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Margot W05-Jan-2024 22:48
Just popping in to say Happy new Year. Too bad we live so far fron each other.
Ann Shapiro15-Aug-2021 01:29
I love seeing your photos. I’ve been off phase for a while -I’m glad I’m back and get to enjoy all these great shots!
Carl H. Johnson01-Jan-2018 12:51
Joseph V Higbee03-Aug-2017 03:20
Very nice site. Photos are well done. I will visit often.
Raymond J Barlow01-Apr-2016 10:15
Thanks for your visit to my galleries! wonderful work you are doing here, congrats!
Carl H. Johnson03-Sep-2015 00:06
Christine, I'm always amazed how you find and present God's Little Creatures!!!!
hayl05-Jul-2015 21:22
Hi Christine, Could you please do me a favour and look at my latest photo- either a painted turtle or a Red-eared Slider laying eggs. I thought it was a painted but on reflection the solid red stripe makes me think it's a Red-eared. In which case do you think it has mated with a painted seeing as these are not native turtles but escaped/released pets. Thanks for your judgement,
Linda Hay (hayl)
perte cheveux17-May-2015 12:01
Vous avez un réel talent, continuez:)
Suzanne Labbé29-Apr-2014 12:37
Hello Christine, Thank you very much for you nice comments on my series of Pine Warblers. I guess I was blessed to have those beauties so close without leaves in the bushes. It was a give from Nature and I said Thank you many times :o) Take care.
ashleybeeman17-Mar-2014 01:08
Hi Christine,
I am working on a project for an elementary school and I am wondering if you would grant me permission to use some of your pictures?
I would of course credit you.
hayl19-Apr-2013 23:13
Hi, I 've followed your pbase sight for a long time. I found you originally when investigating Larose Forest online. I have a Canon SX50 (traded in the SX40 two weeks ago) and am always encouraged by photographers like yourself who produce outstanding pictures with an artist eye but not the high end equipment.
Don28-Mar-2013 19:55
Hi Christine,
Are you a professional entomologist? How do you identify so many insects? This is a specialised and most interesting field.
Regards, Don
Linda & Pär Johansson06-Feb-2013 08:43
I've wondered that you have been so "quiet". What a terrible misfortune! I have studs on my boots, it is dangerous to go out! I suffer with you Christine and hope the healing goes fast!! A big hug to you! And Sascha course!
Linda and Pricken
Graeme30-Jan-2013 11:28
Hi Christine, I just want to thank you for the wonderful support you have given me in my Waddesdon Manor Gallery. I am so pleased you like the images.
H Singh 18-Dec-2012 03:55
Hi Christine,
I once walked a couple of trails in LaRose Forest. This is a marvellous collection of photographs that must have involved countless hours observing, recording and photographing. I need to go back and this was the inspiration. Thank you and keep clicking for us all.
Nina Ludwig14-Dec-2012 14:40
Hi Christine. I have browsed through your galleries again and really enjoyed them again. I wish you and yours a happy holiday season.
Guest 01-Dec-2012 16:27
What wonderful images you have here1 Truly great work! V
Blandine Mangin23-Sep-2012 17:22
Merci de nous faire découvrir toutes les merveilles de cette belle forêt !
cits_4_pets14-Aug-2012 04:30
Beautiful and informative galleries! Great macros! These ought to be in the top galleries, the images are excellent!!!
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 23:01
Greetings Christine ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Steph :)
an nguyen19-Dec-2011 01:31
Happy Holidays to you and yours .
All the best
Anne N
Aud Elise Sjøsæther24-Jul-2011 18:15
Thank you for your kind comments : ) You have got some wonderful nature galleries in here!
Aud Elise
Nichole 12-Jul-2011 18:26
Hello Christine -

Your work is truly breath-taking.

I write a blog for I was wondering what your regulations are for using a photograph for a blog post. When using a photo, I credit the work and then link directly to the original work of art. I would love to use one of your yellow jacket photos, but needed to communicate with you first.

Thank you!

Graeme22-Jun-2011 09:59
Hi Christine, I would like to thank you for all of the wonderful kind comments you left on my galleries today. They are very much appreciated. I love to visit your galleries as well and see the insect world amongst others through your eyes. I hope your pain gets easier with each day, Christine.
Kind regards,
an nguyen18-May-2011 13:06
I thank you so much for stopping by .
I feel the privilege and honor to have your attention .
I will certainly make a visit to see wildlife galleries of yours .
Best ,
Anne N
Inga Morozoff21-Feb-2011 05:04
Ha! As you were wandering through my galleries, I was completely enjoying yours. You have an exceptional eye for detail. I'll be returning often to study and learn from your remarkable work.
Michael 05-Feb-2011 17:11
Loved your work -- especially wildlife and footprints, tracks in the snow. My wife is an horticulturist and we live on an old 1700's christmas tree farm in Connnecticut. Like you we appreciate your insights on wildlife and their habitat. Great work.
Michael & Fabienne
Elizabeth Clarke 15-Jan-2011 05:41
Dear Christine,

How I love viewing your galleries! It is so easy to get absorbed in the amazing pictures you take and the wonderful captions. Thank you!
Guest 14-Jan-2011 22:52
Hi thank you kindly for stopping by and leaving those nice comments! they are much appreciated
its nice to meet you too, warm regards
slhoornstra28-Sep-2010 19:22
Your galleries are so beautiful and well presented and only improve with the passage of time. VVV
Antonio19-Sep-2010 23:39
Hello Christine,
Thanks for the reply and the kind comments ! It's always great to visit your galleries. Antonio.
Ken Sheridan14-Aug-2010 06:57
Thanks for your comments Christine. You have a wonderful collection here!
Regards Ken
FocusingOnWildlife.com01-Aug-2010 19:10
superb images, will check your site on regular basis.
urs19-Jun-2010 22:03
Hi Christine

Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of nature with us. The variety of species out there is incredible. I fully agree with you with what you mentioned of amphibiens, reptiles and insects being a lot of times missunderstood. With your pictures, I'm sure you can help people to overcome the barrier and realise that these species play a very important role in our ecosystem. I'm looking forward to continue browsing through your galleries.

Keep going taking such wonderful pictures, Christine
Jan Søgaard04-May-2010 09:57
Dear friend. We live in two parts of the world and so we dont meet no other places the the internet. You have show me that you can capture amazing picture with a little camera
the canon sx 10 + 20. Thanks for your comments on my picture, you got sharp eyes. thanks for opening my eyes to the macro world. cheers Jan, form Copenhagen, Denmark.
Guest 23-Apr-2010 21:50
Hi Christine,
Thank you so much for your comments on my images. You sure have same nice pics to:-)!
Dennis Paulson 30-Mar-2010 16:37
Hello, Christine.
I am working on a field guide to the Odonata of eastern North America, and one of the photos I've been looking for, as the manuscript is almost finished, is a better photo of a male Elusive Clubtail, Stylurus notatus. From a Google Image Search, I just found your fine photos of this species. I wonder if it would be possible for me to use the male in side view for my book. I have no photo budget, but all photographers get a copy of the book. You may or may not have seen the companion guide to western North America published by Princeton University Press last spring. If you are willing, I need a high-res version of the photo (I can receive up to 10 MB in an email message) and the locality and date. Thanks for your time! Dennis
Nancy Mc Nally 30-Jan-2010 22:37
hello fellow Canadian...I have a couple of insect photos I would like to send you....maybe you can give me some insight on them....would you please get back to me? I am a nature freak with the camera....I live In New Brunswick, have all my life,,,,
Thank-you in advance,
Guest 06-Jan-2010 21:30
Your photos are fantastic maybe someday i will capture an image like one of yours...
all the best Martin.
Guest 22-Nov-2009 00:58
Thank you for sharing this excellent photos.
I look forward to my next visit.
Many greatings
T. Richard Chen21-Oct-2009 13:45
Experience, perseverance and having deep interest in what you are pursuing, keep you happy and others enjoy your product. Thanks for your comment and voting on my photos. I am not a professional and I am still using p & s cameras. Some of them are really old ones. I have used good SLRs before digital age. Each has advantage and disadvantage. The basic point is how one uses the best of the camera one is using. Happy shooting.
Guest 20-Oct-2009 02:53
Looking at your nature shots I couldn't believe you did all those with a p&s camera. Some with dslr have not done better. Imagine what you could do with more sophisticated glasses!

Charlotte Young 04-Sep-2009 16:03
Dear Larose Forest Photos,

I am currently researching images of the snowshoe hare, for ARKive and hope that you are able to help as I have seen your images of this species that I would love to include. ARKive - www(dot)arkive(dot)org - aims to raise awareness of the need for biodiversity conservation by using wildlife imagery. Films, photographs and audio recordings of the world’s animals, plants and fungi are being gathered into one centralised digital library. These important audio-visual records are being preserved and maintained for the benefit of future generations and are being made available to view via the ARKive website.

Please see a brief overview of ARKive below:
 It is ARKive's current aim to compile audio-visual records for the 16,000-plus species currently threatened with extinction, according to the World Conservation Union's (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species.
 We are looking for media (moving footage, still images and audio) to depict each species' life history as comprehensively as possible. In order for us to achieve this aim we need help from as wide a variety of media donors as possible.
 The ARKive website acts as a showcase for image providers, displaying copyright and contact details with every image and links to each media donor's own web activities.

See examples of species which have been ‘ARKived’ at: www(dot)arkive(dot)org

Please let me know if you would like to include your images within the ARKive project.

With best wishes,

Guest 06-Aug-2009 13:38
Thanks for sharing. You have great insight into your surroundings, most people will never see what you have seen. Thank you for sharing and putting the Bar so high for me. I have seen photo,s on your site that have me wanting to get back out there, how could I have missed these. Thanks again for sharing
Patrick Goossens02-Aug-2009 12:21
I'm amazed at the diversity of your subjects. I guess you take every free moment to photograph these wonderful creatures. Great job.
azttttommy31-Jul-2009 03:41
Hi Christine...
Taxonomy is a great thing...BUT, It makes it really hard for me to find your recent images! Just sayin...
Joanne Kamo24-Jun-2009 12:35
You've been very busy this year, and I am so impressed with your discoveries and images. They are really difficult to find and photograph. An amazing variety of insects, moths, amphibians, and I haven't finished looking..Awesome work, Christine!!
Bo Zaremba21-Jun-2009 04:40
You have a sensitive eye for nature photos. Lovely images. Great blog also.
Kat10-Jun-2009 19:46
Hi Christine,
Thank you so much for all your recent comments. I am glad you enjoyed my pictures.
Kind regards
Fabienne07-Jun-2009 18:46
Hello Christine,
je tiens à te dire que tes galeries sont magnifiques. on sent beaucoup d'application et de recherches.
Le talent est là tout comme la qualité. Un bravo pour toutes ces belles photos que l'on regarde avec beaucoup d'intérêt et d'admiration.
PauloCGama05-Jun-2009 22:39
Hi Christine,
This is to let you know I do love your work.
Your macro/closeups are fabulous as I've been telling you.

Thanks for sharing, my friend.
Dave Hawkins21-May-2009 00:31
You've got quite the collection of photos and species here. A joy to visit.
slhoornstra05-Apr-2009 03:58
Dear Christine.

I was ever so lucky to get close to a red-tailed hawk today who was king of the world and didn't mind my presence. Please take a look in my inbox, as I am so excited to share it with you. Bought a speedlight today. Lost Kitty Bo yesterday so I am not quite cheerful. I do hope you and your forest are well....Sharon
Guest 08-Feb-2009 13:13
Hello Christine
regarding the squirrel gallery of yours I like so much because we really don't have the red-squirrel down here, very rare and elusive in NE Illinois, seen some up at chain o'lakes once but that is a while ago, I think your photos are great nicely captured, have been stopping by in the past month to view, but probly should comment more. Keep up the great work, really enjoy them so...
The Ellisons30-Jan-2009 22:36
Hi Christine
Thank you for your more than deserved comments on my galleries and pictures. You seem to have the same areas of interests in photography as me, only we are located in such different parts of the world. We do try to travel to Canada as often as we can though as the wildlife and nature there is just so much more varied, more present and more beautiful than here in the Netherlands. Looking at your galleries it looks like we should plan a trip to Ontario again some time. Keep the images coming!
Guest 29-Jan-2009 14:19
Great Galleries
Fay Stout22-Jan-2009 00:39
Christine... You are so very knowledgeable of all the animals, birds, flowers, bugs, and butterflies. Though I delight in capturing nature photos, I do not know all the names and have not labeled mine for fear I will identify them incorrectly. I will definitely learn much by looking at your wonderful variety of photos. Fay
Guest 12-Jan-2009 01:02
I really enjoyed your photos. Your love of nature and your knowledge really come through.
Joanne Kamo12-Dec-2008 19:34
Hello Christine,
I really enjoyed looking at your galleries of the park and wildlife. You are so lucky to live so close to nature. I loved your groundhog photos and you have a lot of cool insects too!!

I hope to see more of your work in the future! Joanne
Georges Lachaîne, Élaine Presseau10-Dec-2008 03:50
Very nice, love the galleries, thanks for sharing.
Gillian 20-Nov-2008 00:29
Hi Christine,

Love the galleries. I didn't know such a wide variety of butterflies and dragonflies could be found there - I will definitely have to return there next summer!