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lonely waterfountain.jpg

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Cheryl 14-Jun-2008 23:17
Guest - I agree with you. I don't know why all the non-believers visit this site.
Always wanted to visit Heritage USA, just didn't take the time. I have been to Disneyland many times and the idea of a chritian amusement park was great.
A bit of fun in the sun and a "praise the Lord" too. Awsome !!!
Guest 10-May-2008 15:51
I'm wondering why all the non-believers visit this web site...I have wonderful memories of having visited Heritage USA
Michael 03-Aug-2007 20:49
Those arguing about whether or not the Devil is to blame for the fall of this place are BOTH right in a way. Greed and lust and corruption IS what caused this ministry to fall - those were the vehicles used to bring the fall of Jim Bakker. But we must understand who the driver of that vehicle is . Greed and corruption are not part of God's character - they are contrary to Him. The devil is contrary to God - and his job is to steal, kill, and destroy through any means he can (usually counterfeiting). We (as people created in God's image for His pleasure) are at the top of his list. And the more prominent a Christian minister is, the more of a threat to the Devil's agenda he will be. Why would the devil spend a lot of time bringing down a 95 year old lady in suburbia? What degree of effect would that have? But bring down Jim Bakker or Ted Haggard - and millions are affected. I don't agree with the cliche "the devil made me do it" because we are all responsible for our actions, responses and reactions. But the devil is responsible for the spirit of greed and the spirit of corruption - they are his devices. When Christians fall into any sin, they are 100% responsible and accountable for it - no blame....but there is a difference between a reason and an excuse. The devil is never an excuse or a cop-out...but he is largely the reason for all the bad and hurt and confusion. And as for hypocrasy....those who claim to be Born Again are claiming to be reconciled with God on His terms, and to have a connection with his Spirit. But we are still flesh. Flesh and Spirit will war until the day we die. Sometimes, unfortunately, the flesh wins. In those cases, it doesn't necessarily mean game over.....necessarily. Being an authentic believer doesn't mean never falling off course - that was what Jesus ministered to the religious leaders of his day - it means staying on the same course faithfully. Getting up at least one more time than you fall down. And the only place to be spiritually healthy, is to be desperate for God. Arrogant judgmental preachers are no worse than the arrogant judgemental people who don't think they need God and feel they have the right to condemn everybody else.
Guest 27-Jul-2007 02:44
This is where they dispensed the lethal kool-aid
Kenny Lee 22-Jul-2007 14:11
I agree with JJ about greed being the downfall of this place. I grew up on SW Virginia; one of the buckle holes in the bible belt, and my folks had high hopes I grow up to be a minister or something. As I grew older and developed a mind of my own I saw the greed that not only destroyed this place but was / is the downfall of many. I would rather give my money to an organization that I know is going to get the job done. Raise money! Great... show me a little girl / boy from WV or KY with some new shoes and cloths. Raise money for that! You'll get my dime then...
Jersey Jill 02-Feb-2007 23:29
Do you guys hand over your brains when you become fundamentalists? Did you even have brains to begin with? The devil didn't cause the downfall of this tacky place. Greed and hubris was to blame. Ol' Jim and his fur-lined dog house. Can you say golden calf?
CHRISTIAN ROSS 11-Jun-2006 21:41
That's exactly what happened.When the DEVIL see's GOD'S work being done,he hates it.That's his jealousy of not being as great as GOD,so he will try to destroy it.But he can never destroy the great memories and the the souls saved by JIM&TAMMY.I pray ONE day it wiil be restored and returned to GLORY!AMEN C
Guest 28-Dec-2005 07:22
Yeah, this really upsets God. Never mind that there are children starving and wars are being waged. Christians need to get their money together and rebuild this amusement park. That is what really matters.
Guest 05-Dec-2005 02:12
The Devil is to blame? Are you for real? Yikes!
Guest 22-Nov-2005 19:37
I think the Lord is saddened by this. It shows how the devil can work if we let him. This was a wonderful place that Christian people could come and enjoy and people were being born-again and the devil didn't like it so he had to get in there and destroy things. But you can never destroy God's work!!!
jkor 20-May-2005 01:20
So sad!