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PiJoly09-Jun-2016 12:59
You are a talented photographer OH YES you are !
hermankervel07-Oct-2014 12:26
nice pictures
Lynnie 21-Dec-2013 17:40
Thank you for the Nice comment on my Bubble Bath Gallery - please continue to return as there are many other galleries and new ones in the works...thanks again. Lynnie
John E. Petty19-Nov-2013 21:54
Thanks so much for your compliments on one of my Houston photos. Perhaps you have a Houston photo gallery but I just didn't find it among your great photos. It's an area rich with photo opportunities and close to you.
Guest 24-Oct-2013 14:08
Many thanks for your kind word on my Misty Light image...
Guest 23-Oct-2013 16:18
I appreciate your nice comment on my Misty Morning image...
Gary O'Dell 01-Oct-2013 15:10
Thanks LynnH for the comment on my Frosty image...
Fay Stout15-Sep-2013 15:48
5 years of Photo a Day... REMARKABLE!!!
Matylda Lempel-Chareza Photography08-Jun-2013 16:35
I am sorry .Lynn.on this days you have much current affairs ,
Lucky Cole25-Jan-2012 20:36
Lynn, do not know if I told you but I sold the strong box.
The guy that bought it new allot of about it and was thrilled to get it.
He collects thing from the old train days.
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 23:13
Greetings Lynn ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Steph :)
Andy 23-Aug-2011 01:23
Great photographs. Your gallery inspires me to get my camera gear dusted off, especially your PAD series. I live in the area and seeing what you are doing in the local area is motivating.
Tina Andersen 03-May-2011 13:01
My compliments on your galleries and your May challenge! No one should have a hard time with your May challenge. I find it to be refreshing and very inclusive for all folks. If I join pbase I'll enter this. Can't believe people find this difficult! LOL! By the way, I also like the variety of entries so far! Have a wonderful day!
Graeme19-Apr-2011 17:57
Hi Lynn, Thank you so much for all of your very kind comments that you left today. They are always much appreciated.
Kind regards,
Guest 31-Dec-2010 12:57
Happy New Year 2011. I wishing you have a good year. Thank you for your kind comment.
Lucky Cole25-Dec-2010 13:09
Merry Christmas Lynn, I hope you and your family have a great new year.
Sorry for not staying in touch with you, my work just always seams to be
in the way. Like you I love my work and the people I work with.
Speaking of that I love all of your galleries and look forward to seeing more
of them in the new year.
Yes I still have the strong box.
norbi24-Jul-2010 22:35
Thank You Lynn for Your photography, for showing Your living space and for all of Your
positive comments.

Sarah 02-Apr-2010 02:15
I was looking ALL afternoon for some information on Booth Public School. My mom and I stopped by it this morning and I fell in love. I took some pictures of it and want to know more… Your pictures are great :) If you'd like, I'd love to share my shots as well.
Guest 23-Dec-2009 14:11
wonderful work.. i like your galleries..
Guest 06-Aug-2009 16:53
I keep forgetting to check my profile for comments but I wanted to take this time to thank you for visiting my gallery and taking the time to leave the comments. It's always nice to hear that someone has connected in some way with a photograph of mine, to me that means the most.

Thanks again
Nikon Mama - Birgitte Ott13-May-2009 21:34
Hi Lynn,
What an interesting and elegant gallery you have!!! This is exactly a gallery after my head! I've enjoyed very much to view your beautiful work and will come back again soon! Regards, Birgitte Ott, Denmark
Guest 10-Apr-2009 14:15
Wonderfull galleries Lynn..I enjoy your work.
Thank you for your recent visit and comments, at my galleries.
Guest 09-Apr-2009 18:33
Hi Lynn :)
Thank you for visiting my galleries & for the comments...
I need some holiday to watch all yours pictures :)) There are a lot of amazing capture..
Thanx for sharing and I wish you all the best Lynn..
Greetings from Poland :)
Guest 27-Mar-2009 09:06 italian we said...NON HO PAROLE...!!! All fantastic galleries...
Lucky Cole14-Mar-2009 07:01
Hi Lynn, just stopped in to catch up on your train gallery and some of the other great captures you have up. Hope things are going well for you in Sugar Land,Tx.
Greg Little10-Mar-2009 20:40
Hi Lynn,
Thanks for the nice comment on my little pink pelican shot.
Greetings from Germany.
Linda09-Mar-2009 02:58
Hello Lynn, It is lovely to 'meet you' through our pbase worlds. Thank you for visiting and for the positive feedback that you have left. I have enjoyed discovering your extensive Galleries. I appreciate your photographic eye and the variety of Galleries that you create. I shall return often. Cheers, from Linda
Guest 19-Feb-2009 11:59
Thanks for your comments Lynn. You got some nice pictures here. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.
Guest 09-Feb-2009 22:09
Hello Lynn! I enjoyed looking through your galleries. You have some very nice pictures. I'll be back to look again. And again. And again! Thanks for sharing Lynn! Chuck
Martin Doheny05-Feb-2009 19:41
Thanks for your comments in my gallery. You have fine work in all of your galleries.
Pawel Kazmierczyk03-Feb-2009 17:34
Hello Lynn, what fantastic galleries.... You have a great eye for photography, and a unique sense of style. I have truly enjoyed going through your photos - the range and variety of topics, the originality of viewpoint, and the quality. Well done, keep it up ! Greetings from Poland. Pawel
LynnH01-Feb-2009 23:43
Dear Guest, you may contact me at

I would love to see the photograph and I was hoping to get your email address because I wanted to thank you for the lovely comments.
Krishna 06-Jan-2009 23:09
Hello, a picture is worth thousand words and your photographs do justice to this saying. Thanks for sharing. Happy New Year!
Lucky Cole04-Jan-2009 17:27
Happy New Year Lynn. Just stopped in to visit you great galleries for inspiration. Hope to see even more of your work this year.
Derek Bews01-Jan-2009 03:01
Thank you for your kind comments - and a Happy New Year from Scotland!
Lucky Cole19-Dec-2008 00:15
Lynn, I know you must think I am very busy for spending so much time on your galleries. We are very busy this time of year with our photographer, I just could not help myself. I love the flowers, but the trains are the best.
Lucky Cole
Guest 16-Dec-2008 17:25
Hi LynnH

Thank you very much for your recent visit to my galleries. Your kind, supportive comments, and vote are very much appreciated.

Your galleries are amazing .I do enjoy very much and will come back to check for more

Best regards,
Gary M. Eggleston Ret. 02-Dec-2008 19:16
You know I grew up in Arlington,texas. Iv'e lived in California for Too long. That [old
school] car show of yours was stunning to me. I also served in Yietnam [70-71] your black
placard was wonderful. Finally,those sculptures of the soldiers from WW2 were just
overwhelming,brings to mind the book "the greatest generation" Once again Lynn "thanks!"
chet 02-Dec-2008 18:45
That red SS in the used car lot is to die for ! Do you have any more galleries?
Guest 01-Dec-2008 16:51
Thanks LynnH for your nice comment and vote on my Snow Scene...
John Armstrong01-Dec-2008 13:04
Thanks again !
John Armstrong28-Nov-2008 13:38
Thanks for your kind comment

Stan Wojick17-Nov-2008 02:57
Lynn - thank you for your kind comment - Stan W
Lucky Cole30-Oct-2008 16:24
Hi Lynn, came across your beautiful work and just wanted to say hello.
I love your galleries, I think my favorite is your Flower gallery.
Thank You
Lucky Cole
beaultmarco21-Oct-2008 16:01
merci beaucoup pour votre message vous faite de tres belle photos .marc
1913Photography 18-Oct-2008 17:43
You have wonderful galleries, the wife and I appreciate your comments. Thanks.
Guest 11-Oct-2008 04:25
I love your tripped out tunnel photo- vibrant colours and stunning composition. I'm looking forward to more of your future works.

rusty_rhino08-Oct-2008 11:30
Enjoyed the visit to your Lake Texana and other galleries. I left one comment on a great lake image...and thanks for your comments on my recent gallery.
hanina07-Oct-2008 07:48
Lynn, Thank you for your comments on my gallery. I enjoyed visiting your beautiful galleries. It was a delight and an inspiration. Hanina from Czech Republik
Guest 13-Sep-2008 12:21
Thank you for your comments on my gallery. You have great photos too x
maryS03-Sep-2008 15:52
Lynn, thanks for visiting my galleries and leaving comments. I have been enjoying viewing your Pittsburgh scenes and will be back to check some of your other galleries. Warm regards, Mary
Ali Abrishami01-Sep-2008 15:18
Thank you so very much for your kind comments on my work. I enjoyed visiting your beautiful galleries. It was a delight and an inspiration.
Best wishes,
Marc de Kleijn17-Aug-2008 20:25
Hi Lynn, thanks for your comment in my US lighthouse gallery! I've uploaded more pictures this afternoon. In the beginning I had 2 lighthouse pictures and I thought that would be a cool subject for a new serie. Then I thought it would be nice to have all lighthouses from the Netherlands. Well, after that the lighthouse series sorta went out of control :-) Whenever I travel I try to take pictures of lighthouses. I'm going to the UK next weekend so I hope to add a few more lighthouses to my collection :-)

Take care,

Jarek M18-Jul-2008 07:08

Thank you for visiting my gallery and your comments.

Best Regards
JMS Pro Photo15-Jul-2008 15:15
Hey Lynn, Glad you enjoyed your trip to Lernerville. There are a few locations from the stands I will have to take a look at. It's tough shooting from the stands but you had some nice shots. I'm always looking for a new angles to shoot from. Someday I need to stop shooting motorsports and enjoy the other things in life!

I remember checking out your images before from a swap meet. Little did I know you were from this part of the country. - Joe
Yaki Zander.11-Jun-2008 09:06 for visiting my gallery .
Guest 09-Jun-2008 23:07
love your galleries and subjects and your great style.
added on my fav.
ciao :-)
Guest 14-May-2008 16:23
Thanks so much for the kind words Lynn. You have a great collection here as well!
I will visit often !
Guest 09-May-2008 20:52
Thank you for dropping by and visiting. I am new to pbase and any kind words and critiques are greatly appreciated. I will try to upload bigger pics (due to volume, I have to keep it small for now), or if you have a request, I could send you a larger size pic for you to view.
Thanks again,
L. Clem
kosongkosong06-May-2008 12:18
Hello Lynn,
Thanks for visiting my gallery - most recent one on Borobudur.
Guest 15-Apr-2008 22:05
Thanyou for your comments. im kinda new to pbase so just gettin into it all really.
i have friends in tx so have been there a lot
picturelifestyle15-Apr-2008 22:02
Hello Lynn,
thanks for visiting my galleries and i also thanks for the comments.
I have a look in your galleries and i am very impressed.

Guest 27-Mar-2008 02:42
I've enjoyed viewing your galleries.
You are a natural.

Keep up the great work.

Ron20-Mar-2008 00:54
Hi Lynn, Thanks for stopping by. The tornado gallery is not finished quite yet. I had to stop and download 80 photos to the Savannah News. I will try to finish it up tomorrow or soon after. You have some beautiful photos of Texas. I am a Native of Texas. Born in Big Spring, and lived all over the state. Take care and stop back when you can.
Guest 17-Mar-2008 22:38
Hi Lynn,
Loved your galleries. Took a few similar shots under the boardwalk in Seaside NJ. Cool stuff.
Guest 13-Mar-2008 15:27
Thanks LynnH for your nice comment on my winter gallery...
Dan Opdal06-Feb-2008 01:19
Lynn, sorry it took me so long to get back to you. Thank you so much for commenting on my Winter Wonderland Minnesota Zoo gallery. I enjoyed looking at your galleries, "Christmastime on King William Street" is my favorite of your galleries!!! Thanks for sharing your images to view.
Dan O
Guest 01-Feb-2008 02:43
Hi Lynn! Thanks for stopping by and for your nice comments left at my pbase gallery. I too love to look at other's photos and quite enjoyed yours. I'm originally from Pittsburgh, so naturally enjoyed that gallery, and your Texas galleries make me want to visit there some day!
Guest 24-Jan-2008 11:57
A lot of nice shots in your galleries!
Guest 19-Jan-2008 04:56
Your photos are very interesting! I voted for numerous images. Keep up with your good work!
Coleen Perilloux Landry08-Jan-2008 01:10
Thank you for visiting my galleries and your kind comments.
I had relatives who lived in Sugarland years ago--in the sugar industry of course--named Jacobs and Caillouet.
Marcos de Pablo06-Jan-2008 15:51
Thank you for your comments in my PBase album. Great galleries!!!
RL 03-Jan-2008 00:07
great pictures!! I love your eye for such great photo's
Meggi Raeder16-Nov-2007 00:26
Thank you for visiting my gallery and commenting on the loon image. I appreciate it,
Guest 07-Nov-2007 21:40
Great Gallery