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Guest 16-Sep-2007 04:38
Are you sure you did not once preach at the church I used to attend? ;)
We had one pastor, David, when I started to attend. He was a very "down to earth" kind of person to me. I remember one day he said in a sermon that almost all of us sin every day, and that angered some of the people in the congregation, mainly those who tried to live with a "perfect" label.
I know that no one is perfect. We all have a certain inperfection, and we all make mistakes. This is why some of the people I admire the most have the common decency to admit they make mistakes, no matter how big, small, or just plain dumb. ( like the day I locked myself out of the house for two hours before realizing the house key was in my pocket). I invest alot of trust in these people, unlike others who can't owe up to a dumb mistake and live much of their life trying to prove their "perfectness" ot other people. We're human, and sometimes we do dumb stuff. Heck, I could probably write a novel only consisting of the dumb things I've done!
You say it well when you say "politics". I attended a small church and after Pastor David left, it just became more and more political. And I found the other congregations in my area were no differn't. It finally came to a point where I finally had to say enough. It became tiring of being treated as the black sheep, if you will, while watching others stress out their lifes trying to live two seperate lives. With the exception of a few couples, no one would see me for who I am. I realize the earring and the long hair played a factor, but I refused to change myself to please the others. IMO, that would mean I was being dishonest with myself and others around me, and seeing all of the double live's around me, I refused to go that route too.
But there again, I learned a life lesson from my experience, not to judge others for how they look. I know plenty of "burly", tattooed, motorcycle riders who my parents taught me to stay clear of, but most of them are just like me and stereo-typed as being the bad person TV has taught us. And I think it would suprise alot of "perfect" people to know these people are professionals and/or devote their lives in saving other lives. These same people saved my father's life in route to a hospital after a severe heart-attack, and it is sad it took that event to open my mother's eyes up to realize we're all human, just in differn't dress. Although I'm not "burly", I do sport a few of tattoos and ride a motorcycle. The earring is long gone, as is the hair too, but the one thing that will always remain with me is trust in the imperfect person.
I hope you take pride in yourself Fred. Your kind is a dying bread, on the verge of extinction. I certainly hope ANYONE reading your posts is taking something away with them, because the world needs more of you. I can't thank you enough!
Fred 31-Aug-2007 04:00
Rob - nobody can look to a church for perfection - no matter what they profess or how they may act. The world and Christians alike have labeled Christianity as "like Christ - without spot or blemish." It's humanly impossible to be sinless and as soon as both the world and church realize this - maybe some intense healing - the real thing - can take place. I know the scene you are describing and I hear your words. Seriously, if we look to the churches for perfection we will always be disappointed. If we really keep our eyes on Jesus - He's the real deal - and won't leave you disappointed. The politics of church life is just that - politics, that's not Jesus. Jesus got ticked with that once and turned over a few tables in anger. I think He would do the same in my church and most likely in my own life. I still go to my church with the faults it has. I've just got to remind myself that they are people, people who Jesus would forgive if they truly asked. I've got to do the same. We are not perfect - and it's very hard to live up to the expectation. God's not gonna care one hoot about my church activities - He's going to look right into my heart and see right through me. The only thing I can do is be honest with Him.
Guest 28-Aug-2007 02:09
Well, the longer I'm here, the more I see, many , but not all, of these people remind me of the old congregations I've attended at one time or another.
There are always plenty of people telling you your no good and making false acusations.

When I was a child, I was taught it was my duty to help spread the word about God to everyone. I was never told anything about having a duty to drive people away.

I guess thats one of the biggest things you people don't get. (The ones who refer to you as evil if your not Christian). When I decided to give up my "christian" status, I felt so much better. It felt like breaking free of chains.
Trying to live by the book isn't hard, quite frankly. Its 3/4's of the people in the congregation who made it so damn stressful to be a Christian. You'd ask a question, and never get an answer, but was sure to be told your not living up to par.

Notice I do not tell Christians whole heartedly they are evil people? 3/4's of so-called Christians consider non-believers, like myself as evil people. What is wrong in your society people? Is there a constant struggle among the congregation as to who can be the better christian? Is this what drives you people to act in ways that only hurts society in whole?

I'm not sorry I do not get the new Christian ways. If I have to stoop so low to tell others they are full of sin and make faulse accusations against others to be a "holy" person, then forget it! This world is filled with enough hate, and it doesn't need more hate. Look where the hate is coming from! Not I!

I said before, attendence keeps falling in congregations. When I was a child, the average Sunday service brought 73 people. I know, I counted the heads. Approx. Five years ago, the last person I seen who was still attending that congregation said the average attendence was now 33 people. This town has grown five fold in that period.

This same trend is seen among most congregations. And I saw then the same I see now. If the whole purpose of Christianity was to live by Gods word, be faithful to yourself and others, and help spread the word of God's love (Gosple), then why is totally the opposite being practiced by so many people who call themselves Christians?

This has nothing to do with the 1/4 of Christians who still honestly live by God's word. But for you other 3/4's, don't tell me how I should live and make accusations about me. As a Non-christian, I treat people with better respect than I'm sure most of you even showed your mother. I do more to bring this society together than you will ever do. I don't just talk like you do. If there is a God, you should all be ashamed of yourselves. 3/4's of you are of absolute no good to the benifit of society or yourselves. No wonder I'm happier without Jesus in my life.

And toward the 1/4 of you TRUE christians, Bless you. Your wonderful people, and I personally thank each and every one of you for your honesty and contributions to society.You all are truly special people to have the pacience to congregate with posers, and still leave with your own beliefs on whats right and wrong. Not this new-age belief.

If there is any anger I have toward anyone here, its because you wish to be known as a christian, but don't want the responsibilities that come with being one of God's servants. You carry more sin on your backs than a non-christian like myself does. So don't try to defend yourselves. You can't argue logic, and we can see right through you!

Thanks to the 1/4 TRUE believers,
Guest 10-Mar-2007 08:44
Hey, Perrys Jewelery was here! Now it's in Southpark!