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Joan Whitley 22-Nov-2018 19:22
Mr. Nguyen - I am searching for photos of the Stewart Mountains in Central WA State and found your wonderful in neutral tones. A friend wants to make a stained glass piece for my daughter who lives in the Cle Elum area. We would like to get permission from you to use one of your photos. I am not sure which one at this time. I personally like number 241 of Mount Stuart and Glacier Peak.

Thank you, i hope you will consider my request.
Bill Frost 28-Jul-2018 03:53
It was great meeting and talking to you on the flight back from Anchorage yesterday. Hopefully we can hook up again sometime down the road.
Relaena Sindelar 13-Apr-2018 21:28
Hello, would it be possible to obtain permission to use your photo(s) of Spada Lake for a small public utility district north of Seattle? Please contact me when you have a moment: -- thank you!
Keith Duerksen 02-Mar-2018 04:56
Hello you and I met at Maverick Air Center in Sioux Falls SD the other the other night. Hope you got some photos while in town. You do nice work. Will be following you work. It was a pleasure meeting you.
Lorina 21-Jan-2018 14:52
Hello, My husband admires your photography, and I wish to purchase a print of the glacier peak/white chuck river for him before valentines day. How could I do that?

My email is
Thank you,
Lorina Wilson
Mick Scott 16-Mar-2017 05:08
Hey Long - I was your waiter at Jaks in WS tonight. My name is Mick Scott - Sorry I didn't catch you and Jeff on the way out.
Send me a note with your email if you get a chance. All the best - Love your work! Nice to meet you guy

Robbie D7015-Jun-2016 21:17
About time I said something in your guestbook.

I do enjoy looking at your amazing galleries.
Well done Long
Margot W08-Feb-2015 13:04
Congratulations Long on reaching the 7 mil count. Hope to see you on Facebook. Mawboo Wii.
walterconquy07-Feb-2015 18:45
I have just looked at your alaska images, you lucky fella. I envy you.
You've got some wonderful pictures there. I did like in particular what happened when you converted to monochrome. Wally
Guest 07-Oct-2014 15:58
Thanks for the nice comment on my Pelican image...
jjoejr08-Jul-2014 17:47
Too many to pick a favorite. Excellent work.
rdavisphotos26-Jan-2014 18:31
Thanks for your comments on my images - glad you liked them.
Buz Kiefer04-Jan-2014 15:47
Thank you for two things:
1) Voting for my photo "The New Day", and,
2) Taking such wonderful images yourself. It was a pleasure to see your work and I have placed your galleries in my lists of favorites as I intend you return to your pages often.
Buz Kiefer
Jim's Atavistic Visions08-Nov-2013 22:38
ttwells02-Nov-2013 12:14
I really appreciate those Rainier captures particularly the triple lenticulars. I lived in Buckley right under that mountain for 7 years and never saw that. Lucky day of photography for you and you did it justice.
tim t hoang11-Jul-2013 10:58
How about the book Wings Over Vancouver? :-)
JeffeeArt4u 16-Jun-2013 01:24
I enjoyed the galleries I visited, GREAT PHOTOGRAPHY. I don;t have an active account at this time, but search Gourley Garden, or JeffeeArt4u to find my work.
K.L.Yim07-May-2013 04:18
Very nice gallery. Thanks!!
Annelance17-Jan-2013 16:16
I marked you in my favorites. You really have an eye for photographs even when you don't have the advantage of an airplane! Lol. I really enjoyed your galleries.
Jacky Jeger05-Jan-2013 09:15
Not only are you a wonderful photographer, but by looking at your latest Vietnam gallery, you are also a great guide, giving explanations and interesting remarks about your journey, and certainly makes me want to travel there. Great work. Thanks for sharing. Jacky
Guest 31-Dec-2012 02:33
Beautiful work.Thanks for sharing!
Selvin Chance25-Dec-2012 03:12
Thoroughly fascinated by your recent pictures of Vietnam. A few reminded me of my own childhood.

Also, Thank you for visiting my galleries.
Adalberto Tiburzi17-Nov-2012 17:19
What a surprise! Simple yet subtilely complex compositions, sense of colours, an attentive eye, technical perfection. You taught yourself well, Mr. Long.
rousselziak19-Sep-2012 05:00
HI Long,
congrats for your new website !
Have a nice day !
Guest 18-Feb-2012 07:31
Hi Long,
It's me, Mark Wilkerson. Would you believe this is the very first E-mail that I've
sent ever. To anybody. Love the website. See you at the meeting.
Thanks, Mark
Marc Ruediger30-Dec-2011 05:31
Hi Long,
Thank you for your kind comments. I can only aspire to capture the aircraft you've had the opportunity to photograph. You've got many wonderful images and I'll be back to have another look for sure!
Cheers, Marc
Ron LaCroix24-Dec-2011 17:46
I enjoy your aerial photography tremendously. You show me a world I would never see otherwise. Cheers.
monique26-Nov-2011 19:35
Your visit and comment are appreciated
monique12-Nov-2011 16:32

Thanks you for your comments
fotabug02-Nov-2011 17:41
I am a big fan of your work! This collection is full of treasures
gouter0804-Sep-2011 15:14
Many thanks for your nice comments and suggestions ! Your aerial photos are stunning !
Jeanne 06-Aug-2011 17:49
Wow, thanks for taking me along...
Northern Lights06-Aug-2011 05:53
Your work is fantastic. I could spend hours looking at your aircraft photos!
Eddie Ling02-Aug-2011 15:59
I love all of your aerial shots! I wish I can be your passenger.
Claude Martin24-Apr-2011 05:17
Wonderful traveling through your amazing collection of unique beauties.
Roberto Bellucci23-Mar-2011 17:41
Thanks for your comments and suggestion, I'll try that. Your aerial photography is just amazing!! I'll come back by time to time!

John Glines11-Mar-2011 15:04
Thanks for leaving comments on a couple of my photos from Hanoi. Much appreciated.
Guest 11-Mar-2011 04:21
Your portfolio is spectacular!
Fiji Pictures 08-Mar-2011 13:42
Nice site, thanks for sharing!!!
Irene Wehrli09-Feb-2011 10:56
Well Long, I spent about two hours in your galleries. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful pictures with us, I enjoyed every one - I'll come back for sure!
Charlie McCartney05-Feb-2011 21:30
Enjoyed a look through your galleries. You have some stunning images... many thanks for giving the opportunity of having a look.. Regards from Bonnie Scotland.
andrea morelli30-Jan-2011 22:52
Compliments for your exceptional shots. Andrea
Guest 04-Jan-2011 17:49
Thank you for sharing an amazing collection of excellent photos especially from the air. You are very talented photographer and it was big pleasure to see your work. I will return to your gallery time to time because it is impossibly to see everythin in one time.

best regards from Chicago pawel
velvet6223-Dec-2010 11:09
Thank you for the very nice comment
Bart Aldrich22-Dec-2010 17:30
Thanks for your continued support. Enjoy your amazing aerial shots and the new website is superb and totally professional looking!
Brian McMorrow04-Nov-2010 11:37
Great work!
.09-Sep-2010 02:47
Thank you for sharing such a diverse and outstanding collection of your work.
Lance 31-Aug-2010 19:40
Hey Long, I'm retired now so I'm really busy. Looking at your stuff is as good flying without the hassel.
Dave Freriks25-Aug-2010 12:06
Hi Long,
Have enjoyed browsing your galleries for a couple of years now and always look forward to seeing your new work. Your work is some of the best I have seen anywhere. My son has lived out in Washington for the past five years now but is moving back to Wisconsin soon. I will miss visiting out there but your photos will be a great reminder!
TuTmin02-Jul-2010 05:15
Hi Long :
I'm sooo pleased you stopp by my shots.Thanks for sharing such an exquisite gallery.
Kind Regards,
Becky 01-Jul-2010 21:25
Hi Long,
It has been awhile since I have visited your sight. Lots of new photos and I love them! When will you visit us at KaiserAir in Santa Rosa, Ca again?
Becky (Line Service/pilot)
Dante Fratto Photography12-Jun-2010 02:33
Thanks for viewing my galleries. I really enjoyed your galleries on Seattle. I was there about 15yrs. ago. When I got back my car was robbed and they took my camera, so I have no pictures of my trip!
Alex Cheung16-Mar-2010 23:39
You are an excellent photographer.I will see all your photos. I like your photo style. Cheers!!!
ismael beltran 11-Feb-2010 08:08
hey long love your stuff!!!!!!!!!!
really clear and beautiful colors:)
o heres my website again:
well see you soon:)
lance 08-Feb-2010 16:38
your 787 gallery is georgous. those wings are to die for.
Brian Casity05-Feb-2010 04:27
Very Nice galleries, love the 787 galley

Brian C
Gerard Koehl01-Feb-2010 17:23
Merci d'être passé sur mes galeries et ainsi m'avoir permis de découvrir votre talent. Je reviendrai plus en détail, je vous ai ajouté dans mes favoris.

an nguyen18-Jan-2010 13:29
Thank you for stopping by my photos.
I like your photography style with clean and very true to the photographic true art.
Will have to come back and visit yours often.
Anne Nguyen
Fred te Linde01-Jan-2010 11:49
Best wishes for 2010 and continue to surprise us with your very nice collection of photos in color and black / white.

Annelance31-Dec-2009 07:41
I looked at your photos and I must say you are one outstanding photographer!
Annelance31-Dec-2009 07:38
Thank you for commenting on my photos.
John Armstrong19-Oct-2009 11:26
Added you to my skies topic

Guest 15-Sep-2009 23:40
this is getting to be a habit.
Lance 11-Sep-2009 02:53
I dodged enough t/storms tonight. I need to de-brief.
Guest 03-Sep-2009 04:43
found your work after following a link from the West Seattle Blog. FABULOUS work. Thank you so very much for sharing it!
Lance 30-Aug-2009 21:03
Thanks Long
Bob Rankin 18-Aug-2009 00:03
Mr. Long: Iam so impressed with your photography which was shared with me by my son
David Rankin, who had the pleasure of meeting you at Boeing Field recently. David knew
I would be very impressed with , not only your flying abilities, but your photography,
since I loved to fly in pursuit of our Wholesale Farm & Industrial Equipment Business
contacting manufacturers throught the United States and Canada, as well as Farm Equip.
Dealers in the seven Western States.
XiaoBernard9915-Aug-2009 06:06
Thanks for your visit in my Gallery .The picture of me with a US Army Tank is taken at the entry of my barracks.The place before was an Canadian Air Base.Just after the second WW the US Army and the Canadian had a lot of implantations in the East of France.After their starting,the French Army taken again these ones for the same or not using.For example this place at " ETAIN " in 1976 was used by Infantary(151 RI with Missils Tanks AMX 13 ) and Heliopters of Army.
Guest 30-Jun-2009 15:41
Hey Long,
Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for sharing your veiw through the lens.
Guest 13-Jun-2009 16:11
Qaulity! Very Impressive galleries. You have some unique work.
gary_neiss07-Jun-2009 18:19
Really enjoy your work. As a fellow Seattelite with a view of Rainier I truly enjoy all of these images.
Guest 07-Jun-2009 00:20
here I am de-brefing again. must be a habit
lance 30-May-2009 15:35
Long There is a famous aviation poem that concludes that we have reached up and touched the face of God. You have captured that for our pleasure and growth.
Guest 19-May-2009 17:35
You have a lot of very nice photos, I have to come back later when I have more time.
Thanks for looking on mine.
Take care, Larson
Dave Petersen Photography17-May-2009 15:59
Thank you looking at my work and for directing me to your Mt. Rainier gallery. It is a powerful and stunning gallery. It is outstanding work. Dave Petersen nrvphoto
Guest 05-May-2009 02:19
Hi, Overall like your gallery a lot. How do you get the counters on the front page?
Sydney Tran29-Apr-2009 07:39
your work is amazing! your VN collection is a lot better than mine. i need to travel more next time when i get to go there again. excellent job!!!
Guest 10-Apr-2009 08:33
I love all your galleries and thank you for stopping by and looking at mine,you do amazing work!!
Lance 23-Mar-2009 15:57
Long; I'm continually amazed at your talent. you know that airplane drivers are a dime a dozen, but really good artists are rare. When i'm de-breifing after a flight I inevitably go to your' website and just enjoy your take on the aviators life. All professional aviators have seen the world from your perspective. I consider myself blessed to have personally met you. When my amazed, and awed wife finally selects a favorite picture I will hold you to getting a copy. Your friend and admirer, Lance.

Le Hoang Hanh Phuc 27-Feb-2009 19:45
Bonjour Long,
les Belges te remercient beaucoup pour ce superbe galerie.Je suis toujours émerveillée par tes photos splendides à un tel point qu'on voudrait etre sur la photo.
Congratulations for the spendid work.It is a real pleasure for the eyes!!!!
Best wishes.
Guest 19-Feb-2009 01:54
Hi Longbach! Thank you very much for your comments about my photo galleries. I am especially grateful since I've now seen your galleries. I especially enjoyed your Vietnam Gallery. I've always been facinated with your home country. I will be back to look some more. Chuck
Guest 04-Feb-2009 09:21
HI Long,
Thank you very much for viewing my gallery and for your very kind comment.
Best regards from IRAN.
Guest 20-Jan-2009 00:05
Hi Long truly excellent galleries, great work I'll be back to check out some more.
Regards Gerda
Jan Morris18-Jan-2009 17:07
Hi Long, I was checking out your beautiful galleries when I discovered your Wichita gallery. My family and I, a long time ago, lived first in Wichita and then later, in Hesston, Ks. I am familiar with many of the areas you photographed and thoroughy enjoyed viewing them. Thanks Long! Jan
Debbie Blackburn Beierle15-Jan-2009 06:17
Hi Long! Thank you for stopping by my "place"! Thank you so much for sharing your aerial views of our recent flooding. You have a collection of amazing photographs. What an oportunity you have from the skies! Excellent work and I will be back often. Keep up the great work! Kind regards, Debbie
Jackie 10-Jan-2009 04:42
Long, Great work! I'm with my sister and she is impressed, as am I. You have a great eye.
Guest 31-Dec-2008 23:44
Great Galleries
Guest 28-Dec-2008 01:30
Hey Long I emailed my cousins your web address so hopefully they will be checking the website out!!!!! One of my cousins is from Fiji the other one lives in New Zealand
Kristi Angel 26-Dec-2008 04:13
Long!! Just enjoyed your shots with my family who also appreciates photography...WOW!! So cool! Love them all! Especially the Tree of Life shot! Too cool!!
Hope you are having a super Merry Christmas! Hope to see you soon!!
Kuriacose Joseph18-Dec-2008 00:34
Thank you for visiting my new directory and leaving all the helpful comments. This has given me the opportunity to discover your wonderful pictures. I was drawn to the galleries about your family and about Vietnam. Great pictures that tell stories. Glad to have discovered your site, and I will be visiting when I can.
Toncho Rusev14-Dec-2008 22:47
Amazing galleries
Toncho Rusev14-Dec-2008 22:47
Amazing galleries
Guest 13-Dec-2008 06:41
Thanks Long for all the fantastic commentary on my Vietnam gallery! Very much appreciated. As I mentioned, your Vietnam gallery is one of the best I have seen on PBase. And I am enjoying looking through your other galleries also.

Guest 25-Nov-2008 00:55

Hi Long
Thank you very much for visiting to my galleries. Your supportive comments definitely help me to take better pictures in the future, I really appreciate.

Your galleries are amazing .I do enjoy very much, will come back to check more

Best regards,
Marcia Rules04-Oct-2008 15:30
awesome work, here! i will add you to my favorites and look at all galleries as time have a wonderful eye in capturing such majestic wonders! marcia
Ede 28-Aug-2008 07:38
Thank you for sharing your wonderful exprerience with us. I have the most enjoyable time.Fabulous!
Guest 08-Aug-2008 08:48
Beautiful travel photos. you know you should really make an album in this site and show people (friend, family,site, etc ) where you get to travel like I suggested some friends here.

like this gallery:

its free and you can share with us the places you traveled to on the map. takes 3-4 minutes...
(this is NOT a site to replace PBASE, it's for sharing albums with music and send to friends and share here with your photos)
Pawel Kazmierczyk06-Aug-2008 11:40
wow, amazing galleries, and getting better with time.... You have a great eye for photography, and a unique sense of style. I have truly enjoyed going through your galleries - the range and variety of topics, the originality of viewpoint, and the quality. Well done, keep it up ! Greetings from Poland. Pawel
Guest 07-Jun-2008 06:16
Thank you very much.I love your work as well.Please sign my guestbook when you get the chance.You really know how to see.
Howard Faltz 25-May-2008 23:27
In these times it is sometimes difficult to see the beauty around us. Thank you for seeing it reminding us.
Howard Faltz 25-May-2008 23:27
In these times it is sometimes difficult to see the beauty around us. Thank you for seeing it reminding us.
Guest 03-Apr-2008 16:08
Thanks for visiting my gallery Long. I saw your Vietnam photos and I say your style and theme comes out -- great way to capture life in Vietnam!

All the best. Henry.
Guest 23-Mar-2008 15:01
Hello from Bangkok...

Good photographer, and a pilot too. My father was an amateur pilot, we had a Seabee and Twin Beach. I lived in Seattle before moving to Thailand 3 years ago. Going on my 1st photo trip to Vietnam, next month. Your images helped me to "foresee" my trip. Thanks! John
Douglas Phan26-Feb-2008 17:26
Your photos are wonderful! Straight and direct, but truly reflective of the subject beauty. I enjoyed visiting. Thanks for sharing, best to you!
Doug Phan
San Jose.
Thien Thy 13-Feb-2008 19:36
Hello Anh Long,
Hinh dep qua. Cam on Anh da share nhung tam hinh nay.

These are beautiful pictures and thank you for sharing (just in case you can't read VN well after 32 years :) )

Neil Marcus10-Feb-2008 05:13
You are by far the best photographer i have seen on pbase.
Neil Marcus
Guest 02-Feb-2008 06:52
You do wonderful work from the sky & the ground!
Darbowski23-Jan-2008 19:57
Merci de ta visite et de tes commentaires ! J'aime beaucoup ton travail et je reviendrai régulièrement visiter tes galeries ! A bientôt...
Vivian 01-Jan-2008 09:08
I love your pics and personal stories behind each foto. Feel like being there myself, esp. your trip to VN. You do travel extensively!
thanks for sharing.
Katie P 30-Dec-2007 07:06
I love your Vietnam after 32 years collections. It sheds more tears to my heart as I was viewing the slideshow.

K in PHX, AZ
hai 29-Dec-2007 09:13
image beautiful.
Guest 14-Aug-2007 21:58
Very nice collection of photos
edmundli14-Aug-2007 05:46
Hi, I like your landscape black and white photo so much. Well done.
Guest 09-Jul-2007 02:20
Thanks for your comments. Your galleries are amazing, keep them coming.
Pawel Kazmierczyk06-Jul-2007 06:57
superb gallery - great variety, originality and good technique. I really enjoyed the visit.
Guest 22-Jun-2007 21:43
amazing work ! a real pleasure for the eyes !
Guest 16-Jun-2007 10:44
Your stuff here makes me want to go out and take some pictures right now.
Jean D'Aost25-Apr-2007 23:59
This a very beautiful Gallerie...wonderful work...
And thanks for tour comments...
Marwan Habib24-Apr-2007 20:04
Thank you for your comments. Coming from you it is a warming reward. Your work is beautiful and I'm taking a great pleasure to browse your galleries.
Guest 19-Apr-2007 06:33
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa and i will come back with pleasure...
Guest 07-Mar-2007 04:30
You're truly in a class of your own.
Guest 01-Mar-2007 07:41
Your work is fantastic. Well done.
Brett Hochkins10-Jan-2007 14:46
Hello Longbachnguyen. Nice to meet you from Brett in Australia. Thank you for your response. It was my pleasure to vote on your gallery of B&W Ariel Photos. They were truely remarkable shots that deserved my attention and I hope one day that I might be able to produce a gallery that is this accomplished that is 100% about the photography and not about how beautiful the model is, like my photography. Take care and I hope very much to see you around pbase...
Guest 09-Jan-2007 10:09
As understand that you join pbase on 1st Feb.2006 & in a few months there are 242785 viewers on your gallery. This refexs the quality of your photography skills. Cheers.
Guest 06-Jan-2007 22:08
Hello Long, Amazing gallery. Your perspective of seeing things is excellent.
Tambra Davis04-Jan-2007 04:35
Hello Long,
Thanks so much for visiting and commenting on my flight gallery. You have so many amazing images here, that I'll need to spend some time viewing them all. Either you are flying very low or have a very long lens. ;-)
My father's family lives up in Seattle, so next time I visit I may have to get you and my son together for a flight lesson.
Kevin Murphy21-Dec-2006 05:23
Hello Long, Thanks for checking out my galleries. My aerial shots of Seattle pale in comparison to yours. Looks like your commute to work at Boeing produces some neat photo opportunities. Have you flown much out over the Olympic Peninsula or spent much time exploring out there? We're there over Christmas and plan to visit the coast.
Anyway, Happy Holidays!
Steve Rotter 16-Dec-2006 19:14
Pictures are beautiful--Thanks for sharing them on the Internet
Guest 28-Nov-2006 18:24
Thanks for your comment on one of my photo's!
Saw your photo's, they are stunning, very good shots.
I will come here more to see your new pics!
Greetings from Holland,
Roozbeh Shivayi18-Nov-2006 06:44
Hi Long,
Thank you for your visit and comments. I really enjoyed looking through your galleries. Your style of composition and use of forms really impresses me.
Best wishes, Roozbeh
Guest 28-Oct-2006 12:47
Thanks so much for visiting my gallery and your comment. I truly enjoyed browsing your photographs. It was such a treat to see a different perspective of Seattle from the air and so beautifully captured. Outstanding work! Looking forward to more. Cynthia
Bob Barrett 23-Oct-2006 17:01
Hi Long,
Georgeanne Danneker, my daughter-in-law pointed me to your wonderful pictures. I am a retired airline pilot and have taken many aerial pictures but very few match yours.
Bob Barrett
Mark Diaz 13-Oct-2006 03:56
Nice images Long. I was missing the Pac NW, then I clicked on your clicks and all the drama went away!

Thanks Long.
Jackie 09-Oct-2006 00:12
Well done Long, awesome is the word. I want to see more. How about something from Idaho?
Guest 10-Sep-2006 01:21
Hi Long, This is Chris(Steves sister). Thank you for the photos of Caitlyn. We are so excited to see her, she is beautiful just like her mom!!!! Well, I guess Steve has a little to do with it. We looked through your gallery and your pictures are amazing. You are truly talented.
Chris Gomez
Gina Nguyen 06-Sep-2006 20:23
Hi, They are cool photo. Awesome. Thanks for sharing....Will Vietnam images be here some day?...just a thought :-)
Rob Hynes29-Jul-2006 07:05

Thanks for visiting my gallery. I was in Seattle in 98 a truly beautiful city.

Rob Hynes
Guest 06-Jul-2006 06:15
What a pleasure to have a visit here, thanks for sharing the images.
Guest 06-Jul-2006 04:24
also want to sign in on your gusetbook. I now see you are indeed a pilot. Ping me via email or PM. I would love to lean more about how you captured your sunset photos. They are tact sharp, and the colors are wonderful. What equipment do you use?
Guest 29-Jun-2006 02:09
Hi Long,
I know that you are a good pilot and that you can find downed planes - - - - but you might be even better as a photographer! Just fabulous photos! I looked at them all with great pleasure!
Hanne Gwilym
Tom Gwilym 26-Jun-2006 21:18
Awesome stuff Long!
...and I thought you were just a pilot who could find lost planes and return to the airport with pinecones and squirrels stuck in your landing gear. You are obviously a pilot with other skills! :-)

Linda Gwilym 26-Jun-2006 21:09
Hey Long,
Awesome pictures! They are really quite spectacular! My bro Tom sent me the link because he thought I'd enjoy them. Keep up the good work, I look forward to checking for updates. - Linda
Guest 13-Jun-2006 03:38
Some beautiful images... I'm learning :)
Wayne Cowan 30-May-2006 02:58
The Hooters Air were shot in ATL (737) and BNA (757).
Guest 10-May-2006 15:57
superb work!
frank liu24-Apr-2006 02:53
Hi Long,
I have added you to my favorite list - will come back from time to time to further explore the world with you. You are an artist. I totally believe that when you retire from your current job, you can still make a good living by selling your works!
Dung Tu14-Apr-2006 05:40
Very nice galleries. You have good eyes and a sense for composition.
Tu Dung
ltanh03-Apr-2006 11:40
Hi Long
I like your photos alot very nicely taken. Pls upload more
Jill 24-Mar-2006 21:56
Long, as always, I adore your pictures. I check them nearly every day for updates. Ever the optimist, Jill (the traffic chick). You can see mine, which are not as good as yours, at Safe flying!
Eric Pouhier23-Mar-2006 21:52
Thank you for your comment, you have yourself exceptional outdoor galleries, with stunning landscapes ! Bravo & best regards, ERic
John Amato18-Mar-2006 05:46
Excellent quality work. Thank you for capturing these images and sharing them.
Warmly, John
June Keith 08-Mar-2006 17:40
Hi Long! Great pics! Of course I knew they would be. You're a great photographer!
See you soon. June
Maria Stiles 03-Mar-2006 05:50
Hi Long!
It is nice to see my favorite pictures again! I always loved your pictures! I will get some for my friends in Ukraine.
Take care, Maria
Guest 02-Mar-2006 12:47
Fabulous galleries you have there!
best regards,
Mindy McNaugher20-Feb-2006 15:25
Hi Long,
Thank you for your visit and comments in my galleries! Yes, in answer to your question, the shot of the red sandstone formations in Dubois,Wyoming was taken at sunset. Just stood with a tripod as the sun set and the colors became more intense. Sounds like we have traveled in a lot of the same areas! Wyoming is a favorite state of mine! You have some stunning images in your galleries. I will be back to view more!
Take care,
Bostjan19-Feb-2006 21:30

Like your work. The nature photos are stunning. And it's really nice to get compliments from the experienced photographer with such a work. Thanks!
Regards, Bostjan

Jola Dziubinska16-Feb-2006 19:46
Wonderful galleries of Washington State and Seattle. Excellent nature photos.
You are on pbase only 2 weeks and your images are among the most viewed already. You well deserved this fame. Congratulations.
Patrick DEBETENCOURT13-Feb-2006 16:18
Hi Long ! Thanks for your kind comments on my Ferté-Alais annual meeting of old planes ! I started discovering your galleries and I'm very impressed by the quality and the variety ! How did you do to load more than 500 pictures in less than 2 weeks ?! I'll come back from time to time to discover your new upload. I'm pleased to welcome you on the best site for sharing images ! Patrick
Guest 11-Feb-2006 08:42
Thank you for your kind comments on my Germany and my Australia gallery. I was happy to read them. I like your style very much, it´s professional - clean and very well composed. I specially like the shoots from France and Key West. Take care /Anders
Victoria09-Feb-2006 19:47
Hi Long,
Thanks for your nice comments on my Amsterdam gallery.
Also because it gave me the chance to browse your galleries. You are even newer than I am on PBase: welcome! Amazing pictures. I like them very much and I am impressed. I have put you in my favorite group.
Bye Victoria
timothy hoffman 05-Feb-2006 21:48
It's good to see that Altun Ha [Your ruins in Belize] has been further preserved.
Most of your ruin images are of Plaza "A" and The Temple Of Masonry Altars...

We also visited the beautiful site of ALTUN HA in 1986!
Here's the link to my picture...

All the Best,
Steve Schuster 03-Feb-2006 18:07
Getting famous with those pictures eh?
Guest 02-Feb-2006 08:03
Your views of Washington State from the air are fantastic! Thanks for posting them.