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Get it off your chest

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yo momma 20-Dec-2009 06:33
yes lets have a big peace rally so I wont have to go to war even though my country dosnt have the draft anymore and it's all volontier force .But someone might see me for the coward i rely am . God knows I don't want to support my friends and aunts . cousin,s uncles .Aunts nieces . My Fellow Americans because i am a coward and i follow crowds and i cant think for myself .Yet I claim to be a individual wow .I think I crapped my pants agin its ok Ive got depends .My physic says its all part of my repressed child hood and hes teaching me to blame everyone else for my problums .God forbid I should grow a pair of balls and become a real man . That I should be able to make a decision on my own and stand behind what I say .That I should support my friends and neighbour's .Not that im talking about the ones here on this Island but the ones who were repressed for most of thier live's The one's who because they where jewish and liveing in the northern part of that country that good old Sadam gas'd them with nerve agent . Which will make your muscles twitch and spasm beyound your wildest nightmares .You know that little muscle spasm that you've had in your life only its your whole body constricting and pulverizing you crushing bones orgin's everything in your body till your just a mass of goo in a skin bag .You still think its a joke right .He did this to over 169 towns of Kurd's killing Men , woman and even more importantly children . Not care'ng who he did this to .to include the dogs and cats rats ect . Then he bull dozed the towns flat like they never exzist'd .How quickly you forget and now you proclaim that the towers were blown up by our own people .Have you gone insane .You over fed over indulging pampper'd cry baby .When have you ever wanted for anything .Pop you'r mommas titty out your fucking mouth and grow the fuck up .Earn what you get accept blame for your own actions .Become a responsable part of this society .Quit takeing and offer a hand to thiose les fortunate than you .Or do you rather see everyone else suffer whe you can give a hand and help a brother up .What caused you to think this is helping anything ? Have a nice day .Do you need a hot meal .a ride to a shelter ?