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19th May 2004 - a dusty box in the attic of my life

You may have already worked out for yourselves that Iíve been spooked this week. Itís been one of those Ďlittle sparks that fly and then land like dynamiteí in my world. One of those chains of events that you can never anticipate. You know, a man from a long time ago sees his sisterís wedding video from a lifetime ago and remembers a girl that he once loved. He Googles her name and finds PBASE. She is thrown into a quagmire of memories and starts to evaluate her life and what that love meant.

Iíve told of how it affected my life in two ways already but Iíve been drawn today to tell of another aspect of how it has shaped me as the human being that I am these days.

When I met David I used an analogy to try to explain my happiness and exuberance in our relationship. I explained that I felt as though my emotions were a sad old jack-in-a-box that had long since had the Jack squashed down inside the box and been tucked away in the corner of a dusty attic, never to be seen again. Meeting David was like a new person exploring the attic, coming across a dirty, dusty, cobwebby box and opening it to find inside a colourful, smiling, jolly Jack bouncing out. Now the Jack is out of the box, Iím determined never to let it be put away again.

I suppose people all use different coping mechanisms to deal with pain. Mine is to tuck it away in the darkest recesses of my mind and avoid going anywhere near it if at all possible. Thatís why I made completely sure I would never need to come face to face with my misery again.

Itís so easy to hide from yourself in this way. I simply made sure that every relationship I had was with someone who would never demand anything from me. Itís easy to spot men who are relationship phobes and I just made sure that I picked out those guys. To such an extent that I had a long relationship (over several years) with a man who was the singer of a band and spent most of his time on the road touring in the USA and in Europe. He was a dead cert for meÖ.handsome and desirable as well as completely and utterly unlikely to ever demand more from me than I was willing to give. It worked well, we saw each other each week when he was in the UK but when he was touring I spent my time with my friends. He made me laugh and we had fun together. It was a good arrangement. I never needed to face up to the end of an emotional relationship because it wasnít about emotions, it was about fun.

Once, I made a mistake and nearly got myself killed for it. I met someone who I thought would never pressurise me but I was wrong. Within a few short months he was talking marriage and rose covered cottages but I couldnít do that - I was still of the view that you could only get married if you loved someone. I was incapable of love. He got angry and wouldnít accept me walking away. He tried to harm me. I canít go into details but it wasnít nice.

I got married out of sheer, unadulterated loneliness. I was living alone and just needed the company of another soul to give my life structure. I made sure my husband wouldnít demand any real emotion from me too. I still avoided confronting the box at the back of the attic. I still kept denying its existence.

I met David only months after I married. I was able to use my marriage as part of my disguise. I couldnít get into a relationship with him because, heaven forbid, I was married already so going to his flat was out of the question. We flirted for months. I discussed him endlessly with Claire.

Something happened to me in 2000. I was approaching 40 and I got into a major flirtation with a man who would never have been right for me but the spark that hit me on that day was one that told me I was ready to experience a deeply emotional relationship again. It had only taken 20 years to get there but I got there eventually.

Realising that I wanted more than anything to wake up in the arms of someone who cared about me was such a revelation. I thought Iíd managed to kill off that need many years earlier. I thought Iíd been really successful at being the Ďun-deadí emotionally. I thought the love and friendship of my friends along with the camaraderie of my colleagues would always be enough. I was wrong and I had to do something to give myself the chance to experience that Ė even if it never happened I needed to allow myself the opportunity. I had to become single again.

I was fully prepared to face living alone and dying alone in order to open up my life to the chance of meeting someone who might love me. I took a huge risk.

David came back into my life and the box was found. It was opened and all of my misery blew away on the wind of change. My life has meaning and my dream has been realised. Each morning we wake up in one-anotherís arms and I get up knowing that at the end of the day I will climb back into his arms to drift off to sleep. I have found I am capable of love. I am capable of intense feeling and, most of all, I am ALIVE.

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Guest 28-May-2004 07:33
This is very moving and touches things in me too. Thanks for sharing. :-)
brother_mark25-May-2004 17:35
Wow. Good for you Linda. Greeat photo to illustrate this part of your past.
Teresa 20-May-2004 12:45
Outstanding! We do have those dusty things in the attic just makes us appreciate the grand things we have now. Great photo Linda. Teresa
Beth 20-May-2004 08:25
Kahlil Gibran wrote about this in The Prophet and it was something like - if we don't risk loving, we will only laugh, but not all of our laughter and cry, but not all of our tears. I am so glad you decided to honour who you really are. What a waste it would have been if you hadn't. Power to you, my friend xxxx
virginiacoastline20-May-2004 02:08
youy leave me with questions and wondering about "the other one" . . . yet I don't wish to ask . .but I SOOOOOOOOOO want to know
Louise Hamelin20-May-2004 01:40
You have a great talent as a writer & photographer
but I think you have a greater talent
as being a true loving human being!
I feel your respect for life, all of it, including your own; that's honorable.
Guest 20-May-2004 00:42
Like Angela, I too have goosebumps. Your story leaves me utterly speechless, not to mention the beauty of your writing. Thank you for sharing you with all of us.
Guest 20-May-2004 00:41
Like Angela, I too have goosebumps. Your story leaves me utterly speechless, not to mention the beauty of your writing. Thank you for sharing you with all of us.
Jill19-May-2004 22:47
As yourself I unexpectedly recieved an email yesterday from someone that I once knew and loved 20 years ago. Faced with what we have allowed to become clutter along the way I have too taken a look at my life and the type of relationship I am currently allowing. After reading your story...I now understand what I have chosen to deny. Your commentaries provoke thinking, compassion and even at times free therapy;)

I am so glad you stepped out of the box and allowed light.
Graham Whitehead19-May-2004 20:44
Great story Linda, very inspirational. You are a braver person than I, to bare your soul this way. Oh, nice photo by the way :-)
Guest 19-May-2004 20:15
I suppose we collect all sorts of clutter along the road Linda?
Guest 19-May-2004 20:13
Beautiful! You are so much braver than I to be sharing these thoughts and emotions over the internet!
Robin Reid19-May-2004 20:11
Your story is so powerful that I almost forgot to comment on your image which I think is dramatic and well done. (Just like you are doing your life (grin)
penny roots19-May-2004 19:43
Great image and as always , your stories are an inspiration .
Guest 19-May-2004 19:30
This one gave me goosebumps up and down my body several times over while reading it!! Linda, your writing amazes me. How you can draw people in so easily, how you give them just enough information.... it's incredible. I've said it before: I feel so honored to come here and read about your world everyday.
northstar3719-May-2004 19:14
Youi certainly are, and you seem very happy!
Guest 19-May-2004 19:12
Wow. We all have our dusty boxes, Linda, but I don't think I could write about mine so eloquently. All these things that you write about are SOO huge in making you the Linda you are now. Someone I'm so happy to know!!