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Barn with HOLY roof 2.jpg

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Thai Moir 26-Feb-2008 06:21
This place is still pretty neat to see, especially if you have memories.I live in Fort Mill and have for about 15 years. I remember one day, about 2-3 years ago, driving around just to see what had become of the place. It truly is a "ghost town." I remember as a child coming to the water park, horse back riding, and seeing the main hotel back in the early 90's. Now, the livable side of it is called Regent Park. Big golf course and homes that range from small to large.
Fred 31-Aug-2007 04:19
It was said once, the Shepard would leave the flock of 99 to go out to save the one. A Star Trek saying "does the good of the many outweight the good of the one?" The numbers have changed a bit - the one has become the 75% - according to your stats and God is wanting to rescue them too. Fact is - we all need Jesus - we do. Even the ones who don't want to be rescued - like me every now and then. Ease up on the hypocrits - accept that they are everywhere and nobody can change them....except a real life dose of Jesus in an event they never planned on. He died for them too. Peace Rob -
Geri Jewell 31-Jul-2007 00:22
IS there a long-term plan for these buildings, or are they simply awaiting demolishment?
guest 24-Jul-2007 18:06
Everything in this park was built in the 80's ? Seems to me that the buildings should have lasted a lot longer even if no one was taking care of them. Was Tammy's newest husband , Messner, in charge of construction for Heritage USA ? (thought I read that somewhere) If that is the case it should be no suprise that it is falling apart. From what I read the new husband was also a known con man in the construction field. It is very sad to see it falling apart. I never vistited but would like to think that if the people who have the rights to it were indeed charitable people they could donate the use to groups who need it. Maybe this is why the fire dept uses it for training ? I am not an angel, I have sinned, I pary that God forgives my sins. I think any Christian believes the same but some of the comments here (from both sides of the fence) are made out of hate. Sorry but even the comments made by some about the towers are a little scary. They want to rebuild so they can house elderly people who need to re-annoit themselves? Why didn't that person just say " I am the new Jim Bakker, and We want all your life savings?"...I truly pray if they do re-build it is not used for the purpose that man described. The God I believe in, does not love me based on the size of my donation or check book balance.
Guest 11-Dec-2006 00:08
Is there any chance of getting into this place and being able to walk around a bit without getting into too much trouble? I'd love to see it for myself.
Guest 02-Sep-2006 13:18
NO, these holes were not from Hugo. I attended many, many meetings there after 89'
Most of this decay happened in the late 90's.
The barn has been completed renovated now and looks great.
Brian 27-Mar-2006 03:50
This was where many of the TV shows were shot. The holes were made by Hurricane Hugo in 1989 and nothing has done with the building until very recently--so when this picture was taken, this was about 12-14 years of decay. I understand now that some work is being done--I'm not sure if it is remodeling or tearing down.