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holes in roof of Barn.jpg

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Guest 04-Sep-2007 16:22
I agree with Pam. There is a lot of sadness in these pictures. I realize that a lot of people gave money that ended up being misused, however, looking at these photos does give a sense of "what might have been" in the hands of someone else.

Pam Prinn 31-Jul-2007 00:29
no matter what your beliefs or opinions, there's alot of sadness in these pictures.
Guest 24-Jul-2007 14:36
I never knew much about Heritage until I"ve been looking into it since Tammy Faye's death. I never realized how many people visited and really enjoyed this place. That is what is so sad about it all. I think it was quite visionary of Jim Baker to build such a place! Walt Disney did it and it was ok...but why was it wrong for
Chiristians? The wrong was his abuse of it and the unfortunate ....
Fred 15-Jun-2007 02:28
Man - I was just a kid when this place was under construction - brand new, no walls, just rafters and the roof. Our family went camping the year it was being built and we have some slides of this place. When I was growing up, all I knew was that the purpose of Heritage USA was to make a nice place for Christians to vacation and to create an atmosphere to make positive changes in their lives. Sad how we all fall into temptations and sin, even with the most pure first motives. I remembered seeing signs for new construction saying, "built to the glory of God" (even outside this building). Really disheartening to know, how the best plans deviate from the original blue print. It's good to know God forgives us even for our messed up plans to glorify Him.
Peter 13-Jun-2007 17:21
Charles, careful using God's Word for your own devices. This was Jim's sin and brought on his downfall. God came to give us life and that, more abundantly. Jim made the mistake and many still do, thinking God is a big banker wanting to make us rich. He does choose to make some rich and some poor but ultimately, I want to speak like Paul and say that whatever state I find myself in, rich or poor, to choose to be content. I lived and worked at HUSA for two years and was very involved. Suffice it to say, I knew the imporant people well. I, unlike you, can speak with authority. Not being rude just exhorting you to love and good works...
Be blessed Charles!
Acacia Grove 30-May-2007 07:20
Well Jerry Falwel is dead now.
Guest 10-Mar-2007 07:18
I think Charles follows Jerry Falwell. Sad, Very Sad.
Kristen 06-Dec-2006 19:24
I guess I don't get why anything nice that a Christian has, is a waste??? I also don't get why you don't have anything better to do than get on here and attack people who are just discussing fond memories from their past.
Guest 24-Mar-2006 17:27
I am a Christian as well and am enthralled by these photos. I know that Jim and Tammi had their problems, character-wise, as we all do, however, I think that they started it all with the very best of intentions. I love hearing the positive comments from people who were there about how the atmosphere there and people were so different. I bet they were...more focused on the love and the good things of God.
Charles 01-Feb-2006 16:44
Unless the Lord builds the house....Christians had better come to the realization that this type of waste is found on the BROAD PATH that leads to destruction. Our Master wouldn't have been caught dead in this ridiculous monument to greed and pretentiousness. Thanks for the web site...I never knew this hell existed.
June 23-Dec-2005 00:37