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Sarah Bell 23-Feb-2009 16:14
My father made this sign. His name is Philip Enriquez. I remember Heritage USA as a child... I remember so much... seeing it being built, etc.
Guest 16-Sep-2007 03:16
Hello Fred,
Have not forgot about ya. Was on a vacation, came back for a couple of days, then left for a few more days for some camping and exploring with the scouts. Came back for a few more days and left again for a hunting invitation with some company rep's (which turned out fruitless, but enjoyable), and just got back 2 days ago. So I apologize for not replying back right away.
I was thinking of what you said, and I asked my wife if I appear to be "down on myself" sometimes, and she suprisingly replied with a yes. I never thought I was being down on myself, just remembering the mistakes of the past and careful not to repeat them again and to set a better example for my kids than I set for others in the past. The more I thought of that, I do tend to "dwell" on the past. I'm not saying remembering past mistakes is a bad thing, but mabey I should not constantly dwell on what could have been.
Buy ya know what they say, all things happen for a reason, and you can always take a bad thing and make something good out of it. And I strive to do just that as I'm very sure you do too. My asumption may be far from the truth, but you appear to take things in stride better than alot of people do. And if I'm right, your the example I try to set for my kids and our scouts alike.
But I needed ya to know I had not forgot about ya and I do appreciate your kindness and time. Thanks. Piece Back At Ya!
Fred 31-Aug-2007 03:04
Rob - you are too down on yourself - and you take responsibility seriously (as we all should). You've got a lot going for you - the Bible is what we all have to go on. Christians believe it's the word of God. True it's written by men (just like us - messed up in areas - flying right in others), but hold on to the content of it all - if we do what it tells us (which is the most difficult because of our nature) it will really make some things "click" and things can get better. Believe me, the bad stuff you mentioned, can all be forgiven if you just as God and try your best to change for the better.
The challenge may be trying to forgive yourself of the bad stuff you talked about - give yourself a break - take a breath of fresh air - ask God to handle that stuff you mentioned. Seriously - He does love you and does fogive us as long as we forgive ourselves and others. I have a gut feeling you've got that in you. Take it easy - seek Him, you don't have to clean yourself all up before God will listen to you. I used to believe I had to be perfect before He'd listen to me. Hey - about the college class - nah, my friends were all ordinary big time sinners like me - trying to get it right. From your letter - I wouldn't have avoided you - most of all - God won't either Peace.
Guest 24-Aug-2007 00:23
Hey Fred,
Let me be clear, not all christians are wrong.
There are millions of people on earth who regardless of there religion, try to live the best life they know how to live. I don't fault anyone for that.
Me on the other hand, well, one word sums me up, "bad". I certainly have not done everything I could do to live a good life. (Lord knows!) However, I won't make excuses for my actions. (and I'm not saying you do.). Every negative thing I've done and continue to do was my decision to do so, and I make no excuses for it. Some people make excuses for their actions, and I don't buy it. And many people are very quick to tell you your not living a good life. But those need to pay less attention to others and more to themselves.
I've read your other posts and you seem to be a modest person, and type of personality is hard to come by these days. I certainly appreciate it.
But many times, I come off wrong to others with my words. I've never been good at that. But I just wanted you to know I don't think every body is wrong for trying to live a good life, and I also wanted to make clear, I take full responsibility for everything I do every day, weather it be right or wrong. Usually, its wrong! And I won't , and don't mean to sound as I do, tell someone how they should live their life, and still would not even if I had room to talk.
Same classes in college??? I'm gonna guess I remind you of that person you always tried to distance yourself from! ;)
fred 23-Aug-2007 02:19
Easy Guest - If Christians are all wrong - then we've tried to live an honest life, a good one - filled with joy that didn't come with sin attached to it. I would like to leave this world knowing I tried to live a good life - honest as I can be - no regrets. If you might be wrong - what a chance you could be taking with eternity. It sounds like you and I had the same classes in college. Be at peace - there is a God, and He really does love you. Take it easy -
Guest 24-Jul-2007 07:29
Who is to say how a "true christian" should behave. Heritage USA was part of a big ministry to begin with. This was a new brand of ministry starting with one of the first few satellite networks in the world. It was different from the beginning, and the people of the PTL club liked it this way. Many, many people have fond memories of Heritage, PTL and Jim and Tammy. They were touched by them and that my friend is an important part of this equation whether you believe in it or not.
Janie Cox 24-Jul-2007 01:44
I'd like to buy and reopen---any intrested partners??
Pray About It...
Jerome Brown 23-Jul-2007 18:55
PTL was a great place. He who is without sin may cast stones. I am not SIN LESS but because of JESUS and His FINISHED work at Calvery, I am FREE! PTL will always hold a special place in my heart. The Wagon Wheel...I remember working there before we moved into the Grand. Those were some very special times in my life that I will NEVER forget. Today we honor the memory of a GREAT Woman of GOD...The former Tammy Baker. SHe has a place with Jesus in Heaven and I know that we will all keep the Family in our thoughts and PRAYERS. God Bless Jim as well. We that are CHILDERN of GOD R 4 Given. God Bless You ALL!
Guest 23-Jul-2007 06:29
If you're a true Christian (or "true" to any other religion) you're out to helping people. Not building "fantasy lands" with other people money. Send money to the poor in Africa, help America's homeless, provide basic healthcare to the Peruvians.

That said, after the events over the past few days, I've been browsing the web for images of Heritage USA. Of course heard of it during the heydays, but never had anything that disgust for it. Did not realize how big it was.

So, wow! Fascinating - but for all the wrong reasons. This place would have been "OK" if it would have been a "for profit" place and marketed as such. But telling people that this is some type of "holy place" and that you'll go to hell unless you "pledge", that's the devil speaking! What happend to Jimmy and his entourage was likely well deserved.
Fred 09-Jul-2007 03:08
I don't know how much remains of this place today - but it was special to so many. One thing I know is - compassion and forgiveness goes a long way - it also says alot about our character. According to the Bible - only one man was without sin - so all of us, including those who created HUSA, have sinful natures. Thank God - He saves us by His grace, compassion and forgiveness. We serve a TREMENDOUS God.
Gayle 02-Jul-2007 05:05
folks! call on your senses! Christianity is in the heart, it's the true love for God, it's the good fruits that we bear, the good seeds that we sow, it is the brother that we help from the ditch, the poor that we give to, the worship that we exercise, the praise that we give to God, the forgiveness that we offer, and more important than all the personal relationship that we have with God, none of the above have anything to do whatsoever with money, grand hotels, water slides, merry-go-rounds, or theme parks! Jim Bakker sinned? Have you?
Fred 17-Jun-2007 19:47
My parents took our family here back in the late seventies and I remember this sign - also all of the speed limit signs stating "Speed limit checked by God." Man - what a picture that put in a kid's head - God hiding in the bushes with a radar gun.

To the previous guest - you're RIGHT and I never thought about it until now - it does remind me of Hee Haw! What can one say about the seventies decor and shows - we could actually call this sign - retro.
Guest 26-Mar-2006 02:34
Everytime I see this sign, I think of the theme song to "Hee Haw."
James Hutto 12-Dec-2005 18:39
I went with my parents in 1987 to Heritage USA, my parents were big Jim and Tammy Faye Baker fans, I wasn't a fan persay, I was more into Transformers then Televised Church. I enjoyed the trip to the park, I loathed the 'gatherings'. But then again I was a teenager. It was inspiring to see the family that the workers became.

It is a shame to see it fall apart and get picked apart by contractor and other people who want the land for seperate construction. I honestly wish someone would buy up the place and restore it back to what it once was, yes update it, yes tear down buildings that are falling apart and rebuild. But there is a definite need for a christian based park. But please let it be built by a group of people who don't have a political adjenda.
Guest 20-Oct-2005 16:26
loved the place....God Bless you Bob
Tim Horton 31-Aug-2005 03:23
I think it takes a lot of balls to go on TV and tell poor and elderly people to send in as much cash as possible so that you can open an amusment park. As much as I don't like Disney, I would rather take my kids there than some "bible based" theme park. And as for needing $20,000 to start a ministry, WOW, if people start giving that nutjob more money, then I'm starting my own church called "Give all your money to me for Jesus." Only a well trained psychologist can help the poeple that are gullible enough to want to give money to some "religious" rich guy. This place is not of God. "Thou shalt not take thy Lords name in vain"!
If someone needs my help, I help them for FREE. Jim Baker belongs in jail. Good riddence!
DB 23-Jul-2005 02:49
The problem was not inspired by God but by the carnal minds of unjust and deceitful men and women.
Bob Vanasek 28-Aug-2004 03:22
I was thinking about Heritage USA today (as I often do) and found this site via a search engine. I worked at Heritage USA in transportation for about 4 years and lived on the grounds for part of that time. There were hundreds of times when I had the privilege of bringing from the airport a bus load of first time visitors to Heritage and their first image was the Heritage USA sign. I can't tell you how many times I heard people say, as they entered the grounds, that they felt the presence of the Holy Spirit. During my years at Heritage, I had the opportunity to watch the complex grow almost literally, brick-by-brick. I also worked part-time for a subcontractor installing about 50% of the lock sets in the hotel as it was being built. There is probably no one who enjoyed the Christmas Lights more than I did, having worked in transportation as a tram & bus driver. I left Heritage in Oct of '87 and when Heritage reopened under the Malaysian Group in 92, came back for 6 months so I could be part of the startup crew. Seeing these photographs today is for me a two-edge sward. I have lots of great memories of better times and wonderful people: staff, visitors and guests. And I have the heartache of seeing such a warm, Spirit-Filled place fall into such disarray. Like many others, I have often wondered why a group has not come forward to revitalize something that has meant so much to so many. What's a 100 Million dollars? Isn't it just a $100 a million times over? There are several church denominations that have millions of members ~ members who could have and most likely would have each donated a little to bring new life to a God inspired vision, if only given the opportunity.