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Stephanie31-Dec-2014 13:41
::: (_( …*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
*: (=’ :’) :::::::: Happy New Year Linda & DM!! 2015! :::::::::::
•.. (,(”)(”)¤…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
artist18-Sep-2012 07:42
Hi ... you are so creative .I like your works so much....I am an artist from Udaipur , India.i paint on canvas, paper etc .. I hope we can be good friends ....

what more can i say .. except keep-smiling ..
Al Chesworth04-Mar-2012 19:56
Hi Linda.
Have you hung your camera out to dry or are you still busy with the degree.
David is not posting either.
I do hope you are both well.
Bye for now
Tony Moore13-Jan-2010 14:40
Beautifull photos, Lovely Dubs.
Thanks for sharing.
Sandi Marasco13-Jan-2010 11:18
I so love your work. I visit often and just thought I'd let you know how much I enjoy what you do. Sandi
Nancy Daniels08-Aug-2009 14:27
Congratulations on your wedding. I was vacationing with family, so my wishes are a bit late but just as sincere as if they had been more timely. I'll be able to remember your anniversary because the 24th is my daughter-in-law's birthday.
Best of everything in your future.
Linda Alstead07-Jun-2009 22:35
Sorin - NO emphatically no, you cannot use my images on a commercial website, however new and "poor" without paying me a royalty. Sorry. Should you wish to purchase my images go to
David Mead 05-May-2009 02:31
I miss Geoff Hamilton terribly even now, I couldn't wait for Friday evenings at 8:30 when Gardener's World and every show used to be full of tips, you would see him sowing a particular seed in his greenhouse then he would show you some of the seed that he had sown earlier but not just sowing seed he would show you how to sow them, then there were times when he wanted something for the garden and if you couldn't afford it he would show you how to build one, these garden make overs don't do nothing for me, I watch Geoff Hamilton on the sky channels with great interest and inspiration, Thank you Geoff for all your tips and inspiration you have given me to make my garden what it is today.
Guest 14-Apr-2009 22:12
I like your diaries : ]
Linda Alstead29-Jan-2009 22:02
Hi Leslie

Thanks for your enquiry. I think the photo to which you refer is not here on pbase - it's on, where I place photos for sale. You can see the picture here - there are also instructions for how to go about buying the picture.
cb 22-Jan-2009 04:56
Hello Linda

thank you for replying and for the advice you've given. it was very helpful.
i hope ill be able to take good pictures now and maybe brighten someones day too.

Linda Alstead21-Jan-2009 09:59

I use a Canon 5D, which is expensive and to get the best out of it you really need some photographic expertise. If you've used a film slr then many of the techniques are the same. If you're completely new to photography, why not try something like a Canon G10? It's an extremely good camera. I started with its older sibling the G3, which I loved.
cb 21-Jan-2009 06:12
Hello Linda!
i was just surfing the web and i encounter your website. it brightened my day. i especially liked the 'walking in my shoes' gallery. may i ask what camera/equipment you use to take these pictures? i'm thinking of buying one. though im completly lost when it comes to gadgets and stuff.
Guest 14-Jan-2009 23:01
Hi Linda

Although you don't know me and we've never met, it was your wonderful images that inspired me to take up photography. I bought my first camera in May 2008 as a result. I'm not very accomplished and doubt that I ever will be, but enjoy the hobby more than I can say. This is one bug I'm really glad I caught and thank you so much for passing it on!


p.s. I don't live a million miles away from White Lodge if that gives you a clue as to who "introduced" us.
Christina Kretchmer 02-Jan-2009 21:02
I came across your site years ago and have been mesmerized ever since. I am So Thrilled that you're back, I've missed your bravery and your humanity. You are a delight, visual and verbal. Cheers and please know how much you affirm for us rebel souls out there that it's GOOD to be following your own beat!
With love and thanks,
oneunusualchick28-Dec-2008 22:50
i was looking at works by vettriano, who is one of my favorite artists presently, and ran across your vettriano-esque photo. you piqued my interest and i have been browsing your galleries and diaries for over an hour :) truly lovely and inspiring work - i have bookmarked your profile for quick reference :) have a wonderful new year!
chriswhitehead0703-Nov-2008 13:26
Hi Linda Great work not had a look at all your Galleries yet but "I will be back "

Dana 06-Oct-2008 12:16
Enjoy your images and words very much, would love to have your energy and creativity, keep going, I love dropping by and having my smileometer increase ;-)


Rene Hales18-Aug-2008 13:50
Linda, just ran into one of your comments on one of my images. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking of you and still drop by to read your diaries. You are SOOOOOO talented with images and words.--Rene
Karel 29-Jul-2008 10:49
I was looking for something motivational and stumble upon your "life in a diary" (what I call it) for all to read. The search returned with: "a small, insignificant event brings huge pleasure!" Thanks

Thanks for your great work, when I need inspiration or just to see life through someone elses eyes, you will find me here.

Johannesburg, South Africa
Nandis12-Jul-2008 08:30
Love your work to death!
R.Kirchner 26-May-2008 06:10
Hello Linda
Browsing through photo to photo in many sites ...
.... and suddenly: hey ! Great !!!! I found your gallery-collection !
Compliment and greetings from black forest / Germany
André Bessot04-Feb-2008 10:44
Bravo Linda pour cette somme d'images quotidiennes ! Mais où trouvez-vous le temps pour tout ça, puisqu'il semble que vous cuisinez aussi...
Guest 16-Jul-2007 17:08
Thanks Linda for the kind comments on my site. : )
Guest 14-Jul-2007 19:58
Great photos, original gallery themes AND a Tottenham fan - top bird! Come on you Spurs!
Guest 26-Jun-2007 21:23
Just popped in to thank you for your comment on my Nanna'a Blanket photo. I'm embarrassed to say that I jumped around like a 10 year old when I saw it, running to get hubby as I'd been telling him all about you last night. BTW, if you saw David Essex in 1976 you must be just a tad younger spring chicken than me.......Thanks again.
Guest 24-Jun-2007 23:10
My God Linda...who are you? 30 minutes ago I had never heard the name Linda Alstead and now I'm writing to tell you how gobsmacked I am!! In a few short minutes you and your work have inspired me, uplifted me, transported me and enlightened me. You seem to be the embodiment of what I've always wanted to be and /or aspire to be but was too scared to try......and I'm no spring chicken. But as you so honestly pointed out on one of your pages 'I don't know you' only what you choose to tell me, but what a wonderful and colourful life you must live.....thank you very very much.

Guest 20-Jun-2007 18:22
Great work! Hope you post more pictures soon.
Guest 17-Apr-2007 22:46
Hi Linda,
You have some great galleries, will come back
Guest 08-Mar-2007 12:11
Your photos are good. I'll be back.
Guest 15-Dec-2006 17:45
Great gallery, very imaginative and unique!
Jesse 13-Nov-2006 18:10
Just a frendly hello from Iraq, I have a 55 bel air that i will be working on when i get to the real world.
pete47813-Nov-2006 00:10
Hi Linda,
I stumbled on your site a few months ago and have spent many hours enjoying your site some great shots and commentary, I live down the Rd on Tremar Coombe so I'm sure we will meet someday.
Regards Pete
Guest 19-Oct-2006 14:07
I just commented on your "50 ways to leave your lover"... but then looked at your other galleries. Your themes and photography are something to aspire to. Thanks for commenting on my pic so I could know to look at your lovely images!
Mark Sargent 29-Sep-2006 23:32
I like what I see and I leave you a message.
I just went through your 2005 diaries. A darling life in photography. Either the picture or your commentary made me smile. Every time.

Linda rocks!

Regards Mark
Timothy 27-Aug-2006 03:57
I have been looking for sites like this for a long time. Thank you!
Tracy Howell24-Aug-2006 08:47
Hi Linda,
Well you have some fabulous work in your galleries, good sense of humour to! some funny quote's & shots.....Your potatoe sprouts really had me puzzeled (very inventive).
Dont have time right now to look at everything, So will be back.
Enjoyed what i did get to look at
Regards Tracy.
Guest 08-Aug-2006 18:07
Thank you for your comment on my potd!
Guest 01-Aug-2006 19:25
Hi Linda,
I guess I didn't so much find you as you found me. I followed the link from the comment you left about the weeing butterfly;o) Tonight's visit to PBase was intended to be fleeting but I've been completely absorbed in reading about the building works to your home and your friends' civil marriage: I hope all goes well for you and I will be checking back to see how it's all going! Take care and thanks for sharing your ups and downs, Emma
Ian Clowes09-Jul-2006 22:06

Got my first 'client' Friday :) 5 days/month biz devt, so I can continue trying to grow goldy solutions! At my age too.......
Guest 05-Jul-2006 16:49
Linda after all the comments ive left over two years you can now see my efforts as ive got my own gallery thanks for your inspiration.
Guest 24-Jun-2006 23:26
Great Photo`s and Galleries 12-Jun-2006 10:50
Enjoyed ur work. Susi
Guest 29-May-2006 15:06
Thank you, Linda for your nice comment!
Mario Weusten24-Apr-2006 20:35
thank you for visiting my gallery and leaving a comment......

GR Mario
Guest 22-Apr-2006 11:41
Hi Linda - found your galleries via DM's PoTD, love your work. I'm an (almost) daily visitor to your diary, one of the best (not to mention long-running) PAD projects I've seen.
Guest 14-Mar-2006 11:13
Amazing galleries. As an exiled Spurs supporter in Singapore it is good to get such a flavour of home. Thanks!
Neil Horner26-Feb-2006 09:41
a truly absorbing look into somebody elses world , a mixture of great pictures and honest thoughts.
Arthur Tamayo 22-Feb-2006 08:19
Hi Linda,

My name is Arthur, I also prefer not to wear shoes. I love to go barefoot everywhere, especially movie theatres and traveling away from home without any shoes with me at all. I love to go barefoot at resaurants, in hardware stores, at busy tousist types places like Hollywood or Laguna Beach's Downtown Village. I love to go to fairs and art festivals barefoot and if I could find a job that would allow me to go to work barefoot, I would never ever wear shoes. If only I would find a barefoot woman to share an unshod life with me... Some how society has turned against barefooting, but i do see a huge trend towards the alternative which is as close and most people would dare to go, even if they truly would rather go barefoot, thongs and sandles.

Well thanks for the apportunity to share my passion, and to the rest of the world, just give it a try and rediscover a freedom and tactile pleasure that most of the world was well aware of just twenty years ago. The stigma of the shoeless person being one who lacks the means to afford the luxury of not having to go barefoot is has long been replaced by the reality that in most of the world, people who live in the gettos can afford to display their lack of need my wearing sneeker that cost as much as $200 U.S. So what is the statement when every kid in the projects has at least one pair of high end basketball shoes?

Anyone who goes barefoot in the mainstream of today's world does so by choice and because we can afford to do so. If I had unlimited resources and were independantly wealthy, I would never ware shoes. Ski boots maybe, but I would walk barefoot in the snow to get the ski lodge.
Zenkai 07-Jan-2006 16:58
Greetings from Monterrey Mexico. Your pics are simply GREAT! You're an excellent photograph!. There's truly art in the pics you take.
Rene Hales30-Nov-2005 15:13
I just want to tell you how much I love reading your wonderful journal. You are so exceptional in your ability to share your feelings and moods. What a wonderful gift! Thanks for your images and your words.--Rene
Jim Ross26-Nov-2005 23:43
Complaint.... I just spent way too much time browsing your galleries... I gotta be up very early tomorrow... If i sleep in it's all your fault...!!!

Jim Ross26-Nov-2005 23:19
Hi...Enjoyed my visit, I love the comments on some of your pics, makes the pictures more interesting... I,m a closet Man Utd fan myself, coming from Aberdeen i have a soft spot for them.... Mainly due to Martin Buchan, Denis Law, Gordon Strachan and of Course Fergie... I met Denis Law a couple of years back, he had some great stories of his days at Man Utd.. He even said Best was the most amazing player he ever played with, even when he was Half drunk...


Danielle 31-Oct-2005 02:26
Linda, your photos are exquisite. I wanted to know what camera you have. I am lookinf for digital and I want a pretty good one. What do I have to have in order to get close up pitures like you? Is it simply the manual focus or is it the lense? Your page is perminently bookmarked for me. Thank you so much!
Guest 16-Sep-2005 12:17
Definatly one of the best PBase gallerys I have visited, had me viewing your images for ages, great work

suse14-Sep-2005 22:40
I've really enjoyed looking at your galleries; (will have to come back another time as there's too many for one viewing!). You had a gift with photo-narrative; the galleries are full of life and vitality.
MAGASON 27-Aug-2005 23:38
Guest 14-Aug-2005 11:05
Didn't want to golf in the rain this morning, so I sat at my keyboard to look at some photos on pbase. I did a search for "me" and came upon your galleries. I had looked at some of your work before and had been impressed, but today I realized that there was so much more in your diaries. I am not a reader but your descriptions intigued me and I found that I couldn't wait to get to the next page to see what your next adventure would be. I shall add this site to my list of favorites. Well done!
Rene Hales01-Aug-2005 21:44
I love the way you write in your Photo A Day like it is a journal. It seems to be a fantastic outlet. I also like your photos, but because of the journaling it makes it feel like we are getting to know you. Thanks for sharing images and the ups and downs of life.--Rene
Guest 30-Jul-2005 22:32
One of the best on Pbase, well done... Keep up the great work..


Great Photos...
Beatrice Alex 24-Jul-2005 17:54
Hi Linda... and I was only looking for a picture showing what elderflower looks like and that's me two hours later still looking at your photographs. I really like the one called "sleeping with the enemy" - my fridge looks like that so often. Wonderful diary and galleries.

Guest 16-Jul-2005 19:19
Hi Linda

Thank you for sharing your amazing images from Cornwall. Do you live there? It is such a great place for photography. And thanks for your kind comments on my gallery. I also love the way you use photography to express the various aspect of yourself as with the diary and the most moving one was the gallery where you express your loss for a fellow PBaser's daughter. A great pleasure to visit your galleries. Will come back again.
Pat 10-Jul-2005 21:03
I am looking for a moon gazing hare love "Blackberry" but it is too much money. I am looking for a site which has good quality garden ornaments but no luck I am willing to go to £80-£90
Naturephoto Monique08-Jul-2005 23:22
Hi Linda, just want to say that i'm totally impressed by your gallerys,
and thank you for the possibility to see so much beauty!!!
Best wishes,
david pippin 07-Jul-2005 19:08
I would love to give Mr. Peanut a lovely home! My nickname is Peanut from my other half! I have Mr. Peanut tatooed on my back! And I am addicted to good peanut butter! Best though is that this photo made my other half smile today!
Clive Smith-Langridge 06-Jul-2005 17:58
How come I didn't win the wine competition?
Guest 05-Jul-2005 18:01
Linda, hope you don't mind that we inend to use your powerfull tendril takes for a non-profit educational 'Bionic' project at Hanau / Germany.
Sorry, had no other chance to contact you by other means than your guestbook to ask for permission.
Your name / pbase resource will certainly appear with the picture.

If there are any issues with using your photo for that purpose, drop a line to hanau.user(at)
george 21-Jun-2005 05:23
hi, Linda,
why dont u publish this collection in book form.
Pls write to me give u ideas and printing rates
reach me at-->
Tony 12-May-2005 19:55
I accidentally stumbled across your site while looking for information on Fast Freddie And The FingerTips (part of one of your postings). I used to watch them regularly at a venue in Norbury called 'Hang The Drummer' probably going back 15 years or so now and they were amazing. When reading through your post, you then made reference to The Seahorses - what an amazing co-incidence since whenever anyone now asks me what the best album is of all time - I just have to say Do It Yourself. And I agree with your comments about The Stone Roses - I bought some of their stuff after listing to DIY and it was absolute trash - I put it down to the rather depressing vocalist!
Guest 05-May-2005 08:52
A truly nice site. Excellent pictures. Real fun. Thanks for sharing. Thierry
tj Hoffman22-Apr-2005 13:29
reach me at-->

tj Hoffman22-Apr-2005 13:28
Glad to see that you're up and about. Sickness has always come to me at a time when I'd perhaps over-extended my "wellness" and good fortune. With time to reflect I've often realised that I was again taking all too much for granted!

On another note, I stumbled across an interesting music venue that recently featured one of my long-time favourite guitarists, Steve Hackett, formerly of Genesis. The setting is in a Slate Cave in South East Cornwall. I mention it because I believe it's not too far from your country home.

Here is the link to the 400-seat concert room, perhaps a cool summer retreat!

Tim Hoffman
Eze Mgbada 22-Apr-2005 10:41
very nice guy
Jan 02-Apr-2005 07:26
Hi Linda

'Stumbled' across your page looking for info about moon-gazing hares and found the two amazing photos in your gallery. Words fail me so I won't waffle on, except to say a huge thakyou for sharing them! Will be checking out more of your photos soon [if I start right now, I'll be here the rest of the day ....]. I just purchased a little resin moon-gazing hare yesterday, from one of my favourite shops in Cirencester (Gloucestershire) that is closing down in very sad circumstances. I have always loved these statues and images I'm thinking of going back to buy the larger metal one that was all alone on the shop floor - yup, sod the bank balance, it was meant to be! Your site has pointed me in that direction! More later .....

Thanks again

Randy Fry 22-Mar-2005 07:10
Linda, your journal and photo's are an inspiration. I couldn't stop reading and looking...
I'm blowing the dust off my F3 at this moment...

Many thanks from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.... Randy...
Linda Alstead13-Mar-2005 14:41
Hi to you both - get Jan to send you the email I sent....don't have your email address!

Please tape footie for me - I'm gutted to be away for this crucial game - COME ON YOU SPURS!

Will phone in the week when I'm in a hotel!
Mum and Dad 13-Mar-2005 08:15
Good luck for this afternoon! We are sure you will be great.

I have set the video for this afternoon's game in case you want to see it!!!!
John F Bath UK 25-Feb-2005 11:29
Hello Linda

Routed here via the Edwyn Collins website after checking there following the news of his serious ill health at the moment. Site said you had photos of him ICA.

All clouds have silver linings goes the clichee: turns out to be true.

Great images here and adds so much more to the usual Blogs so common on the interweb. Must go buy me a digi camera.

Good luck and health to you.

Guest 06-Feb-2005 21:15
Very nice images, I mostly like the angle you see from your viewfinder. Well done.
Guest 17-Jan-2005 12:43
hi, very excellent shots, we can use some of ur pic, pls mail. me
Ian Clowes16-Jan-2005 11:45
Didn't want to clog your comments - but I remember last year being asked to take some photo's of VIPs visiting an aircraft carrier under refit at Rosyth. Popped the battery on charge first thing as a belt and braces.... It was only when I had the VIP's all lined up and was about to point the camera that I realised the battery was still in the charger! Hope that helps :)
Ian Clowes08-Jan-2005 00:48
Hi Linda - inspired by several pbase sites, but finally by your black background PAD I gave some still life a go. It's probably something you wouldn't use as a subject so thought you might like it to 'think of other things'.... Ian Don't be put off by the name - seemed a good idea at the time! The gallery's called Euphoria :)
Neil Wilkes 07-Jan-2005 18:56
Can you give me a call?
Cannot find the email address - got wiped out last year, despite my paranoia in that direction, by a dodgy Virus & have no number.
020 8743 3910

Cousin Neil
tj Hoffman24-Nov-2004 02:28
In reading about Arch and Rose I had to relay the following link to my page for
a picture that I took today of an older looking dog in the backseat of its master's car,awaiting their return. I parked with my black lab [Jake] along with me...the two were oblivious....

Hope our dogs don't end up in diapers.


Guest 21-Nov-2004 04:40
You have a talent of creating such wonderful script for a still life movie of your life.
Grizz 09-Nov-2004 05:41
you must like taking pictures,very good
Guest 09-Nov-2004 02:44
YOur comments have made me laugh & cry.
Your Sept 29th pic & comment had me in tears, that's exactly what it feels like to have been rejection by my oldest child who is now a grown man. I found comfort in the fact that I wasn't alone not that it's something anyone should have to suffer.
A bookmark for your gallery was mysteriously found on my computer?? have no idea who set it but have enjoyed getting to know you a little.
I love you're ability to put it all out there!
As far as voting for you, you'd win by a landslide if only you were on this side of the ocean. in your favor...the comment "corporate whore"... that quality alone would get you the top spot..especially if clinton was anywhere around (sometimes my sense of humor is only funny to me..not intended to offend)
ursula 25-Oct-2004 20:00
A real pleasure to of met you today. Hopefully, you are feeling much better and on recovery route. I've had a look at your photos and have to say that I'm extremely impressed. You truely have a talent and enthusiasm that should be explored at your leisure. PACK IN THAT ALL TOO STRESSFUL JOB!!!
We briefly discussed my friend who has breast cancer. I would love to thank her for the years of friendship and the recent support she has given me during the break up of my marriage. If you were serious about taking her photograph, I would be very appreciative? I can not think of a more preferable way to say thankyou to her. Look forward to your reply.

Keep up the good work Linda and take care!
Best Wishes
Ursula (student nurse)
Clint 19-Oct-2004 17:44
A mate who I haven't seen for 8 years was trying to contact me to invite me to his daughters wedding. He'd lost my phone number & only had an old address so he put my name in the search engine, thinking there wouldn't be too many Clint Anglo's about. There were only 2 links. One from my football club website which, if you click on my name describes me as 'old, slow, one footed & can't head a ball. But drives a cool car.
The other was on your site refering to my 'horrible' nickname for stockings & sussy's . Not bad eh, 47 bloody years & just 2 mentions. One says 'old, slow, one footed & crap'. The other says 'horrible'.
The mate who was trying to contact me was coinsidentally the pal who worked with me as a Saturday boy in a greengrocers in the early seventies & coined the name 'sproutbags'.
You made him very proud.
I still play footy with Steve Walmsley occationally. I'll point him in the direction of your site.
Love & kisses.
Dad 08-Oct-2004 21:38

We cannot make the e-mail work in the hotel.

Just to tell you that we are near Boston having had a wonderful time with gorgeous weather for the entire three weeks. We leave Boston on Sunday arriving at Heathrow at 7am on Monday.

Please let Jan know that all is well.


Mum and Dad
storm 27-Sep-2004 20:17
I would be very interested to knoow where you got your second-hand rayburn from (which you mentioned in your diary)... myself, and others in my housing co-op have been searching for one - particularly the 355M multifuel model.. any ideas would be welcome! Cheers, storm nice pictures btw.
Guest 24-Sep-2004 13:55
Hi Linda, Thanks for the comments,
Great galleries.
off on the beer search now with passport,
be back in a week with lots of pics
Regards Geoff
Joseph Nollens 27-Jul-2004 16:43
Hi Linda
Thanks on the comment you made on the picture of the wine glases.
I have just started and would appreciate some more comments, even if you have remarks, this is the only way i can learn.
A frien from South Africa has put my pictures on the web, how can I do this and what is the best provider for making up a gallery
Thanks a lot for your help Linda
Mansour Mouasher27-Jul-2004 03:26
Beautiful galleries, magnificent images, very expressive!
Tim 25-Jul-2004 23:08
Speaking of your quote about owning a Nikon, brilliant!

I am at a crossroad, as I'm not sure whether to purchase a Nikon D100 or 70
or the Canon D10D?????

I currently own an Olympus C5050 that is limited by its fixed lens. I need the
ability to shoot fast-paced sports action and using a 200-400mm lens...

Tim 25-Jul-2004 23:04
The Buddlea in question in your garden appears to be my favourite as well,
Buddlea davidii "Pink Delight". Huge flowers that attracted a whole family
of curious Humming bees just today!

Not sure what they really are, but they arrive at
the buddleas every year at this time.

Guest 06-Jul-2004 17:46
Labai grazios nuotraukos ir puiki mintis! Tiesiog negalejau sustoti... manau, kad dar sugrisiu ne karta, zinoma, kol nepamatysiu visu :)

Hope you don't mind that the above is in Lithuanian. Anyway, I'm sure you are curious what it means, so here we go: "Very nice pictures amd an excellent idea! I just couldn't stop looking at them... I am sure I will come back a few more times, till I see them all :)"

Judy W 04-Jul-2004 12:15
I really enjoy looking at your photographs, they're beautifully and thoughtfully composed and always make me think. Judy W
Mel Blake 24-Jun-2004 21:10

It was alright I got my assignment in on time - despite the fact that I am hooked on your galleries and diary ever since I got off the phone to you last week. Your pictures are beautiful - but I wouldnt expect any less from you :-) I am slowly working my way through the whole lot.
You are so very very talented and I cant wait till we see you in August - Carry on clicking on keyboard and camera - love Melly xxx
Guest 12-Jun-2004 23:04
Hi Linda
Thanks for the kind comments. Always appreciated. Off to another part of India now so more pics to follow. Take care
Guest 12-Jun-2004 10:30
Interesantes fotografías.
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
ricecake31-May-2004 18:54
I love your galleries. They are a glimpse into your mind and heart. You have an artist's eye as well.
Paul H28-May-2004 01:05
Linda - Love the photos. Love the comments...
keep up the good work. :-)

Paul H
Stu22-May-2004 09:30
Thanks for your comment on my front page mock-up. I have no doubts that Celtic will win today - it's Larsson's last game for the club, afterall. I'm sure you won't be wishing us such luck when we come for Robbie Keane to replace him, heheh ;-). All the best, Stewart.
Paul Williams 13-May-2004 14:27
Great photos !! You haven't changed much in 25 years !!
Selma Sundholm06-May-2004 12:57
Love ya work!!! And the dialogue really gets me in. Do you have an agent?
Brussels Sprout13-Apr-2004 22:58
Beautiful pics. very original work.
I liked your Barcelona gallery. Apparently you were much more lucky than we with the weather.
If interested in travel pics, please visit my galleries (Maldives, Morocco, Scotland, Ireland, Andalucia, Barcelona, etc.)
Karthik Raja08-Apr-2004 22:16
HI linda,
Nice to meet you. Nice of you to look through my other galleries. I Love taking photos so the site is almost like a documentation of all the places I have seen in the last two years. That is an Ambassador. India's pride. It's a very nice robust car that's perfect for family journeys. Very sturdy. Looking forward to your's and David's inputs.
Peg Price05-Apr-2004 00:53
Dear Linda,
Thank you so much for your kind words of sympathy for Denali. I've been digging around around my computer, CDs, and Zip disks trying to find photos I took. I'm so happy I have these to remember her by but I never imagined that this is all I would have.
Your picture of Toby was beautiful and I can see the closeness and love you shared.
Peg Price
Jeff Cochran19-Mar-2004 19:56
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
Vinay14-Mar-2004 00:47
Thanks for taking the time to browse my galleries and leave kind words. You have a very interesting set of galleries. The idea of having a photo diary is very creative. Best regards
Guest 12-Mar-2004 21:15
Hi Linda

Thanks for browsing my embryonic PaD site. Longway to go before the writing or the photography matches yours but it's interesting to note that we both had similarly themed entries for 09 March. Yours was real footie, mine was vicarious - Radio 5.

Cheers for now

Carolyn B.09-Mar-2004 05:14
Wow. My first passion in life is writing...and then somewhere down the line is picture-taking. For a long while I wanted to combine the two. Then, somewhere east of October '03, my writing took a severe dive into the hinterlands. Your diary has given me pause, reading it made me stop and breathe, and think that perhaps I can do my writing *here* at Pbase. Maybe I can *try* to waken my muse. Or at least give it a good kick. Or maybe just a friendly shake. Thanks for the tour, and thoughts, and a view of perserverence.
Guest 10-Feb-2004 21:25
Preciosas fotos
Gracias por compartirlas
Guest 24-Jan-2004 18:42
Nice galery.
northstar3709-Jan-2004 23:48
I am enjoying the photo a day and your comments:-)
Wolfgang Marx 09-Jan-2004 15:31
Hi Linda,
It's Friday afternoon, and I took a little while to go through your website, mostly to get touch to the idea to spend my next holidays in Cornwall (you know, we talked about this). Moreover I found your photos and the only comment is - marvellous, phantastic, more than exceptional. Also, your dogs are so beautiful. All in all: congratulations!
Yours Wolfgang.
Guest 26-Dec-2003 22:01
Realmente maravillosas
feliz año 2004
Jill22-Nov-2003 15:30
Thanks so much for your support. You cannot even begin to realize how good I feel when someone as yourself and Sue compliment my work. Love the nightshot of your PAD of London. I shall share it with my daughter who idolizes the British.
Guest 12-Nov-2003 19:08
Linda - thanks for checking out my little spot on Pbase. Your Macro work is excellent - along with all of your photos.

Guest 12-Oct-2003 17:26
Linda, get back on that bike and pass the test! I have a 1997 Honda Magna (750cc) bike and love it. In Texas (USA) there is no strict test to pass. I like riding with my camera also, although carrying it is a pain. Have a good day. steve.
Guest 03-Sep-2003 20:28
...and it gets a chance for those of us who know you well to see what on earth you do with your time, seeing as how we never find time to get together!! Little Sis XXX
galerius30-Aug-2003 14:37
Hi Linda. I stumbled into your Photo Diary on a random search and I wanted to compliment you on the fine collection of images. You have hit on a great way to reflect on the passing of time I think. Some images made me smile, others were very touching. Overall the small window you have provided into your life succeed in giving a distant viewer like me a sense of knowing you, and those who do know you probably feel they know you better.

Well done.

Best regards, Graham
Claire 15-Jul-2003 22:09
I take a moment to snoop yours and Davids photodiaries every month or two.... It gives me a chance to glimpse into the real world from time to time.

I miss a lot of my old life... meals out, gigs, girlie chats etc, but I guess I miss being 20 something, too! However, sitting in the ghastly traffic near The Oracle at Christmas reminded me I don't miss Reading one bit. Kirby Bellars, the stupid hours we work and our motley crew of dogs now feels like home. Seems like Sunnyside has become a 'proper' home for you since David.... about time too :-)
tj Hoffman16-Jun-2003 17:34
Forgot to send a link to my galleries...
Or just click my name in the previous guestbook note.

tj Hoffman16-Jun-2003 17:31

I love the idea of your diary.
A suggestion...
It is difficult trying to read the captions for each image,
I had this problem with my galleries, try this:
backround colr=white
text colour=black
style sheet=athiker95
Then just update gallery. You may have to do it separately for each gallery,
but see how you like it.
Dan Chusid15-Apr-2003 03:49
Thanks for coming 'round to my portfolio and seeing Clive. Feel free to stop in again as I'm constantly adding original work. - Dan (San Diego, CA)
Linda 21-Mar-2003 21:58
Great work Linda - but it's not getting my ironing done - or the ice-cream made!
Jan 12-Mar-2003 10:51
Very nice! If you are going to Capability Green regularly, how about visiting your little sister on the way home?