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Nick01-Oct-2016 20:28
Why no Pictures?!?
Jean M. Ollivier28-Jul-2016 02:40
Qu'es-tu devenue Marie-Hélène ?
C.Y.Leow 19-Aug-2009 13:53
Hello my favourite critique! I am so happy to find you again! Looking at your shots of the doors, I am speechless! Pardon me if I quote what you commented on my picture “The Cloud”, nearly five years ago!
"Superb pastel colours, Marie!
A minimalist composition, with simple lines, whose interest lies in the gradual range of tones. I like the Japanese-like simplicity here!"
They are superb collection of simple but beautiful images!
LOL, see; try as I might I just FAILED to write like you! ☺
Take care – kind regards - CY
fdt21-Sep-2008 11:27
Merci pour vos commentaires et surtout de me laisser découvrir vos galeries. Plenty of most inspiring captures. I'll be back. Bravo encore. f
Gerard Koehl05-Sep-2008 16:09
Je viens de passer un bon moment à survoler vos galeries. Vous avez l'œil aguerrît, et vos galeries sont homogènes et très agréables à visionner. Encore bravo...
Guest 22-Apr-2008 09:03
De très belles images Marie-Hélène à découvrir et à redécouvrir pour de futures balades.
Guest 06-Mar-2008 11:53
fantastic photos, incredible and well presented sites.
Peter Chou23-Dec-2007 16:01
Love the landscapes and animal gallery! Keep your photos coming!
Guest 18-Dec-2007 19:59
very nice site - well done.
Guest 15-Aug-2007 17:56
A very nice collection of photos Marie-Hélène
an nguyen21-Jul-2007 00:28
Viewing your photographs with my Mac Book Pro just nothing to compare. Excellent work.
Galina Stepanova20-Jul-2007 14:04
You have a million(!!) viewers, Marie, congratulations.
Happy camera time,
Rosemarie Kusserow29-Jun-2007 19:11
Thanks for your kind comments on my landscape shots Marie-Helene, I´m happy you liked them so much, have a nice weekend, Rosemarie :o)
Galina Stepanova24-Apr-2007 18:31
Spectacular presentation of your fine photos, Marie. Galleries look tasteful and stylish, accenting the beauty of each picture.
My admiration, mon amia.
Guest 20-Apr-2007 11:09
Dear Marie-Helene,
You have so beautifuly photos in yours portfolio...Excellent work...greetings from Montenegro...I will come back with pleasure...
Guest 06-Apr-2007 13:27
Soft. Simple. Elegant. Evocative. The essence of class. Truely wonderful work.
Guest 12-Jan-2007 14:37
Merci pour vos commentaires sur mes galleries.

Guest 09-Jan-2007 16:01
Très belles galeries.
Merci de nous régaler les yeux avec d'aussi jolies prise de vues.

Guest 17-Nov-2006 19:18
Merci pour vos commentaires sur mes images de provence.
Vous avez une fort belle façon de photografier nos amis les végétaux.
ricecake20-Sep-2006 19:50
What a joy to find your galleries. When I need joy or tranquility, I will visit.
tomr-photos02-Sep-2006 19:48
Thanks for visiting and commenting. Those rural spots have been disappearing within the past 20 years. Harder to find around here. :(
Vincent Belford22-Aug-2006 17:09
I came back to stroll around your wonderful galleries but there is so much to see I'll have to come back again soon.
fanjetuk14-Aug-2006 19:17
just found your gallery from a comment you left on another. haven't had a good look yet but they sure look good. regards frank.
André Bessot21-Jun-2006 09:22
Merci pour votre dernier message. C'est étonnant que vous vous soyez arrêtée sur cette image que j'ai placée dans mon herbier dans l'unique intention de faciliter la compréhesion de la suivante. Comme quoi...
Personnellement j'ai un faible pour votre galerie "Morning blue"
ofer zilberstein17-Jun-2006 13:56
Thanks for your comment in my gallery.
You have wonderful pictures.
Tanks again.
Guest 22-May-2006 01:43
I thoroughly enjoyed browsing your galleries. Very fine work.
Didier Vanderperre03-May-2006 01:21
Pour des raisons que j'ignore je n'etais encore jamais passe sur vos galleries: elles sont superbes. Tout est beau, bien fait, et tout se tient, bref une tres belle collection.
Je reviendrai pour sur.
Guest 01-May-2006 04:29
It was a real pleasure visiting your galleries!
Jean-Claude Liehn20-Apr-2006 20:29
Un petit retour chez vous m'a fait particulièrement apprécier l'agencement soigné des pages de présentation. Bravo pour ce travail. Jean-Claude.
Galina Stepanova04-Apr-2006 16:14
Bonjour, mon amie.
It has been a while when I visited your galleries from front page.
And it was a pleasure to see, how simple and tasteful you rearranged and combined by themes your sunny and emotional photography. Sure you had a great fun moving things around with wonderful creativity in arrangements and titles. And I spend a great morning looking at your pictures.
Guest 19-Feb-2006 01:46
Bonjour Marie-Hélène. Merci pour ton passage "chez-moi". Moi aussi, je n'ai fait qu'effleurer tes galeries. J'aime bien ton travail original et raffiné. C'est très inspirant. Je reviendrai!
Guest 16-Feb-2006 18:01
On peut certes parler de techniques, de cadrages, de... ou dire tout simplement: c'est beau et ça fait du bien.
Fabienne27-Jan-2006 22:53
Les visites dans tes galeries sont toujours un grand paisir. Beaucoup de finesse et de recherche. Des thèmes originaux et bien traités. De l'imagination à revendre et un oeil aguérrit qui saisit le bon moment. Sincères félicitations pour ton travail.
Mostafa Moftah12-Jan-2006 00:28
Your work is very artistic Marie and reflects very calm personality.
Guest 20-Oct-2005 22:05
Thanks for your comments at my galleries. I love your work.
Guest 11-Aug-2005 10:45
Thank you so much for taking a moment to browse through my site.I enjoy your bubbly,humourous and upbeat images.Your style has brightened my day.Wonderful photography Marie!
Kath Brewer01-Jul-2005 21:01
Bonjour Marie-Helene,

You have a fantastic gallery here with some excellent photos.

Well done and keep up the good work.
lebororo20-Jun-2005 14:30
Bonjour Marie,
La qualité artistique de ces galeries n'a d'égale que d'une personne qui donne de l'amour dans ce qu'elle produit et propose...
Très bon travail et merci encore pour le partage universel!
Galina Stepanova09-Jun-2005 20:47
Bonjour mon amie!
I spend wonderful time looking though your pictures! Many compliments to new tasteful design of your galleries and new theme based presentation.
Tres belle,
Vincent Belford21-Nov-2004 14:06
Such a collection of lyrical galleries. Beautiful work.
Vince B
Guest 14-Nov-2004 18:02
I really like your style. nice variety of images.
great work!
Très belle gallerie avec beaucoup de variété
En fantastisk samling, mycket vackert.
Wunderbare Bilder.

Guest 12-Nov-2004 15:49
i like your galleries very much, especially the "autumn charms". thanks for posting. have a good day. mandy
Naturephoto Monique11-Nov-2004 00:33
Your eye sees the true beauty in every scene, your lens reflects the beauty in your soul.
I enjoyed your gallery, keep up the excellant work.
Best, Monique
James Ross06-Nov-2004 21:52
Thank you for the encouraging comments on my pictures. You were my first favorite artist on pbase and it was through your galleries that I found Inti another of my favorites.
ricecake22-Sep-2004 16:54
When I need to escape from the world's problems I visit your galleries, and also those of fabienne and mardoli. The beauty found in your galleries is the medicine for my stress. Thank you so much.
Toni Moore16-Sep-2004 14:07
Your galleries are a delight. I will return
Guest 29-Aug-2004 08:31
Excellent galleries, most enjoyable. Thank you!
Guest 25-Aug-2004 18:32
Thank you for visit my pbase. I love your galleries and pictures.

Reference for my pictures. Thank You very much for sharing with us this wonderful pictures.

Regards. Wilian (
Guest 24-Jun-2004 10:49
Good Morning:
I have your site as one of my "Favourites" and almost everyday you post new photos. How do you find the time to take all these great pictures of La Belle Provence?
Guest 25-May-2004 09:13
"MERCI" for your kind comments. I envy you for living in is one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Although more than 20 years ago, I still have vivid images of it's beauty. Through your photos I am rediscovering Provence for a 2nd time.
Selvin Chance15-May-2004 10:14
I guess if you were living in Hawaii you would truly be a night owl like myself. It's midnight here.
Thanks for your insightful comments on the cloud formation.
I climbed onto a neighbour's back porch without asking permission, to take this photo. I was so fascinated by the clouds.

Dan15-May-2004 01:57
Very nice galleries, your images are excellent. Great presentation!
Rob Oele20-Apr-2004 09:54
Bonjour Marie-Helène,

I like to thank you for the extensive comments and also compliments you gave visiting my galleries. This is special for me because you are definitely one of the Pbase members that inspire me as a "learning photographer" to experiment with new viewpoints. Especially my recent gallery "Doors and windows" is an example of this.
Jet Liera20-Apr-2004 04:29
Remercié for visiting my galleries.
I see you're a cat lady, now i know why you liked the picture of the cat so much !!

Thanks for your kind remarks

Guest 19-Apr-2004 13:15
Merci for visiting again Marie...I was womdering how many cats YOU have...I just got a kitty a couple days ago myself...Perry (from Bisbee AZ)
paul yung31-Mar-2004 15:26
You have a body of world class work in your portfolio. Hats off to you! France is such a cultured beautiful country with very nice looking people.

Guest 02-Mar-2004 21:07
Marie-Hélène, your galleries are simply, outstandingly, fabulous. I'll be visiting regularly for further inspiration. Congratulations and thanks for sharing :)
Chuck Kuhn25-Feb-2004 06:14
I just discovered your Beautiful Gallery. Merci...Merci.
Selvin Chance16-Feb-2004 08:37
Lovely work. A pleasue to view and so much to appreciate.
Guest 07-Feb-2004 18:00
Thank you for your comments in my gallery and leading me to yours. I especially enjoyed your cats gallery and plan to return to see the others when time permits.

Mary Ellen (another Californian)
Jeff Cochran26-Jan-2004 22:37
I enjoyed your galleries.

Ray Lander16-Jan-2004 18:40

Thank you for visiting my galleries at pbase. Thank you for your kind words. They mean a lot, especially after seeing the gorgeous images you have on your site. They really are outstanding, soothing, warm, unusual. Every time I visit your gallery, it makes me want to visit Provence. It looks blessed with beauty. Inspiring.

Thank you again for your comments, and looking forward to seeing your site in the future again

All the best from Ray
inti14-Jan-2004 17:27
Marie..I have been involved one way or another in photography since the mid 70's. I have studied the do's and don't, how to create a perfectly acceptable portrait, how to develop B&W, slide, tone present, from real gallery work to competition work of a high standard.
I don't claim to know that much but I have watched the game a lot.
There is one thing that I have never been able to achieve, and IMO, this is true of over 99% of us out here in the photographic world. This is a style that I can call my own. Something that would associate a picture with me.
I think that your work falls into the 1%.
If I see something that looks a certain way..I can almost always associate it with you.
You have a beautiful and original style Marie....
an ability to take any picture and turn it into something that is yours...something that has your name invisibly but most noticably stamped right across it..
One could say that your presentation has a lot to do with this, but anyone who studies your images will see more than that - a very unique perception of things that come before a way that 'you' see it.
Congratulations. This is IMHO really fine and memorable work - & most definitely Yours.
Guest 10-Jan-2004 15:07
Hi Marie

I have visited these galeries a number of times and always get great pleasure from them. I particularly enjoyed the architecture gallery so I have voted for it. I have added you to my favourite artists list and will be returning often for a dose great pictures and warm Provence sunshine. Thankyou for sharing these beautiful pictures.

Paul Teixeira09-Jan-2004 15:47
Very nice pictures, they bring back the warmth and atmosphere of my holidays in the Provence. Keep shooting and sharing! Merci bien!

Best regards,
Paul Teixeira
Mansour Mouasher07-Jan-2004 20:11
You have beautiful galleries and great photos. I enjoyed browsing. Thank you for sharing.
Take Care.
paul yung05-Jan-2004 01:04
Viva France! Ver pretty pictures of a beauiful country!
inti04-Jan-2004 19:29
Thank you Marie for your time in visiting my humble and at present sparce gallery. Your words of encouragement cheer me as well as your self portraits!
I love the new look you've put on your gallery for the New Year also. This must surely be one of the most colourful, professional looking and well tended galleries on PBase.
It's a credit to you...keep up the good work. A hug! - Rob x
Guest 07-Dec-2003 22:01
Je vais me répèter mais tant pis...

J'ai vu dans vos galeries de très belles images souvent pleines de poésie comme les portes et fenêtres ou encore la galerie noir et blanc.

Fréquentant un forum de photo numérique (Megapixel), je vais inciter les autres membres à visiter cette belle provence au travers de vos images.

Bravo à vous (et merci pour le rayon de soleil)