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kentc16-Jun-2007 06:21
Thanks for the comments Alex.
Guest 14-Jun-2007 04:37
When I get photoshop and a new camera, I'm going to model my work after you.
Guest 08-Mar-2007 08:01
When I saw your pictures, a special feeling swept over me. Not sure what it is but wow...
kentc17-Oct-2006 08:20
Thanks Gabe.
Gabe Saland01-Oct-2006 23:22
Nice galleries. I enjoyed them very much.
kentc23-Jul-2006 19:14

No, never did find any hack and I did an extensive search. Sorry.
Antonio Parra 16-Jul-2006 22:11
Hello Kent, Did you ever find a hack to the firmware on cp8800 concerning write/read speed to card. I really like my cp8800. It's my first digicam and has plenty of setting's to learn/experiment from. But I'm disappointed with the slow speed. Some compact's have better performance (info from Only practical idea is to shot in lower resolution (5mp). Thanks.
kentc09-Mar-2006 20:02
Thanks for looking. Appreciate your comments.
keithallenlaw04-Mar-2006 04:31
Hi Kent, thought i'd drop by and see what you have. Glad I did. I'm impressed by what
i found. Your unique interpretation of the world around you definitely shows merit.
Enough so that i shall return to see what else originates from that imagination of yours.
Very well done and stay at it! Sincerely Keith
kentc07-Jan-2005 02:45

Stop in retouch some time ;-)
Guest 07-Jan-2005 01:44
Did you get that new Coolpix yet or what??

Canon D30's on ebay are going for record lows... ;)

kentc24-Aug-2004 09:32
Thanks Bud. :-)
Guest 24-Aug-2004 01:27
Kent, just stopped by to browse.....very nice images....enjoyed myself.

bud guinn
kentc12-Aug-2004 06:33
Thank you Manjula. I just checked your 'life is beautiful' gallery and it is one of the best photo art galleries I've seen on pbase. Esp. like the perspective of #4, but all the people pictures are just great! Stop by dpr retouch....
Guest 11-Aug-2004 07:16
Nice work on Photo Art
kentc02-Aug-2004 02:26
Keith, it's posted there now. Feel free to ask any questions.
Keith 01-Aug-2004 06:47
Hi Kent,
If you are not too busy, could you please e-mail me your newest action on the "dragan effect"? I'm sure you'll understand that it is hard to wait for it to get posted on atn central. Thanks so much!

Take care,
TWC 15-Jul-2004 16:10
Dude, you got a pretty good fan club going.

Keith 13-May-2004 09:15
Hi Kent,
I am not a member of dpreview but I usually read it everyday and try to follow some of the great examples posted by you and the others on the retouching forum. I was one of the lucky ones to get the impressionist plugin from Steve (Trimoon) and I enjoy it immensely. Would it be possible for you to email me ( copy of the your user set? I dl one from another site and it is pretty helpful to me at this time. Anyway, I would really appreciate your kindness in that matter. If not, still thanks for your great contributions on the retouching forum.
kentc18-Apr-2004 09:14
Thank you for your comments. As far as forums go, the retouch forum at dpreview is tops.
Khrys 18-Apr-2004 01:55

I had a smile on my face almost the whole time I was going through your photo art! :-) I just love seeing super photo art like that. Will have to come back to look at your photography next. Trailed you here from a camera forum, where I was looking for answers to my Actions questions (Photoshop 7.0). Do you happen to know of a good photoshop forum in a full featured forum like that of the Digital Photography Review? Super forums!

Thanks for sharing! Will look forward to more of your good stuff.
kentc13-Mar-2004 05:02
Thank you so much, Viewer....
Viewer in Delaware 12-Mar-2004 15:03
Enjoyed your pix of Maui so much I looked at your other galleries
with equal admiration for your artist's eye and artist's skills. Thanks for
sharing with us.
kentc06-Mar-2004 08:41

Thanks. Took a trip through your Savannah galleries - very nice, esp. the night shots.
Jeff Cochran04-Mar-2004 10:18
Hello, I enjoyed your photos.Thx for sharing. :)
kentc20-Jan-2004 19:37
Thanks Bryan. Checked out your galleries - very nice - really liked the chokcherry pic.
Guest 20-Jan-2004 17:54
Kent, I really like your work alot and appreciate your sharing over at dpreview as well. Bryan
kentc18-Jan-2004 10:57
Thanks for taking the time to comment - it's appreciated.
Random 17-Jan-2004 23:41
Your stuff is great! I'm really feelin' it.
kentc08-Dec-2003 09:46
Thanks. Thoroughly enjoyed a trip through your galleries - looks like you have a lot of fun with your camera and post processing. I like Zora.
Irene Wehrli07-Dec-2003 22:30
Hallo Kent
Thank you for your kind comment in DP - I wish one day my work is nearly as good as yours, you are a master!
Greetings from Switzerland
kentc02-Dec-2003 06:29
Thanks. Sent the action via email.
John Wilson 01-Dec-2003 21:24
Hi Kent,
Your gallery is very impressive, especially on a cold, wet winters evening in Ireland. I would appreciate if you would forward action on greyscale as mentioned in DPR forum.
kentc13-Aug-2003 12:43
Lisa, thanks for stopping by. Having fun with impressions.
Lisa06-Aug-2003 20:05
Enjoyed all of your galleries, Kent. Very pleasing images. Love the impressions gallery.
kentc19-Jul-2003 14:27
Appreciate you saying so, Egbert.
Guest 18-Jul-2003 08:35

I browsed your images and enjoyed them,

kentc15-May-2003 17:40
Kevin & Nancy, Thanks...
Kevin and Nancy 15-May-2003 02:08
Kent, You did a great job fixing those pictures. Your Maui pictures were so life like it was like we were there with you !