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moped dangers 016.JPG

When I was at Carolina Drawers as a supervisor I had several 2nd shift employees that were moped operators due to their addictions causing them to lose their normal vehicle license. They were all riding the 49cc mopeds so they didn't have to worry about any type of registrations or legal issues ...... one of the problems that lies there in is the fact that there are many "aftermarket" kits that can be adapted to the mopeds themselves making them much faster than the stock 49cc that the operators are "bound" to drive due to their circumstances. So it's almost impossible to regulate them from that stand point.

I know people have to make a living and they have to get to work in order to do that but you are correct, they do pose a tremendous threat and usually have a high disregard for the larger vehicles and traffic laws. And the fact that they do have transportation just helps them to still be accessible to their addictions that got them there in the first place.
I got to see that his license plate wasnt a NC state registered vehicle license plate but a sales plate from a moped dealer. I took a pic but it came out blurred ( wouldnt you know ). Business 85 and long running roads like Greensboro St ext, Ridge Road, Pilot School Road, Greensboro Road and Turner Road which connects 64 make this interesection a favorite for mopeds. MOST of my pictures of mopeds are at this interesection or close to it. They will hop on the highway so to ride from one major roadway to another. Now that I think about it, I will notify the sheriffs dept about the problem in that area ,which brings another issue to point - Is law enforcment being trained about moped laws? Specifically about the maximum speed and their allowance or non allowance on certain roads such as highways and interstates ? Before I end this comment, you spoke about them having to get to work/school etc. The reason a person gets his/her license revoked is to have them suffer a consequence to deter bad behaviour. Not only allowing them not to suffer such consequence, they are allowed to drive vehicles that pose more threat in general than they would have if they hadn't had their license revoked in the first place ! For those who havent had a license who operate them, the other problem exists. Having drivers who are untrained to the laws of the road and allowing them to intermingle with us who meet state requirements to have a license ! They enjoy the liberties of driving without the responsibilities that NC requires of us , which also includes having to pay insurance. Just think, from one day your paying registration fees, insurance costs, plate fees, drivers license fee requirement fees, and then you lose your license. Now your requirement is only to have a ID card and a helmet.
Hell , this an f'ing incentive to lose your drivers license !

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