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Jerry Curtis28-Apr-2023 17:36
This is the most impressive collection of landscape photographs I have ever had the pleasure of browsing. Not one that I have seen so far that I wouldn't be proud to call my own - and that's rare.
Jerry Curtis28-Apr-2023 12:43
Some amazing images in the couple of galleries I have browsed, making your comment on my Ferryland iceberg picture all the more appreciated.
Will have to come back when I have more time.
Fletcher Wildlife Garden24-Nov-2018 02:04
Your photos are outstanding. They take my breath away.
Gary08-Nov-2016 16:38
I appreciate your nice comment on my Deer image...
hamery10-Jan-2015 03:56
thank you yiannis for visiting my gallery and is so nice to meet u in pb. thanks again for your kind comment. wishing u and your love ones here have a warm and happy 2015.
Carl H. Johnson06-Jan-2015 02:34
Art Spearing III06-Jan-2015 00:53
You have a very nice body of work here! Congrats!
Stephanie31-Dec-2014 13:53
::: (_( …*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
*: (=’ :’) :::::::: Happy New Year Yiannis 2015! :::::::::::
•.. (,(”)(”)¤…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
lovediary24-Dec-2014 19:22
Merry Christmas to you my friend, all the best.

Adit Merkine11-Aug-2014 19:13
You have many stunning pictures and a great talent!
Fernando Peres Rodrigues14-Dec-2013 18:10
Congratulations for your Iceland gallery.
Going there in November? It seems to me (after watch your photos) a good decision.
Jack Dadourian03-May-2013 01:06
Great galleries with wonderful use of colours and forms. Best regards. Jack
Kimball Andrew Schmidt20-Mar-2013 04:14
Thank you for your kind comment from December 2012 about my photography -- kaschco
Mehmet Emin GUNSUR06-Mar-2013 21:14
You have great galleries with amazing photographs.. Congratulations from Istanbul !
samikosemi05-Mar-2013 11:35
your pictures are amazing some also perfect in my opinion ... you are also one of my fevorites ... keep doing great job , sami
Barry S Moore21-Jan-2013 00:49
Loved the visit to distant gallerys of far away places. Thanks for sharing your amazing photos. regards Barry
David Hung14-Jan-2013 17:40
Thanks for visiting my galleries and the comments. Happy New Year and All The Best.
VIC15-Dec-2012 18:18
basri_eli03-Dec-2012 20:02
One of the most impressive galleries!!
Thank you for sharing your work
Eli Basri
Anitta24-Jul-2012 14:09
Hello Yannis,
Thank you so much for your kind and encouraging comments! You are such a talented Artist!
With a great joy will check your images also in the future!

Best regards,
John Glines20-Jul-2012 14:11
Thank you for leaving just a nice compliment on my photo of dusk on the upper west side of NYC.
Guest 18-Jul-2012 02:22
Yiannis ~ A comment coming from someone with such talent as yours, means a lot to me. Thank you for visiting my gallery.
Guest 30-Jun-2012 05:16
Yiannis, thank you for your visit and the nice words about one of my photos.
You said on your opening page (help my photography to evolve and become better)Well I don't know if that is possible. I have not looked at all the photos yet but what I saw is beautiful and very professional.
Thanks for sharing, wes
Guest 16-Jun-2012 01:27
You are just a pure Love,Man!
I didn't see something like this never before!...
Sorry! I can't express my feelings in words... They become useless after looking at your works....
Love and Peace!
Ted Levin04-May-2012 02:25
Thank you for your comments. I respect your photography and it means alot to me
Terry J. Graham15-Mar-2012 21:33
I really enjoyed all your images and galeeries, thank you for visiting my small corner of pBase.
Jack Dadourian05-Feb-2012 17:58
Enjoyed looking at all your pictures, you're an inspiration Yiannis.
Guest 23-Jan-2012 23:13
You sure can wield that camera. Best. J
Stephanie23-Dec-2011 00:00
Greetings Yiannis ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
I hope to see you back on Pbase soon!
Steph :)
Mikek14-Nov-2011 02:22
Thanks for your visits and comments. You have many amazing galleries, which bespeak your level of excellence in your craft. I have much to learn from your work!
Guest 28-Oct-2011 14:21
Gary Coffman26-Oct-2011 20:42
talented, not telented :-)
Gary Coffman26-Oct-2011 20:39
You are a telented photographer Yiannis. Keep up the good work.
Bib26-Oct-2011 00:44
Thank a lot for your comment on my galleries. Really I'm proud of your comment after I saw your images! Your pics are amazing! I regret to speak a bad english. I miss words to explain how much your work is great!

Every gallery is full of surprises. You met together all I like in a picture: colors, imagination and a good technic. You make my day, please don,t stop!

Un plaisir pour les yeux!
Guest 24-Oct-2011 03:44
Thanks for your visit and your nice comment.
Andr13-Oct-2011 17:25
Thanks for your comment on my new gallery. Nice to have the chance to watch your gallery's. Great work..!
Annelance12-Oct-2011 23:35
Thank you for your comment. It gave me a chance to look at your galleries...what a treat!
Guest 05-Oct-2011 21:56
my friend - your Portrait book is amazing !!
Guest 24-Sep-2011 04:02
Thanks for your nice comment on my image...
Sylvie Vanderperre22-Aug-2011 14:46
Thank you for your comment. I feel honored - But I must say that what you do is a very excellent work.
I am always enjoyed to visit your galleries. It'a very good quality
Guest 11-Aug-2011 20:32
Thank you for the kind comment on my image. I sure am impressed with your beautiful galleries.
The Suburban Hippie 04-Jul-2011 22:04
In looking at your galleries, they are all excellent!!!
Abullyodott 01-May-2011 03:31
Ïîÿâëÿþùèåñÿ ó ïðîñòèòóòîê óæå â äåòñêîì âîçðàñòå äóðíûå íàêëîííîñòè
òåì áîëåå îáðàùàþò íà ñåáÿ âíèìàíèå, ÷òî ìîãóò âûðàæàòüñÿ ïîñòóïêàìè,
êîòîðûì íå ïðåïÿòñòâóåò äàæå ñàìûé þíûé âîçðàñò. Òàê, íàïðèìåð, ÷òîáû
ñîâåðøèòü óáèéñòâî èëè âîðîâñòâî, åùå íåäîñòàòî÷íî òîé íðàâñòâåííîé

plischeid13-Apr-2011 19:32
Thank you for viewing my gallery again. You do exceptional quality work. Enjoy looking at your site. I will be adding more as the days go by.
Guest 02-Apr-2011 03:03
Hi Yiannis! Thanks for visiting my gallery. It means a lot me because you are amazing photographer!
And i have to say that your galleries are amazing, specially the Grecce!
Congrats and thanks for the comment!
ron shufflebarger28-Mar-2011 23:54
Yiannis. thank you and I feel honored that you visited my gallery, and left comment on "Almost past memory". I too consider myself a world citizen and use those words. I am a Bahai and wondered if that be the same with yourseslf--makes no difference but the impact of those words have the effect of gathering all on this sphere--thank you---ron s. (ron9ron)
Shaun Reeder01-Mar-2011 23:11
Yiannis: some stunning and emotive stuff; absolutely first-rate!
Guest 26-Feb-2011 19:43
thank you very much for the comment
you've got amazing albums mate :)
Jacob Padrul10-Feb-2011 03:40
Thank you very much for visiting my gallery and your kind words. Your images are just beautiful: colors, composition. I feel honored by your vote. Need more time to see all of them. I just added more images, both color and monochrome, interesting to hear your critique, more on what are the weaknesses.
Thank you,
plischeid06-Feb-2011 16:29
Thank you for viewing my galleries. You do fantastic work. Love your many diverse galleries.
Guest 01-Jan-2011 18:05
thank you your pictures are very nices
Jean Chiasson30-Dec-2010 17:53
Happy New Year Yiannis bye
Stanley Glogower24-Oct-2010 19:41
I appreciate your very nice comments on my photos. Love all your work.
Indrek24-Oct-2010 14:47
Thank you for visiting my galleries.
You have amazing photos.
Blandine Mangin18-Aug-2010 07:30
Merci de nous faire partager toutes ces merveilles !
Guest 17-Aug-2010 05:27
Hi, Yiannis, thank you for stopping by my Hokkaido gallery, I am very impressed with your galleries too.

an nguyen10-Aug-2010 12:04
Your vision in photography is exquisite.
Constantly inspired and learning that what came to my mind .
B!M 18-Jul-2010 04:59
beautiful pictures !
thank you sooo much for sharing them with us

Guest 03-Jun-2010 02:30
Hello Yiannis, thank you for leaving the nice comment at my galley! I've enjoyed looking through your photos and must say I really like your style: strong compositions, high contrast, bold colours, nice work!
tianjiu01-Jun-2010 22:09
thanks for stopping by my galleries,I enjoyed your galleries a lot,Specifically portrait gallery.....
Ian James Doyle13-May-2010 13:17
Thanks for the nice comments. I have always been an admirer of your work. Your photos are truly amazing.
Richard Goldberg 12-May-2010 20:49
Some of the nices stuff on PBase
PauloCGama01-May-2010 03:42
Hello my dear friend.
I want you know (well you know) I love your job. You are a top quality artist and human being.
Dias dos Reis24-Apr-2010 19:29
Superb work, Yiannis. What else can I say? Keep it up!

Antonio Reis
C. White20-Apr-2010 02:29
Greetings, Thank you for visiting my galleries. I was happy to find yours as well.
I very much enjoyed your Greece gallery. I have an older friend (70) from Greece who is also in the US. I will have to share them with him. Your a most excellent photographer. I am really enjoying your work.
VR2ZNP18-Apr-2010 05:51
Nice to see you, Yiannis a very talented photographer and artist!
fth 10-Apr-2010 14:22
äåò ôï photo gallery
cantabriaphoto.com20-Mar-2010 23:40
Hello Yiannis. Great work in all tour galleries. I recomend them to everybody.
I liked very much your portraits.
Thank you for sharing with us.
Best regards.
Guest 20-Mar-2010 14:33
Hi Yiannis,
Thank you very much for visiting my gallery and for your very king comment. They are very much appreciated.
J S Quesada27-Feb-2010 18:47
Thanks for your comment on one of my Chania pics. I really appreciated it, particularly when coming from such a great photographer as you are.
It has been a pleasure to visit your galleries and discover you work in return.
Guest 17-Feb-2010 14:39
Thanks Yiannis for your kind comment! We highly appreciated it!
You have excellent galleries! We've enjoyed!
We are looking forward your new great pictures!
Best regards. D&N.
sherwood frazier30-Jan-2010 23:25
Thank you Yiannis for the visit to and the comments on my galleries. Keep up the good work, it is a real joy to visit your galleries. I'll be back soon, take care. Sherwood.
Tony Griffen27-Jan-2010 06:22
You have a great eye for color, and a fresh way of presenting it. Very enjoyable.
Guest 24-Jan-2010 15:38
Thank you for visiting my gallery and for your kind comment. You have wonderful collection of photography.
Best Regards
whitewolf13-Jan-2010 04:59
Yiannis, thank you for visiting my galleries and for the kind comment. Your galleries are so awesome!! Greece is a very beautiful place and their food is my favorite. I hope to visit your beautiful country one day. Keep up the great work. Aloha, Bryan
tomas01-Jan-2010 07:24
hello Yiannis thanx for looking at my gallerys and for the vote, i`am a new member here but a long time lurker, you fantastic gallerys have been always an inspiration

gouter0826-Dec-2009 22:52
Thanks for your nice comment, Yannis. I really enjoyed your Rio de Janeiro gallery.
Best wishes,
Dennis McDonnell24-Dec-2009 11:30
Great galleries Yannis...glad you stopped by my site and took a look...and what a treat to browse yours!!
Steve Walker18-Oct-2009 22:55
Yiannis, Thank you for taking the time to look at my pictures and make comment. You have very impressive and inspirational galleries. Thank you for sharing your work.
lorand14-Oct-2009 22:03
Hi Yiannis!
Thanks for your nice comment.
Marina Arimany12-Sep-2009 22:06
Thanks for your comment.
I love your work !!!
Michal Pistol17-Aug-2009 18:29
Hello Dear :)

Thanks for visiting my site again !!
you are so creative , LOVE your work

Bill 11-Aug-2009 00:53
John; I just checked out the latest shots from your vacation, Boy !!!! They were great. We will see you friday at dinner, Thanks for sharing with us.
Rosemarie Kusserow03-Aug-2009 22:11
It is a shame that I not wrote on your guestbook since a long time again Yiannis because I´m a fan of your works and it is always such a plesure to view at your works, thanks for sharing them with us, warm regards, Rosemarie :o))
larose forest photos16-Jul-2009 13:36
Hi Yiannis, Thank you for commenting on my photo because through that I have discovered YOUR galleries which are full of the most gorgeous and beautifully photographed images. An inspiration. Not to mention that I love Greece (I even studied ancient Greek history and civilization at University, did a degree in Classics) and your Greek galleries are dream come true!! I now know where to go when I want to feast my eyes on Greece!! Cheers, Christine
Pawel15-Jun-2009 16:19
Thank you for puting interest in my work Yiannis :)
Have great week :)!
David Lewins15-Jun-2009 15:06
A very creative and inspiring collection of images Yiannis, keep up the excellent work.
Jeff Real31-May-2009 18:20
Your work continues to keep me inspired. Such fantastic creativity is amazing to me.
Thank you for your visits and comments.
princess31-May-2009 13:34
Wonderful collections of images. You are the master of photography and your work is magnificent.
Thks. for your kind comments on my photos.
All the best,
Nikon Mama - Birgitte Ott22-May-2009 14:14
Hi Yannis,
What an amazing and exciting gallery you have! I have enjoyed viewing your very creative and artful work - I really admire your strong personal style and will get back again soon!
Regards, Birgitte Ott, Denmark
Alexander Akinshin18-May-2009 12:02
Hi Yiannis,
I've enjoyed visiting your "Portraits". Some are truly great!
Will come back soon.
barryml28-Apr-2009 21:36
Yiannis thanks for visiting my gallery, your work is outstanding and I will return because it is inspiring, my dream is to immigrate to the USA you are really lucky.
katjas07-Apr-2009 08:59
hi yiannis, thank you for visiting my gallery! your collection is really great,
so many outstanding images, very creative work!
Judy Misquitta13-Feb-2009 15:57
Hi Yiannis,
I'm zapped by your gallery "Colours and Textures"!! It is fantastic! Keep up the great, great work!!
Best regards
Pawel Kazmierczyk03-Feb-2009 18:16
Hello Yiannis, what a fantastic collection of galleries.... You have a great eye for photography, and a unique sense of style. I have truly enjoyed going through your photos - the range and variety of topics, the originality of viewpoint, and the quality. Well done, keep it up ! Greetings from Poland. Pawel
Guest 31-Jan-2009 14:59
Thanks for your coommnet on my picture of the tulips
Guest 25-Jan-2009 07:28
Hello Yiannis,
If you can spare some time, I would appreciate very much your comments on the gallery:
Hope to hear from you. Thanks.

14-Jan-2009 19:50
Ôùñá ðïõ îåñù ôéò óåëéäåò óïõ èá ôáîéäåõù ìåóá áðï ôá ìáôéá óïõ êáé èá áðïëáìâáíù ôá ÷ñùìáôá ðïõ îõðíáíå ïëåò ìïõ ôéò áéóèçóåéò... Å÷åéò áðïëõôï äéêéï ç ãëùóóá ôçò öùôïãñáöéáò... Óõã÷áñçôçñéá êáé åõ÷áñéóôù ãéá ôçí öéëïîåíéá åäù
Barry Green03-Jan-2009 22:03
Thank your for the kind words about my photo. I have seen your work before and I am inspired every time that I do. You have a wonderfully artistic eye that you somehow manage to improve upon with your equally artistic post-processing. Terrific work! -Barry
Ray01-Jan-2009 13:04
You were kind enough to comment on one of my pic's. After looking thru these beautiful galleries, I'm honored. Ray
Emidio Machado25-Dec-2008 18:30
Thank you for visiting my galleries and kind comments
Muito obrigado pela visita ás minhas galerias e pelo comentário

Emidio machado
Lampridis Dimitris22-Dec-2008 17:37
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year , to you and your family *****
Bill 07-Nov-2008 03:56
Hey John,

I came here to see my pic, But I think I have spent the better part of 2 hrs look through everything... Great stuff !!!
John Glines03-Nov-2008 07:14
Thanks for taking a look at my gallery of photos of Krabi, and thank you especially for leaving a comment on one of them. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at your galleries. You do really beautiful work.
Guest 26-Oct-2008 07:37
Jiasu apo Ellada Thessaloniki. Ida tis photo kai ine exeretikes. elpizo na ta xanapoume.

filika chrisanthos
Chris Kieffer23-Oct-2008 18:37
Hi Yiannis,
First of all tks for your comment on my picture, i was looking through your galleries, i found no words, it's realy my taste, very impressive, there are so many good one's that's difficult to choose for the best one's, my favorite anyhow are bushkill falls, new england and people, ++++
Guest 06-Sep-2008 18:44
Many thanks for the comment you left me.
I am happy as it led me to your gallery - I got some wonderfully ideas and great inspiration.

What lenses do you use?

Best Regards,
Noam Levi, CA
Marcia Rules04-Sep-2008 13:38
Yiannis, what great stuff here. superb eye....i just posted a new gallery "Urban Styles"....i'd love your input on this gallery too....marcia
Guest 25-Aug-2008 20:38
Thanks for your kind comments on my sunset photo.
I am moved by your photo's,especially of the People photo's - quite outstanding and brilliant.
Your father's photo's are also moving to see - a very handsome man!
All the best
Mike Robson
Guest 12-Aug-2008 18:34
Thank you Yiannis.Being that i'm from Queens New York I love going to the Greek community
Astora.On day i'll travel there to photograph it.Please sign my guestbook.
Guest 10-Aug-2008 01:18
Yiannis, thank you for the comment. I have only begun to view your photos, you nave so many excellent images. Great work, good eye.

Bartosz Kotulski05-Aug-2008 14:46
Your collection is amazing. Thank for wonderful tour :)
Thanks for all comments.
All the best from Ireland
Guest 04-Aug-2008 16:25
Thank you for your comments in my gallery Yiannis, they are much appreciated. I have your Pbase gallery added to my favourites, so I have a look on your recent work when you show it. It is obvious you love photography and that love is reflected in your work. It is very good. See you soon.
Guest 04-Aug-2008 01:06
I've added your site to my favourites.
Tom Merigan27-Jul-2008 22:07
I like your work Thanks for your comments on my galleries Tom Merigan
Guest 26-Jul-2008 16:34
Thank you so much for commenting my work.
Your work is amazing!
Pavlis 25-Jul-2008 02:58
Where are you from in Greece? Arer we related? John N. Pavlis
terry tersigni 17-Jul-2008 10:45
It was my first oppurtunity to view your work. You are truly a talented artist.
Guest 16-Jul-2008 23:36

Your da master of photography..
all your picture are nice and good edited..v.v.
Maybe <ou can give me some tips to edit..

My name is francis
lorand16-Jul-2008 20:53
Hi Yannis!
Thanks for your nice comment on my gallery.
Best Regards,
Patty Roth14-Jul-2008 14:32
Thanks Yiannis for visiting my site and your nice comments! Patty Roth
Guest 13-Jul-2008 15:30
Many thanks Yiannis for your kind comment on my Fall image,
Guest 17-May-2008 14:23
Thanks Yiannis I appreciate your kind words on my image...
Guest 15-May-2008 21:21
Hello. Thank you for visiting me, and thank you for your comments.
Your galleries are massive!!! I'll be happily perusing your work for days!!

All the best.

Kathy Pilgrim07-May-2008 12:42
I have been visiting your wonderful galleries. I tried to make comments on several but there is no more space left for more responses. I can certainly see why you get wonderful visitation. Your work is magnificent.
Guest 04-May-2008 12:58
No podría decirte nada que no te hayan dicho ya. Tu trabajo me parece alucinante. Todo un lenguaje diferente como tu mismo dices. Felicitaciones y mil gracias por haber visitado mi galería y dejarme un comentario.
Phyneas 27-Apr-2008 13:36
Hey, just wanted to say that your photos are very expressive and definitely captures the imagination. I agree with your comment about the language of photography. I took my first shot driving around the pennisula here in PA. I remember having the blues and very broodish, so the picture I took was very moody and ever since, photography has represented a sense of escapism. Keep up the great work!
Ron Fredrick25-Apr-2008 03:32
Hi Yiannis,
Thanks for your nice comments about my Red-shouldered Hawk. I very much appreciate them. And looking through your galleries made me appreciate your comments even more since it's obvious that you have an amazing eye for photography. If the "Colors and Textures" gallery is any indication, it'll take me weeks to go through your galleries. Wonderful images in every one.
Guest 25-Apr-2008 01:36
Yiannis you are an excellent photographer. I'm very impress! I saw your gallerie called cars. There are a lot of wonderful pictures, some of them have a wonderful effects. How do you do? Do you use the photoshop? Do you use a filter in your camera? I really impress because that effects are perfect. The BMW, (the first picture in the gallerie) has a very good contrast and the light is perfect. That picture like a HD technique.
Well I admire your technique and profesionalism, well done!
Thanks for sharing your work and sorry for my English I'm learning but still It is bad jaja!

Guest 23-Apr-2008 12:31
your galleries are some of the best ive seen on this site.
i shalll be coming back to see more whenever i can.
great photoraphy!
Guest 22-Apr-2008 19:24
Thanks fo the visit I enjoyed your work especially your people gallery seems you know how to bring the emotion out of people through your photos.
poetry66615-Apr-2008 22:24
Hi Yiannis, Thank you for your recent kind comments and votes. I really lke your Lancaster PA Gallery about the Amish people and their way of life. A superb gallery and each image tells a different story. Beautiful work, Yiannis.
Guest 07-Mar-2008 15:35
Thanks Yinnis...
sherwood frazier02-Mar-2008 13:29
Thank you Yiannis for the comments, we have had an unusal amount of snow this winter and I've tried capture some of the highlights in between shoveling and maintaining my home. We are well over a 100 inches so far. I hope to add to my winter gallery in the next couple of days. I so enjoy your galleries and the way you compose and capture color is fantastic. Again thanks and best to you and your family. Sherwood
Guest 27-Feb-2008 01:56
Hi Yiannis, thanks for your recent comments on my Florence gallery. I'm still working on posting the last few shots, but nearly there! I've just been looking at more if you photos, I could spend hours browsing your galleries!
Guest 18-Feb-2008 16:52
Superb website
RadioWonder14-Feb-2008 21:48
Thank you for vivisting my galleries and your kind comments...
Guest 09-Feb-2008 12:29
As a beginner enrolled in a photography class I have an assignment to photograph "color". In a search for inspiration I stumbled upon your site and took a look at your "Colors and Textures" gallery. Clearly you have the ability to see the art and beauty in both the beautiful and the everyday. Thanks so much for sharing your gift. I shall surely return many times for inspiration.
samuelgalano06-Feb-2008 22:46
Yiannis, I stumbled upon this gallery and was overwhelmed with your artwork. Thank you for enriching my day! I forwarded a link to your work to my wife's son, Cheney. He's a highschool graduate this year who intends to study drama next year with a minor in photography. I suggested that he pay his fee and submit his work so that he can share and compare and LEARN! Thank you again for sharing your wonderful images! Sincerely, Samuel
Rosemarie Kusserow03-Feb-2008 12:36
Thanks Yiannis for your kind words and vote about my image,
I´m glad you liked it, have a nice sunday, Rosemarie :o)
Sunil 26-Jan-2008 19:25
Awsome work Yannis - I have to go to Greece once before I Die.
Igor Polotsky22-Jan-2008 02:34
Thank you kindly for the comment.
Cheers, Igor
Milos Markovic18-Jan-2008 20:54
Dear Yiannis,
Your photography is, and has always been a feast for the eyes and soul.
You have the amazing vision and talent to immortalize the scenes that interest You, and You do it so perfectly - that way showing the rest of the world exactly the moment that occupied Your creative been.
I thank You for all the words of friendship and support that You have shared with me.
And of course, no need to tell You that I will be around..., You know that already.
Be well, my friend.
Milos Markovic
Guest 18-Jan-2008 15:42
Thanks for the nice comment on my image...
Bidyottam 18-Jan-2008 06:45
You are one guy who can easily other inspire others not only through your awesome photogrphy but also by being supportive to pople aspiing to be better everyday. Thank you for sharing your wonderful visions and sharing your views. Cheers!
JOSE MATA15-Jan-2008 06:38
Rosemarie Kusserow11-Jan-2008 16:14
I´m glad you liked this one as well, Rosemarie :o)
Rosemarie Kusserow11-Jan-2008 16:13
Thanks Yiannis for your kind words about my shot,
have a nice weekend, Rosemarie:o)
Darbowski03-Jan-2008 22:37
Merci de ta visite et de tes commentaires, je reviendrai régulièrement visiter tes galeries de grande qualité et d'une infinie richesse, à bientôt...
Sam X01-Jan-2008 04:09
Happy New Year... and many happy shots in a new 2008. Thanks for Your support
forcipiger30-Dec-2007 17:57
Thanks, just trying and do my best. All new in photography and here on PBase.
Now i first need to figure out how it all works here.

Greetz from The Netherlands.
Lampridis Dimitris21-Dec-2007 18:54
Hi my friend , Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2008 *****
Guest 15-Dec-2007 14:25
Hi Yiannis,
One look at the array of photos in your gallery left me speechless. I don't know what to say other than to reflect on your own words which indicate to me that you are not at all speechless but very colorful in all you say through photography! PS. My humble thanks for your comments on my orchid photo!
blizzard13-Dec-2007 17:06
Hi Yiannis
I think that you have a great deal of talent and are by far one of the finest photographers on PB . I do miss viewing your work, I hope to be back soon.
blizzard13-Dec-2007 17:06
Hi yiannis
I think that your a great deal of talent and are by far one of the finest photographers on PB . I do miss viewing your work, I hope to be back soon.
Igor Polotsky13-Dec-2007 02:40
Thank you kindly for the comment.
Cheers, Igor
kimene S12-Dec-2007 05:22
Such an honor having you visit! Thankyou Yiannis! Ever truly inspired!
Guest 12-Dec-2007 02:32
Yiannis, you are now one of my favourite artists on PBase. I just love looking at your photos, they somehow make you seem like you're right there looking at it.
s reeves05-Dec-2007 18:12
Thanks so much for your comments in my gallery. Yours are among my most visited galleries and I will continue to visit and comment often. Thanks again.
Jihad Jean Chahine03-Dec-2007 17:40
Thanks for your comments, I always enjoy your galleries.
Guest 24-Nov-2007 14:09
Thanks for your nice comments on my Fall reflections, appreciate them....
Guest 20-Nov-2007 13:19
Yiannis, you have an amazing eye for capturing the hidden qualities in a subject, very inspiring work, and certainly a benchmark for the type of work I'd like to do. Thanks for taking the time to allow me a bit of your world.
Guest 16-Nov-2007 14:41
Thanks for the nice comment on my deer image
Johnny Rasmussen09-Nov-2007 19:25
You are an excellent, and multitalented photographer. It was very interesting to look at some of your work. It gives inspiration.
blizzard08-Nov-2007 22:49
thank you very much for you warm words
as all ways your work is fresh and creative, is most excellent

I will be back on Pb some time on dec
I had a slight accident while climbing
thank you once again
Rosemarie Kusserow08-Nov-2007 08:35
Thanks a lot again dear Yiannis for visiting my works and for your kind comment and vote on the image:,
this was a quick snapshot in the living room from a friend and this is a close up of a lamp and sunblind at a window corner (I hope you understand what I mean), the warm light catched my eyes and inspired me to take this picture, I´m glad you like it, have a nice day, Rosemarie :o)
Douglas 04-Nov-2007 22:29
Stunning thank you. 14 years since I was on the Islands, more from when on Santorini. Your photography brings back the feel of that magical Island, yet also shows me how much I missed. I will return.
Margot W02-Nov-2007 19:23
Yiannis your galleries are a wide collection from a very talented person.
I thank you for visiting mine and will return with eager anticipation
to visit yours again and again.
Guest 02-Nov-2007 14:12
your pbase photo site let me saw petty,and very very good gallery
Guest 01-Nov-2007 14:38
Many thanks for the nice comment on my scenic...
Tracy Howell30-Oct-2007 23:18
Hi Yiannis
Thanks for your comments, Thought i would let you know I have just started to post a new gallerie. Pop by when you have some spare time its nice to get feed back from a great P Base photographer.
Keep up your great work Tracy Howell.
Guest 29-Oct-2007 12:52
Thanks for your vote and very nice comments on my images...
Will Rountree28-Oct-2007 12:34
Yiannis, Thank you for your kind comment, I try to make birds and nature interesting, but a lot of times they are just to identify a species. I really enjoy being outside with what we have left of our natural beauty, so much habitat is being lost to so called "development".
sherwood frazier28-Oct-2007 04:01
Thank you for your comments Yiannis. We had a great time in Nova Scotia and plan on returning. Take care and keep up the great shots your posting.
Erik Veldkamp25-Oct-2007 21:37
Thanks for your kind comment on my picture, from you it means a lot.
Guest 23-Oct-2007 17:30
Thanks for your visit .
yen, Taiwan
Guest 12-Oct-2007 06:54
Hey Yiannis,
many thanks for the comment and vote, I regard your work very highly so much appreciated.
Selvin Chance11-Oct-2007 13:14
Your visit to my gallery and the Agapanthus flower is most appreciated. Blue flowers are among the most uncommon in nature and their shades match those of the blue Aegean Sea.
Noted your most recent galleries and the explosion of colors. You must be enjoying your photography.

Is your restauarnt in NY? I do visit there frequently and my daughter loves Greek food, maybe one day...
netascape06-Oct-2007 06:18
Amazed by your gorgeous work! Thank you for your generous comment also.
Rosemarie Kusserow01-Oct-2007 20:41
Thanks a lot Yiannis for visiting my galleries again and left such a kind comment and vote on my:,
I feel flattered about your generous words, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 29-Sep-2007 06:16
Thanks Yiannis for the kind words you left in my galleries. They are greatly appreciated. Regardless of what other may feel I still think it was bad from to use your galleries to support a negative comments about PBase. You should be proud that your galleries are as popular as they are. You must be doing something right. ;-) BTW I love your orange and blue stair photo. Its one that certainly deserves some wall space. :-)
Guest 28-Sep-2007 16:46
Yiannis read this post about you on dpreview, I don't agree with any of them there. I like your shots very much and I hate dpreview!!!!
Guest 24-Sep-2007 18:06
Ãåéá óïõ ÃéÜííç, íá ðïõ óõíáíôéüìáóôå êáé åäþ, åßäá ôá Üëìðïõì óïõ Ý÷åéò êÜíåé êáôáðëçêôéêÞ äïõëåéÜ, åõ÷áñéóôþ ðïõ åðéóêÝöôçêåò ôçí óåëßäá ìïõ. Ôá ëÝìå.
Guest 07-Sep-2007 17:48
I am overwhelmed and inspired by the work you have here. I love the fact that you are so good at many diffent types of photography and are willing to experiment and share with everyone. I really appreciate the feedback you have given me as well.
best to you!
Barry S Moore02-Sep-2007 07:25
Hi Yiannis,

Loved the short visit to your gallerys. I'll be back to browse some more. All images well worth a big vote.

regards Barry
Karen Hoyt31-Aug-2007 23:32
Thanks for the comments and for visiting my gallery. Your galleries are awesome
al59928-Aug-2007 01:49
Γιαννη, ευχαριστω για τα σχολια σου! Οι φωτογραφιες σου απο Ελλαδα ειναι πολυ ωραιες.
Guest 24-Aug-2007 15:13
Yiannis thanks for your kind comments. You have a lot beatiful galleries.
Greece images are very nice. Sorry for my english.
Guest 15-Aug-2007 18:21
This is a beautiful gallery Yiannis
Guest 14-Aug-2007 20:49
Yiannis..I can't get enough of your Greece images. Very well done, in fact they have caused me to begin booking a trip to the area...thank you!
Rosemarie Kusserow14-Aug-2007 19:15
Thanks Yiannis for your constantly interest and kind comment and vote on my, some times I like the mood on rainy days, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Jeanne13-Aug-2007 21:32
Love your images ~ just beautiful. Thank you!
Guest 09-Aug-2007 15:31
I've a question for you... which software do you use to transform the raw file in jpg?
Because the colors are so "live" and "strong" ... thanks
Johnny Rasmussen06-Aug-2007 00:07
I enjoyed to look through your B&W gallery. Very good work!
Guest 02-Aug-2007 12:10
Thank you very much for your nice comments about my photos.
I will visit soon your new galleries :)
RadioWonder29-Jul-2007 17:26
Thank you for visiting my galleries and your kind comments.
Vivian Beks29-Jul-2007 15:34
Yiannis, thanks for your comment on my potato field photo. I've had a look at your galleries, and i'll be back for more!!!! Well done, you're very talented!! Greetz, Vivian
Guest 22-Jul-2007 15:26
Thanks for the comment on my humble rainbow picture. Your galleries are superb!
alda20-Jul-2007 14:24
Thank you, Yiannis, for all your wonderful comments on my images. I am truly honoured that such a great photographer, like yourself, has taken the time to view my galleries! :)
Guest 17-Jul-2007 15:05
I just took a short trip into your gallery and was so greatly amazed. Felt like I had stepped into a valley of fine colours and images. I'll be back for more. Cheers!
Thanks, Yiannis for stopping by my gallery.
blizzard11-Jul-2007 23:32
your work is a marvelous thing all ways fresh and new
a joy to view
Rosemarie Kusserow11-Jul-2007 10:50
Thanks a lot Yannis for your kind comment and vote on my image:, I´m glad you liked it, sorry, I don´t remember which car it was, I´m glad you liked my *Blue sky* as well, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 20-Jun-2007 18:11
Lovely work. Share more please.
Guest 12-Jun-2007 17:13
You have a fine eye for color and composition. Great work!
giselle borgwardt11-Jun-2007 13:08
Wish you wonderful holidays in Greece and thank you so much for your kind comment.
Love your work.

Bill Popovski09-Jun-2007 00:02
Hi Yiannis. Thank you so much for recently visiting my galleries and making such nice comments. It is very much appreciated.

Igor Polotsky08-Jun-2007 03:36
Thank you kindly for the comments
Cheers, Igor
Debbie B.07-Jun-2007 16:30
Thank you very much for your nice comments. The girl in the portrait is my most favorite subject! :-)
Guest 07-Jun-2007 13:32
My Sunset image was taken durning our huge fire season last year. With all the smoke on the horizon, our Sunsets were quite spectacular.
Thanks for your nice comment on my sunset image...
Guest 04-Jun-2007 13:36
Many thanks Yiannis for the vote and nice comment on my morning light image...
paul yung01-Jun-2007 15:26
A wonderful collection of images. Congrats!
Dave Beedon29-May-2007 19:18
Yiannis, I appreciate your comments on my photos, the most recent of which is here: . I wish I could take night pictures that were as nice as yours.
Guest 28-May-2007 12:59
hey thanks for the comments!
Guest 27-May-2007 14:45
Yiannis, Thank you for your kind words, details (why it works), and vote.
Igor Polotsky19-May-2007 12:03
Thank you kindly for the comments
Cheers, Igor
Jude Haase19-May-2007 03:59
Wonderful galleries you have here Yiannis!!
Guest 18-May-2007 15:39
You have an amazing skill at capturing color and light!
Kim Messmer17-May-2007 05:05
Thank you for your kind comments in my gallery, Yiannis. I have truly enjoyed my brief look around your incredible gallery. I will have to come back often to see more of your work. You are an inspiration.
Ah Sai15-May-2007 17:53
Hi Yiannis Thanks for the nice comment on my gallery.
Your "People .My favourite photography"..i like that great!
Guest 15-May-2007 06:07
thanks for the comment!
James Clarke15-May-2007 04:26
Thank you for visiting my humble gallery, you are a true master of capturing beautiful light.
Wendy & Larry Burke12-May-2007 16:39
Thank you for your coments so kind and from a true master of the art such as you , thank you again .
Guest 11-May-2007 15:25

I need to take some time and go through your galleries very slowly. You have a very nice collection of excellent photos.

Guest 11-May-2007 12:20
Thanks for the nice comment on my image...
Guest 09-May-2007 14:13
Thanks Yiannis for the vote and nice comment on my Reflection image...
Guest 09-May-2007 02:56
Thanks for visiting my galleries Yiannis. Your galleries so colorful and alive. I liked your portraiture works too. Best regards
Guest 07-May-2007 14:29
Thak you for comment, Yiannis.
Guest 06-May-2007 13:05
Thank you for stopping by but more importantly I found your galleries very inspiring
Jihad Jean Chahine05-May-2007 06:48
Thks for visiting, I apprecaite your comments.
Great galleries and ideas which portrait in your work.
Martin Brettle04-May-2007 06:52
Thanks for stopping by at - glad that you enjoyed your visit.
marciomachado03-May-2007 14:33
Excellent photos!Thanks for your comments to my gallery
Igor Polotsky01-May-2007 11:43
Thank you kindly for the comment,
Cheers, Igor
Rosemarie Kusserow29-Apr-2007 21:02
Thanks Yiannis for your kind comment on my, I´m really happy that you love it, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 29-Apr-2007 09:02
Thanks for your comments to my gallery,
Jack Bieser27-Apr-2007 00:47
Thank You Yiannis for visiting. Your a good photographer....
Lampridis Dimitris26-Apr-2007 15:50
Hi my friend , Thanks a lot for your friendly comments to my gallerys , BEST WISHES ...
Guest 25-Apr-2007 13:38
Thanks Yiannis for your vote and very nice comments on my turkey image...
Gar Cropser25-Apr-2007 04:40
Thank you for taking the time to visit my galleries. You are certainly an accomplished photographer. I look forward to seeing more of your galleries soon. Gar.
Guest 24-Apr-2007 14:10
Thank you coming by my and looking at my pictures, I appreciate the kind comments, it is especially nice coming from someone who also has such great work.
Guest 24-Apr-2007 12:06
Amazing galleries and beautiful light and color. I like in special way Greece and longwoodgardens PA and people.. what lens do you use?
Esa Ervasti23-Apr-2007 11:30
Thak you for comment, Yiannis.
You have awesome galleries!
John Reynolds LRPS21-Apr-2007 06:14
Thank you for looking at my pictures and for the kind comment. If you are ever in England then Chatsworth House is well worth a visit. There is enough there to fill a whole day and there are numerous photo opportunities. Thank you again.
Guest 20-Apr-2007 13:24
Appreciate the nice comment on my deer image...
Guest 18-Apr-2007 19:16
Thanks for the comments on my pictures
Guest 17-Apr-2007 19:13
Dear Yiannis,
Thank you for the excellent photos! A highly professional work it seems, even if it's just a hobby for you. Or is it really professional? Anyway, you are making a very good work, so keep it up!
Best regards, Sofia from Volgograd
Guest 17-Apr-2007 07:05
Dear Yiannis,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Great work...Excellent my friend...Greetings from Montenegro, old/new country in Europa...I will come back with pleasure...
paul yung16-Apr-2007 15:13
Wonderful collection of galleries. Congrats!
Marco Jansen16-Apr-2007 14:47
Great gallery with many nice photo's!!
So many comment i dont feel mine add to it

Igor Polotsky16-Apr-2007 14:21
Thank you kindly for the comment,
Cheers, Igor
Peter Chou15-Apr-2007 05:09
Thank you so much for visiting my gallery! I really enjoyed your work especially your portraits! They are fantastic!
Guest 14-Apr-2007 13:57
Thank you Yiannis Pavlis for visiting and commenting on my gallerys, it is much appreciated, you too have some wonderful gorgeous work on display here.

Judy Misquitta13-Apr-2007 17:30
I love all your images! They are breath-takingly beautiful!
Guest 09-Apr-2007 21:04
Thank-You for your comment. Your site is packed with truely amazing images.

Guest 09-Apr-2007 13:31
You have wonderful collection of high quality images. Many thanks for your visit at my site.
Guest 06-Apr-2007 18:40
Hello Yiannis!
Thank you for visiting my galleries and your kind comments. I'm very enjoing to visit your galleries and view your beautiful work.
Lampridis Dimitris06-Apr-2007 17:17
Thanks dear Yiannis , ÊÁËÏ ÐÁÓ×Á ...
Tania Bounader06-Apr-2007 16:26
Thank you Yiannis for your comments. I particularly like your "Color/texture" and "Photos without a camera" galleries :)they're amazing !!
John Reynolds LRPS05-Apr-2007 17:44
Thank you for looking at the Hockley Heath obelisk. I have bookmarked your site. I am going to Athens for a conference in June and will be taking my camera with me so I will be looking at your Athens gallery for ideas!
Igor Polotsky05-Apr-2007 15:50
Thank you kindly for the comments.
Cheers, Igor
Tom Merigan05-Apr-2007 14:32
Glad you liked my birds. I like your views of europe. tom
kinta05-Apr-2007 13:33
Thank your visit and wonderful comments on my photos. You have so many beautiful pictures and galleries, I will visit again. Thanks your sharing!_kinta.
Guest 04-Apr-2007 13:12
Thanks Yiannis for your nice comments on my scenic
John Glines03-Apr-2007 17:20
Thanks for leaving a comment on one of my photos. I looked at many of your galleries and must say you do really great work.
Guest 03-Apr-2007 16:29
thanks for the comment!
Guest 03-Apr-2007 14:04
Thanks for the nice comment on my scenic...
Michal Pistol03-Apr-2007 08:44
Hi Yiannis!
Your Gallery Is Absolutely Wonderful
Thank you for visiting my gallery
Rosemarie Kusserow03-Apr-2007 07:38
Thanks dear Yiannis für your kind comment and vote on my image:, I really glad that you like it so much, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Greg Little02-Apr-2007 22:04
Yiannis, Thanks for visiting my galleries and leaving your comments. I like your new galleries! Ciao, Greg
Tommi Pulkkinen02-Apr-2007 08:42
Hi again Yiannis! I just saw your photos from Italy. I was also there in March, but in the Alps skiing. After seeing your photos I really have to get to other parts of Italy also. Soooo beautiful!!!! Very hard to pick my favorites but I left a comment on some of those. Thanks again!!

steve frenda31-Mar-2007 15:25
Yiannis, what wonderful work...I thoroughly enjoyed your March trip to Europe. Check out the pic at this link --- I was very lucky near the Trevi Hotel in Rome last fall. Regards, Steve Frenda
Igor Polotsky31-Mar-2007 00:13
Thank you kindly for the comment.
Cheers, Igor
Guest 30-Mar-2007 14:01
Thanks for the vote and nice comment on my blackbird image...
Guest 29-Mar-2007 19:56
Thanks very much for your comments . You have very nice pictures and i just see your galeries for the first time .I'll return soon for some more.
Jon Dick28-Mar-2007 17:06
Thank you for your comments. I looked at your galleries of pictures they are great. It shows that you enjoy being behind the lens of a camera. Keep up the great work.
csmallari28-Mar-2007 12:35
Thank you so much for the very nice comments regarding the owl photo. Have a great day Yiannis :)
Guest 28-Mar-2007 03:56
Hi Yiannis, thank you for your kind comments on my galleries. You have a lot of wonderful images here, I really enjoyed your Florence and Greek gallery. I will be back to peruse the others!
Guest 26-Mar-2007 12:17
Thanks Yiannis for the nice comment on my scenic....
Ruth Rosenthal25-Mar-2007 21:47
Just curious - where do you live? (what state?) Your photography is so fantastic.
Guest 22-Mar-2007 19:53
Thank you very much for your comments... Your work is outstanding. I really enjoyed your people pictures... what a collection! Regards, Paula.
Svetlana Vasylyeva21-Mar-2007 12:10
Dear Yiannis, thank you very much for visiting my gallery.
Zaid Kurdi21-Mar-2007 06:08
Thanks alot Yiannis for your care, your Comments encouraging me to work more and more,wishing for you the best.
Guest 19-Mar-2007 18:18
Wonderful Gallery.Nice work.
I just uploaded a few fine art pics.Please give a few comments.Good or Bad,both welcome.
Guest 17-Mar-2007 18:03
Yiannis, Thank you for your comment. You got incredible images in your galleries.
Regards. Pablo
Guest 17-Mar-2007 18:03
Yiannis, Thank you for your comment. You got incredible images in your galleries.
Regards. Pablo
lorand16-Mar-2007 22:55
Hi Yiannis!
Thanks for your nice comment on my gallery.
Greg Christie15-Mar-2007 23:11
Thanks for the comment on my Golden Gate image. In the process of exploring your images of Greece which is where my grand parents are from. Thanks
Guest 15-Mar-2007 17:17
I appreciate your nice comment on my scenic...
Tom Merigan15-Mar-2007 14:11
Yannis Your enthusiam for life as well as your artistry show in your photos. Keep up the good work. I appreciate your comment on my sunrise at La Jolla cove. Tom Merigan
Dale Doram15-Mar-2007 01:54
Hi Yannis:

Thanks for visiting my site. I also enjoyed your site and really like some of your flowers.
Ian Dalgliesh14-Mar-2007 14:40
Hi Yiannis,Thanks for your encouraging critique.I'd always(since taking the shot)felt it was a super image,but now you've boosted my seld esteem by agreeing with me.Thanks again.
Joaquin M Garcia Leal13-Mar-2007 16:03
Hello Yiannis.
Thanks to comment the image 'Borbotones'
Debbie B.13-Mar-2007 15:55
Thank you for the nice comment on my Mono Lake shot. That is a very unusual lake which is fun to photograph.
Sefval Mogalana13-Mar-2007 07:34

Thank you for visiting my gallery. I appreciate your kind comments.

Sefval Mogalana
Jarek M11-Mar-2007 03:10

Thanks for visiting my gallery and your kind comments.

Guest 07-Mar-2007 15:23
This is as close to perfect as it can get.
Dale Doram03-Mar-2007 19:48
Thanks Yannis for visting my gallery and I really like some of your shots such as Florida.

Guest 02-Mar-2007 22:08
Hi Yannis thank you for nice coment on my photo
You have amasing gallery of photos
Guest 02-Mar-2007 15:39
Hi Yiannis, thanks for your comments ... you're always kind and nice! Have a nice trip in Greece .....
J A L 01-Mar-2007 23:17
Hi Yiannis:
Thank you for visiting my galleries, and for your nice comment on one of my Hawaii pictures. I am so glad I returned the favor because I have found a wealth of great images here, especially the people and flower pictures. Keep up the good work, Yiannis! I'll be back to visit many times in the future.
Tommi Pulkkinen01-Mar-2007 14:26
Hi Yiannis, Thanks for visiting my galleries. Hope you enjoyed, I sure did looking at your photos. Thanks for sharing!
Ian Dalgliesh01-Mar-2007 07:02
Hi Yiannis,Just browsed through your Florida gallery.Very nice.Amazing colours and compositions.I'll return soon for some more.
Guest 27-Feb-2007 05:20
Hi Yiannis, you have an extraordinary talent. Your work inspires! Keep it up. Thanks for visiting. I'l check back every now and then. :)
Giorgio Gregori25-Feb-2007 20:42
Many thanks for your kind comments about my photos, coming from an expert photographer as you prove to be in your galleries.
Guest 24-Feb-2007 05:05
nice gallery keep up the good work
glimpses by lu24-Feb-2007 04:57
Thank you for your visit to my galleries. Thank you for the wonderful comment. I will visit your galleries often. lu
Guest 22-Feb-2007 16:08
Thanks for the nice comment on my image...
Guest 21-Feb-2007 11:54
You images of Greece were magical.
Massimiliano Farinetti19-Feb-2007 22:37
Thanks for comments
Robyco19-Feb-2007 14:29
Hello Yiannis..
Looked at many pictures of you and made some comments, but i have forgotten to sign your guestbook...
I really want to thank you for sharing your pictures with us. Most of them are not only very good but i also learn a lot by just looking at them. Not that i will come close in a few years. Your experience can be seen in every picture you have here on Pbase.
Guest 14-Feb-2007 18:06
Hi Yiannis
Saw your comments. It alwyas feels like and invitation for a return visit. Great show of beautiful pics. I like your portrets in the restaurant, the B&Whites and of course your amazing gallery of Santorini pics. byebye
Chris Klapheke14-Feb-2007 06:31
Hi Yiannis--thanks for visiting my hummingbird galleries and thanks for the kind words. There are more to come from Ecuador so please check back!

I have really enjoyed browsing your fine galleries.

Igor Polotsky14-Feb-2007 04:10
Thank you. Your comments are always appreciated,
Cheers, Igor
Federico D'Inc14-Feb-2007 00:55
Great photos Yiannis ....tks for sharing !!
Guest 08-Feb-2007 15:32
Thanks for your nice comment on my scenic...
gtach06-Feb-2007 00:49

Thank you for stopping by and leaving your kind comments! Your images are incredibly vivid and well composed. Love your images from Greece...I must visit the islands someday.

Keep up the fantastic work...G
Igor Polotsky31-Jan-2007 01:05
Thank you kindly for you comments, they are weary appreciated
Cheers, Igor
Thierry Lucas28-Jan-2007 16:03
Hello Yiannis,
Thanks very much for your comments and votes in my galleries, they much appreciated.
You have nice pictures and will return to see more.

Guest 26-Jan-2007 14:28
Thanks for your nice comment on my Winter Scenic...
Guest 19-Jan-2007 15:17
Many thanks for your nice comments on my Scenic...
Igor Polotsky19-Jan-2007 04:04
Thank you kindly for you comments,
Cheers, Igor
Guest 13-Jan-2007 13:33
Many thanks Yiannis for all your nice comments on my images, I appreciate them very much...
Joaquin M Garcia Leal12-Jan-2007 12:06
Hello Yiannis.

Thanks for the commentaries that you have made to several photographies of the gallery of long exhibitions.

Best Regards,
Maxim Popykin11-Jan-2007 08:28
Hello Yiannis! Thank you so much for viewing my galleries. You have really gorgeous work! I definitely will be back to visit again...
Guest 10-Jan-2007 22:46
Thank you for your comment on my image. I looked at your galleries and they are spectacular! I really like some of the interesting effects that you have created with many of your images.
Cheers from Texas,
.10-Jan-2007 16:06
Hello Yiannis,

Enjoyed my visit to your galleries. Their breadth and scope is amazing! Congratulations for your excellent work.

From Hawaii, Aloha.
Lampridis Dimitris07-Jan-2007 16:27
Rosemarie Kusserow03-Jan-2007 08:20
Hi Yiannis, thanks for your kind comment, I´m happy that you like my *Softness*, I wish to you and your family a Happy New Year full of creativity and fun, regards, Rosemarie :o)
Kevin Giannini02-Jan-2007 17:15
Always enjoy looking at your galleries - there are so many high quality images here and your take on certain places I've been makes them seem fresh and new to me. You have a great eye.
Marijka01-Jan-2007 22:22
Happy New Year to your Yiannis and your wife and lovely family !! Hope 2007 is a great one!! Keep up the great work!! Marijka
Guest 01-Jan-2007 09:43
Today, as many other days, i opened "my favorite artistes list" here on pbase and decided to send a message to each and one of you, since your galleries have inspired me since the begging.

So, i wish a very happy 2007 and all the best for the new year. May the clicks on your camera delivers this fine art for us to see...

Best Regards,
Stefanos Lampridis.
Guest 31-Dec-2006 15:18
Yiannis - i enjoyed so muc h to have a look at your work. u indeed have some great shots.
i get inspired everytime :-)
Irene Firck31-Dec-2006 15:00
Yiannis, Thanks for visiting my galleries again. I check your galleries regularly and always enjoy your excellent work.
All best wishes to you and your family for 2007.
Guest 30-Dec-2006 15:37
Yiannis, I've added you to my "favorites." Your work is amazing. I feel like I've been on vacation after visiting one of your galleries. I plan to spend more time enjoying your many wonderful galleries!!

January Grey30-Dec-2006 07:57
Thank you so much for visiting my galleries, and for taking time to comment. Now that I'm here, I'm in awe of your work! What an outstanding presentation! I've truly enjoyed visiting each of your galleries. Creative inspiration!! Thanks for sharing!
Guest 29-Dec-2006 16:17
Yiannis ~
Thanks for the sweet comments on my weim photos. I visited your page and your work is breathtaking! Congratulations!! Best wishes to you in 2007! =)

Sasha =)
Guest 28-Dec-2006 22:46
Oh, my gosh...your galleries are amazing. I need more time to go through each one and give them the attention they rightfully deserve! I can learn a lot from you :).
Creative Terri28-Dec-2006 14:58
Thanks for the comments...your galleries are wonderful! I hope to be able to take pictures like that someday...your colors, compositions and use of light are fantastic!
Terri C.
Massimiliano Farinetti27-Dec-2006 11:11
Thanks again Yannis!
Guest 26-Dec-2006 09:54
Hi Yiannis, Thank you for visiting my galleries and leaving a comment. I have seen some of your galleries and .... I like. Good job!
Guest 25-Dec-2006 22:20
Hello Yiannis, Thank you for passing by on my site and leaving some comments. I have much appreciated them. Wish you all the best for 2007!
Reyno25-Dec-2006 05:19
Very nice , colorful, and varied galleries. Very well done Yiannis.
Creative Foto Girl24-Dec-2006 23:45
Thanks for visiting my Europe gallery. You've got some great images in your galleries. Enjoyed the visit and hope to come back. Rita
Marijka24-Dec-2006 21:52
A MOST joyous Christmas Season and a Happy NEW YEAR!!!
Alice22-Dec-2006 06:17
Hai Yiannis,

Thanks for your comment. I have seen some of your gallerys and I like them, but I will come back when I have the time to see them all.

Best regards,
Fred Relaix21-Dec-2006 22:44
Yiannis, you are quite an impressive photograph, a lot of excellent galleries, a lot of variety but in keeping with a very personal style, I love your work! Thanks for leaving comments on my pictures, I take them at heart. Regards, Fred
Gar Cropser21-Dec-2006 05:32
Fantastic galleries. Wonderful use of color, light and design.
Igor Polotsky20-Dec-2006 02:38
Hi Yiannis,
Thank you kindly for comment,
Have a grate and save holidays,
Cheers, Igor
Guest 18-Dec-2006 23:40
Yiannis you are a master of color. keep up the great work. Thanks for your kind words in my guest book.

Best regards Vance
CM Kwan18-Dec-2006 22:29
Hi Yiannis,

Thanks for visiting my galleries and left me good words. You have excellent pictures in your galleries and I especially like the "night photos".

Maria W18-Dec-2006 20:26
Thank you for the nice comment. :)
Lux18-Dec-2006 08:43
Hi Yannis,
You have some excellent colorful galleries here the ”longwoodgardens PA " gallery really colorful !
Thanks for your visit & comment on my galleries.
Best Regards,
Jeroen Bosman16-Dec-2006 23:02
Dear Yannis, thanks for commenting on my Deventer night shot. I admire your photography skills and especially enjoyed your Kutztown gallery. Best, Jeroen
tomr-photos11-Dec-2006 22:28
Hi Yiannis. Thanks for the comment. :)
Guest 11-Dec-2006 15:15
Thank you for visiting my galleries and for your comments!
Guest 08-Dec-2006 21:43
Dear Yiannis !
You have so many great photographies ! Really enjoyed to look around ! Keep it up !!
(Btw ... - you have so many galleries and photographies, that you should have 1 "Favorites" ??).
Victoria07-Dec-2006 15:24
Hi Yiannis, Thanks for your comments on my Amsterdam Gallery. It is an honour coming
from someone who is in the populairs so often. Bye for now, Victoria
Ricardo L.06-Dec-2006 02:31
Hola Yiannis: Gracias por visitar mis galerías y por tus comentarios. Tus galerías las estoy viendo poco a poco. Varias de tus fotos me gustan mucho porque "dicen algo" que va más allá de la imagen. Algunas de ellas son del tipo de foto que yo quisiera hacer. Disculpa que te escriba en español, pero así me expreso mejor. Un saludo del sur del mundo.(Hello Yiannis: Thanks to visit my galleries and by your commentaries. Your galleries I am seeing them little by little. Several of your photos I like much because “they say something” that goes beyond the image. Some of them are of the type of photo that I wanted to captured. Excuse that writes to you in Spanish, but therefore I express myself better. A greeting of the south of the world.)
Maaike Huizer03-Dec-2006 21:01
Hi, Yiannis,
Thanks for your nice comments on my pictures. I took a short visit to your galleries and I love what I have seen so far. Very colourful. Will come back later for sure. Please come back to my galleries too and leave a message in my guestbook.
Kind regards,
Guest 03-Dec-2006 06:19
Thanks for checking out my galleries. Your galleries are beautiful. Great color.
Guest 02-Dec-2006 15:36
Thanks for the nice comment on my image...
Guest 30-Nov-2006 14:52
Thanks for your nice comments on my images...
Brent Andersen28-Nov-2006 15:48
Thanks for visiting and thanks for the very nice comment. I have visited your wonderful galleries several times. Keep sharing your great work.
Guest 28-Nov-2006 01:11
Mr. Pavlis.

Thank you for being such a wonderful inspiration to me! I have so much to learn and your photos teaches me alot. You have a unique style and an excellent eye for composition.

Happy shooting!
Guest 27-Nov-2006 23:49
Thanks for the vote and nice comments on my images...
Guest 27-Nov-2006 22:30
thanks for taking the time to visit my galleries. You have some wonderfull work here, far too much to comment on all the ones I would like to. I like your style and mixture.
Eric Carrre27-Nov-2006 20:55
Yiannis, congratulations for your 2000738 hits !
You are very talented and i love your style...Keep on the good work :o)
Friendly, Eric Carrere.
Derek M John25-Nov-2006 06:50
Thanks for your comment on my K2C Gallery. You have got some really outstanding galleries here.
flowsnow24-Nov-2006 07:20
Thanks for visiting my gallery and you lovely comments on my photographs. You have a colourful gallery here too with lots of beautiful pictures. I will definitely come back for more!!
Guest 23-Nov-2006 15:46
Thanks for your nice comment on my image...
Robyco22-Nov-2006 23:27
I came to your site through pictures of Santorini.
I love the Art-impact of the island. But was very suprised that you live in USA.
I really expected that you live in Greece.

believe me you will get more comments from me.
Guest 21-Nov-2006 22:03
Hello Yianis,

Thanks for dropping by at my gallery, also thanks alot for your comments.
Excellent galleries you have here and so wonderful.
Keep up a gr8 work.

Best Regards,
Guest 20-Nov-2006 15:51
Hi Yiannis, thanks for the kind comments on my gallery. You have some impressive galleries, I really like the flowers and black and white galleries in particular. Keep 'em coming.
Carrie 17-Nov-2006 17:14
Hi John-
I come home on Tuesday! I can't wait to see you and all of your new pictures!
Roozbeh Shivayi16-Nov-2006 06:35
Hello Yiannis, Thanks for the kind comments you left on my Galleries. I enjoyed viewing your galleries a lot, especially your modern look to the traditional elements.
Massimiliano Farinetti13-Nov-2006 21:58
Hi Yiannis, thanks a lot for your nice comments!
wildoat13-Nov-2006 19:35
Hi Yiannis, you have some truly great work here.Excellent variety and great demonstration of your skill with the camera.It certanly cheered me up after a dull and wet day here in the UK.
Best regards Tony (antonoat)
will check back when I have more time.
Luis Montero13-Nov-2006 00:26
Hola Yiannis, thanks for the visit and comment, you have a very colorful and varied updates galleries which are a pleasure to visit, keep on with your excellent shooting, regards from Peru.
Kathleen 10-Nov-2006 21:58
Hey should put more pictures of us at work on here!!!
A Reid10-Nov-2006 05:17
Thank you for stopping by my gallery and the nice comments. Allen
Rosemarie Kusserow09-Nov-2006 08:56
Hi Yiannis, thanks a lot again for your very kind comments on my shots, I´m glad you like them so much, best wishes, Rosemarie
Erkan Erdem06-Nov-2006 01:19
Beautiful galleries...
Nice holliday pictures..
Kevin Giannini02-Nov-2006 23:32
Great galleries - I love your Greece gallery especially. Such a wide variety of quality images.
Irene Firck02-Nov-2006 18:06
Hi Yiannis, thanks for the great comments on my images. I've so enjoyed looking through your galleries - you have some stunning work here. I love your portraits and "The magic cup" is a wonderful picture.
Kind regards,
donna 31-Oct-2006 05:32
Again I thank you for taking the time to stop by my gallery and leave comments, That's very kind of you. And I also browse through your images when I get chances.
keep taking those wonderful photos, they are an inspiration for me to learn more.
Guest 26-Oct-2006 13:22
Thanks for the nice comment on my horse image...
Cliff26-Oct-2006 04:02
Thanks for your comment on my PaD. Your galleries are wonderfully diverse and full of appeal and interest.
Eric Carrre22-Oct-2006 21:05
You have some wonderful pictures in your galleries, keep them coming !
My compliments for all your work.
Cheers, Eric Carrere.
Guest 20-Oct-2006 08:58
Enjoyed your gallery immensely, especially your photos on Santorini!
Rosemarie Kusserow19-Oct-2006 16:08
Thanks again for your kind comments on my shots, I´m glad about, best wishes, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 17-Oct-2006 05:34
Thank you very much for you comments... Your galleries have very nice photos with different subjet. I'm impressive. I'll come back
atpwc tfqjszwed 17-Oct-2006 03:07
fhxqmpzs uqhxmt hergyjk wfmucylvz gkzsy auhclimxr iqpluwh
Guest 16-Oct-2006 12:30
Thanks for your nice comments on my images...
tapio from finland 14-Oct-2006 20:39
aweasome pictures!
you're a talent
twuniayg qbmjpdrx 11-Oct-2006 06:24
alpsy shict izmqkhg ensdpugm glfwkdbnt airjfuep jbzq
Lampridis Dimitris10-Oct-2006 14:56
Hi Yiannis , Efxaristo para poly gia ta yperoxa sxolia soy , ta agglika moy den einai kala , kai den mporo na soy ekfraso afta poy esthanome , soy efxome to kalytero , efxaristo kai pali , gia soy patriotaki , filika dimitris ...
Pauline09-Oct-2006 13:04
Thank you for your comment about the cornfield.
As a child, I used to run through cornfields.
Your photography is beautiful, it's in your soul.
I'd love to see your old photos in sepia but then
I love sepia most of all.
Keep on photographing!
Guest 08-Oct-2006 13:36
Simply all I can say is WOOOOW
your work shows great sense for beauty
allow me to say you are a very talented person
Guest 07-Oct-2006 20:09
Hi John!
I love your photos and can't wait to come back and see you. I hope you're still having a blast at Williams! Tell your family I said hi and that I miss them!
Guest 06-Oct-2006 15:06
Hi Yiannis,
Thank you for your visit and all those kind words. I enjoy your galleries as well. I will definitely return for a better look.
Judy Misquitta01-Oct-2006 05:38
It is an honour to have such a talented artist as yourself comment on my site! Thank you Yiannis! I love your photos.
Guest 26-Sep-2006 14:08
Yiannis, will you please contact me?

Gretchen Heber, Inc.
Guest 25-Sep-2006 10:07
Thank you for visiting my galleries and for your comments!
Guest 23-Sep-2006 13:24
Gia sou Yiani, Poli orea - thavma! I appreciated your comment in my gallery, after seeing your work I feel encouraged. Keep up the good work. Vasilis (Basil)
Lampridis Dimitris22-Sep-2006 14:23
Hi my frient , thanks again for visiting , and your nice comments , the old man's name is Yiannis and he's Belgian ...
Guest 21-Sep-2006 08:21
Thank you for your visit and comment!
Guest 20-Sep-2006 18:02
Yiannis, thank you for visiting my galleries for your comments!
Guest 20-Sep-2006 10:50
Your trip gallery is the best for me. There are some high quality photos in other gallery as well. Anyway,thanks for your visit na d comment to my gallery.
Gus Rivera 19-Sep-2006 17:53
I was amazed by your art (at your restaurant) but visiting your website was a vacation for my eyes.
Brent Andersen17-Sep-2006 13:48
Yiannis, thanks for visiting. Your galleries are super and are fun to explore. I need to come back and spend more time. Brent
Jeffrey Lewis Knapp17-Sep-2006 00:28
Thank you for visiting Yiannis. The timing was right and the sun looked good. Keep up your great photo work. this is really nice!
Marcia Colelli08-Sep-2006 12:43
Thank you so much for visiting my gallery and your comment in my Scotland gallery
Henry Taitano06-Sep-2006 02:12
This may be my hundredth time to visit your galleries.
Awesome work!
You definitely have the artist in you.
Lampridis Dimitris03-Sep-2006 05:24
Hi my frient , thank you so much for your kind comments on my Nafplio gallery and siesta photo , - Óçìåñá êáé ðáãêïóìéïé ðñùôáèëçôåò óôï ìðáóêåô !!!!! Thanks again . Dimitris ...
Guest 31-Aug-2006 20:17
Hi, Yiannis,

thanks for visiting my photo-a-day gallery and leaving those nice comments. i am now driving deeper in your galleries. you have so many wonderful images with beautiful compositions and great attention to details. i will sure be back!

Fernando Avila28-Aug-2006 17:14
Thank you Yiannis for your comments. I'm almost fall in depression after visiting your own galleries. I'm going to need several hours to meke a complet review but, be sure, I will do. As a first gilpmse I'm really impressed for your B&W images. Thnaks for sharing


Guest 27-Aug-2006 20:40
Thank you for your nice comments on my Window gallery!
Katie Chew26-Aug-2006 14:33
Thank you for your comment on my Family gallery.
Alyssa Francesca21-Aug-2006 04:24
Your images are wonderful- so full of life and color!!! I have added you to my favorites list. I'll be back again and again. You have a great talent! Thanks for visiting my images.
Erin McNally20-Aug-2006 03:14
Wow Yiannis,
So many wonderful galleries, you have a great eye and use of color. Very nice.
Thanks for stopping by my site and for the nice comments,
Aloha, Erin
velvet6214-Aug-2006 03:41
Thanke You for your visit by my side.
Your Pictures is also very Beautiful
Greetings Andreas
Guest 13-Aug-2006 23:28
Yiannis, you have so many great images, I could be leaving comments all night. Keep up the good work, and thanks for visiting my gallery.
Debra 13-Aug-2006 16:31
Yiannis.....My god....I loved your photos...They are just magnificent!! My husband and I just got married and we are going on our honeymoon in two weeks to Athens, Santorinni, and Mykonis!!! I was wondering if there was any way to buy a few copy's of your beautiful phots...There is noway I could ever possibly take any pictures as beautiful as you and I'd like to capture the beauty the way that you have....Please email me back and let me know...
Thank you.

donna 12-Aug-2006 15:45
I was entranced by the "street images" of the people. Wonderful work, I only wished I lived closer, to walk the streets with you and learn from you, I'm new to digital photography having my Canon 350D only a few months. I haven't ventured past the "automatic" setting.
you have inspired me to try more.
and thanks for the kind comments on my small gallery.
I shall visit your site again soon,
donna t kurten
Katie Chew12-Aug-2006 14:19
Thank you for your comment on my Tree. Katie
Ron S. Bernardo12-Aug-2006 03:28
Hello Yiannis, sorry for the mess on my gallery. I am in a process of rebuilding it. Thank you for your kind comments on my photos.
Guest 11-Aug-2006 09:19
Hi Yiannis, thank you for looking at my photos, and for your kind comment. I've also enjoyed looking at your work: you have a fine talent with people, as well as other subjects.
Jonas Hafsteinsson09-Aug-2006 22:15
Thanks for your comment
Regards from Iceland
Rosemarie Kusserow08-Aug-2006 19:37
Thanks for your kind comment on my *Reflection in gold* Yiannis, I´m glad you like it, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
lorand08-Aug-2006 19:06
Hi Yannis!
Thanks for your nice comment.
HELENA AFONSO08-Aug-2006 18:00
Thank you for visiting my galleries and for the nice comments, I loved yours as well
Emad Omar08-Aug-2006 13:40
Hi Yiannis - just wanted to say thank you very much for your kind comments.. coming from you it means a lot to me. I really do think your galleries are of a very high standard and I love your style. Hope to see more...kind regards..
Guest 07-Aug-2006 20:53
Yiannis ... thanks for stopping by my galleries recently and taking time to comment. Have enjoyed your galleries while here and will return often.
Lampridis Dimitris07-Aug-2006 13:53
Hi Yiannis - Thanks very much, again, for your comment, '' HAPPY SHOOTING ''
Salah El-Sadek04-Aug-2006 11:13
Thanks Yiannis for your king and encouraging comments, you are one of my favourite photographers on Pbase, let's always be in touch my good friend.. Salah
Guest 03-Aug-2006 20:21
Tú, si que tienes buenas fotografías
Si vienes por España, tienes un amigo
Salah El-Sadek03-Aug-2006 15:20
Thank you very much for visiting my site and posting your nice comment to one of my photos, your comment meant a lot andis highly appreciated specially after I have seen your wonderful brilliant photos, I have enjoyed roaming around your superb galleries, I liked soooooooooooo many of them. One of may favourites among many is "Santorini.Oia", it is really a piece of art, a painted picture with light.. voted voted voted.. Please visit again and give me your precious opinion about my recent gallery " A dialogue with light", I'll highly appreciate your advise.. Best regards.. Salah
Tim Rucci03-Aug-2006 00:42
Yiannis, Thanks so much for visiting my photos, and for your kind comments. I'm really glad you left a message because I'll be going to Greece next year, stopping in Santorini. I knew I'd seen some outstanding photos somewhere of Santorini but I searched pbase for over an hour last week and couldn't find it. Then today, when I saw your name in a comment on my night photos gallery, suddenly it came back to me. Now I've bookmarked you page, and I'll come back and look at your photos all over again. I've never seen so many outstaning photos in the same place. I only hope I can get a few as wonderful as yours.
Best regards.... Tim
Guest 02-Aug-2006 17:39
Hello Yiannis, thanks so much for your comments. Much appreciated. I put you to my favorites as you seem to have a lot to see in your galleries. Will take me some time to get through it. Cheers Thierry
Guest 02-Aug-2006 14:44
Thank you for both your nice comments and vote!
Guest 02-Aug-2006 04:10
Thank you for your visit. After visiting your galleries, I'm thinking I might have to make a visit back to the home state of PA. The New Hope and Kutztown galleries are my favorites, but all are wonderful.
Guest 01-Aug-2006 19:12
I took a tour through your galleries, fantastic work!
Guest 01-Aug-2006 15:53
Thank you so much for both your comments and vote!
1moremile30-Jul-2006 22:34
Thanks for the visit to my photos. I really like your work. Nice.
Guest 30-Jul-2006 19:12
thanks for your kind words! you've got wonderful work yourself!!
nordic30-Jul-2006 14:33
Hi Yiannis,
Thanks for your recent comments on my galleries. I have a wedding to shoot in October and I have been browsing your wedding gallery. I really like your processing style, how many weddings have you done, what was the your biggest challenge, worst fear? Do you have any advice for a complete novice?
Thanks again,
Bill Taylor29-Jul-2006 02:34
Thank you Yiannis for your comments and visit to my gallery. It is very much appreciated.
Giussani Luciano26-Jul-2006 10:10
Je vous félicite pour votre talent de photographe et la gallery de Santorini est fantastique
Guest 23-Jul-2006 00:46
Thank you for your visit em my galeries.
Sorry for my TERRIBLE english. I don't speak or write in english my friend...hehehehe
Jean D21-Jul-2006 04:16
Yiannis, your galleries are superb.Truly enjoyed viewing your various galleries. Thank you for visiting and leaving a such a favorable comment.
Guest 20-Jul-2006 06:43
Thank you very much for your comment on one of my photos. Hopefully, I will get more soon...
Regards from Athens,
Guest 18-Jul-2006 18:42
Thank you for all the great comments!
Guest 18-Jul-2006 17:17
Thanks for your comments.

I got lucky on a few shots. I generally don't like to take too long thinking about the shot, as you can tell.... hahahaha

Your Greece photos are superb. I only been to Greece once when I was a kid, but I remember the magical feeling of that ancient country. I studied Ancient Greek History and it was wonderful to be able to see some of the treasures.

Guest 17-Jul-2006 10:13
Appreciate your comments on my favourite pic of have a wonderful diverse gallery....I am yet to explore many of them.....Dianne
Igor Polotsky15-Jul-2006 13:33
Thank you kindly for you comment,
Cheers, Igor
Inal11-Jul-2006 13:36
Thanks for the nice words for the BMW Pictures - especially coming from a great photographer like you means alot.
Guest 11-Jul-2006 01:37
Hi Yiannis,

I really enjoyed browsing through your galleries. You have many very beautiful and inspiring photos.

tomr-photos10-Jul-2006 20:03
Hello again, Yiannis (told you I'd be back). I want to sincerely thank you for sharing your wonderful images with those of us who can only dream about "far away places". You and others make photography a pleasurable pastime (in the taking and in the viewing of other photographer's efforts). You are very talented.
tomr-photos09-Jul-2006 20:46
Hi Yiannis. Thanks for the visit and comments. It has been awhile since I paid you a visit (so many pics you have), but you are on my favorites page. I'll be back.
Marc de Kleijn06-Jul-2006 22:53
Thanks for visiting my galleries. I love your work. Very colorful.
Nestor Derkach06-Jul-2006 13:27
Thank you for your kind comment, you have compiled some wonderful images in your gallery,enjoyed visiting and viewing your gallery.
Regards Nestor
Naoki Hayashi's Photo Gallery05-Jul-2006 02:36
Hi Yiannis,
I enjoyed your fantastic gallery.I love your shot of colors.Your every pictures have peculiar colors of yourself.Absolutely Beutiful potograph!!I'll check back later!

Have a great holiday.
Guy Dube03-Jul-2006 12:42
Thank you very much for your comment for "Shapes", I appreciate it a lot.
Best regards
Guy Dube03-Jul-2006 12:37
I want to thank you for your comment for "The Saxoman", I appreciate it a lot.
Have a nice day!
Guest 30-Jun-2006 13:14
Svetlana Vasylyeva27-Jun-2006 05:02
Hallo Yiannis,
Thank you very much for visiting my gallery.
Pierre Schneider26-Jun-2006 19:14
Thank you for your visit.Your galeries are very beautiful and I like to watch landscapes and scenes from other countries. I like Greece and your shots about Santorini remember me a lot of souvenirs !
Best regards, Bravo à bientôt, Pierre
Nicki Thurgar24-Jun-2006 22:03
Hi Yiannis & thanks for your kind comments :o) I had a quick peek at your galleries & loved what I saw - you're added to my favourites so I can come back for a longer browse!
lorand23-Jun-2006 21:19
Hi Yiannis!
Thank you very much for your comment.
rick bolt23-Jun-2006 14:44
Thank you for your kind comments. Your own work is stunning. I am particularly enamored of your portraits. Your work dispalys what photography can do. John Matt
Guest 19-Jun-2006 22:30
Thank you for your visit and kind words.
lorand10-Jun-2006 13:44
Hi Yiannis!
Thank you for your comment and message.
anna pavlis 05-Jun-2006 21:08
hi ther, i typed in my name on google-anna pavlis- and my mums convinced were related hahaa. whats your mum called? and are you from greece? if so which part? haha sorry for the random email but pavlis isnt a name you hear every day! and ive got a distant relative called yiannis! please try and email bak. anna pavlis.
Guy Dube22-May-2006 13:46
Hi Yiannis,
I want to thank you for your visit in my galery, I appreciate it a lot!
Best regards
gerard belbeoch14-May-2006 17:32
I know you on PPoints,I really liked your work ,its fantastic,,,,I enjoy your galleries very much as
Alida Thorpe03-May-2006 16:13
I enjoyed looking through your galleries.
And thank you for your comments on my photos.
Alida 19-Apr-2006 09:13
Fabulous site.
Guest 07-Apr-2006 16:39
Hi Yiannis. Thank you very much for your comment. I enjoy your galleries very much as well.
Guest 21-Mar-2006 06:18
thanks for the comments!
Guest 19-Mar-2006 18:16
Thank you very much for your comment left in my guestbook. I must say, you certainly have an eye for colour and composition. Some outstanding work displayed in your galleries. Well done my friend.
Sean Hsieh16-Mar-2006 00:39
Thanks for giving me comments. I'm glad to see yor beautiful photos.
Marcia Colelli12-Mar-2006 04:34
It was very nice looking at all your wonderful galleries, I would like to thank you so much for your kind comment on my cat Sophie.
gerard belbeoch11-Mar-2006 23:34
I am very glad to see theses beautiful galleries of photograph, I like very much your photographs one Greece, they are excels.......regards
Guest 11-Mar-2006 09:20
A lot of great shots,bravo!
Guest 06-Mar-2006 17:30
You have some wonderful pictures here. Have just spent some time browsing and it was very enjoyable. Thank you for your kind comments on my pictures
Chuck Kuhn02-Mar-2006 14:34
Wonderful pictures and I do see the tremondous improvement with your 20D.
The photos just jump out at you. I will come back as you have so much to look at and explore here. Thanks for the comments on site...cheers
arminb28-Feb-2006 13:48
Yiannis, keep on adding, a true inspiration :o)
Cheers, and take care, Armin
Guest 28-Feb-2006 07:25
Kalimera Yanni, thank you for your generous comments. I hope I'll be as half as good as you one day (next week? lol)
Have a great day
rick bolt27-Feb-2006 03:56
There are some superb picture here, especially the portraits. John Matt
Guest 26-Feb-2006 14:32
thanks for your comments Yiannis, and your beautiful galleries, especially Greece, my favorite
Galina Stepanova26-Feb-2006 00:14
Yiannis, your recent additions to you already wonderful portrait gallery are amazing, very artistic and technically perfect.
My admiration,
...duncan19-Feb-2006 03:39

Hello, I have viewed some of your work and look forward to viewing more. You are a very good photographer and I am impressed quite a lot by your talent.
Igor Polotsky02-Feb-2006 15:47
Hello Yiannis.
Thank you kindly for you comment.
Cheers, Igor
Andreas Polakis 24-Jan-2006 22:22
My friend Yiannis I have just now visited your galleries. You have made a very good job. All your fotos are taken with care, attention, and hack value. I'm very glad from our acquaintance through Dpgr.
Guest 21-Jan-2006 16:04
A very special page, full of very interesting portraits.
To me, a portrait is the most demanding thing to do in photography. You did all of them with Art and quality.
Congratulations, my friend Yannis,
Vilone01-Jan-2006 15:04

Best wishes for you & a happy new year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brando Ho31-Dec-2005 22:42
Hello Yiannis,
Thanks for visiting my galleries and leave kind comments. You've got a really great work too. I will be back to see your photos again. Keep up the good work and have a Happy New Year!!!!

caveman_lee27-Dec-2005 09:25
HI Yannis,
Thanks for visiting my galleries and your kind words.
Guest 26-Dec-2005 20:36
Love your pictures wherever posted.
Guest 20-Dec-2005 02:14
Hi Yiannis. Thank you very much for your comment on my San Francisco gallery. I myself am a big fan of your photos, especially those of Greece. Regards,
Guest 19-Dec-2005 04:47
love your Greece 2005 gallery. wonderful!
Guest 16-Dec-2005 01:55
Thanks for your kind comment. And thanks a lot for visit of my galleries again .It is an honor for me to receive appreciation from a photographer like you.
Best regards!
caveman_lee14-Dec-2005 08:42
Thanks for visiting my galleries. Merry X'mas and Happy New Year to you and your gear !
Guest 09-Dec-2005 20:26
thanks for your comments, Yiannis, esp. for your constructive criticism ... that idea with the crop was great, and has really brought the shot into its own
need to go back to the original file and do it anew, but it was a good tip (and a good eye!) -- efkharistó
Carrie Tersigni 08-Dec-2005 18:43
Hi John!! Your pictures are lovely as always!! I am just letting you know that I am coming home the 17th so I will be able to work any days between the 18th and 25th. (I just cannot work the 24th). So if you would liek me to work at all just e-mail me and we will be in touch!!! Tell your family I said hi!!!
Guest 07-Dec-2005 03:27
Ãåßá óïõ, ÃéÜííç
Ìïõ áñåóåé ïé öùôïãñáöéåò ôùí åëëçíéêþí óáò ðïëý.
Åßìáé áðü ôçí Êßíá.
Áãáðþ ôçí ÅëëÜäá.
Guest 07-Dec-2005 03:26
Ãåßá óïõ, ÃéÜííç
Ìïõ áñåóåé ïé öùôïãñáöéåò ôùí åëëçíéêþí óáò ðïëý.
Åßìáé áðü ôçí Êßíá.
Áãáðþ ôçí ÅëëÜäá.
Guest 22-Nov-2005 11:30
Hi Yiannis.
Thank you for visiting my galleries. I'm glad you've enjoyed it.
As I have already said, I love the colors of your images. You've got a really great work.
Kal Khogali20-Nov-2005 14:27
Thankyou for the kind visit and comment to my gallery Yiannis. This is not the first time I have been here! But maybe the first time I have been vocal. I am honoured that you gave me the time. I love your style and will continue to visit, and maybe some day feel qualified to comment...rgds, Kal
Guest 17-Nov-2005 15:35

Thanks for commenting on my photos. It's nice to hear this from such a good photographer like you. I loved your photos so much.
Emmanuel Panagiotakis14-Nov-2005 21:13
Yasou Gianni It is unbelievable The colors and details within all of your photos,absolutely stunning work my friend very professional!!!!!!
Well-done for Pittsburg PA And Greece !!!!!!!!
Apostolos 13-Nov-2005 10:41
By accident I found your photos and I was amazed! I don't know if you do this as a profession, but your work looks GREAT!!

I certainly look forward to see more photow from you
Robispho14-Sep-2005 09:18
Hi Yiannis,

Thanks for your kind comment. What great galleries you have! Men of the world. Enjoy all the bright colours, themes and experiments. Keep it up, gr, Rob
AviBen08-Sep-2005 01:05
Your images are superb! Thanks for reaching out -- so I got a chance to see your galleries!
Igor Polotsky03-Sep-2005 22:54
Hello Yiannis,
Thank you for your kind comments,
Guest 25-Aug-2005 15:35
Excellent work. I really enjoyed the visit_at__longwoodgardens gallery. Thanks also for visiting my galleries!
Yiannis Pavlis09-Aug-2005 00:55
thank you
Reflections by Ruth09-Aug-2005 00:52
Excellent work John, such a colorful gallery
Guest 08-Aug-2005 23:39
Scanned your site again Yianni..
I like it..
Very creative and very variant...a wide scope of different views and compositons...very very diverse...great job..
lorand08-Aug-2005 17:31
Hi Yiannis!
Thank you for your comment and message...Lorenzo
Jose Canovas29-Jul-2005 11:39
Hi John,
please wait for me in your restaurant any day, once I have already enjoyed your nice galleries.
Yiannis Pavlis29-Jul-2005 02:05
thank you my friend.
Guest 28-Jul-2005 18:30
I would like to have your talent .... You make so beautiful landscapes and portraits . BRAVO !
Yiannis Pavlis21-Jul-2005 04:33
thank you Dawn
Dawn 21-Jul-2005 04:10
I hope that little spider bite you got tonight doesn't effect your picture taking. hahahaha just kidding! = )
Dawn = ) 21-Jul-2005 04:09
John!!!! Beautiful pictures. Especially the one of the nice car you own, that's a personal favorite. Also, nice pictures you took of the people from the kutztown fair.
Igor Polotsky20-Jul-2005 02:06
Thank you for your kind comments,
Guest 15-Jul-2005 12:10
Enjoy your colourful galleries very much, wonderful images
Yiannis Pavlis06-Jul-2005 12:17
thank you Carrie
Carrie 06-Jul-2005 03:21
I really enjoyed your gallery of photos from Lancaster county. The images that you captured of the young Amish boys are very impressive. As always, your color schemes and clever angles add mood and life to you photos. I truly admire all of your work!
Guest 29-Jun-2005 12:21

nice homepage you've got!
keep up the good work

Guest 18-Jun-2005 17:26
I love your use of tones in your "oround the house" gallery. You have a great eye for unique images. Keep up the great work Yiannis. Also, thank you for your comment on my paper and light.
Guest 18-Jun-2005 13:55
Great Photo`s.. and Gallery
Guest 14-Jun-2005 13:25
Your photos are great!!! Exciting strong colors and full of life. Congratulations!
vivian 09-Jun-2005 22:40
www.viviancrettol from switzerland great site
Carrie 03-Jun-2005 21:10
The longwood gardens photos are beautiful. Your use of color truly adds life and creativity to your images. Thank you for sharing your talent with us all!
Yiannis Pavlis20-May-2005 13:12
thank you
Alain-Philippe BAUDRY-KNOPS20-May-2005 12:21
i like tour work
you ara very talented
Yiannis Pavlis16-May-2005 22:54
thank you
Tina 16-May-2005 22:41
I love the greecephotos so much. thankyou, thankyou, thankyooooou for sharing!!!! now I know where to go when I can afford to visit greece ;) take care!!
Guest 15-Apr-2005 17:35
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
Yiannis Pavlis14-Apr-2005 02:24
thank you my friend.
Guest 13-Apr-2005 14:03
Bravo 'megalle' Great photos..
The colors are great and your viewing eye is something else...
Great work..I've seen there a few Greek fellas on here with some GREAT photo galleries...
Bravo 'pethia' and thanks for sharing..
Guest 27-Mar-2005 20:39
You got a fantastic collection of photos, The trip to Florida is so colorful... You are added to my list I need to follow up your work. Bravo Yiannis.

I would also like to thank you for commenting on my work!!

Selvin Chance17-Mar-2005 10:56
Your photos are really among the most vivid and colorful on Pbase. They reflect what I guess is a wonderful enthusiasm for life, art, and family and friends.
Keep clicking away.
Thanks for visiting my galleries and your kind comments.
Haley 16-Mar-2005 02:09
wow yiannis, im 14 years old and i want to maybe do something in photography but your photos totally inspire me i think their amazing, my family is going on a trip to somewere this year and id love to know what area you live in id like to take some awesome pics like yours, e-mail me or sumpthin, thank you a lot

David Dong15-Mar-2005 13:59
Hi Yiannis:
Thanks for your nice comments on my gallery, from what I saw on your works, I still have a long way to go to catch up with type of work! Thanks
Guest 14-Mar-2005 20:17
Thank you for visiting my galleries. I'm still new to pbase and it's great to receive instructive comments. I can see from your work that you're clearly a seasoned veteran. I really love the colours in the Florida gallery - I constantly felt like I was a kid in a candy store! Wonderful work! Cheers, Lucas.
Igor Polotsky01-Mar-2005 03:34
Thank you kindly for visiting my galleries and your vote. Igor
Peter Lawler25-Feb-2005 18:13
Dear Yiannis

Thanbks for your recent kind comments on my Sweden gallery. Reviewing your galleries however, reminds me of the high benchmark your work sets. Your use of colour is sometimes simply astonishing. If the food at your restaurant is as good as your photos ...!

With all best wishes

Peter Lawler
Mark Koeppen16-Feb-2005 15:28

I wanted to thank you for your kind words and reviewing my galleries. You had left several comments and I have had little time to respond appropriately. My wife and I just had our second little girl and spare time is non-existant at the moment along with sleep. However, these growing phases are not long term and I hope to get back to processing and posting again real soon.

Again thanks for your reviews and I always take the time to check your new gallery submissions.

Guest 14-Feb-2005 20:14
Thank you for visiting my galleries on Pbase. Wonderful colors in your gallery on Florida!
nevadaoutback14-Feb-2005 15:20
Yiannis thank you for your very generous comments, I thoroughly enjoyed roaming your galleries, the young lady with the dog laying down is a classic, the clossup of the eyes ( same photo) was great. I enjoy your style and approach to the art, keep shooting....Markos
Jeff Cochran11-Feb-2005 14:55
Impressive work. Cheers.
Guest 02-Feb-2005 02:28
Yiannis - you are prolific! Your photos tell of a zest for life. I wish you continued success and happiness.
Guest 19-Jan-2005 06:45
Thank you for your nice comment! I looked through all your galleries and from what I have seen so far - you, as you of course already are aware of - certainly have a lot of beautiful pictures here. I like your kind to photograph very much! Aloha, Rolf
Yiannis Pavlis19-Jan-2005 01:16
thank you Carrie
Carrie 19-Jan-2005 00:49
Beautiful images John! I just looked through your Atlantic City and Photo Fanatasies galleries and they were absolutely wonderful!
debbie 08-Jan-2005 05:07
On your image 28972631.trees.jpg what effect did you use? I'm also wondering what photo program you use. I have several but mostly work with Picture It and Photo Deluxe. I really love the effect of the trees. Please email me if you can. Thanks so much, Debbie
PS I love your photos
Guest 05-Jan-2005 16:38
thank you very much for your nice comment. it means a lots to me. wish you have a wonderful year :) mandy
Tom Roumeliotis 04-Jan-2005 05:05
Beautiful pictures, bravo, in fact i'm jealous, wish I could take pictures like that, LOL

I come from Sparti, in Greece, do you have any from that region? I haven't looked at all your pictures yet, but I will.

Keep up the good work,

Tom (Tasos) Roumeliotis
Toronto, Canada
Guest 29-Dec-2004 07:55
Thanks for yours comment in my Sawaddee Chiengrai galleries and it was an honour to have pros like you look at my work.I will put more Cambodia shot there soon.So far you were one of my favorite artist.Thanks a lot and have a happy holiday.
Selvin Chance22-Dec-2004 08:15
Thanks for visiting my corner of the world. I enjoy looking at your galleries and the photos. Aloha and best wishes.
Strat20-Dec-2004 01:31
Yasou Yianni. Loved your stuff. Wonder if you're as good a cook as a photographer.
(And I do miss those diners up in the northeast.)
--Stratis from Tampa Bay
Guest 30-Nov-2004 04:38
Bellissimo, Very Nice!
James David Phenicie28-Nov-2004 19:40
Thank you for your kind words on my gallery... I;ve just looked at yours. Excellent.
Guest 28-Nov-2004 15:19
Just enjoyed your great galleris. Thanks for sharing.
Keep it up.

King Liu
Carrie 16-Nov-2004 23:33
Hi Johnny! I just wanted to let you know that I visited the flora and photo fantasies galleries and I am very impressed (but not the leat surprised) with your work. The colors and depth of your photos are beautiful and give life to your images.
Yiannis Pavlis13-Nov-2004 17:45
thank you.
GP Merfeld13-Nov-2004 06:40
Aloha Yiannis... It's great to get to know you through your work here and at PP... I'll have to spend some time viewing your portfolios... Great stuff!... Aloha, GP.
Guest 09-Nov-2004 01:30
excellent galleries.
Chris Spracklen01-Nov-2004 22:40
Hi Yiannis,
Great to see your work ~ even though you're a Canon guy!! ;-))
You have an excellent portfolio!
Kind regards, Chris
Guest 14-Oct-2004 10:39
Hi yannis, thankx for spending some time in my place :) I noticed you also like b&w...your work in that field is impressive! Cheers

Linda Willets13-Oct-2004 23:28
Thank you for stopping by my galleries. You have excellent photos.
Yiannis Pavlis13-Oct-2004 02:37
thank you
Guest 13-Oct-2004 01:31
wonderful galleries!!! ... i love the kitty photos :) and the b+w of greece are awesome, particularly the coffe shop. marilyn
Yiannis Pavlis09-Oct-2004 12:53
thank you Jim.
Jim Chiesa09-Oct-2004 07:22
Yiannis, once again I find great pleasure looking at the wide variety of images you have in your galleries. My preference goes for your People and Children photos : candid, fresh and natural. You have a lovely family.

Best Wishes.
Guest 09-Oct-2004 00:44
Thank you for visiting may albums. I really like what you have . Not human is very cute.
Chuck Kuhn03-Oct-2004 15:52
Terrific pictures on your recent vacation. The beauty of this site brought me to your glorious gallery and adventures. I have a 10D since March of this year. I like your style, we have alot in common. Check out my Faces Gallery, I hope you enjoy. Thanks
You got my vote
John 02-Oct-2004 10:53
Your camera leaves me speechless as you capture the true essence
of photography. Looking at your pictures makes me
wonder what the hell you are doing in the restaurant business?
fotabug29-Sep-2004 17:11
I really enjoyed visiting your collection. You have some very nice pictures here and seem to do so well with photos of people. Best wishes - fotabug (Vern Rogers)
Guest 24-Sep-2004 19:40
Thank you for your nice comment, I was again watching your photo on New Hope PA.
I would be very interested to apply your transformation to some of my 10D pictures wich look rather "flat" in terms of colors and contrast.
can you please send me at the photoshop script to get such contrasts on your pictures ?
Luis Montero24-Sep-2004 16:13
Hola Yiannis
Thanks for the visit and comment; you have a nice, varied and colorful galleries, liked very much the Greece gallery. This place is fantastic, hope to go some day.
Regards from Peru
Rod 23-Sep-2004 19:45
Great shots ...... the sort I love but Judges sometimes scorn .... but then , what do they know !!!!
Guest 22-Sep-2004 21:33
Hi Yiannis,
You did some great pictures with your 10D.
I have one 10D: you can visit my galery at
but I don't get so contrasted pictures: I d'like to know what kind of digital treatment you apply to your pictures to get so vivid colors: do you use a special filter in photoshop or apply a contrast effect on your pictures. Can you tell me more precisely ?
Guest 20-Sep-2004 06:37
I really enjoyed your galleries. Very inspiring work!
Gerasimos Michalitsis19-Sep-2004 20:39
Hi Yiannis. Thanx for stopping and commenting for my galleries. After having a look at your photos I have to say that your kind words for my work are really appreciated. I admire your eye for the form and colour and the way you catch the moment. Gongrats!
Marie-Hlne Raletz19-Sep-2004 05:39
Hi Yiannis!
I really enjoyed my visit in your gallery:
I'm saving your gallery for a next visit!
Sunny regards from Provence, France!
:) Marie
Guest 18-Sep-2004 12:48
Hi Yiannis,
Thanks for your visit of my photography exerrcises !
Yiannis Pavlis18-Sep-2004 04:05
thank you Todd.
Guest 18-Sep-2004 03:49
It is amazing you found my gallery because I have had the pleasure of viewing yours several times before. You have a natural eye for photography. It is great having people like yourself posting their photos. It gives those of us who want to enhance their photography ideas on how to do so.
Yiannis Pavlis17-Sep-2004 04:41
thank you.
Guest 17-Sep-2004 04:31
Yiannis, your images are rich in color. You most certainly have the eye for the perfect shot. Great style. I am honoured to have a photographer such as yourself to leave comments in my guestbook. Keep up the great work

Snapping Turtle15-Sep-2004 02:20
Greetings Yiannis. Thank You for visiting and commenting in my rose gallery. I checked out some of your work as well. They look great. Your main page appears very diverse. I see you are a Canon EOS 10D user. So am I!

Mansour Mouasher14-Sep-2004 07:05
Thank you for visiting my galleries. I am overwhelmed with your comments. Enjoyed browsing through your web-site. You are an excellent photographer.
Tony Yu06-Sep-2004 00:51
Hi Yiannis Pavlis
Thank you for your visit and good comment.
Nice to meet you. /Tony Yu
Guest 05-Sep-2004 17:10
Hi Yiannis,

Thank you for your nice comments on my Paris gallery. I really like the gallery of people from your captured their personality very well.


alexeig04-Sep-2004 18:53
Yannis, I really liked your representation of your country of origin. Most definitely, I shall be back to your other galleries. Thanks for visiting mine.
Yiannis Pavlis04-Sep-2004 13:56
thank you jim
Jim Chiesa04-Sep-2004 13:42

I have discovered your "Children" and "People" gallery and I am very much impressed by your style. Wonderful shots, wonderful natural expressions ! You definitely have the key eye to capture such valuable unique moments of life. I will definitely return to view your other galleries and also watch out for your recent updates too.

Best Regards
john bull 01-Sep-2004 04:28
i dey here mugu
Ted Levin30-Aug-2004 23:02
Thank you for your comments on my tower os lights photos from NYC. If the weather is nice I'll be out all night again for the 2004 version.
Yiannis Pavlis25-Aug-2004 12:31
thank you.
Hodero25-Aug-2004 08:29
Hola Yanis,
I went through your galleries and found some outstanding photographs.I have put you to my list of favourite photographers.I will be back.! saludos "H"
Shelly 24-Aug-2004 01:13
Yiannis, I loved your photos of Greece. I spent 6weeks in Greece, mostly Mykonos in 1980. Your photos made me yearn to be back there. Thanks for recreating the memories. Shelly
Yiannis Pavlis23-Aug-2004 17:49
thank you
Lynda Puia 23-Aug-2004 17:29
Your galleries are works of wonder. You have a natural eye for taking pictures.
Salman Ahmed19-Aug-2004 04:06
Hello Yiannis,

Thank you for taking the time to visit my galleries and for leaving comments. You have an amazing collection of photos. I especially liked your gallery of Greece... those pictures of yours make me want to go there for a vacation.

Kindest regards,

Salman Ahmed
Dias dos Reis13-Aug-2004 09:37
Great personalized work, Yiannis.´

Greetings from Portugal,
Antonio Reis
Carrie 12-Aug-2004 19:02
Your images are wonderful. You are a substantially gifted photogrpaher.
Guest 11-Aug-2004 04:25
Dear Yiannis,
Thanks for your visit of my photography exercises !
Guest 09-Aug-2004 19:26
Tu trabajo es muy interesante.
Gracias por compartirlo
Annie 09-Aug-2004 00:36
I loved your picture of Greece! They are breathtakingly beautiful. (Did you use Photoshop to modify them at all?) I'm trying to get into photography as a hobby but can you tell me some basic materials and books to get me in the door. I only had a 1.3MB Sony Cybershot now but wanted to create better shots. Can you email me at

Guest 08-Aug-2004 02:46
Hi Yiannis:

Thanks for your comments on my site. I've bookmarked yours, so I can keep up with what's happening with that angry kitten! I like your work very much.

Guest 06-Aug-2004 07:37

Thanks for your comments.
Guest 01-Aug-2004 17:19
Love your incredibly colorful and unique galleries!!! Thanks for your commnets.
tomr-photos01-Aug-2004 14:49
Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I have to stop by again when I have more time or a faster connection. – Tom
Yiannis Pavlis01-Aug-2004 03:02
thats right it is
Neda Atash31-Jul-2004 14:55
Yiannis... Thanks for the positive response... what kind of name is Yiannis... Pavlis... it looks greek?
Yiannis Pavlis31-Jul-2004 12:37
thank you
Dan31-Jul-2004 10:02
Thanks for the nice comment and visit to my gallery. I really liked the Greece gallery.
Guest 31-Jul-2004 08:26
I love your pets, they are so funny. And you have a very good feeling about composition and matching differnt color together!
Guest 31-Jul-2004 04:54
hello yiannis,

you have some great photos, i want to visit your country too, but unfortunitely, no long holiday at the moment :-(, anyways thanks for your comments on my photos too ^_^
take care

Boogier Chen/ޥͪi߱aj30-Jul-2004 04:46
Hi Yiannis

I really like and enjoy the way that you take your pictures!

Dominic Kite29-Jul-2004 19:17
Hi Yiannis,

Thanks for dropping by my galleries, and leaving such a nice message.

Love your photo's of Greece (I used to live in Athens!) Although I was too young to remember any of it.

Best wishes,
Guest 28-Jul-2004 22:43
Thanks Pav. I appreciated your nice comments. Do you know of any good web sites to get beginner information on photography? I'm a newbie.

Guest 25-Jul-2004 18:26
yiannis, thank you for visiting my galleries and your comments. I enjoyed your work very much.
Yiannis Pavlis22-Jul-2004 04:48
thanks for your comments Elena , and i am glad you enjoyed my gallerie
Elena Comens 21-Jul-2004 21:25
Thanks for visiting my site and for the encouraging comments. Most of all, thank you for taking me back to Greece. Your images make me want to return again soon.
I also love the way you photograph people. Your site is a pleasure to revisit time and time again.
Gerard Bultman 13-Jul-2004 11:48
Thanks for the info. I have the passion. It gets to my wife sometimes. We were in Ireland for 16 days and I took 39 roles/36 exposures with my 35mm. Last year 10 days in New England in the fall resulted in 25 roles. I just love taking pictures. The bug also took over my daughter. She was a photographer in the Air Force and Army and is one now but civil service in Vicenza, Italy. You must use photo shop to bring out the blues and reds. They really jump out at you.
Thanks and have a great day.
Yiannis Pavlis12-Jul-2004 23:56
thank you again these years back we didnt have digital cameras ,or photoshop ,now its much easier to make a phto look better.
Guest 12-Jul-2004 22:19
I came back and viewed your wedding photos again. I like the atomosphere you created.
Those photos are like scenes of classic movies.

And thank you for your comment on my latest wedding photos. I have a Canon 550EX for all the weddings. I need to learn to make good use of the speedlight.

Take care.

Yiannis Pavlis12-Jul-2004 21:38
jerry i was using a canon 10d ,but really its not the camera ,its your passion for photografy and also very important the program ,i use photoshop ,thanks
Gerard 12-Jul-2004 20:36
Your trip to Greece photos are outstanding. What camera are you using? My wife and I are headed to Italy and I'd love to get that quality of photo. Thanks
John Azzalina 28-May-2004 13:19
Yanni camera is an extension of his eyeball. He is the most creative
artist since Ansel Adams. I look forward to his images in the future.
tim 17-May-2004 03:07
john i told you i visited your page. now give me the cash and some cake...haha...see you at work papa
Guest 05-May-2004 02:14
I love your wedding photos a lot! They inspire me a lot! I have 2 weddings to shoot in June. Yet, I haven't taken wedding photos before. Thank you for sharing your photos.
Carrie 20-Apr-2004 02:01
I really like your ::trip:: gallery, the colors are beautiful! I couldn't find the wedding ones though, but I can't wait to see them!!
Carrie 08-Apr-2004 02:04
This page just gets better and better!!!!
Carrie 02-Apr-2004 20:30
Nice page John!!!! :-)
Yiannis Pavlis22-Mar-2004 20:54
thank you very much
esther 22-Mar-2004 20:53
me encanta las fotos muy lindas
Guest 20-Mar-2004 22:24
nice travel photos
Yiannis Pavlis19-Mar-2004 12:19
thank you very much ,i have to buy a better camera too.
Guest 19-Mar-2004 07:07
Pavlis, you've got some wonderful travel photography I enjoyed very much.Nice eye!