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* COUNTY: Limerick County is located in the province of Munster, in the mid-west of Ireland, with counties Clare to the north, Cork to the south, Kerry to the west and Tipperary to the east.
* RUGBY: Limerick is the home of Munster Rugby. The Munster team won the European Heineken Cup twice recently and they were the only club team to beat the 'All-Blacks' on their European tour in 1978. Recently there was a 30-year anniversary re-run of this match for the opening of the new Munster Stadium (Thomond) in Limerick, where the All-Blacks were lucky to beat Munster by 2 points.
* ANGELA'S ASHES: Frank McCourt's book/film ‘Angela's Ashes’, about living conditions in Limerick city in the 1930s and 40s is well known and has caused much controversy and debate, as to whether it reflects a true account of his life in the city or not.
* POETRY: a 'limerick' is a five-line poem with a strict form, originally made popular by Edward Lear. Limericks are witty or humorous but are often obscene. The origin of the name ‘limerick’ for this type of poem is obscure but its usage was first documented in England in 1898. It is generally taken to be a reference to County Limerick (particularly the Maigue Poets), and may derive from an earlier form of nonsense verse which traditionally included a refrain that ended "Come all the way up to Limerick?". Example:
There was an Old Man of Nantucket
Who kept all his cash in a bucket
His daughter, named Nan,
Ran away with a man ...
And, as for the bucket, Nantucket
Black Bridge
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Limerick City
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Rude Message ... no offense meant! Living Bridge Fishing Party Foggy Dawn St. Patrick's Day Parade
Evening Walk Mallards Landing Student Village King John's Castle Limerick Skyline
Riverside Walk Coonagh Crew Evening Cityscape Charco's Pub River Shannon & Clare Hills
Mirror Image St. Patricks's Day Parade Greylags on the wing Limerick Skyline 3 Swan's Escape
Fishing Trip Plassey Sunset Limerick Skyline Nine-and-Fifty Swans Me and my fish
Funky Gander Walking the dogs Sulkie Kayaking on the Shannon Worrels End
King John's Castle White Greylag Fish Rising Narcissus Black Bridge
Chestnut Grove Friends High-ways & By-ways Na'vi Last Rays 2
Reality Check Reflections at Dusk A Gaggle of Geese Flood Control Limerick Floods
Limerick Filipino Community 2 Close quarters Rusty Rudy Foggy Ducks Salmon Fly Fishing
White Christmas Going Fishing Living Bridge Clowning Around Limerick Floods
Sunlit Seat Abbey River Kingfisher Chestnut Grove Flooded Riverside
Mallard Landing Poor Man's Kilkee King John's Castle Martial Arts Navigator
Morning Sunlight Greylags in Flight Marathon Watching White Christmas 1 Close Formation
Autumn Fog Hooded Horseman Fresh Salmon Mallard Hatchlings Plassey Sunset 1
Three in a Row Fisherman Gandalow Racing Shannon Estuary Swan Patrol
Happy St. Patricks Day! After the Raft-Race The Ramble Inn Four Boats Concentration
Worralls Inn Frosty Morning Rudy White Christmas 5 Black Bridge
The Locke Bar & Oyster House Swan Landing Miss UN Europe Cement Factory Ugly Ducklings
Rainbow Warrior Yellow-Cart Thomond Student Village Sarsfield Bridge Swan Dispute
Cheeky Robin Swan Landing Clare Bank Painting with Light Sheepdog
Limerick Pride 4 Foggy Morning Geese Landing Aerial Manoeuvres Goose Bombers
Ghana Singers Leprechaun Bikers Winter Evening Sunset Reflections Black Bridge, Spring Green
Jetty Rescue Paper, Rock, Scissors St. Patrick's Day Parade Freezing Fog 4 Limerick Filipino Community
Shannon Sunset Dangerous River Black Bridge 1 * Take Two Munster Men's Coxed Pair
Cormorant River Root 2 Black-Headed Gull (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) Ladies under-23 Elite Duathlon Final Athlunkard Bridge
Rush Hour Plassey Sunset Chip off the old block European Duathlon Championship - Open Race Big Wheel
Freezing Fog 5 Christmas Tree Flooded Road Arctic Air Grey Heron
Freezing Fog New Year's Eve Duathlon Black Bridge 3 Flooded Rocks
Grey Heron Ripples Strong Currents Frosty Weather Galloping Setter
Courthouse Riverside Path Chestnut Grove City on the Shannon Into the West
Falling Tide - Curragower Falls Shannon River Gandalow Boats Frosty Morning 2 Ladies Eight Contestant
Rare Occurrence Looking for trouble Plassey Falls Winter Evening 2 All the fun of the fair
Running away with the Circus Dog Hurley Piggy-Back Ulster Ladies Single Scull Western Sky
Foggy Dawn Hunt Museum Black Bridge in Flood Autumn Window Shannon Reflections
On the wing Iced-in Boat Frozen in Time Painting with Light 2 Autumn
Morning Run Foggy Dawn 2 Seagull Blizzard 2 Plassey Evening Foggy Morning 3
Skyline Red Kayak November Floods 2 White Christmas 3 King John's Castle
Cormorant Newtown Clarina Crew Cool Christmas Bird Arthurs Quay Drop in Visitors 3
Worrels End Limerick Pride 2011 Africa Day Singer Foggy Lane Window
Drop in Visitors 2 Frozen Pond Limerick Pride 5 Hungry Swan River Root
Frosty Dawn Golden Retriever Sunset Rowing Limerick Pride 3 Smooth Landing
Plassey Sunset Golden Hour Winter Morning St Patricks Day Parade Sarsfield Bridge 2
Young Swan Departing Drop in Visitors Irish Dancing Shannon River Reflections River Shannon from Black Bridge
St. Patrick Plassey Sunset DJ Foggy Morning Window Party
High Water Drama Tallest Christmas Tree Winter Morning 2 Highway Art Teamwork
White Christmas 4 Foam Patterns Floating Christmas Tree Connaught Ladies Pair Last Rays
Rising Tide White Christmas 3 Georges Quay Living Bridge Seagull Blizzard
Black Bridge Frosty Morning Heron Clowning About Ugly Ducklings Bring on the Party
Kayaks in the Fog Ruined Mill Sunlit Island Fly Fishing Freezing Fog 3
Shannon in Flood * Walk on Water Green Boat Wearing the Colours Moonlight Riverfront
Cormorant's Rest Seagull Flock in Fog Sarsfield Bridge Foggy Reflections Plassey
Hoar Frost Sarsfield Bridge Freezing Fog 2 Wary Greylags Limerick Pride 7
Black Bridge 3 Mallard Manoeuvres Golden Hour Leinster Ladies Quad Scull Munster Men's Four
Autumn Lineout Carrigogunnell Castle Through the Eye of the Bridge King John's Castle Determination
Bucolic Foggy Christmas Eve Shannon Rowing Club Final Race Sarsfield Street
Autumn Reflections Carnival Atmosphere Foggy Morning 2 Foggy Dawn 3 Ladies Double Scull
Vincent Heron Reflections Munster Ladies Pair Winter Morning 3 Spring Evening
Rusty Freezing Fog Celebration Dance Sunset Fishing Barrington's Pier
Heavy Weather Hoar Frost River Front Swan Parking Only Ulster Ladies Four
Hey Mrs. Tambourine Five Cormorants Frosty Horse Ulster Ladies Four Jaunty
Plassey November Floods Foggy Morning 4 Limerick Pride 2 Flying High
Flood Reflections Ladies Pairs 2 Limerick Fun Run 2012 King's Island Connaught Men's Pair
Sarsfield Bridge To the rescue Last Rays 2 Limerick Court House Foggy Heron
Foggy Morning 5 Halloween Party Marathon Runners Spring Evening Rainbow Flag Grounded
Plassey Evening Happy New Year .. to all my PBase friends Thomond Bridge & King John's Castle Plassey Evening Ulster Double
Woman Overboard Romantic Spring Evening Barbecue Men's Single Scull Race Heron Takeoff
Buffalo Wings Fishing Expedition 2 Limerick Skyline Munster Men's Double Scull Stick Figure
Wingspan Gina Shannon River Ready for Takeoff Dr. Mark Mantey
Shannon Sunset One Eye - Sarsfield Bridge Leinster Mens Single Scull Leinster Ladies Double Scull Three Foggy Swans
Blue Hour Lotto Stars P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship Turbulent Sky Limerick Pride 6
Irish Guide Dogs for the Blind Foggy Autumn Reflections Angling Cots Umpire to the Rescue Munster Ladies Double Scull
Ulster Single Scull Munster Ladies Pair Foggy Morning Flooded Riverbank Burning off the Fog
Push-Off Lolipops A horse of a different colour. High Tide Sunset Winter Sunset
P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship Ladies Double Scull Race Salmon Fishing Kiss Me Rita, Mark & Joe
Last Leaves Limerick Riverfest 2012 Plassey Evening Worrel's End Black Bridge - River Shannon
Foggy Morning 3 Rain Cloud Reflections Plassey Sunset Mantey Family Foggy Morning 2
WG Band New-Year's Eve Pageant Barmaid Ladies Pairs Race Mark & Gladys
Striking Cement Workers Autumn Colours Nesting Cormorants Lingering Fog - Winter Morning Clam-shells
Pike Fishing Christmas Lights Ladies Coxed-Four Race Shannon Sunset Entre Chien et Loup
Sunset Manoeuvres Wingwalkers Before the Graduation P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship Ink Blot Evening
Love is ... a 3 legged-race Gladys' New Dress Ominous Shannon Sunset Storm Darwin - Trees Down
Red Sky at Night - Shepherd's Delight P750 (Thundercat) Powerboat Championship Last Rays Greylag Goose Limerick Fun Run 2012
Enjoying the Parade Jim Stones - Black Bridge Coonagh Crew Riverfest 2012 Black Bridge
Water Wheelies Frosty Morning Fog Kayaking on the Shannon Fishing Expedition Bucolic Scene
Local Character Pike Fishing 2 Swan Lake Limerick Riverfest 2012 Rita
High-Tide Coaching Homeward Bound Autumn Colours 2 Busy Bees Shannon Sunset
Military Bridge - Shannon River in Flood Worried? Shannon River in Flood 2014 Celebrations Northerly Rain Showers
Bottoms Up After the Flood Shannon Sunset Foynes Airshow 20:14 New Year Celebrations
ET Phone Home Flooded Carpark Swan Landing in Fog Swans Feeding High Tide Reflections
Thomondgate Military Bridge - River Shannon in Flood Swan Song Blue Hour Falling Tide
King John's Castle Riverfest Fireworks Flooded Riverbank Pyrotechnics Red Sky at Night
Blue Hour Kermit Sunset Reflections Dancing Polar-Bear Woman Overboard
Tidal Barrier Pig Racing Playing with Fire Foynes Airshow New-Year Pageant
Great Limerick Run - Half Marathon 75th Anniversary Celebrations Spring Evening - Black Bridge Reed Reflections Sunset Reflection
Winter Sunset Nicholas Street Art New Year's Eve Celebration Riverfest 2014 Barbeque Competition
Winter Fogscape Midges & Nettles Primary Colours Barbecue Festival Still Life
Winter Sunset Pyrotechnics 3 Winter Sunset Pyrotechnics 2 Winter Sunset
Pyrotechnics Kayak Reflections Merry Christmas to all my friends at PBase Golden Hour Foynes 75 Year Celebration
Happy St. Patricks Day Winter Sunset Young Garden or Cross Spiders (Araneus diadematus) Street Art Three Boat Sunset
Receding Tide Winter Sunset Foynes 75 Year Celebration GEMMA WESTON Flying Cow
Celestial Doorway Wrap it Pink Close Shave Late Evening Kayak Ní hé lá na gaoithe lá na scolb
Form follows Function? Winter Sunset Happy St. Patrick's Day D-ECXA Sbach David Bruton Multicolour Autumn Evening
Reed Reflections Irish Coast Guard Ruined Mill Sunset Meditation Airshow Manoeuvre
Angling Cots at Rest Foggy Dawn May Day Fireworks Cedar Facade May Day Fireworks
Geese at Dawn To the Rescue Rubberbandit Foggy Golden Dawn Ready for the St. Patrick's Day Parade
Red Dawn Shannon River in Flood Shannon River Sunset Foggy Dawn Crabmeat on Black-Pudding
Black Bridge Sunset - After the Flood Wearing the Green SEAREY EI-SEA Fly Fishing - Summer Evening Autumn Leaves
Richie Last day of Summer Fisherman at Dusk Merry-go-Round Rocks in the Stream
Small Boy - Looking Nervous Autumn Leaves Black Bridge - Golden Hour Iolar + Escorts Cement Works Sunset
Golden Hour Autumn Colours Iolar - the Eagle Winter Evening Riverfest 2017
EI-ICA - Irish Coast Guard Winter Sunset Red Sky at Night Geese at Sunset Salmon Fishing
Winter Sunset Peaceful Evening Greylag Geese at Sunset Black Castle Salmon Fishing
Sunset Reflections Shannon River Sunset Greylag Geese Flock Sunset Fisherman Equinox Sunset
Winter Sunset Riverfest Fireworks Riverfest Fireworks Summer Fun Swimmers and Friends
Midsummer Dawn Cormorant Dawn Takeoff Contrails at Dawn Dawn Reflections Midsummer Dawn - River Shannon
Grey Heron Sunset Reflections Sunset Reflections - River Shannon River Shannon Sunset Sunset Reflections - River Shannon
Blue Hour Reflections River Shannon Reflections Blue Hour Reflections Limerick Flag Boat Sunset over the Black Bridge
Foggy Autumn Morning Foggy Morning Plassey Sunset Casting Practice - Autumn Evening White-throated dipper (Cinclus cinclus) at Dawn
Foggy Sunrise Autumn Reflections Spiders Web Foggy Sunbeams Autumn Colours
Sun breaking through the fog. Blue Boat Marooned Autumn Reflections Autumn Colours Foggy Autumn Morning
Plassey Sunset Dipper at work Three Rocks Bull in the Fog Foggy Sunrise
Winter Sunset - Black Bridge Winter Sunset - River Shannon Winter Evening - River Shannon Winter Evening - River Shannon Foggy Autumn Morning
Winter Evening - River Shannon Black Bridge at Sunset Autumn River Walk Winter Evening - River Shannon Winter Sunset - River Shannon
Greylag Geese Flock in Flight Limerick Skyline Winter Sunset Reflections Autumn Sunset Three Foggy Swans
Winter Evening - Limerick City Sarsfield Bridge - Winter Evening Shannon Bridge at Night River Shannon Sunset Blue Hour Reflections
Winter Sunset - River Shannon Autumn Colours Dipper (Cinclus cinclus) Black Bridge - Spring Sunset Spring has Sprung
Willow Leaf-out Black Bridge - April Sunset Christmas Eve Sunset Same Swan, Different Sunset Annaghbeg - Red Boat - Evening Light
Black Bridge - almost submerged Black Bridge - Sunset Black Bridge - Winter Sunset Winter Sunset - River Shannon Winter Sunset - River Shannon
Darkness into Light Winter Sunset - River Shannon City Skyline Sunset Washboard sky – not three days dry! Blue-Hour ... Shannon River Sunset
Rowing Crew Training at High Tide Paddleboarder Sunset Pink Clouds at Night Red Sky at Night Sunset Kayakers
Shannon River Sunset Shannon River Sunset Sunset Reflections - River Shannon Golden Hour - Western Sky Red Sky at Night
Washboard sky – not three days dry! Shannon River Sunset Summer Solstice Sunset Threatening Sky Mallard Ducks at Dusk
Summer Evening Sky Black Bridge - Almost Submerged Paddle-boarders at Sunset Black Bridge - Equinox Sunset