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regi lippuner 04-Nov-2010 03:58
hi laine,
i would like to ask for permission to use one of your photographs of the clarence river for a flyer design for a caravan park at the clarence river.
unfortunately the client's budget is rather small and we can't spend a lot on photographs.
its file name is 109513367.epJ2u2P7.jpg
please let us know what you think. thank you very much.
beautiful picture, btw :-)
Deborah Lewis17-Jan-2009 19:14
Happy Birthday Laine!
Marc Vermeulen09-Jan-2009 00:22
Best wishes to you and to yours at 2009!
And thanks that you visit my site regulary.
Kerry Tingley29-Dec-2008 03:25
We'll miss you Laine! Even though real life gets in our creativity's way- it's a great outlet for built up stress!
Guest 16-Dec-2008 16:03
Great Galleries
Guest 22-Nov-2008 08:06
Hi Laine hope all i well downunder i hear that there has been a few storms in the southeast. I still get 9 News (on MSN ) here so i get to see whats going on lol
take care paul
Nick Powell14-Sep-2008 09:56
Hi Laine, thanks for visiting my galleries I really appreciate your generous comments and feedback. You have so many inspirational images in your galleries, thanks for sharing with PBase. Definitely added to my favourites list. Nick
Ed McConnell28-Aug-2008 13:56
I've enjoyed visiting your galleries, thanks for your comments also...Ed
Guest 17-Jul-2008 22:15
thanks for the comment :)
Guest 17-Jul-2008 22:15
thanks for the comment :)
Guest 17-Jul-2008 22:15
thanks for the comment :)
Guest 15-Jan-2008 23:49
happy birthday laine!! :)
Zak15-Jan-2008 21:47
let me be the first guestbook comment of the year, Happy Birthday!! ;-)
Darbowski30-Dec-2007 20:28
Merci de ta visite et de tes commentaires, j'aime beaucoup tes galeries, à bientôt
Jarek M14-Nov-2007 10:28

Thanks for visiting my gallery and your comments,

Guest 10-Nov-2007 00:39
Hi Laine, thought it was about time I mentioned how much I enjoy visiting your galleries,(but I've been getting even more laid back lately ;-), your kind comments and humour, keep smiling, Colin..
Rosemarie Kusserow13-Oct-2007 21:00
Thanks for your kind words, I´m glad you like the street where I live, best regards, Rosemarie :o)
Johnny Rasmussen20-Aug-2007 23:16
You are a fantastic photographer, Laine! I was looking through some of your galleries, and I especially enjoyed your collection of B&W. Beautiful work!
Guest 01-Jun-2007 21:44
Dear Laine,

It's very kind of you to take the time to visit my gallery and leave comments. I'm going to explore your works at Pbase as well. Take care my friend.
Barry S Moore05-May-2007 09:29
A great set of photos, capturing our country as it really is. Added you to my favorites.
regi olbrechts17-Feb-2007 08:21
Thanks for your visit and your comments Laine. You have some nice, intimistic galleries as well. I like it. I like especially the dreamy feel in your work. Thanks, Regi.
Michel Carlué06-Feb-2007 09:05
Thanks you Laine for your nice comments about my pics. Yours galleries are wonderful, altered gallerie and summer gallerie are my favorites !! It's a very artistic work !!
virginiacoastline16-Jan-2007 03:45
happy birthday, sweetie
to one of the most caring people I 'know'
Guest 31-Dec-2006 10:24
Wishing you a happy new year in 2007 and looking forward to viewing your galleries again in the coming year.
Will Denney27-Dec-2006 20:40
lots of great galleries! definitely one of my favorites!
Eric Carrère19-Nov-2006 10:27
Thank you Laine for your nice comments to my images, I added you to my fav artists ...Your galleries are very nice.
Greetings from Pau, Eric.
Guest 14-Nov-2006 11:52
Wow! You've been very busy since I've visited last! Your galleries look great. Phillip
Rosemarie Kusserow14-Nov-2006 08:22
Hi Laine, I feel honored about your kind comment on my *Red berries*, you have such a incredible florale gallery and it is always a plesure for me to visite your fine works, thanks again and my best wishes, Rosemarie :o)
mario .n02-Nov-2006 21:48
Thank you Laine for your nice comments! I appreciate much! I wish you goods shots as you can do them so well, with more! Mario
Graham Tomlin28-Oct-2006 15:22
thank you for the kind comment kind regards helen
Sheila17-Oct-2006 07:02
I love the New Look of your galleries. Very smart!
John Beck17-Oct-2006 00:47
I like the new look of your galleries. Very attractive and artistic.
Valeska16-Oct-2006 06:15
Hello Laine
I see you jave changed a lot in your galleries. It's looking good now. It's nice to see all the koka... bird (LOL) pictures together and so on. It must cost you a lot of times.
It's nice to see in the older and the newer galleries how you work is growing.
Warm regards Valeska
Guest 14-Oct-2006 13:11
Life on a duck pond is good, behind a cider mill where the fresh donuts are sold as quickly as made. Although they appear no worse for the wear, these ducks are addicted as to junk food as can most local teenagers and young adults.
Traveller06-Sep-2006 21:22
Thank you for you nice comments.
Rosemarie Kusserow30-Aug-2006 09:10
Hi Laine, thanks for your kind comments on my landscape and flower shots, I´m glad you liked them, best wishes, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 23-Aug-2006 15:45
Thank you again for your great comment on my potd!
Guest 22-Aug-2006 18:27
Thank you for commenting on my potd gallery!
Arno Meintjes Wildlife21-Aug-2006 06:56
Thanks for the comment on the eagle.
We saw the actual kill. The eagle came from nowhere, high in the sky and came down directly on the squirrel, spot on, bulls eye the first hit.
No time to take a shot then.
It is amazing at what speed this big bird hits the ground and takes off with the kill again. Another wonder of nature.
Regards. Arno
Guest 14-Aug-2006 16:27
Thank you for both your great comments on my galleries!
vholmes18-Jun-2006 00:33
Yup! Very close. Color is same. Maybe I better look at more of your galleries. Thanks
Guest 23-May-2006 13:10
We stayed in the Dynasty. Later I will still post images from raffles, santosa etc.
Will let u know. Arno
Arno Meintjes Wildlife23-May-2006 08:56
Hi Sheila
Mauritius, yes we have been back the other day but just for a 5 days conference.
I am also posting our Singapore & Malaysia trip on Louise's gallery here
Guest 18-May-2006 17:15
Thank you for all your wonderful comments!
Arno Meintjes Wildlife17-May-2006 09:28
Thanks for your comment on the giraffe. Here is one that I just posted with 2 birds with them Regards. Arno.
Guest 15-May-2006 00:37
Dear Laine,
thank you for your wonderful comments and support!!!I keep coming back to your wonderful work here at pbase!!
Best regards
Graham Tomlin30-Apr-2006 15:02
thank you for your kind comment ,problems with pbase today gra cannot put a picture on ;)thanks for letting us know kind regards Helen
Chris29-Apr-2006 19:45
Many thanks for your coments of today. I spent an enjoyable few minutes viewing your galleries - you have some great shots. I shall be on your side of the world later in the year and am looking forward to using the camera. Chris :)
Guest 10-Apr-2006 02:32
Your witty comments are always a pleasure (~: Thanks for always checking out my photos!

Arno Meintjes Wildlife23-Mar-2006 05:47
Thank you for you visits and comments it is really appreciated.
Regards. Arno
Arno Meintjes Wildlife15-Mar-2006 11:05
I have put a small gallery together about life in and around the Kruger National Park.
I hope this will give you an idea where we are off to every now and then.
You are welcome to visit it here :
Arno Meintjes Wildlife07-Mar-2006 13:57
Thanks for the comment on the vultures. This is what happened afterwards
Arno Meintjes Wildlife06-Mar-2006 05:10
Thank you for the visit and comment. Please have a look at :
Weather over the weekend in the Kruger National Park
Carole Stevens04-Mar-2006 03:25
Thanks Laine, Spent 3 weeks plucking up the courage to join, everyones been so friendly thank you for your comment.Love your injured dragonfly shots.
Bob Floyd01-Mar-2006 14:37
Laine, I have really enjoyed and been impressed with your work this last month with Gary's B&W challenge. You have a very interesting take on ordinary objects that has taught me much. Thank you for your kind words and encouragement as well, it is always appreciated. I will be checking in often for more inspiration. Thanks again, Bob
Eckhart Derschmidt27-Feb-2006 00:01
Hi laine, thanks so much for your continued interest in my work and the many encouraging comments.
Just browsed a bit through your galleries again - there are still lots of great images to discover and I sure will be back many more times.
Greeetings from Austria,
Arno Meintjes Wildlife24-Feb-2006 10:55
Thank you very much for your visit and comment on my African Spoonbill. Arno
Arno Meintjes Wildlife22-Feb-2006 05:29
Thanks for your comment on the little big guy. Here he is again. regards. Arno
Arno Meintjes Wildlife21-Feb-2006 05:18
Thank you for your continued support and comments. I opened this album to the public, but be warned it is about injured and killed animals.
Arno Meintjes Wildlife17-Feb-2006 05:21
Thank you very much for viewing and commenting on my wildlife images.
I appreciate your interest in wildlife.
Chris Sofopoulos07-Feb-2006 12:39
Many compliments for your images Laine.
I wanted to say just that you become better and better month by month and this is great.
Best wishes,
Guest 04-Feb-2006 11:37
Thanks for your comment, nice galleries you have here :)
Guest 30-Jan-2006 01:08
Hey there, thanks for your comments on my dog shots (feel free to check out the calendar I created last year also).

You have some very nice pictures here. The reason i found your site is because you have one of the most popular images of the last 90 days from the whole of pbase Not sure if you knew that so thought i'd just make sure :). Keep shooting! kind regards, Lawrence
Guest 15-Jan-2006 11:26
Thanks for all your encouraging comments. Good luck with the Canon 350, seems you have made a good start. Looking forward to your future work, really enjoy visiting your galleries. Ade your pbase m8:-)
akleja12-Jan-2006 16:29
Thank you for your nice comments on my pictures and I must also give you some more praise for your beautifull pictures. I love the "Old and dry"-gallery, but you have so many nice galleries that I can not pick a favourite.

Thanks and I'll visit again, many times...
akleja08-Jan-2006 17:55
Beautiful galleries! I'm glad I found them!
Muthu Vinayagam27-Dec-2005 13:56
Hi Laine, Thanks for viewing my gallery. I have been in singapore for about 3 years and it is undergoing a lot of changes and becoming more pleasent place to live. I was amazed by your collection. Nicely done. Thanks for sharing your work. Merry Christmas and wishing you a very Happy New year.
Vilone25-Dec-2005 14:12
Thank you for your kind comments.
Merry Christmas!!

Dennis 09-Nov-2005 00:10
Laine: I was salivating looking at the photos of your favourite muffins and hearty beef vegetable soup. The Leitz lens of your Panny camera shows edge to edge sharpness. Nice. Now send me the recipe for those muffins.
Graham Tomlin30-Oct-2005 19:47
in response to your message on your pad,the galleries were very slow and yes there were lots of thumbnails missing ,this morning the display page was like a letter.
your pictures are very good
regards Helen/Gra
Karen Moen23-Oct-2005 06:01
Thank you for taking time to visit and leave comments. I use several digital cameras. For the sunsets and sky and beach scenes and macros I really like the Minolta DiMage Z20. For some of the wildlife shots I am using my new Nikon D70 w/80-400 AF lens.
Roe..13-Oct-2005 00:44
Laine..your comments are always point out something special in each image..the quality of your work is over the top and your images are beautiful as well as creative..
Guest 13-Oct-2005 00:27
Thanks for all the support. Jesse Left us last week. It was one of the hardest things that I've ever done. The new puppy is settling in fine. I'm glad that we have him. He is a great dog so far. My mother and my sister have new puppies too. My mother keeps saying that she wished she had waited and bought a rottie. She can't believe how calm he is. She has a boxer. Thanks again, Phillip
jim norton 10-Oct-2005 16:43
Hi lovely page you made there with photos. I am also very much interested in flowers and made my own site after months of research here if u're interesed to see it:
aeon 30-Aug-2005 11:39
hi laine
very blown out by your photos Ive been thinking of getting the fz-20 lumix and your photos may have convinced me. Dont know how I found this p-base site I was just searching for the close up lense and also I think they do a 2 x zoom to give you 850mm as a front mounted adapter . Email me if you know where to get extra lenses in australia, I,m sometimes living up on nsw north must be a brizzy girl great work bye.....aeon
Jeff Cochran26-Aug-2005 11:16
Stopped by for a visit, looking better than ever.
Sheila06-Aug-2005 23:26
Good to see you back Laine!
shatterbug03-Aug-2005 05:19
By the way, I am having a great time with my Lumix. I just purchased close-up lenses so I'm like a kid with a new toy, playing.
shatterbug03-Aug-2005 05:13
Thanks for your comment and for stopping by my PAD gallery.
Mindy McNaugher20-Jun-2005 19:03
Laine, Thank you for your advice about my second kayak shot. I had tried cropping like you said, but was 'clinging' to an idea I had in my head. I've done what you said, and like it much better!
Thanks so much!
Naturephoto Monique01-Jun-2005 23:04
I have spend a long time here looking at your beautiful work.
Thank you for sharing!

Guest 01-Jun-2005 20:48
Hey, Laine, it is June 1 and you are still posting! :-D Does that mean you have decided to stay?
Guest 14-May-2005 16:03
Thank you, for visiting my gallery and your lovely comments. I just read you are thinking about quitting the end of this month. I hope you will reconsider. Your photos are wonderful! Best wishes, either way! :)
Mindy McNaugher02-May-2005 03:01
Thanks for dropping by my PAD Gallery! And thank you for your welcome! I am thoroughly enjoying the interaction with fellow photographers on this site! ...Had I known what was to happen on Day 3 of my PAD posting, I might have waited to join the "PAD adventure"! But it is a nice distraction from the reality of what is happening with my Mom. ...I have thoroughly enjoyed looking around your galleries! And will certainly be back to view more!
Thanks again,
Guest 08-Apr-2005 21:06
Interesantes fotografías
Gracias por compartirlas
Saludos desde España
Roger Fox 29-Mar-2005 01:02

I'm seeking a photo of Allamanda 'Winter Velvet'and noticed one on your site. Is it available for publication? Please let me know.

Roger Fox
Garden Editor
Better Homes and Gardens
Guest 03-Mar-2005 06:31
You sure got Fantastic photos. I just love your work.
Also I want to thank you for visiting my PaD and also for voting.

Guest 28-Dec-2004 22:19
Just wanted to thank you for visiting my galleries and taking the time to look at my images and leaving some very nice comments! Your galleries are wonderful and I plan to frequent often!
Coleen Perilloux Landry12-Dec-2004 21:36
My e-mail is I will send you my mother's recipe for chicken/andouille gumbo if you e-mail me.
Coleen Perilloux Landry
Guest 20-Nov-2004 16:11
Thanks for coming to my country, Singapore, hope you enjoy your stay! I really enjoy your photography .... with so much honesty and "direct from the camera" approach. Frankly, I am really tried of seeing so much digitally re-worked images on other sites giving their audiences a false impression of the gears that they owned!
Guest 29-Oct-2004 02:51
Just wanted to drop by and thank you for taking a continued interest in my gallery and taking time to comment on many of my photos. You have some wonderful photos yourself, your flower shots remind me of my mums garden, do you grow them all yourself? they are beautiful. I especialy love your children of Russia shot its superb.
Guest 15-Oct-2004 17:52
for your nice comments and for making me feel welcome back. :)
It´s really lovely to be back.
Guest 12-Oct-2004 01:17
Thanks for dropping by and viewing my shots of the U.S. Aussie Football Championships. I replied to your question regarding who won in that gallery. I'm not an Aussie, but I really enjoyed the games. I hope the USAFL continues to grow and do well. This was the 8th season that they have sponsored the championship tournament.
susan mckeen 24-Sep-2004 10:42
please contact me. would like to use your camellia and other photos in our magazine about tea. susan mckeen
virginiacoastline14-Aug-2004 20:41
you have an ecclectic collection of interesting ideas an items . . .refreshing to see. Thanks for stopping by my PaD. I look fwd to seeing more of yours =]
Stan Richard22-Jul-2004 20:07
Laine, thanks for the nice words on my barn image, I appreciate you taking the time to look and leave a comment. Cheers! Stan
Guest 18-Jul-2004 01:20
First I would like to thank you for commenting on my photo of the day. Thanks.
and I would like to say that I love your flower photos. They are all so pretty.
thanks again...
Joanne Santillo13-Jul-2004 21:24
Hi laine, I see that you have a passion for flowers they are lovely, I love taking close up/macro photo's of flowers to.
ira moore08-Jul-2004 07:17
dear laine,
beautiful blooms and gorgeous light... you are very fortunate to have such in northern europe we're very limited by lack of light and a limited supply of beautiful flowers...but that is the challenge...
ira moore
oochappan05-Jul-2004 19:49
Thnx for your vote in Pad, from your galleries I can tell you love nature and flowers. I'll be watching you !
Guest 30-Jun-2004 03:22
Thanks for visiting my galleries. I enjoyed your flower images very much.
petesie26-Jun-2004 21:07
Thanks for your kind words. Just for fun I looked up refection: Refreshment of mind, spirit, or see, I learned a new word because of your kindness in visiting my PAD today!
Guest 19-Jun-2004 04:22
my heavens, i had no idea there were so many types of roses! what a lovely set of galleries you've put together. i envy you your beautiful flowers (i've a horrible brown thumb myself...)
Mattana09-Jun-2004 18:59
Thanks for choosing my galleries. I am honored.
Guest 02-Jun-2004 20:40
I certainly did enjoy my time in Brisbane. I only spent 3 days there, but walked around a lot of the city and liked most of the places I visited, especially the Botanical Gardens and South Bank.