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In Memory Of Katie 2006 - 2012

15 Apr 2006 - 10 Jul 2012

Katie was a great dog.

She was very mellow. Liked chasing rabbits, going for walks and smelling things. Loved people food, but not always dog food. Terrible watch dog. Liked to play Frisbee or fetch with a ball - until she got tired. Loved Thanksgiving (Turkey). Didn't mind going for a swim every once in a while - well really more splashing than swimming. She wasn't crazy about water that was over her head.

I miss my buddy. We loved her very much.

g10/35/806635/3/88963167.HNUBcQtg.jpg g10/35/806635/3/166552947.polETRY4.jpg At the Pound Pool Party I know - It's a little out of focus but I like it anyway
g3/35/806635/3/88963137.WUxljr9M.jpg g3/35/806635/3/96482521.JEc91SIZ.jpg g3/35/806635/3/96483329.CGRcGZkK.jpg g3/35/806635/3/96483063.reG7hFDW.jpg g4/35/806635/3/90997353.D18e3n1K.jpg
g3/35/806635/3/88963139.kF3t92qo.jpg g3/35/806635/3/96861486.bb0AW93Z.jpg g10/35/806635/3/90994841.59YDyneV.jpg g10/35/806635/3/91004871.YzJJBMBN.jpg g4/35/806635/3/90992931.d2KVI3zY.jpg
g3/35/806635/3/96858489.wXBiX5VM.jpg Kick'n Butt at the Dog Park Play Time - How did I get myself into this mess! Look! I've found water and it's nice and cool. Fun at the Dog Park
g3/35/806635/3/96862912.hzsc3G5c.jpg Look Dad - I can walk on Air! On the Run On the Attack g3/35/806635/3/96861972.n07w8Ugy.jpg
g10/35/806635/3/91004133.ivYXQVMG.jpg g4/35/806635/3/90995535.1fCh23Wq.jpg g3/35/806635/3/96530629.dV1qn8gR.jpg g4/35/806635/3/91006058.r7Z4WtAp.jpg Boy this picture taking stuff is hard work.... Time for a nap.
g4/35/806635/3/90994161.sP2XT1Nz.jpg More Dog Park Fun g3/35/806635/3/96862777.IF0CPblZ.jpg More Fun at the Dog Park g3/35/806635/3/96866565.DNb4iqlL.jpg
g3/35/806635/3/96866856.csb2UjkU.jpg g3/35/806635/3/96867274.H3xr0154.jpg g3/35/806635/3/96867605.2H1Elmzk.jpg g3/35/806635/3/96922227.hRqhLlxX.jpg g3/35/806635/3/96922925.u3kLgxBk.jpg
g3/35/806635/3/96932305.kFvI9GTP.jpg g5/35/806635/3/98628751.1G4t8yhB.jpg g1/35/806635/3/104723380.Fb96eYMU.jpg g1/35/806635/3/104723719.WvPNQ5GH.jpg g5/35/806635/3/98629213.oRr9wbvh.jpg
g1/35/806635/3/104460656.vR2HrWoD.jpg g1/35/806635/3/104461976.Vp90jbKL.jpg g1/35/806635/3/104462627.IwF0Lhqa.jpg g1/35/806635/3/104462778.wBgm5A65.jpg g1/35/806635/3/104723129.Efkedw6q.jpg
g4/35/806635/3/142914494.NduThykL.jpg g4/35/806635/3/142914811.nrswJhZD.jpg g4/35/806635/3/142914820.BkPrMRwe.jpg g4/35/806635/3/142914979.Oaoke4ZU.jpg g4/35/806635/3/142914980.kb9MQiJu.jpg
g4/35/806635/3/142915034.ALETSB6M.jpg g4/35/806635/3/142915060.wUkA8OXV.jpg g4/35/806635/3/142915073.KseaFPha.jpg g4/35/806635/3/144667872.8TFThfQu.jpg