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Purchase PBase Magazine Apparel

(Shopping link removed. Page kept for posterity)

How much money are you making out of this ?

Every item we are selling is at a markup of $2 from what charges. For the first 1000 items sold, that extra $2 will go to our editorial team (to do whatever we want to do). After the first 1000 sales, $1 will go to and $1 to us. Please note that we make no guarantees to give this extra money to charitable causes. We most likely can and will blow the money on beer!

What will you do with the money ?

Ideally, we would like to distribute some amount within the team to make us all feel great about it and then use any remaining funds for some software licenses. If you really want more details, here goes:

$0-$20: I'll just drink a few beers and let the others know I blew it all up.

$21-$500: Distribute it amongst the editorial team. Let each one decide.

$501-$1000: Buy a license of Adobe Pagemaker - we currently use Word for editing and let me tell ya - its ghastly !

$1001-$1,000,000: Yeah right. If the donations inch to the million dollar mark, corruption will set in. I will suddenly turn very evil and stop talking to the rest of the team. At the same time,I will open a numbered swiss bank account....

$1,000,001 - a zilliontrillion: Disappear from sight - buy several private islands off the Bahamas.Eventually plan for world domination.