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Amphibians and Reptiles (12 galleries)

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I have often wondered that a world which pretends to mark so many days and to celebrate so many occasions should accept quite so casually the day when Hyla crucifer announces that winter is over. Joseph Wood Krutch

Bearded dragon (Pogona barbata)
Bearded dragon (Pogona barbata)
Sagebrush lizard (Sceloporus graciosus)
Sagebrush lizard (Sceloporus graciosus)
American bullfrog  (Lithobates catesbeianus)
:: American bullfrog (Lithobates catesbeianus) ::
American Toads (Anaxyrus americanus)
:: American Toads (Anaxyrus americanus) ::
Boreal Chorus  Frogs  (Pseudacris maculata)
:: Boreal Chorus Frogs (Pseudacris maculata) ::
Grey Treefrogs (Hyla versicolor)
:: Grey Treefrogs (Hyla versicolor) ::
Green Frogs  (Lithobates clamitans)
:: Green Frogs (Lithobates clamitans) ::
Leopard Frogs  (Rana pipiens)
:: Leopard Frogs (Rana pipiens) ::
Mink Frog (Rana septentrionalis )
:: Mink Frog (Rana septentrionalis ) ::
Spring Peeper (Hyla crucifer)
:: Spring Peeper (Hyla crucifer) ::
Wood Frogs (Lithobates sylvatica )
:: Wood Frogs (Lithobates sylvatica ) ::
:: Salamanders ::
Snakes (2 Galleries)
:: Snakes (2 Galleries) ::
:: Turtles ::
Frogs along the trail
Frogs along the trail