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Birds - Insects - Wildlife - Animals

Snowy Owl in Flight Hawk on the move Snowy Owl Owl Family Spider the Co-Pilot
Boxelder Bug known as the Maple Bug Green is the Color HummingBird (1 of 1).jpg No One Home... today! On the Move
Argiope Appensa Spider (1 of 1).jpg Do you mind... On Guard... Flamingos at Rest Two Moose
Are you looking at me? Hide...They can't see us.. Snow Geese in Flight Smile Mr Buck
Enjoying the Sun. Red Headed Sparrow Cheetah at Maui's Zoo What are you looking at? (1 of 1).jpg Crows in Flight.. (1 of 1).jpg
Spider on the Move. Feeding Time! Yellow Finch (1 of 1).jpg Yellow Finch 1 (1 of 1).jpg Try catch me..
Mother and Colt Play time! Having a nap on One Leg... (1 of 1).jpg Mr Beaver hard at work. (1 of 1).jpg Found out where all of our peanuts were going.. (1 of 1).jpg
Long-billed Curlew (1 of 1).jpg Owl Family 2013 (1 of 1).jpg Pelican Reunion (1 of 1).jpg Prepare for Landing (1 of 1).jpg Large Bird Bath…Madge Lake (1 of 1).jpg
I see you..Red headed Sparrow (1 of 1).jpg Lift Off... (1 of 1).jpg How big is your Antlers? (1 of 1).jpg Cleared for Landing Where's the water?
Busy Mother with 10 little ones. Waiting for Lunch Lunch is Served Canadian Goose (life) Guard (1 of 1).jpg Were you trying to sneak up on me?
What is it? This little guy wasn't very happy with his picture taken, so he left a little offering behind. (1 of 1).jpg On the move (1 of 1).jpg Lunch Time!  Looks like he finally caught something in his web. (1 of 1).jpg Grasshopper that just hanging around in the shade (1 of 1).jpg
Flying high (1 of 1).jpg Looking on…. (1 of 1).jpg Flying High today (1 of 1).jpg Hanging out on the flowers (1 of 1).jpg Hard at work.
Guard Duty (1 of 1).jpg This little guy was Posing for me. (1 of 1).jpg Work is never done (1 of 1).jpg Gold Mine. (1 of 1).jpg In a field of Flowers (1 of 1).jpg
On the Look Out! (1 of 1).jpg Mr Black and Brown (1 of 1).jpg I'm a Long ways from Home (1 of 1).jpg The only thing between you and me is three wires! (1 of 1).jpg Snow Geese in Flight (1 of 1).jpg
I've been spotted (1 of 1).jpg He's watching me! (1 of 1).jpg Hey, where is my piece of bread? (1 of 1).jpg Geese flying south in heavy snow  (1 of 1).jpg Mr B! (1 of 1).jpg
Snowy Owl Nov 2013 (1 of 1).jpg Hard at work before Winter comes. (1 of 1).jpg Pretty on purple. (1 of 1).jpg I look good. Alone on the prairie. (1 of 1).jpg
Beaver hard at Work (1 of 1).jpg What a big yawn. (1 of 1).jpg Do you like my Booties (1 of 1).jpg Young Bull Moose (1 of 1).jpg Robin in the Spring (1 of 1).jpg
Snowy Owl looking on.. (1 of 1).jpg Checking out his back yard (1 of 1).jpg I thought I had him fooled till he looked over his shoulder (1 of 1).jpg Want a Neck? (1 of 1).jpg We're ready for our picture. (1 of 1).jpg
Up … Down ?? (1 of 1).jpg In Flight (1 of 1).jpg Little Muskrat (1 of 1).jpg Horse reflection (1 of 1).jpg Sleeping standing up (1 of 1).jpg
Just Horsin Around (1 of 1).jpg On top of the Hill (1 of 1).jpg Black Bee (1 of 1).jpg Looking for Food (1 of 1).jpg Trying to hide. (1 of 1).jpg
Look at my pretty colours (1 of 1).jpg Soaking up some rays (1 of 1).jpg This is what he thought of getting his picture taken (1 of 1).jpg Snow White (1 of 1).jpg Looking for water (1 of 1).jpg
I think I hear something (1 of 1).jpg Spooked (1 of 1).jpg Ruffled Feathers (1 of 1).jpg Who needs to Fly! (1 of 1).jpg Smile (1 of 1).jpg
Itchy Back (1 of 1).jpg Floating alone. (1 of 1).jpg My Ear Hurts! Robins are back (1 of 1).jpg This Llama is staying warm with his thick coat.
Starting to change colors. Looking problem Baby Owl trying to figure what I'm doing. Owlet and Mother Owl Owlet is out of the nest and learning to fly.
Owlets are out learning to fly Mother was calling... Crow in Flight Lone Antelope Which way am I looking?
Nice Eyes. Yellow Headed Blackbird On the look out. Do you mind? Yellow Grosbeak (1 of 1).jpg
He's not happy with me. (1 of 1).jpg W (1 of 1).jpg Lunch (1 of 1).jpg Hard at Work copy-2.jpg Big Mule Deer and Magpie
On the Run! Lift Off! Porcupine at work. Moose on the loose! On the Lookout.
Nap Time! In Flight. Bald Eagle. Don't move and he will not see me. In Flight!