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Salticidae (Jumping Spider)

Known for their ability to jump/leap at incredible speed and distance. Viewed from the top, jumping spiders have a unique arrangement of their eyes (4 pairs). 2 rows in front, 1 on top and 1 behind the head giving them a 360 degrees vision.
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Red Weaver Ant-Mimicking Jumping Spider Bavia Jumping Spider Hyllus Diardi Wide-Jawed Viciria Bavia Jumping Spider Wide-Jawed Viciria (Female) JumperEJumper.jpg Mangrove Jumper (Male)
Bavia Jumping Spider Heavy Jumper (female) Heavy Jumpers (female) Jumping Spider Heavy Jumper (female) Heavy Jumper (Male) Double Striped Carrhotus Jumping Spider Wide-Jawed Viciria
Ant-Like-Jumper.jpg Ant-Like Jumping Spider Fighting (Jumping) Spider DSC_9895.jpg Jumping  Spider Jumper Carrhotus Jumping Spider Siler Spider
Siler Spider Bottle-Brush Iridescent Jumper Cosmophasis Jumping Spider Larger Housefly Jumping Spider Jumper Eating Jumper Painted Face Orange Jumper Male Heavy Jumper. Female Heavy Jumper
Jumping Spider Mangrove Jumper Jumper.jpg Pystira Spider.jpg Jumper2-09-11-22.jpg Jumper.jpg Portia.jpg Jumper-JLP2.jpg
Jumper-JLP1.jpg Pystira Jumping Spider Mangrove-Jumper.jpg Heavy Jumper Heavy Jumper _MG_7174.jpg Male Hyllus Diardi (Heavy Jumper) Female Hyllus Diardi (Heavy Jumper)
Siler Jumping Spider Banded Phintella Mangrove Jumper (Male) Wide-Jawed Viciria Cosmophasis Umbratica Jumping Spider Cosmosphasis Jumping Spider Hyllus Diardi.jpg
Epeus Flavobilineatus Portia Spider Yellow-lined-Epeus.jpg Cosmophasis Jumping Spider Wide-Jawed Viciria Heavy Jumper (Jumping Spider) Jumping Spider Yellow-Lined Epeus
Yellow-Lined Epeus (Female) Jumping (Fighting) Spider Hyllus Keratodes Jumping Spider Cosmophasis Jumping Spider Bavia Jumping Spider Hyllus Diardi Cosmosphasis Micans DSC_3098.jpg
DSC_2975.jpg DSC_3137.jpg DSC_3346.jpg Jolly Telamonia IMG_5151.jpg DSC_3827.jpg DSC_3966.jpg
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