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Kings castle water park.jpg

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bubblesmonkey22-Jan-2012 05:22
Im sorry to interrupt your discussion, but i have a question about the castle. When was it painted green, yellow and purple? when i saw videos of it in the 1980s, the steeples were the same color as the stone material and there were round awnings on some of the openings. Were they just not finished with it yet? or did someone climb up there and paint it themselves?
JustAnObserver 11-Dec-2008 06:19
You are right. Nothing was ever "SOLD" at H USA. They would have a project going, like the "Bunkhouse" or the "Hotel", which I can't recall what they were calling it. Your donation, if indicated in the plea for donatations, would include the lifetime membership and a week stay a year at the project building you donated to.
Kevins house was different where you donated to the house, but obviously you could not stay there so there was a huge plate at the front door where the donators names would be placed.
I remember the Hotel being built and paid for by the donations as the floors went up. Jim B increased the height of the hotel to get more donations. The last I heard when the scandle hit was the hotel was never finished. It sat with boxes of equipment, wall material, electrical equipment sitting on the unfinished floors. I don't think it was ever built to the height that was expected.
H USA was a place where all Christians planned to visit and having a room to stay in was just a perk for all that H USA offered.
Everyone looks at the scandle and makes comments of the visible but if you had actually seen what H USA was about, you might have had a different feeling. Losing H USA was a loss for the Christian community.

Guest 24-Aug-2007 02:27
Believe me. Have a little faith in me. I can, with a little confidence, make a much bigger mess! ;)

But me confused. If people were getting their lifetime memberships by making a DONATION, then how could they be pulling back thus the PTL loose money? Arn't "donations" non-refundable?
I know about the deal with giving more memberships than they had room for, thus lead to the building of the tower.
I followed alot if it too, but I never remember the PTL making "sales". I thought their money was all "donations", and if you donated so much, you recieved this membership.
During the trial, I heard the PTL gang plead guilty to "mismanagement", but the judge did not fall for their claims. I heard the organization could have used mismanagement to cover for the embezzling, but because they claimed to be "non-profit", mismanagement would not cover them for embezzling, because they should have not had money to embezle.
Humm, confusing!

But their not the first non-for-profit org to embezzle money, and they won't be the last either.

On a side note regarding building more rooms for guests, did anyone not think that hotel rooms were not going to solve problems? Think about it, the more visitors you have, the bigger your other building will have to be, unless you plan for your guests to spend most of their time in their hotel or outdoors. The other buildings would be overtaxed with the influx of people.
Thats my opinion anyways.
Fred 23-Aug-2007 02:50
I don't believe PTL/Bakkers were not making those kind of promises about Heaven - I believe what you heard was rumored - seriously - I followed what was going on - simply - they couldn't provide enough space (accomodations) for the amount of memberships they sold and the whole sad scandle thing coming down at the same time - made many pull their memberships - leaving stuff unpaid for. Still - compassion - it goes a long way. It was a BIG mess - one, I'm sure any of us could have made.
Guest 24-Jul-2007 14:41
What amazing vision and guts to takle such a project. Not quite Disney but I applaud it. I'm glad to hear those who were young children who enjoyed it here....I had no idea. What a cool thing to do for is so sad that there were not enough checks and balances financially so that this whole thing didn't fulfill a pretty good purpose.
Fred 02-Jun-2007 04:53
I echo you Jeff - we all have to forgive, fix what we can in the "now" and move forward. What happened to the Bakkers - it could have been any of us under the right/wrong circumstances.
Jeff Blair 31-May-2007 04:11
Looking at these photos brings back a lot of memories. My parents and I would visit H-USA on our way to my aunts house during the summer. It is very sad at what has happened and what led to the destruction. I can understand why some would feel the need to bash or lash out at christians or the christian faith but I am thankful that I serve a forgiving God, one that looks past our shortcomings and sees the good. God Bless.
Guest 10-Mar-2007 07:28
The last guest comment is a perfect example of an idiot generation. Don't tell me, your under 25? right? You're parents gave you everything and never said no to you. You never had chores and you passed through school because they didn't know what else to do with you. You can't remember a time without the internet. Like, when you needed to do your research through actual books. Wait! You don't know HOW to research.
Guest 27-Jun-2006 05:08
This must be where King Lame-O lives and rules over his loyal dorkwads. Can I get an Amen?
libby 19-Jun-2006 03:21
cool i love this place
Brian 27-Mar-2006 03:56
First of all, "Give your life" and "Die" are two different things. Morningstar is asking for people who are willing to devote their lives to missions work, as opposed to working a 9 to 5 in a corporate environment. This is not a jihad.

Secondly, this castle was over in a section of PTL meant for children--there was a pool, a roller rink, a video arcade, etc., and this was to be a Wendy's burger joint. It is, from what I understand, still in very good condition (though the roller rink/arcade nearby has been torn down completely). Why not make it into a children's ministry?
Guest 08-Jan-2006 08:04
Bahahaha! That'd be awesome! I know I'd give MY life to the! And my money too! :)
John Jacob Jingle Heimer 16-Nov-2005 18:35
Yeah, sounds like a cult in the making. Crazy "christians".
Guest 03-Sep-2005 16:24
"We're seeking to train up a generation of radical missionaries who will give their lives for the sake of the gospel,"
thats funny, there are some muslims that will die for their cause, an islamic state. we call them terrorist.
Satan 03-Sep-2005 02:18
I would like to use this for MY idea. It should be made into a national meeting centre for everyone whose into D&D. And, we could hold Black Masses there. Think of the irony.
Krystal 02-Oct-2004 02:35
And you thought Jerry Fallwell on the waterslide was a frightening thing? Read on . . .

To read the full article, follow the link:

Big plans in the works for PTL Empire
Thursday, September 23, 2004

If the castle can be restored, MorningStar wants to use it as a children's ministry. It is all part of the group’s master plan.

"We're seeking to train up a generation of radical missionaries who will give their lives for the sake of the gospel," Joyner said.

MorningStar Ministries is based in Charlotte, North Carolina.