhérent de PBASE, j'avais déjà repéré vos photos que j'aime beaucoup parce qu'elles sont originales et différentes des autres. J'irai aussi visiter régulièrement vos pages. Toutes mes félicitaions pour votre travail.
mizoleila10-Nov-2006 17:54
Brilliant, gentle and gorgeous. Thanks for sharing your world.
Guest 10-Nov-2006 15:38
Marisa, I find your galleries so intrigueing. I tip toe in from time to time and steal away unnoticed except for the number I leave in the hit count for fear of being taken as one who is illiciting a return response. Occasionally I'm compelled to leave a comment on one, out of so many remarkable images that speak to me, almost as a gift left by the borrower of the guest cottage leaves for the lender. Last night it felt like I was visiting a rich aunt and rummaging through the attic, finding treasures. John S.
Guest 01-Nov-2006 12:39
Stunning - Simply stunning. What type of post processing do you employ to get that spectacular color saturation?
Guest 26-Oct-2006 06:56
I'm very impressive. Your compositions, subjects (Paris my town), the colors.....nice, very pictures....congratulation
Guest 24-Oct-2006 20:12
Very impressive pics, only the frames are not my taste. Best regards
Timo23-Oct-2006 03:12
Hi Marisa,

I was wondering what kind of camera and workflow tools you use. Is this discussed here anywhere?


Guest 22-Oct-2006 19:22

Thank you for showing me what photography really is all about! I am a fan already. I adore your photos. They are fantastic - so much work put into all that. You are gifted. Thank you for showing it to us all.

Greetings from Norway
vatimus18-Oct-2006 20:20
Thank you for sharing. I wish that I had half the talent that you possess. I am certain that I will improve overtime, but equal your level, never! Thanks again, your student.
Guest 11-Oct-2006 10:58
I envy your photographs, your photographic eye, your photographic skill, your storytelling, your knowledge to quote so aptly and - of course - your husband.
PLEASE continue forever pleasing and amazing me.
villageidiot10-Oct-2006 11:30
Yes you have probably heard it all before...your work is oustanding and you are truly an Artist worthy of high praise indeed. Love the way you mix imagery and text. I have a long way to go... you have already arrived.
Guest 08-Oct-2006 14:44
Again, thank you for sharing . . . your creativity is truly magnificent, digital delight with space for thought. You have a great eye for the beautiful surroundings. Viewing your work is so very enjoyable. The mansion with the gardens in front and the dark clouds hanging over . . Could it be "War and Peace" ? or the worlds constant battle between good and evil? I don't know, but it makes me think.
Best Regards,
John Connor
mario .n01-Oct-2006 20:43
Bonsoir Marisa, je reviens avec plaisir visiter vos galeries ,je trouve vos photos très douces et agréables à regarder, vous avez du talent et beaucoup de sens artistique félicitations ! Mario
Guest 29-Sep-2006 15:09
Bonjour/ Hello.
Your galleries seems to live. Outstanding pictures! great work.
Stephen Berger24-Sep-2006 06:42
Hi Marisa,
Thanks so much for your nice comments. I've only recently discovered your inspiring galleries (only recently started taking all this seriously) and there is clearly much beauty to see and feel and take in. It's as if you bring the inner illumination of things to life... and to the eye of the viewer.
Agostino Faggiotto18-Sep-2006 14:29
Ciao Marisa,
I have enjoyed your collection of pictures very much. It seems that you like to convey a dreamy sort of atmosphere in many of your images by adding some glow effect and changing color saturation. The final result is quite appealing and it gets close to the emotions you get from black and white pictures. Chapeau! Agostino
Guest 16-Sep-2006 00:26
My eyes thank you, my emotions truly thank you for your calming artistry and my heart thanks you for your uncanny ability of allowing me to love just a little more the beautiful world we live in (most of the time). Your work is truly inspirational!
Robert (n2spcmusc)
Guest 14-Sep-2006 21:37
Hello Marisa -
I'm back visiting your Galleries ,this time I'm at your FRANCE THROUGH MY EYES GALLERY,you do great art work .I enjoyed visiting France through your eyes,canon PS s60
is a great camera,years ago I had a canon PS g2 this also a great camera.I learned photography thru this camera.
Again Marisa,great photography.
Andy :-)
Guest 14-Sep-2006 12:14
Hello Marisa-
I enjoy visiting your LITTLE SILLY SUNSET SONG Gallery,I found your art work to be very nicely done w/warm glowing tones. Your a great photoartist :-)
Guest 13-Sep-2006 22:11
Hi Marisa! Thank you for your kind comments in my gallery! As a relatively new pBaser I have only managed to view fraction of your images so far, but I must say that I am already deeply impressed. You show an artistic flair that most of us, myself included, can only envy. Looking forward to browsing the remainder of your galleries, and you are of course firmly lodged in my favourites section so that I can keep up with your future captures. Best, Petter
Kaie,Arianna13-Sep-2006 18:10
wow!! thanks for showing me what makes good photography. there's still long way for me to go manz................
Guest 09-Sep-2006 06:12
Simply wonderful...I am speechless. Thanks for sharing Marisa!
Guest 02-Sep-2006 03:03
You galleries and photos are very inspiring. I very much enjoyed every thing I've seen, at this point. You are a very talented lady and I appeciate the fact that you share you world with me. Thank you.
Subroto Sen27-Aug-2006 17:08
Marisa ! I have been to your galleries after a pretty long time. The brand new look is really so impressive , perfectly matching with your fascinating pictures.
Isabel Cutler26-Aug-2006 23:59
Thanks for stopping by my pbase galleries today and leaving the nice note. I visit your galleries every day for fresh inspiration!
Ralph4623-Aug-2006 11:24
I see that you already have hundreds of admirers, and that they are absolutely correct. Today I have only scratched the surface of your work but I will be back more often. Your combination of techniques, ideas, humour and beauty is simply amazing. Thank you that I am able to enjoy it.
Guest 22-Aug-2006 23:27
I love the music you attched to your site. I have been looking to add that to mine (I do wedding. Would you be so kind as to share with me how you added music. I loved you site and your pictures were stunning.
nige5022-Aug-2006 16:42
Amazing , will be back again
Karthik Raja17-Aug-2006 13:31
Every time I stop by,
I am more and more intrigued,
The beauty of your pictures, My, oh! My!

The stories that unfold,
From Wisteria door to little Nyon,
The colors, so bright and bold,
What excellence, Lo! and Behold!
Guest 16-Aug-2006 16:16
it was refreshing to see your winter scenes in august after so much hot days here at our side in Barcelona City.
I discovered an incredible creative multistyle place with really a lot to enjoy.
I come back !! thanks for sharing your art, Volker
Guest 14-Aug-2006 15:46
very creative and fun
Guest 13-Aug-2006 23:23
Excellent images. Truely inspring !
Noel 13-Aug-2006 12:50
We had the pleasure of visiting Switzerland last year (Zurich and Ripperswil) and your excellent galleries were a reminder of the delighful scenery around the lakes. I enjoyed the surprise of the music amongst your collection.
Guest 05-Aug-2006 15:57
Thanks Marisa for your kind words in our galleries. Your galleries are all great, I will have to check out more when we have time.
About my e-mono gallery, well, there are 4 pages, pictures in the first 2 pages were mostly taken in London, and the last 2 pages were taken in Hong Kong. But soon, I will have more images of London, but less of Hong Kong. As I am going to be with Clarke in London soon.

Rosemarie Kusserow04-Aug-2006 21:45
Thanks Marisa for your kind words about my metro shots gallery, I`m glad you like them so much, you inspire me to continue, best wishes for a nice and creative weekend, Rosemarie :o)
James04-Aug-2006 04:47
Hey Girl,
I love your eye, the colors, the is poetry.
William Hartshorn30-Jul-2006 18:09
Amazing imagery and sensitivity!!!!
Best to you!
BONZZO 29-Jul-2006 22:07
Bob Burasco28-Jul-2006 16:32
If I'm asking for help, I should get your name right.

Bob B
Bob Burasco28-Jul-2006 16:29
I have followed your Web site for years.
I think it is one one of the best on pbase.
I just joined pbase
I am trying to change the font and color of my text.
Any suggestions and comments?
Bob B
Hubert Steed26-Jul-2006 17:46
Wonderful website... could enjoy endless hours in your galleries... each piece I viewed is a gem... many thanks for your compliment my fountain shower photo... with all best wishes...
Guest 26-Jul-2006 02:20
Each of your galleries are wonderful...
Rosemarie Kusserow24-Jul-2006 20:53
Thanks dear Marisa for your kind comments on my landscapes, I´m happy that you like them, I admire your beautiful galleries, best wishes, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 24-Jul-2006 13:51
Thanks for your kind words about my Colors of Tuscany collection.
Your collections are stunning and they give me plenty of inspirations. Thanks for sharing with all of us these great photos.
Giancarlo from NJ
Guest 23-Jul-2006 16:10
Hi Marisa, your style is comming along beautifully.
Reflections by Ruth23-Jul-2006 06:48
Love your galleris Marisa, you are very talented.
Also love the setup of your front page.
Guest 20-Jul-2006 12:24
I love your galleries...
Thanks for sharing
Abraham 16-Jul-2006 10:32
Good site - you're a pretty good writer..... Very creative...
Tom Briggs13-Jul-2006 23:43
Marisa ... greetings from Kentucky. I REALLY admire your work and would appreciate it if, when you have the time, if you could take a look at some of my galleries (new ones since last you visited) and give me some constructive criticism and/or suggestions ( ... like sell my camera and take up gardening). I think I could learn a lot from any comments you might offer. Thanx, Tom
Guest 10-Jul-2006 03:04
Hi, Marisa! Congratulations! You are the most popular photographer! And thanks for showing them!
lorand08-Jul-2006 15:19
Ciao Marisa!
Grazie per il commento e grazie anche per il consiglio, che da un'artista come
te è ben accetto. Comunque è un po difficile non ripetersi con un soggetto così,
magari si possono inserire meno foto!
A presto....Lorenzo.
Guest 05-Jul-2006 07:31
I just love your pictures (and the presentation as well).
You're an artist!
Guest 28-Jun-2006 03:13
What a talented artist you are. The way you see colors and themes are unique. Incredible galleries. Gladys Salkeld
spectre27-Jun-2006 18:53
your images exemplify what is possible from a compact digital camera. i'm sitting here looking at my big back of stuff i could not live without and every time i look at your images i question myself.
great, great work. very creative, artistic, emotive. always looks forward to your posts.
Phil. 23-Jun-2006 00:55
Tant de talent me fait hésiter d'essayer de prendre des photos. J'aime cette gallerie, comme celle de Colmar. Étant bilingue, j'ai trouvé très bonne l'idée de traduire en anglais les titres.De plus, ayant habité à Annecy pendant 7 ans, je me sens encore voisin de vous.

Félicitations d'un admirateur jaloux de votre talent.

Philippe Montréal.

Continuez quand même, hein?
Guest 16-Jun-2006 19:50
There is a thread on DP Review concering your work, so you are probably getting zillions of hits. I like your gallaries a lot. You've obviously put a lot of effort into turning your vision into something enjoyable for viewers.
Patrick Bold16-Jun-2006 11:10
By far one of the most enjoyable galleries on PBase. Excellent presentation and very varied creative subject matter. Your photos inspire me to try new techniques and compositions. Thanks for sharing your superb work.
Regards, Patrick
Marc Weinberg 14-Jun-2006 19:50
Marisa, I participate on the Canon EOS 30D/20D, etc., forum on, and one of the folks there noted how wonderful your galleries are. Indeed, they are wonderful. You have a gifted and wonderful eye. If you aren't a "pro," you should be. I have been shooting since 1959, and recently turned "pro," and think I can recognize a pro when I see him/her. Keep up the great work. If you get a chance, please take a look at my weird auto pictures at I would be extremely interested in your thoughts. Thanks for sharing your wonderful gift. Marc Weinberg
Rich Niemeyer 14-Jun-2006 16:15
Marisa: Your use of light is an educational experience for all of us. You have captured the humanity in all of us and our cultures. A very light and delightful trip through your images. I look forward to seeing more.
Guest 14-Jun-2006 14:50
Marisa: Your work is beyond reproach. An amazing photographic artist. Classic photographs that rival the best I have ever seen, with the visual result that compare to the most renowned artists of all time, IMHO. Your ability to see the final result, which is evident in both your choice of subject matter and your composition of the actual shot itself is just awe-inspiring. Your post-production skills and how you take the photo and the viewer to a world beyond this reality we live in, are just amazing. Amazing. You have inspired me to look at MY world in a different light and to attempt to better see the beauty that exists in both nature, and the sometimes mundane creations of man. By finding your beautiful photographic creations, I now feel a renewed excitement and passion for my favorite hobby. Thank you so much for sharing these wonderful photographs with those of us that visit pbase. I think I finally "see the light"...

Greg Burt 12-Jun-2006 10:21
Unbelievable! Liam O' Keefe
monamarie 11-Jun-2006 23:50

Your work is so beautiful and insirational..I am very new to this and I am hoping to learn alot from masters like yourself. Thanks for the journey into your gallery.
Guest 11-Jun-2006 21:14
Great work Marisa! Congratulations ;-)
abc11-Jun-2006 20:21
Hi Marisa,

Your gallery is unsual. I admire your work not only for the pictures itself but for the stories you create with them. Very creative and inspirational!


HELENA AFONSO06-Jun-2006 15:14
I have passed by your gallery, mixture of images and words, a very interesting diary of sure your travels full of love. I will come back more often, Helena
Kees Terberg04-Jun-2006 22:35
Inspirational and innovative. The presentation is superb and the subject matter is pure eye candy. A visual delight!
Andrew Murray 03-Jun-2006 14:47
I found your galleries to be so inspirational..Your images seem to have a certain finish, kind of whimsical. Are you useing some sort of filter. Id love to know.

Thank you for your galleries, Simply wonderful

Andrew S. Murray
Guest 03-Jun-2006 10:16
I’m adding you to my list of favourite artists!

Your images are truly magnificent.


Tad Janocinski
Tom Briggs 02-Jun-2006 20:45
Marisa ... your photos, layout and sensitivity is SUPERB. As a new Pbaser, yours is one of the most beautiful galleries I've seen as yet.

One question I have of you concerns how you create your style sheets ... what looks like a matte with the photo above it with a drop shadow. Dynamite !!! Could you tell me where I might go to create something similar?
Emi 02-Jun-2006 17:51
Cool flaming! Makes the pictures alive. :)
Guest 30-May-2006 07:23
Your work is amazingly perfect in composition, balance, it's without flaws. What particularly strikes me, is how every element is so perfectly exposed, both buildings/landscape and the sky. I deeply appreciate your galleries.
Tom W 29-May-2006 17:37
Thank you for sharing these pictures with us. They are truly inspirational. I will study them closer and hope to learn from a master.
Tom W
Bostjan27-May-2006 21:21
Excellent work and so much life and passion in your images! Thanks for sharing! Regards, Bostjan
mario .n26-May-2006 07:29
Vos photos sont remarquables de qualité,je me promets de continuer la visite chapeau également pour la présentation ,salutations depuis l'Aquitaine

Vicki Christy 16-May-2006 09:07
I have been a fan of your work for a while. Your photos are a composition of color, then form, shape, line, then human or life interest. You are a master photographer artist. You are a master artist photographer. Your photography is fine art. You have an artistic eye in the purest and finest sense. It is a pleasure and an honor to view your work. Thank you for being so generous to display your wonderful work on pbase.
Guest 14-May-2006 15:05
Grazie tanto, Marisa, per i tuoi bellissimi commenti alle mie gallerie e alle mie foto.
Anche le tue immagini sono intense e lasciano trasparire, oltre a grandi doti tecniche, un rapporto davvero emotivamente privilegiato con la fotocamera.
Guest 12-May-2006 14:36
You have the greatest gallery...I am relatively new to pbase and really enjoy getting access to some stunning photography. I only hope that in a few years time my work is going to improve wishes Lorraine
Bernard Bosmans10-May-2006 04:23
Marisa, I've bookmarked your outstanding galleries. Like to visit you at regular intervals, it's such a joy, a feast for the eyes.
You have great perception, an artistic touch, turning the ordinary into the exceptional.
Thank you for sharing this beautiful bounty .
Bob White09-May-2006 17:54
Thank you very much for comments and words of encouragement it appreciated very much Thank you again
Regards Bob
Anne 07-May-2006 16:34
You were my first "favorite" when I first discovered pbase. The beauty of your inner world is seen through your camera lens. I treasure my visits to your galleries.
Stephanie Louis02-May-2006 22:55
What gorgous galleries you have. Do you sell prints?
Guest 02-May-2006 10:49
Fantastic gallery, thanks for sharing and keep up the excellent work.
Martha Albuquerque30-Apr-2006 20:31
It's been very nice meetting you and see your very peculiar, interesting and beautiful work. Nice to have your visits and coments. Thank you, it is a honour to have you in my page.
Keep it up and nice!
beijos from RJ!
George Fiad 28-Apr-2006 07:03
Dear Marisa,
I an new to Pbase and recently discovered your work. What a blessing to have found it. Your work is a stream of sunshine to me. I love your Cafe Cosiness photos. I think they are spectacular and brilliant. You are a fantastic photographer. A real professional, I am sure. I want to thank you for sharing these photos. I wonder if you could let me know what software you use to create those fantastic frames in Cafe Cosiness? I am also interested in knowing if you use a full size of mini tripod and what is the secret to those colors, warmth and brilliance all in one photo? Is it in the shooting (Raw files, technique, etc.), or in the post photo work with software? If you could let me know I would forever be most grateful. Again, thank you for sharing your work, brilliance and vision. May God Continue to Bless you with such beautiful creative work. Please keep it up, you are a gift to us all. Sincerely, George Fiad / Miami, FL USA (
raymond ker25-Apr-2006 20:44
Dear Marisa,
As a newcomer to PBase, I have only recently discovered your beautiful work.
And what a discovery!
You are such a talented photographer.
Your galleries display technical brilliance, originality, creativity, a sparkling intellect and humanity.
But to me your greatest asset is your pithy sense of humour and irony.
Your captions in ".... windowsills" are a blast.
The Pbase community and art lovers the world over are fortunate to have such convenient access to your superb galleries.
We have no doubt that this is only the entree to an even more illustrious photographic career.
So we would like to wish you great success, happiness and self-fulfilment.
May you continue to inspire us far into the future.
I would value the comments and advice of a photographic master like yourself.
Best wishes,
Bill Watwick 21-Apr-2006 14:34

You are a very talented person indeed. You have an artists eye and make beautiful images without the need for thousands of Euros of photographic equipment. You are an inspiration to all.
I love your work. Thank you for sharing.
John Carrington 20-Apr-2006 20:46
I thought your bike pix were a meaningful collection. I think your titles are kinda limit the ideas your pictures might have for your viewers. My son moved to toronto with an expensive bike and a cheap lock. Within a week he was shopping for a cheap bike and an expensive lock. He bikes everywhere in the city, braving the aggressive mania of cab drivers and commuters who claim the road like schoolyard bullies. Understanding my son's determination and the culture of bike riders that he belongs to, I found your pix quite expressive.
Guest 18-Apr-2006 13:18
Hello Marisa,
Thanks for your kind email to me, I am fascinating for your work in your galleries, I think you have a lot of new ideas showed in every shot you got.
I am very happy and enjoy watching your digital photos and I am happy to comment your work. I left comments to everybody that I like their works.
Sorry for my bad english although....
I am honored by your great comment about my Spring's reflex :)
Thank you very much, you got me forces to follow with my hobbie....make digital photography and improve my technique and style :)
Regards Marisa
Fabienne16-Apr-2006 16:31
Bonjour Marisa, un grand bravo pour vos galeries qui sont magnifiques. Quand je les visite j'ai l'impression de rentrer dans un autre monde. Monde de l'imaginaire, du bon goût et de l'originalité. Encore félicitations et continuez à nous régaler de vos images si subtiles et de grande qualité. fabi
Yves Rubin14-Apr-2006 01:12
Hi Marrissa,
You have done wonderful work lately, I just came back to your galleries and see superb images. Your frames are getting definitely wild!

I am swiss originally, I wonder where you live in Switzerland. I am from Fribourg.
Victoria13-Apr-2006 21:05
Very nice and charming gallery ! I do enjoy your gallery, it is really nice , you are so luck as you living in such a beautiful country! Continue your fantastic work!

Cheers from Victoria
Hans Novak13-Apr-2006 08:52
Guest 11-Apr-2006 17:17
You are truly an artist. You made my day.
Evaristo Buendia Carrera11-Apr-2006 02:11
You are growing into Art...
... But, wait, are you over weight...

Beautiful creativity, you're wonderful..!!
Carrie09-Apr-2006 01:06
Marisa, your photos are so beautiful, and certainly inspirational. Please continue to share your work. I will visit your galleries again and again.

Guest 05-Apr-2006 03:02
Seeing the world through your eyes brightens my day. Thank you.
Guest 28-Mar-2006 18:34

I have only just come across your galleries, and i have to say what i have seen so far is inspirational, it looks like i will have to return again and again to see them all

Best W
Sheldon and Marci Morton17-Mar-2006 17:21
Your images are a huge inspiration to me! Thanks.......

1moremile03-Mar-2006 10:18
I stopped here just to take a glance and wound up spending half my morning. Nice galleries with some outstanding captures.
bruna 17-Feb-2006 22:36
molto interessanti le tue gallerie per i soggetti , le inquadrature e i commenti...e tutto. BRAVA !
Arlene Krassner 17-Feb-2006 01:32
Marisa I have been an admirer of your work for several months. A good friend said I must see and I haven't stopped since! I love looking through your eyes. I would love to know what camera you use now.
Guest 13-Feb-2006 00:20
great coffee gallery

i invite you to my gallery
Guest 12-Feb-2006 19:19
Thank you for your comments, I really appreciate it. :) Glad you enjoyed my galleries, do come back again.

Guest 20-Jan-2006 12:20
What a treat it is to browse through your galleries! I will be back often to see these fantastic photographs. Well done.
Guest 07-Jan-2006 07:32
you are one great artist! Your photos tell beautiful, romantic and sweet stories - I feel like in a fairy tale wherever i turn my eye... Really really beautiful!!!Canon should be proud and grateful to you :) Congratulations
Paul W. Ritter 02-Jan-2006 23:03
I stumbled across the wisteria photos on just a random search during my first visit to PBase. Amazing! And then I found the Coffee Shops. Wow! You should consider making a line of art posters on these shops. They were so well photographed and so nicely "matted" that I just had to say stop and say something. Thanks for posting them.
Alex Fabros 30-Dec-2005 21:24
What a wonderful collection of reflections of your eye! The next time I am in Paris I will look at the city with a different perspective. The little shops. People walking by. The hidden magic available through the eye of imagination! You have captured it all. Thank you for sharing.
(San Francisco aboard my sloop PEI QI XU at Pier 39)
Guest 27-Dec-2005 00:09
Well, What could I say? I love "France through my (your) eyes". Regards.
Giba (Brasil)
Guest 25-Dec-2005 22:51
And i put another one so i am the one to send you your 200th message.

Guest 25-Dec-2005 22:50
I just love your pics, and i'll be visiting you again and again, because there are still a few left i didn't see yet. I've been checking about 500 now, for about an hour and a half. So i need another 9 hours to check 'em all out! And i surely will...

Photodelles23-Dec-2005 23:55
Vous êtes vraiment un artiste de la photo. Chapeau !!!!!
Guest 22-Dec-2005 02:22
I can't get enough of your galleries. I am so glad I found them. Beautiful images. You've got a great eye.
fdt17-Dec-2005 16:32
It's always a delight to visit your galleries.
Dawid Wnuk Photography11-Dec-2005 07:49
HI. I'm a young photogrpher from Poland eager to learn photography. And when I see Your photos, Marisa, I see I still have a long way before me. Your work is superb, I deeply admire the talent and skill You have and only wish I could ever be as good...

As I'm starting here on PBase I'd be really a great honor for me if You could just browse through my galleries and maybe leave a comment or two if You like anything.

Great thanks for sharing such a wonderful art. Regards.

David Wnuk
Guest 07-Dec-2005 21:15
Thank you for veiwing my gallery and leaving a message. If possible, could you advise me on the technical aspect of the photo you liked?
Guest 07-Dec-2005 02:05
Hi Marisa,
Your galleries are awesome. Your talent and artistic ability are truly amazing.
Strat06-Dec-2005 23:59
Marisa you're a joy!
ricecake30-Nov-2005 19:24
Your galleries were one of the first I saw on pbase, and I still come back to them again and again. You are a uniquely talented artist and someone I wish I could know in person.
Guest 26-Nov-2005 15:23
Superbe travail. Vraiment difficile de faire un choix quand on prend un réel plaisir devant chanque photo
Guest 23-Nov-2005 17:52
Enjoyed viewing your world..very interesting and an obvious show of time and effort towards your galleries...bravo..
Very nice photography indeed...

lacandonna 13-Nov-2005 23:21
like your work a lot
J.C. Richardson III07-Nov-2005 20:08
Hi Marisa,

J.C.Richardson III from Danville Va. You had been on my site Ruben's Restaurant Eaten Up and come on Back. You said you liked hamburgers. Will if I could I would send you one right over. I know you would just love Ruben's Burgers. The best around.

I have been looking at your work and it is great. I am not that good with words but am amazes as I go through and look. I would have no idea where to start to do the things that you have created. You have a great gift. One that very few have. I will be back and look again. I have not been through all yet. Love all I have seen.

Best Regards,
Marc Demoulin04-Nov-2005 20:41
Votre passage chez moi m'honore. Il y a tellement de choses à voir dans vos oeuvres...
Ce qui me frappe le plus ce sont vos talents de mise en scène, de poésie, votre éclectisme et votre capacité à faire une belle image partout ou vous êtes, quelque soit le sujet.
Guest 30-Oct-2005 15:46
I just found your work !!! Thank you for the inspiration! Have added you to my favorite artist list and will visit often. Debi
victor valle29-Oct-2005 21:43
Oh, I am honored by your visit and comment. Thank you so much. By the way, I'm the Manufacturing Electronic Engineer for Gretagmacbeth ( Our main company is in Regensdorf, Switzerland. Check out our web-site. I've been trying to go there because your country is sooo beautiful and excellent for pictures. By the way, your work is outstanding, just excellent! Take care.
Kind Regards,
Victor Valle
Guest 28-Oct-2005 17:45
Guest 20-Oct-2005 15:43
Hi Marisa,
Tons of first class pictures.
You are realy a big talent!
Hang on.
Guest 20-Oct-2005 15:15
Great images. I particuarly like the "Diagon Alley" gallery. I want to visit!
Guest 26-Sep-2005 18:40
Hallo Marisa. Sorry for the name - I did indeed mix up but the comments were definitely for your gallery. You do have some great pictures... :))))
Ramsey Railsback 26-Sep-2005 15:30
Gruetzi, Marisa, I like your photos of Stein Am Rhein it is truly a lovely place. My family and I go to Switzerland every summer for 4 to 5 weeks. We usually stay in Steckborn. We love it there we are so sad when we have to come home ( U.S. ) I recently had a gallery opening where I displayed some shots of Switzerland. Go to and you can see them. Take care.
Rebecca 19-Sep-2005 14:37
Hi Marisa,

I am so drawn to your galleries time and again. Can you tell me how you got the pictures framed? Is this pBase offers or something you have done it yourself? if so, what is the software pelase?

So much poetry.. Thanks.
Guest 16-Sep-2005 14:19
Great images! Love your "Diagon Alley" gallery.
Guest 12-Sep-2005 07:59
Thank you for sharing such interesting well composed quality images. Pablo
Linda Willets29-Aug-2005 23:56
Thanks for stopping by my pad gallery..I have akways been enchanted with your gentle witch series..You have a amazing eye to see what most miss.

Guest 26-Aug-2005 15:09
Thank you Marisa for the comments on my tango photo. It’s an honor to receive a comment like this from a photographer like you. It might sound not very humble but I agree with your comments. I also felt surrealism and something more when I took the picture and I’m glad that I could keep the feeling in the photo.

I took a very short look at your galleries and I’m speechless. Your works are amazing! I’d like to learn to take photos like that some day. Now I will go back and browse your galleries more thoroughly. Cheers!
Sergio Rojkes22-Aug-2005 16:41
Hi Marisa!
Thanks for dropping by, im glad someone at list saw the mate gallery!!!
Ill soon update more Argentinian traditions, gauchos, tango and folklore.
Guest 20-Aug-2005 19:40
Thank you for your comments. I keep coming back to your Galleries time after time as there is so much to discover. Thank you.
Guest 20-Aug-2005 16:23
Thanks for helping me out! Nice pictures in your galleries. :)
Larry Russo17-Aug-2005 18:48
Everything is so wonderful here - Creative and cool, upbeat and fresh - I will check back for more!
Guest 11-Aug-2005 09:04
oops, slip of the hand, should say Marisa, sorry!
Guest 11-Aug-2005 09:03
Hi Marika - thanks for stopping by to comment on my Pad gallery. I find it interesting that the photos of mine you like are some of my favourites but ones a lot of people have ignored - we obviously have the same kind of eye! I continue to be amazed by how prolific you are - awesome stuff!
Lygata 04-Aug-2005 16:28
Lovely work! Only had a few minutes to glance, but loved many of your pictures and techniques. Will come back and view again, and will take notice of what draws my eyes, and touches my emotions, to help me in my photo work. Sad that I don't have more time now to walk through your world. Thanks for the brightness and for sharing!
Guest 02-Aug-2005 20:16
Your galleries are wonderful, excellent, very impressive! I'm going to come back to see more and more and more and more...
Guest 17-Jul-2005 11:20
Thanks for sharing your exceptional work. Such wonderful and creative compositions. I'll check back often!
Ezekiel 2014-Jul-2005 18:28
Your photos are something I have never seen before. They are new and different in a very strange way. Really enjoyed your galleries. Thanks
Marijka13-Jul-2005 16:19
"I’d like being able to express something of my emotions and my impressions in a visual way and to share that with all the people, who have time , heart and sensitiveness to walk over the path of fancy with light steps, without taking anything too seriously.
All your comments to my galleries and messages will be welcome and I’ll be glad to answer all."

Marisa-- you do a great job at meeting your pbase mission!! i would leave messages on all your photos --- but then they would be meaningless---- continued success!!! and continued passion for your craft!! marijka ---
Guest 09-Jul-2005 20:36
Your galleries are wonderful. I am so glad I stumbled across them.
HoiChit 08-Jul-2005 08:47
your galleries are fantastic!!! all the pic are full of arts and fantasy. i really like your pic.
do you like France so much??

i will check out the pic again and again for sure!
Rene Hales29-Jun-2005 12:19
Came back today for another view. I am again leaving with new inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talents.--Rene
anthony195727-Jun-2005 13:56
You are truly an artist with a lens! Amazing portfolio of consistently beautiful imagery.
With much appreciation,
Guest 17-Jun-2005 18:58
Please keep doing more and more of your artistic photopaints. I love 'em
Guest 17-Jun-2005 12:58
Marisa - just returned from my lunch break to find your comments on some of my photos and my "Shadow Light and Shade" gallery - what a wonderful surprise! I've admired several of your galleries over the last few weeks, so I'm honoured and flattered that you took the time to view and comment on my photos. Thank you and best wishes, Steve H
cashy7377 17-Jun-2005 08:31

Probably the most evocative galleries I've seen for some time. It's like Rembrandt being given a camera.

Words fail me ...

Guest 16-Jun-2005 20:42
Hello Marissa!
Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos!!!

Great work and I love the music!
Guest 14-Jun-2005 20:08
Hi Marisa,
your galleries are really beautiful and full of small pieces of art. I'll return again, for sure.
Best regards,
Michael G14-Jun-2005 11:59
Hi Marisa,
Thank you! I love your pictures.
Evaristo Buendia Carrera05-Jun-2005 20:18
hehehe, you're fantastic..
very complex pBase work;
I love it, congratulations
You're wonderful,
Guest 05-Jun-2005 18:51
Thank you, for your lovely comment regarding my PAD for today! I was very flattered. More importantly, I appreciated the opportunity your comment gave me to come and view your beautiful galleries!
Guest 31-May-2005 18:34
Many thanks for your visit to my shadows. You have such an embarassment of riches here, it is hard to know where to begin.
CIS31-May-2005 14:17
Marisa, I've been going through your galleries and am simply awed by all of them!
Your work, eye, creativity and extras like quotes, poetry, thoughts & presentation
are incredible!!! Will check in often, I'm honoured that you commented in my humble gallery.
Guest 25-May-2005 14:36
ogni volta che guardo le foto di queste gallerie mi sento meglio...

Arnulf M. Elvevold23-May-2005 13:52

My comment goes for all your galleries. Your sensitivity for light and colours is amazing! I've never succeeded to convey the same warmth as I find in your photos.

Arnulf in Tromsø, Norway
Guest 17-May-2005 22:33
Hi Maria!
Thank you for your great comment on ma galleries! It's really appreciated...I'm just starting and good words are always good help! You have wonderful galleries and I'm going to come back to see more and more..It's a real pleasure for eyes!!!

Vincent Belford16-May-2005 19:03
Hi Marisa,
Just dropped in for another look at your effervescent and buoyant galleries.
I love your pictures, which are so different from mine, proving that opposites attract.
Outstanding,dazzling work!
Vince B.
Guest 16-May-2005 17:32
Excellent! Original! Wonderfull! Amazing talent! very impressive! in a word! " E X C E L L E N T !!!.....Mac UK
Yves Rubin16-May-2005 00:08
You have an original set of galleries! I like your work very much, especially the use of Photoshop filters and effects on many of the pictures. The girls with glasses gallery is an original look at portraits.

However, if I may suggest, the excessive use of "wild" frames really distracts the attention of the viewer. Some tend to look quite cheesy... I think your pictures would stand out just by being beautiful pictures, or at least using a very simple frame (and better keep the same of similar one for each gallery).
John Beck15-May-2005 13:18
Not only are your pictures excellent but your display of them is also first class. Wish I could emulate that. Thank you for posting them.
Guest 13-May-2005 11:25
I just found a new playground...thank you Marisa
Przemyslaw Janus13-May-2005 10:53
Hi, I've just been going through your 'Room with a view' gallery....Framing calls for a big WOW! Please tell what software do you use....p_rzemo
Guest 06-May-2005 00:17
Wonderful galleries Marisa. Your windows and doors gallery has given me inspiration for my next visit to Charleston South Carolina this Summer 05.
Take Care,
Evaristo Buendia Carrera04-May-2005 16:18
Wow!! amazing art work.
wonderful and impressive talent
Guest 16-Apr-2005 21:09
Hi Marisa, it's over a year since I first arrived in your wonderful visual world. This is just to say that I'm still a most frequent visitor and to encourage you to keep on looking and sharing. Your photography is a joy! Simon :-)
lorin niculae04-Apr-2005 06:50
Dear Marisa, during the last days I have had a look to your galleries. I am very impressed by the variety of subjects, variety of postprocessing techniques and variety of thoughts and emotions they rised in me.I like especially the way you frame your photos and, by the means of using this paratext, you introduce a necessary lecture key that is helpfull in understanding your work and going through the visual gates you are opening...
A big thank you, it was a delight,
Gus Rosenfeld25-Mar-2005 21:26
Finally, an individual who is mature enough to realize the importance of viewing the world as a child. All that and a bit of ADHD as well ;-) You're added to my favorites. Great work and thanks!
Trevor Edwards04-Mar-2005 19:05
I going through your galleries and am enjoying it too. A lot of your pictures have a painting feel to them. I really admire the patience you must have in manipulating some of them. I really ought to try doing some myself. Well done and kepp going strong. TREV.
Guest 21-Feb-2005 13:45
Actually it was through your galleries, I discovered PBase a few months ago. Since than, I joined Pbase, and come to your galleries very often. I thought it’s about time to drop you a line to say “Thank You”. Thank you for sharing your wonderful world with us, and also thank you to bring me to Pbase… Dandan
Rene Hales20-Feb-2005 18:43
Marisa, I enjoy stopping in to view your galleries. I always leave awed and with inspiration. Thank you too for you kind comments on my Polaroid gallery and my work.--Rene
Peter Chou17-Feb-2005 02:13
I am fortunate to see your galleries of beautiful and insightful work! Thank you for allowing me to see the world through your eyes.
Donald Verger13-Feb-2005 08:11
Hello Merisa, I love your work and am so excited to discover it at 3am maine time. I couldnt make my wifes computer sing or play itunes and then my favortite, imagine, i think filled the air. And i llove the amazing creativity you bring to arranging and creating your galleries. And the train!!!!!!!!!! i will visit the train and all your artistry often, and the train just for fun!!!!!!! and loneliness... ill look forward to following and exploring the brilliant fresh and stunningly artistic creations! thank you, don
Sasha S21-Jan-2005 20:37
Absolutely amazing! I am truly inspired by your pictures and words. You have such creativity and color in your eyes! Thank you for sharing the world through your lens.
Rodi Almog02-Jan-2005 15:20
Hello Marisa,
I glad I visited your excellent gallery.
Your work is completely different from others and your ideas are original and varied.
I must say that someone can learn from you and I am sure I will come back time to time to visit and pick an idea.
Thanks for sharing.
bluewatermonk26-Dec-2004 23:49
Every time I browse through your galleries I am amazed. A new treat with every click, I am like a kid in a candy store...LOL
I was just browsing your doors again and am still stunned at the variety and colour that can be found in an everyday, simple thing. Thanks for sharing your wonderful work!!

Michael (RedWater)
Michele Rodgers18-Dec-2004 19:00
Just a quick note to say Happy Holidays and thank you for your galleries. I check them every few days when I just need a smile ... it always works. They are wonderful.

Michele (Canada)
blay117-Dec-2004 02:17
Hi Marisa,

I remain drawn to your work here and I wish you and yours Best Holiday Wishes and a ver Happy New Year...
Guest 14-Dec-2004 06:03
I just found you thru ron Horloff's page & may I say that not only are your photographs as beautiful as they are varied but your site here is a work of art , a real pleasure that I'm looking forward to in many hours of discovery . Thank you
Guest 04-Dec-2004 16:44
Wow! Marisa, it is amazing how you cantrasform anything into a extremelly beautifull image you have a golden eye. I am impressed with the qualitty and quantity.
If you have a chance please visite me at:
Jeff Cochran28-Nov-2004 14:33
Outstanding galleries here, I love the different themes to every gallery. Very nice work!
Rick Ulmer28-Nov-2004 10:38
Marisa your still one of the best and you just keep getting better. You have
absolutely wonderful interesting well done images presented in beautifully designed
and executed galleries with wonderful music and interesting comments. I am
impressed every time I visit your places. I can't begin to list favorites but the
Wysteria door was my first impression of your work and it still hasn't lost any
of its beauty or wonder.
Rick Ulmer
Vicki Moore18-Nov-2004 22:05
What a wonderful world you have created in your images. I have enjoyed my travels through you galleries. Very creative work.
Naturephoto Monique11-Nov-2004 00:02
Your eye sees the true beauty in every scene, your lens reflects the beauty in your soul.
I enjoyed your gallery, keep up the excellant work.
Best, Monique
Guest 07-Nov-2004 23:15
Thanks so much for your sweet comments! You have many gorgeous images! Donna:)
Guest 31-Oct-2004 15:03
Marisa, nous sommes dimanche matin et je suis en train de prendre mon café tout en regardant tes galleries, peut-on imginer une autre belle façon de bien commencer la journée!
Guest 30-Oct-2004 10:27

Guest 24-Oct-2004 11:35
Love you pictures and the music--found myself doing the rhumba by myself as your pictures of Nyon played! Superb stories in your pictures. Also stirs wanderlust in me and lets me know there are many vistas to see and to never stop looking. This from Virginia, USA. John Ellis
Chuck Kuhn16-Oct-2004 23:52
This is a masterpiece of work. Not just the photography, but the time and effort to bring our eyes and ears to magical sounds. Frames, colors, music, I admire your talent. I voted for you and added you to my favorites.
I'm new since the beginning of 2004. Check out my pictures, I would love to hear from you
Guest 16-Oct-2004 14:02
Thanks for the lovely comments in my guesbook. Your galleries are quite amazing, it must have taken so much work and creativity to put all the different themes together. I think you just have a great PBase community spirit!
Guest 08-Oct-2004 23:12

Thanks again for your welcome to the forum. I've now had further chance to see more of your galleries. Gee. They really are very, very special. I'm still figuring out how to vote for them so more people can see them, but I'm sure I'll find how soon.

Thanks for your great work.

Guest 07-Oct-2004 15:20
Wonderful, wonderful work! I really enjoyed the gallery. Your hard work really has produced one of the best sites I've ever seen here. Thanks so much.
Guest 06-Oct-2004 16:20
Hello! Thanks so much for your sharing! I am using S50 and your photos inspired me alot. Hope you could show me how to take a good photos like you did! Keep well!
Guest 28-Sep-2004 03:24
Well Marisa How are you? I have been so busy that tonight is the first time back on the Pbase site for months....
I even had another birthday, ( this month ) and all I can say it is not getting funny or fun anymore.

I just glanced at a couple of your newer images, and of course enjoyed them very much....
We are just going into our wonderfull Fall season here, and I will try and make some images of the areas I travel...and get them posted..

I hope this finds you well and happy,

Your friend in Photography,

Bruce Roberts, M.Photog.

PS...I have started a Blog site if you might care to join in the talk.
Here is the address:

Your thoughts and comments will be welcomed.
Veronica Fresh25-Sep-2004 00:36
Absolutely creative, technically expert, riveting and gently powerful body of work! I loved looking at your images. You MUST write a book!
Guest 07-Sep-2004 18:56
Bueno, eres una artísta genial y maravillosa, ver todos tus trabajos es difícil, porque tienes muchísimos, pero son fantásticos, bellos , creativos y muy variados, así que ya los ire viendo poco a poco. Tus imagenes son un gozo para la vista, y para el alma :). Cheers
Gokhan Demirer07-Sep-2004 06:38
You have a great talent. Your perception of life has reflected on your pictures. Very well done. Your galleries enhanced my day. Thank you very much.
Gokhan Demirer
Bob Townsend07-Sep-2004 04:06
I really, really, really love your pictures. I really, really, really hate the music. The pictures are bold and colorful and imaginative and the music is tinny and whiney and uninspiring for the most part. I think your pictures can speak or sing, in this case, for themselves without any help.
Guest 06-Sep-2004 14:58
One of the kindest souls on pbase, who works so hard to bring others a bit of levity and happiness through her work. You are the best Marisa and from the looks of things, I'm certainly not the only one that thinks so.
Dave 04-Sep-2004 01:01
You have a real gift for sharing a sense of place. Well done, and please continue!
Guest 03-Sep-2004 02:50
I can (and often do) spend hours browsing through your beautiful galleries! Your talent as a photographer & graphic artist is second to none! You are very fortunate to live in a place of such beauty, but it takes a skilled eye and imagination to portray it as you do.
How I'd love to sit and watch exactly what it is you do to produce such beautiful and unique pieces.

I look forward to each and every new image you add to Pbase!

Best regards,
mugu 01-Sep-2004 01:34
am here pls boys keep offfffffffffffffffffff
Andy Wong 28-Aug-2004 02:28
Great pictures and music. They are beautiful with unique characteristic.
The music makes people feel warm. I enjoyed it very much.

Guest 25-Aug-2004 10:20
Très beau travail, surtout en postraitement.
Il y a peu de messages en français, étonnant...
Pourriez vous m'indiquez comment vous faites vos cadres ? merci...
et continuez comme ça c'est magnifique !
Guest 22-Aug-2004 15:51
exelente tu trabajo
angie 21-Aug-2004 07:39
Please, please can you have a gallery for guys with glasses? I find it arousing :$ (my previous and current boyfriends both have glasses) :P
Terry 19-Aug-2004 00:03
Absolutely are an ARTIST and a POET....
Vivek SenGupta08-Aug-2004 06:20
amazing pictures! i love the themes. i was looking for the artiste's photo, a self portrait. maybe i missed it?

Erica Peller 04-Aug-2004 17:56
Hello Marisa,
This is Erica,Jill's daughter..I just wanted to leave a message to you about your brilliant images.I like the way you tell stories with such imagination in your photos and I admire your work.I also hope to do the same one day.By the way thank you soo much for your gifts,I appreciate them.-Erica Peller.
Mattana30-Jul-2004 19:05
Hi Marisa,
Once again thanks for your very kind comments on my Orange Glows Gallery. I am glad you enjoyed the visit.
Likewise, your galleries always amaze me.
Galina Stepanova27-Jul-2004 18:07
Marisa, your art such bright and happy. I am glad I discovered you pictures, I enjoy them!
Thank you for visiting my portfolio and for you kind words.
Udachi (good luck) and I'll talk to you soon.
Galja :))
Don Young 18-Jul-2004 14:27
I really enjoyed your galleries. I would like to know where I can learn how you framed your photos in Photoshop. Thanks Don
Tiana 12-Jul-2004 10:29

I just wanted to say that your gallery is amaZing !!!

Regards Tiana :))
Guest 11-Jul-2004 07:06
I really enjoy seeing your photo gallery. I also like the way you choose both a song and a frame into each photo. They are very impressive. Thank you very much for sharing all this wonderful photos to us.
Todd Bogush10-Jul-2004 14:36
Wonderful job on your photo album. Can you teach me how to get music on my website?
Hodero10-Jul-2004 09:07
You have a Wonderful Gallery of beautiful pictures .
I enjoyed very much gooing through them.Thanks for sharing your creativity.."H"
paul yung10-Jul-2004 05:28
Your galleries are getting better and better. Thank you for sharing your wonderful world with us. What a beautiful collection of images that lift the human spirit.
xue200408-Jul-2004 01:33
Hi, Marisa, I have been visiting your galleries very often and absolutely love your photos! I like almost all your photos, they are more like paintings, real art. Could you kindly share your ways of processing your photos? I am new to photography and just started this Feburary, I am eager to learn. Thanks for sharing.
Mattana06-Jul-2004 20:14
Dear Marisa:
How could I possibly respond to such nice comments regarding my Cornwall gallery. They have made my day. Thank you indeed. I am glad that you enjoyed the pictures of Cornwall. It is a lovely place. My pictures of places I have visited tend to be less technical (besides I don’t have much technical expertise yet!) but more of how they affect me and what they conjure up and if that they also provoke the viewer ‘emotions, memories, feelings, sensations, thoughts…’ as you said, I am pleased.
And as in my earlier message, I always admire your work.
Thank you again.
Paul Middleton06-Jul-2004 13:10
You obviously have a wonderful eye for a picture. I have to admit to never having been a fan of frames until I saw your work, now I'll have to rethink! A definite regular return for me.

And I knew I wasn't weird in having a thing about girls in glasses :)
Emmie Gray03-Jul-2004 09:06
Dear Marisa: Thank you for your insight on my small galleries! I, of course, had to spend an afternoon visiting your pretty town, some clouds, and the diving ladybird beetles, not to mention, and the gate with 'Blackbird'. The music you have chosen seems to suit each image, and I was very moved to hear "Imagine" - I have always thought that should be our International Anthem. So then I was doubly pleased that you liked my few offerings, since you seem to have that "child's eye" view of the world.

Your galleries are an inspiration, and I hope you don't mind if I copy some of your themes - I would like to have a gallery of my family tree also, and I started one for the town I live in. I was touched, and fascinated by your family photos - a nice tribute, and wonderful pictures.

Thanks again,
Andrea (aka "Emmie Gray")
Guest 29-Jun-2004 04:11
Thanks so much Marisha for the lovely comments! I see you have some wonderful photos here. I plan on strolling through them! Donna
elisa28-Jun-2004 20:16
Marisa, sei GENIALE! Passerei ore a guardare le tue gallerie, a scoprirne i dettagli, a lasciarmi coinvolgere dai sentimenti e dalle emozioni che le foto portano con sè. Ogni foto racconta una storia, la musica l'accompagna e le tue parole la rendono magica. La tua arte è affascinante, magica, speciale!
Guest 27-Jun-2004 16:21
Thank you for sharing your beauty, joy and wonderful presentations with all of us. Your images capture feelings, emotion and beauty of all that surrounds you and then you present it with such class asking nothing in return. Surely one of "the" best on pbase, if not the web. Sincerely, your American Fan.
stuartist_longisland 26-Jun-2004 01:36
You have a beautiful gallery. The pictures alone are wonderful but the time and effort you put into the presentation makes them look even better. -Stu
Luanna 18-Jun-2004 04:15
I just loved your gallery, your amazing, thank you for sharing these wonderful photographs!!
Guest 17-Jun-2004 17:50
Hi again Marisa,

Thank you for all of your comments and for visiting my gallery and thank you for the kind welcome to Pbase. My photos and galleries are certainly a work in progress as I just started last November photographing, but it's been great to share and learn on this site. I look forward to seeing more of your images!! Thank you again for the kind words! Best, Shannon
Guest 17-Jun-2004 15:17
I'm so glad I found your gallery today. What a magical place. I love the images, the colors, the fun, the music!! It's great....I'll visit here often! Thank you for creating such a magical gallery! You really put a lot of effort into it. I'm new to PBase.....but I am very impressed at the work you put into this gallery!
Mattana14-Jun-2004 18:36
Hi, Marisa.
Thank you very much for your very nice compliment on my California Poppy Series. I simply love the form, shape, and its warm colour of the flower – California Poppy.
I have been visiting your site. You certainly have a wonderful body of work. I really enjoy browsing around.
Guest 14-Jun-2004 11:23
Hi Marisa! Thank you for your nice comments in my guestbook and gallery.
Photoshop is my playground, every image I make is a play with shapes and colors, sometimes they come out like I imagined sometimes they take me by surprise. :-)
Anyway, I´ve looked at your gallerys several times and I always enjoy it. :-)
Keep up the good work./Jeanette
Guest 08-Jun-2004 17:21
I absolutely LOVE your work..and where you live is a photogrpahers paradise!!!
Hodero07-Jun-2004 14:57
thank you very much for your comment on my gallery.This is a way to learn.
About the composition you are wright.Sorry to have "molested" one of your favourite paintings.....(my comment on the framing is also subjective...thought"typical american")
Tom 05-Jun-2004 05:18
Hello, my compliments for your nice photos!
Please come see my photos sometime?
Best regards, Tom from The Netherlands.
Doug 01-Jun-2004 21:12
A wonderful site- you made me feel like I was back in Paris or visiting Switzerland- Keep up the great work
uele 29-May-2004 22:14
ciao, non riesco a derti un giudizio sulle foto, ma le tue "immagini" sono davvero belle e coinvolgenti.

che programma usi per il fotoritocco?

TJ 29-May-2004 19:44
Hi There

I have found your site the best p.base site there is so far, may i ask how you got the music on you need special softwere to do so or is there a option button I dont know about.

Well done on a fantastic site!!!


Mike Heppler 28-May-2004 23:54

Fantastic photographs! I love the saturation in many of the photos! I am a little curious about your work flow. Are you shooting digital yet? Using Photoshop, etc?
I will be visiting your site often. Too much great work to take in at one time.

Mike Heppler - Tucson Arizona
Paul Saltzman28-May-2004 12:48
WOW!!!! Your work is MAGNIFICENT. I wish I knew what to say to tell you exactly how it makes me feel. Thank you for making it available for me to view...
Adrian Calin28-May-2004 07:48
Marisa, your photos are a true inspiration. As I said, it's like reading "the magic mountain again". It's life.

Thank you for making me feel happy this morning.

guest 27-May-2004 13:37
Some excellent pictures. Very amusing to see the series on Fribourg, as you must have passed in front of my house...
Guest 27-May-2004 06:47
its even funnier when you find europeans on the beaches of southern california.
Guest 26-May-2004 05:27
Hi Marisa, I appreciate the kind words you left in my gallery. It is inspiring, coming from an accomplished photographer like yours.

I have been browsing your galleries for months (on and off) and enjoy it tremendously. Many of your work are not 'commercial' but there is always a little something (hint of emotion) involved. It is this that kept me coming back. May you continue showing us new stuff :)
Guest 25-May-2004 11:01
Good Morning:
I think that you were much too gentle about tourists. There is a lot more potential for photographic satire to add to your gallery. :-)
Guest 21-May-2004 02:51
Thanks Marisa for visiting my galleries and encouraging words .It lifts my spirit to improve and work hard.
Regards sanjiv
Jim Chiesa20-May-2004 14:18
G & M,
Good work capturing some precious memorable moments ! You seem to have a good eye. Perhaps some of your shots would also look good in black and white ?
I look forward to seeing more of your creations ! Well done !

Best Regards
Jim C (with photos from France as well).
Guest 16-May-2004 09:55
Your wisteria gallery is beautiful. Thankyou. I enjoyed your photos very much. Thankyou for sharing your talent.
Merrill Morrow16-May-2004 06:50
Both your imagery and presentation are superb. Congratulations.
Guest 12-May-2004 05:47
Hi there,

Very lovely pictures! You've got real interesting topics for photography such as loneliness, and old shops in Paris. I enjoyed them a lot!

I am going to Switzerland in June, and for now have planned to visit Montreux, Vevey, Geneva and Zermatt. I guess you are a Swiss local, aren't you! Would you kindly give me some tips about taking nice pictures in these places? And have I missed out any must-go cities and towns in Switzerland?

Email me if you can. Thanks

Seahole from Hong Kong
Guest 09-May-2004 09:42
Oh I just lovvvvvvvvvve your gallery ! Very great music and impressive visual effects ! I will come visiting your masterpiece regularly from now on ! Thanx !

Cindy from Hong Kong :)
Guest 08-May-2004 07:03
Love the Beatles Imagin intro.
aldeca07-May-2004 02:36

Thank you for your beautiful visual impressions.

Guest 06-May-2004 12:58
Excellent pics. Very nicely presented. The way u present your gallery, can you share the format?
Philip Sidran 02-May-2004 03:32
When I see something photographic that moves me, I often comment that I wished I had taken that picture (my supreme comment). Your galleries made me smile and instantly I had to let you know that you see things that a lot of people miss. The music enhances the mood and fortunatly I was familiar with most of the recordings. Thanks for sharing.
Phil in Miami, Florida.
Guest 01-May-2004 18:45
1st message was a typo i meant "i like the" lol
Guest 01-May-2004 18:43
I the the gallery with the doors. Ur shots are good but i think the framing ur
puting on ur photos really takes away from the image. Im talkin about the photoshop
frames and page curl effects. But ur shots are really good.
Guest 28-Apr-2004 09:59
hi. i like your "Sunny Sunday in Switzerland" VERY much. it is too good to be true. and thank you for bringing me to the "paradise". THAT'S the place that i want to go all my life. thank you for sharing. now i'm gonna visit all your galleries. can't wait for that :0) have a good day. mandy
blu21-Apr-2004 22:01
Thanks Marissa for visiting my pages and to leave so heartening comments. I really appreciate it. I'll come back to your gallery soon to have a look at your other galleries - and yes, I liked your Zurich gallery! (but of course, Zurich always looks great :-)

keep your genial esprit up and I'm looking forward seeing more of your work!
Guest 18-Apr-2004 04:54
Great photos, and lovely gallery setup. In particular I think the frames you are using are adding lots to your images. would you mind sharing how you manage to create this frames? Thank you so much for sharing, and happy snapping :)
Paul Teixeira17-Apr-2004 18:29
Just to let you know I enjoyed your photography (especially the street series and people series) a lot. Reminds at times of Cartier-Bresson and other members of Magnum. Keep posting and shooting!

Best regards,
Paul Teixeira
Guest 14-Apr-2004 15:05
I love most of your photos! You have an eye for beauty. Keep up the good job!

I'm new to photography, but love it so much.

Here is my link:
Selvin Chance14-Apr-2004 09:51
Your creative reconstruction of the world thru your photographs remind of these lines from Omar Khyyam:

Ah, Love! could you and I with Him conspire
To grasp this sorry Scheme of Things entire,
Would not we shatter it to bits--and then
Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!

Keep clicking away...
nana 04-Apr-2004 20:24
I love the way you displayed and framed your work --- can you tell me which software and how you did it? --- keep up the good work --- nana :)
blay103-Apr-2004 20:37
I am drawn to your work. Absolutely wonderful! Thank you for allowing me to look in.
Stacey 27-Mar-2004 03:02
beautiful subject, beautiful pictures.
Guest 26-Mar-2004 16:18

I realy like your photos.i vote for this gallery :)

welcome to my image bank ,NIKON D100 Gallery
Guy Dube23-Mar-2004 23:22
Bonsoir Marisa,

Je veux vous remercier de votre commentaire pour mes photos, comme celles du Vieux-Montréal. J'ai regardé votre site, et c'est super. Chaque photo est spéciale et individuelle. Beaucoup de travail pour chacune. La façon que vous les encadrez, c'est super bien fait et encore je me répète, beaucoup de travail.

Merci encore pour vos encouragements.

Anna Yu20-Mar-2004 18:42
Hi gentle witch Marisa,
Thank you for discovering my lake picture. I know you are fond of lakes yourself! I usually browse through your galleries too, you're on my list.
Vincent Belford12-Mar-2004 18:00
Wow, what a wonderfully thought out set of galleries, full of beautiful photos perfectly arranged. The music adds a nice touch also.
Thanks for you kind words for my galleries which are quite crude by comparison.
Great work!
Vince B.
Guest 12-Mar-2004 05:02
so beautiful!!
welcome to my web
I come from Taiwan, nice to meet you!!
Guest 10-Mar-2004 22:05
Hi. My first visit to your galleries tonight and I couldn't possibly do justice to them all in one visit, so I'll be back. The music and many of your photographs are hauntingly beautiful: wonderful art. Thanks for sharing and inspiring. Simon, UK
Guest 07-Mar-2004 11:11
G & M,
Truly enjoyable sharing, nothing common here, I always enjoy my visits. Sincere thanks for sharing, "Delightfully Digital, with Sound" . . . Great job!!!
Best regards,
John Connor
Naz 05-Mar-2004 19:45
I am very much impressed. How did you process all your work? Do you have a book on how to do these?

I just wish that some day i could also do photos like yours

Jeremy 29-Feb-2004 12:33
Love your older family pictures. If you have more like this please do post them.
judy sidonie tillinger22-Feb-2004 14:10
Marisa -
Your galleries are a delight to visit. I will return
often. It's like abrief vacation during the day.
Thank you for letting us see your world through
your eyes. Really lovely.
Chuck Kuhn20-Feb-2004 18:59
Enjoyed your pictures...great eye.
PS...What frame software do you use for photos?
paul yung12-Feb-2004 06:50
Enjoy your work a lot. Great composition, artistic and classy. Hats off to you!
Guest 10-Feb-2004 21:01
Preciosas fotos
Gracias por compartirlas

Andy 04-Feb-2004 18:44

A very wonderful gallery. Your photos of your Nyon really capture the town's beauty.

alexeig03-Feb-2004 23:25
Your pages are full of beauty. I have seen your roots galleries, thanks for sharing historical photos. Snowfall at your town: a small masterpiece. Hope to come back soon.

Con cortesia e ammirazione

Orvil 31-Jan-2004 20:14
Outstanding beauty and presentation. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent.
Konica Minolta Users30-Jan-2004 01:51
Marisa, Your Galleries are treasures! You are gifted in so many ways, your eye...your heart. I spent some time this evening looking and admiring your work and have bookmarked you so I may come back often. Thank you for displaying a part of our world that I've not seen yet. Beautiful!!! Veronica
Gregg Morris28-Jan-2004 17:11
Marisa, Thanks for leaving a comment in my galleries. I don't think I would have found yours, otherwise. You have a real talent for those candid photos. You seem able to get a rapport with the subjects very easily. Even the shots that aren't "up close and personal" are quite engaging. I also like the way you treat the background in many of the street shots -- good idea!
Guest 24-Jan-2004 09:01
G & M,
The trip to your galleries is a GREAT expeience . . . fun stuff, great shots and very enjoyable . . thanks again for sharing . . . hope you have a fantastic year and best regards!
John Connor
Adalberto Tiburzi20-Jan-2004 18:06
Wonderful journey through the eyes of a great photographer and artist. Thank you Marisa.
Thomas Spurr17-Jan-2004 23:38
Very nice photo's...........
mic_hong15-Jan-2004 18:41
Wonderfully captured... All galleries are great and a joy to view. Thanks for sharing.
Guest 14-Jan-2004 19:59
Your pictures have a wonderfull mood. Reminds me to appreciate Lac léman even more.
R Favre 14-Jan-2004 01:03
These are some great shots. My wife and I spent a few weeks in Nyon a few years ago, and we absolutely love it. The only this was that we stayed at the Beau Rivage, and had to 'hike' up all those stairs to get to the center of wore us out ;-)

Keep posting

Rob & Laureen
inti06-Jan-2004 22:17
Hi Marisa...Thank you for your visit to my images and your kind comment. I must say that I am very impressed with your People and your Autumn pictures...they convey a warmth and feeling for your subjects that really shines through in this beautifully presented collection. Best Wishes Rob ;-)
Sonia 02-Jan-2004 19:16
ciao Marisa ,
your work is very impressing , full of art and fantasy !
Daniel Wickwire22-Dec-2003 02:20
Hi. Thanks so much for the nice comments on my meager galleries. I have to tell you that I have thoroughly enjoyed browsing through your's. What a sensory experience it is!!! I don't have the "know how" to put a muscal score to the photos as you have so I'm really impressed!! But most of all I really like the variety of compositions you have here. Very nice! As I may have said before, I also really like your treatment of historic family photos. I've done the same in a series of galleries so I can really say that you've done a wonderful job here. A life changing project, isn't it? I wish you both the best way down there in New Zealand! Daniel.
Anna Yu20-Dec-2003 06:40
Hi Marisa!
Thanks for leaving a note in my guestbook. I am enchanted by your galleries and have you now on my favorite list. Will return too check out your portrait gallery, being partial to people shots myself.
Holiday greetings/Anna
Jean-Luc Elias15-Dec-2003 11:58
Thanks for visiting my site. Yours is worth seeing as well.Very interesting your family tree;Italian origin?;must find some time to do so myself. The first time a hear music on pbase;is it a build in option?How did you do it?