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4-87 Karl R. Josker

Sattler's, 998 Broadway, Buffalo, NY

Was there ever a more famous address than "998 Broadway?" This picture was taken in April 1987.

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Allison 19-Dec-2017 16:05
Does anyone remember a David Rose who was a manager at Sattler's?
Lani Arellanes-Hansen 21-Nov-2017 04:02
Lani... My Uncle Bert Hertel and Aunt Judith Hertel worked for sattler's during the depression and on through the 60's. My uncle was the one who went to the fire sales, etc. and brought back the merch. for the store. My Aunt went every winter to clean the grave of John and cut back the ivy. She took us with her.I believe they were very good friends as well.
Kathy 16-May-2016 21:09
Wow, how great to find this message board. Lucia Ryan hired me as a stock girl in 1966. I went thru the ranks for 13 yrs . Left as Jr. Sportswear buyer when the ship started to sink. Great background for my career with May Co. Mr Wilcove was the pres during my tenure and mr Shulman was COO. Dan Capolla was the shoe buyer. Gerry Bornstein married my best friend Michelle and I was the bridesmaid. What a fun place to work. Lucille Kopeck, Angie Morabitto, Milt Hoffman, Charlie Snyder... Wish I could go back... Just for one week.. I would have lunch at the Shupper house every day!!
Guest 19-Dec-2015 13:09
My grandmother worked in the meat wnstairs
Charlene 06-May-2015 15:19
Larry that was nice if you to respond , I have a lot of memories coming to visit my dad when I was younger, I thought everyone was so wonderful and nice there! When I got older I worked across the street at am&a's and would come sit in his little office and he'd split his sandwich with me. I still have a ceramic zebra he gave me that had been damaged as a floor model.
larry 13-Feb-2015 20:08
Yes I remember John , he worked in the men's dept
Larry 07-Mar-2014 20:06
I worked in the late 70's early 80's in the sporting goods dept. the bell as far as I know was for a sale it rang a certain number of times for the dept. the sale was in.
JOHN 24-Feb-2014 04:23
Guest 11-Dec-2013 15:20
As far as I knew, as a child, Santa lived at Sattler's. My memories are of the late 60's and my Mom taking my brother and I to Sattler's to visit Santa!
Guest 27-Oct-2013 15:31
Does anyone remember my father John Picard or a lovely woman named Mary who worked at sattlers?
Mike 30-Jan-2013 21:36
If you close your eyes and listen carefully, you can still here the chimes they used to communicate to the employees. The basement market place always had a carnival atmosphere about it. We never got though there without begging our mother to buy us something. She would always end up buying licorice, and tell us that it is good for you. At the beginning of every school year she would take us to the shoe department, and we would get a new pair of shoes and sneakers. Fond Memories of 998!
Can 14-Dec-2012 15:20
I'm one of John G. Sattler's granddaughters. Very nice to see websites about his legacy.
David Shields 08-Apr-2012 00:11
I was raised a few blocks from the Sattlers store located in the Blv Mall and never though much about Sattlers till my mother told me a story in the mid 90s about my Great Grandfather and John Sattler. According to my mom. John Sattler and my Great Gramp were good friends. My Great Gramp became a Banker in the late 1800s and John Sattler was selling shoes. John had a vision to start a department store and wanted my Great Gramp to go into bussiness with him. My Great Gramp told John he was crazy and told John he could never compete with companies like JN Adams and AM&As. John Sattler ended up opening his flagship store becoming a successful bussinss owner and my Great Gramp contiued in banking becaming a well respected Buffalo Banker. John Sattler past away just proir to WWII and after the war ended, my Great Gramp who was retired, took the opportunity to get involved in a bussiness by poviding the money to my father and his two older brothers to buy out a clock company in Buffalo and start a family bussiness. They named their company Shields Bros. Appliance Repair located at 1410 Main st and it grew to serve all of western NY and parts of PA and OH. Do to the changing times, Shields Bros. ended up closing their doors in the early 90s just as Sattlers closed their doors in the 80s. Its a great felling to know I come from a family that had a small part in the history of Buffalo NY and I respect the people who try to preseve the history of Buffalo NY.
Guest 01-Feb-2012 18:13
My stepfather's dad Aaron Rabow (affectionately called Bamps) was president of Sattler's in its glory days. Bamps was a brilliant marketer who, with help from some savvy admen back in the 1950s, launched the wild sales that Sattler's became known for. As children, my brother and I modeled in the store window; passersby would stop and gape and us, not knowing whether we were mannequins or real kids - those were the kooky ideas that Bamps came up with that were so ahead of his time!
Steve 31-Jan-2012 13:51
I worked in the Pet Shop for about 5 years starting around 1966 when I hit 16. I loved every moment. We sold animals back then that you only see in zoos now. 5 different monkeys. unique birds, snakes, coati mundees, kinkajous, etcThe Mynah bird who spoke was named "Shelby". Saturdays' were mobbed and the cash register was always busy. I miss the place and considered it a great place to work.
Guest 04-Dec-2011 12:14
If you have not read my book "Nine Nine Eight: The Glory Days of Buffalo Shopping" you will live seeing the photos and reading the stories about all Buffalo's old stores.
Paul Buttino 23-Nov-2011 15:34
"998" was all you had to mention back in the 50's and everyone knew what you were talking about...what a lively place that market was with all the venders and old immigrants haggeling over EVERYTHING!! My grandmother was the BEST!! :-)
Stephen 06-Oct-2011 03:19
My grandfather was Aaron Rabow, president of Statler's in its formative years. As a young child, I would accompany my grandfather as he walked through the store (all six acres of it) and he seemed to know everyone's name who worked there. So many kind, caring people made the store a unique experience, where "shopping" included warmth and fun. My firstborn son is named Aaron, in honor of the man who helped define the heart and soul of the Sattler's success story.
Belinda 24-Jul-2011 04:23
My Dad John was the store manager of 998 Broadway for many years. He began at Sattlers when he was only 16 in 1955, and stayed there until they closed the store for good. Mom worked in the marking room for many years too; don't remember when she started, but she was also there until it closed. I was there for a short while too in the marking room. I was also there until the store closed. I remember the daily inventories as the days wound was sad to see it close.
Ed 30-Mar-2011 01:29
Wow I can't believe I came across this site. We lived on Lathrop Street and thought nothing of walking to Sattlers. That was THE area to go to. We had the broadway market that which had an extended entrance unlike it has today. They always had a band playing at the entrance and I can remember the smell of chickens and what I believe to be blood (I'm told they had live chickens that they would slaughter for you). We always made a big deal on Saturdays, hitting Sattlers, Neisners, Spolka, and any small (future mall) stores along the way. I too remember the cat clocks at the entrance, I always wanted one, I thought it was cool that the eyes and tail moved. I remember the ice cream stand that was right next to the escalator that always had a rather "large" woman working there. I was afraid to buy any ice cream from her by myself. We ALWAYS hung out at the pet shop visiting the animals and sticking our fingers in the bottom of their display cases so that we could touch or have them lick our fingers. I remember that they had a talking Myna bird, the name escapes me. I rememver buying a pair of sneakers that were too small for my feet just because I thought they were cool and there were no other sizes available. The craziest memory was being there I believe the day after Christmas, waiting with Mom for the doors to open, her bringing my sister and I to a display area and telling us to wait there while she grabbed as many discounted decorations as possible, I even remember her tearing off a plastic Santa face off of a display wall. I completely forgot about Uncle Pudgeys, they had the best pizza. I've got many more memories that I hope to post later....I miss those innocent days.
Vondj 26-Mar-2011 17:05
I grew up near there and what memories I have! The rootbeer floats, the $3 jeans and so much more...not to mention I worked at the downtown store, cosmetics department, for a few years....
Larry 21-Feb-2011 03:34
I worked at Sattlers from 1947 till 1983.I was the Visual Merchandising Director and was the last man out when we closed our last store Blvd . Mall Amherst .It was a great run and I enjoyed it .Also have some bricks of the the 998 building and had them put in my daughters house when we built it .
Sis Smith 01-Feb-2011 15:50
We took the bus each Saturday with my Mom to Sattler's and the Broadway Market.
What a wonderful event! In looking through some items after my Mom passed a number of years ago, I found 2 pieces of costume jewelry with the original Sattler's prices tags still attached. They were never worn (1 pair of Nucci clip on earrings and 1Santa broach). I have no idea when these items were purchased. Anyone have any thoughts on how I could find out any information on these items? If so, please post a note in the comments section. Thanks.
Paul Szretter 03-Dec-2010 03:11
My father, John Szretter, worked for Sattler's his entire life. He started as a teenager, then served in WW II and then worked for Sattler's from after the war until his passing in 1981. He ran the shipping and receiving department at 998 Broadway.
David Rothenberg 18-Nov-2010 22:14
Our housekeeper, a little grandmotherly type from Poland who barely spoke English in the 1960s, would say she as she would leave on "payday" that she was "taking the 23 to the 998". It was a big deal back in the day.
William Cohen 01-Oct-2010 20:50
Buffalo at it`s best, Lived in Niagara county but would visit Sattlers on a monthly basis. Cannot believe it is gone. Whenever I go to the Broadway Market I just stare at the empty lot and remember the old days.
Michael Gordon 23-Aug-2010 04:23
My dad ran the vacuum cleaner department at 998 Broadway from the early 50's to the early 60's. He went back in the late 60's to lease a department that sold storm windows and awnings, re-upholsterly and slip covers. He always spoke very highly of jack Price who I believe was one of the owners. I remember one of his employees in the vacuum business, Tony. Took me in his lap driving when I was 7. Never forget that. My dad's name is Hy Gordon. He is now 101 years of age and sharp as a tack.
Corey Ferguson 20-Aug-2010 07:02
This store was a magical destination for our family 1957-1975. We lived in Toronto and two or three times a year would visit Buffalo - Sattlers was our family's favorite place. I remember the restaurant, the pet section at the front, the breakfast with Santa. The main thing about all of it was the people who went out of their way to serve us. They were like family...nothing was too much trouble. I do remember Lucille in the shoe department. I would have been 7 years old in 1960. I remember my Mom telling Lucille about my crippled left arm and how much trouble I had doing my laces five seconds Lucille came out with a dress pair of shoes that had a spring loaded snap instead of laces. It was the summer of 1960, but it might just have been Christmas for me. The picture of the parking lot in back...I can see my Dad's 1966 Oldsmobile parked with the truck lid open and our 998 Broadway treasures being loaded for our trip home. There will never in my life time be such a wonderful wonderful store to visit. A real store with the most fantastic things and people. Sad.
Joanne Kensy 09-May-2010 23:58
My family was from Cheektowaga. My Grandmother and Aunt would take us shopping to Sattlers. My Aunt Mame operated Xaviers Market where you could get the best kielbasa and coldcuts. Amazing memories I will cherish forever.I enjoy reading all the comments.
Joyce (Krawczyk) 19-Apr-2010 21:33
What happy memories we all had as kids in this store. I remember the frozen custard stand right by the escalator-what a treat that was. Then the basement with all the fabulous food-would give anything for those good old days. I'm glad we have these warm memories to keep close in our hearts.
jeanne 04-Jan-2010 21:12
Tis store belonged to one my hubands relatives. As a young child my parents took me there. I only rember the basment. This was the food market. I canstill rember the delicious smells. Blocks of butter and cheese. Hams hanging. A machine which made fresh orange juice. No place like it today. I was so sad to hear that it closed.
Tina Kindelan 15-Dec-2009 21:04
My incrediable grandmother spent 33 years of her life working in the shoe department of Sattlers. Lucille Ciesla was a strong woman with a contagious laugh and a heart of gold. I grew up in the store room of the department playing on the floor of Myra and Mr Boveas' office with the toys that were given when childrens shoes were sold. The fur salon was my favorite hiding spots-the ladies at the candy stand were always happy to see me. I was like Eloise at the Waldorf Historia, spent my days riding elevators and escalators. Breakfast with the regulars in the Broadway market(hardrolls and butter). Santas breakfasts in the beatiful restaurant. So many amazing memories will stay with me forever. My nana is gone now it will be 2 years in April but she will always be in my heart. If you knew her reach out with a memory.
Ruby "Gilmore" Williams 28-Oct-2009 14:12
I remember the restaurant in the basement and their great Meat Loaf sandwiches. They has the first escalator I ever rode on. The chocolate peanut clusters with cream were to die for. My family moved to Buffalo in 1953 when I was 9 months old. I left Buffalo in 1978 when I joined the Navy. I live in Mississippi now and still go back to visit. My mom and my sister live there. Buffalo is still home to me.
John 15-Jul-2009 00:12
I grew up in south Buffalo on South Legion Dr. next door to the K of C. Going to Sattlers 998 was really uptown for us. I remember standing at the back entrance with my mom when I was probably 6 years old on a day when there was a big sale. When the doors opened I was just swept in by this tidal wave of big, girdle-wearing Buffalo women! Scared me to death! I remember there was also a little animated mechanical orchestra/jukebox thing up near (I think) the shoe department. I'm glad I got to live in Buffalo when it still had personality.
Guest 25-Oct-2008 05:10
Thanks Andi - it was the Broadway Market. That place was a bustling, exciting place in the 60's as viewed from a four yr old, 3ft off the ground. I'm glad to know that you can still hear the ethnic sounds of the past today. I moved to the west coast in 1985 and haven't been back to Buffalo since. Clearly I have fond memories of my childhood, and what was. ....Buffalo did not have jobs when I left but it had good, hard working people, culture, family and ethnicity. Buffalo has history and some of it should be revitalized and preserved. No doubt someday I should make a trip back "home" and drive and walk the streets of my youth.
Andi 23-Aug-2008 22:54
Guest there are still places in that neighbourhood that you can go to and speak Polish withthe bakers _ I think you are thinking of the Broadway Market, tho'. It still exists as a shell of its former self. And you can still speak with some of the Bakers from the Stands in Polish. I go at least twice a month.
Guest 17-May-2008 18:09
What was the name of the place across the street or nearby that my mom spoke polish to get rye bread - I think it was kaufmans rye bread. I was 4 and now I'm 48
Al Harzewski 14-Jan-2008 06:08
I remember seeing Mickey Mantle there in the early 80s promoting some easy chair. As a very small child in the early 70s I always wanted to see the pets and my strongest memory of the store is of all the clocks on the wall, especially the cat clock with the swinging tail and blinking eyes. I think the ringing bell was some sort of paging system for the salespeople.
LARRY SZYMANSKI 19-Dec-2007 17:10
DeanStelmach 21-Oct-2007 17:30
This is where my mother Judy Ippolito (Stelmach) worked until she was killed in a car accident coming home late one night in a car with fellow employees. She was supposedly the youngest buyer at Sattler's since the 17 year old founder. If anyone here knew her please contact me. I have almost no info at all because she was 19 when she was fatally injured on my 3rd birthday.
james 11-Oct-2007 00:55
Those are my intials, what a time. Boy the neighborhood is totaly shot now, i wouldnt even go to there with a police escort. Well their closing everything nincluding all the churches.
Ed Morgan 16-Sep-2007 23:53
At Easter and Mother's Day I would work in the florist department that was a concession run by Hodge Florists. Our orchid corsages were put together on an assembly line from opeing boxes,,filling wih green grass removing the orchids from viles..tying a ribbon then placing in a "Sattler box".We would work all night Friday for the big day for sales on Saturday..Sattlers' orchid sold for half the price at the Hodge Florist Shop..Easter sales were something else..Lilys were sold bythe number of buds and a special stand was set up by the escalator..At 5 pm over the loud speaker it was announced that all Lilys were half price..katie bar the door..Even plants with NO buds were sold..women in long dresses with cotton stockings would stuff their Lily in a shopping bag that many times included a live duck or goose bought at the Broadway Market across the street. As a kid I always looked forward to these special days..It was fun and I learned a lot about people when the half-off announceement was made.
DIANE 12-Feb-2007 00:34
998 tonight. Who could forget that ad. remember the bell that dinged while shopping. Don't know what it was for. Sattler's was "the" store for almost anything, and it was always busy. Especially the meat, cheese and deli counters.
The nicest part is that it was then one of the safest places to go. Children could wander about alone. I left Buffalo area in 1969, but I'll never forget Sattlers.
Gary 19-Dec-2006 21:54
I worked in the Camera Shop at the Blvd mall (the camera shops were actually owned by Carhart) and on occasions some of us needed to fill in at other area Sattlers locations, I filled in a number of times at Seneca Mall and a few times at 998 in the late seventies. I think the guy who ran the 998 location was John Salinski or something like that. My wife's grandmother moved to the Stadnitski appartments in the early to mid eighties and I remember the tearing down 998 when we used to visit her.
Bob Carr 26-Jul-2006 20:37
My grandmother Loretta Carr worked for many decades in the candy department. Any of you Sattler's vets remember my wonderful Nana?
Shirley 21-Jul-2006 14:33
My Mother Tillie worked at Sattlers for 31 years in the marking room. I remember when my stepfather died, they paid her for a couple of weeks bereavment time. They also gave her an eye exam and glasses at no charge when she was having problems performing her duties. My sister and I (teenagers) would meet her for lunch in the beautiful Parasol Room and we could get her employee discount just by giving the clerk her employee #. Later we would take our children and she would buy them their first communion clothes.etc. This was at a time when employees were valued,even the peons. She is now 92 years young and still kicking.
Bruce Bowers 17-Jun-2006 19:37
I was the last sign painter employeed by Sattler's. I worked on the third floor in the back. Larry DiGigorio ran the department and Andrea Robinson was his assistant. They were great people to work for. I rermember working with Jean Sliz and Dorothy, Todd, Raymond, Bob Powell, Norbert Galuska, David Smith, Robin Folger, and Wally the carpenter. There were some others but their names escape me right now.

I remember the store being closed on Wednesday because the Market was, too. We used to eat at Uncle Pudgey's pizzeria just down the street after cashing our checks at the M&T next door. I remember eating in the cafeteria in the store on the second floor by the tool department which was near sporting goods.

This picture is so sad because I remember the splendour of the store and I was there when the store was near the end of it's wonderful run at 998. I wish I could have seen it during it's heyday.
Phyllis 25-Feb-2006 17:06
Looking at this picture is so sad, it almost made me cry. I have such great memories of this building.. Actually, I have a brick from it. Mom lived in Stadnitsky Garden Apartments at the time of the demolition and got it for me. My first memories of shopping were in Sattlers. My dad would drive us to go shopping on Saturday. He'd leave us at the information station and tell us he'd meet us at a given time. My Mom, sister and I would do our shopping while he went out the side door and went to the Gin Mill across the street.

Later when I graduated from highschool, my first job was at Sattler's. There I met my best friend and later, my husband. I am still friends with her even though we both moved many miles away. And yes, I still have the same husband. That is why it's sad to see it in this picture.. I have so many, many great memories that are attached to this building.. It has to be one of my favorite places in the world.
Michael Mondia 17-Dec-2005 20:09
I remember waking from Baitz Ave (near the Farmers Market on Clinton St) to Sattlers in the 60's to buy a crytsal diode radio, with the alligator clip to attach to my bed post for .99 cents. Great music for a cheap price. I remember WYSL was the first FM station I would listen to late at night Is that channel still on? GO BILLS
Michele 29-Jun-2005 02:37
This was a great store at one time. I remember going there by myself at the age of 12 (it was safe to go anywhere at that time) and buying shoes, clothing and of course toys.