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Margaret Sloan | profile | all galleries >> Birds: Special Locations >> Birds of Costa Rica and Panama tree view | thumbnails | slideshow

Birds of Costa Rica and Panama

Photographs taken on two trips to Costa Rica and one to Panama. The first trip was in February 2008, the second in February 2011 and Panama in 2014. These shots are my records of birds seen, so the photo quality will vary greatly.
Quail and Turkeys
:: Quail and Turkeys ::
Curassows, Chachalacas, and Guans
:: Curassows, Chachalacas, and Guans ::
Cormorants, Anhingas, and Pelicans
:: Cormorants, Anhingas, and Pelicans ::
Wading Birds
:: Wading Birds ::
:: Raptors ::
Crakes, Rails, Jacanas, Sungrebe
:: Crakes, Rails, Jacanas, Sungrebe ::
Plover, Oystercatchers, Stilts
:: Plover, Oystercatchers, Stilts ::
:: Sandpipers ::
Pigeons and Doves
:: Pigeons and Doves ::
:: Parrots ::
Cuckoos, Roadrunners and Anis
:: Cuckoos, Roadrunners and Anis ::
Owls and Nightjars
:: Owls and Nightjars ::
Hummingbirds and Swifts
:: Hummingbirds and Swifts ::
Motmots and Kingfishers
:: Motmots and Kingfishers ::
Trogons and Quetzals
:: Trogons and Quetzals ::
Toucans, Barbets, Jacamars and Puffbirds
:: Toucans, Barbets, Jacamars and Puffbirds ::
Woodpeckers, Woodcreepers
:: Woodpeckers, Woodcreepers ::
Antbirds, Ovenbirds and Tapaculos
:: Antbirds, Ovenbirds and Tapaculos ::
Flycatchers, Becards, etc.
:: Flycatchers, Becards, etc. ::
Cotingas,Vireos and Manakins
:: Cotingas,Vireos and Manakins ::
Jays, Thrushes, Silky-Flycatcher
:: Jays, Thrushes, Silky-Flycatcher ::
:: Swallows ::
Wrens, Gnatwrens, and Gnatcatchers
:: Wrens, Gnatwrens, and Gnatcatchers ::
Wood-warblers and Bananaquits
:: Wood-warblers and Bananaquits ::
Tanagers of Costa Rica and Panama
:: Tanagers of Costa Rica and Panama ::
Seedeaters and Sparrows
:: Seedeaters and Sparrows ::
Finches and Euphonias
:: Finches and Euphonias ::
Saltators, Grosbeaks, and Buntings
:: Saltators, Grosbeaks, and Buntings ::
Blackbirds, Orioles, and Oropendolas
:: Blackbirds, Orioles, and Oropendolas ::
g1/80/793480/3/146626954.jMCyqhhY.jpg g3/80/793480/3/94778969.V6pptpFK.jpg g3/80/793480/3/94772994.oVtyQspi.jpg
Green Honeycreeper
Green Honeycreeper
g2/80/793480/3/147011656.SrPTJKrz.jpg Sandpiper
Crested Bobwhite
Crested Bobwhite