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Iris NY Soccer

***UPDATE 10/10, we're now 0-6... :-(***

Some shots from my company's soccer team playing in the Chelsea Pier's league. So far we're 0-2 but we had a huge improvement from the first game (largely due to the addition of some British soccer stars!).

It was quite dark and I could only take pictures when I wasn't playing, obviously, so I only got a few good captures, but I'll be updating this as we play more games!
Stiff-arms aren't fouls are they? Just barely got past him... Luke centering. Stef drilling it home (i think the goalie got there for this one, sadly).
Makin a play! Luke working his magic. Way to take one for the team Si! Stewie taking a shot (i believe this was a goal).
Stef making a move. Cool Hand Luke at work. Pretty sure he kicked the wall.... g1/78/587478/3/104534128.1HZ1CJj2.jpg
g1/78/587478/3/104534130.ElBidYc2.jpg Aww they're holding hands. YOU GOT TIME! Good pass.
Sean's redemption, they're not getting past him this time! g1/78/587478/3/104534141.LCpclFzp.jpg g1/78/587478/3/104534145.q4izDaJg.jpg Kind of lumbering along...
g1/78/587478/3/104534149.85k7VXJs.jpg Yeah, we get it, you're good. Get in there Sean! Can I get some help??
YEAH PHIL! g1/78/587478/3/104534162.5XDaFd2a.jpg g1/78/587478/3/104534164.TxsoOSeb.jpg Almost...
g1/78/587478/3/104534169.Aerhni5j.jpg DEFENSE!!! Nice work Phil. g1/78/587478/3/104534176.JpKXnyJx.jpg
g5/78/587478/3/104534179.7XBzQxNp.jpg YEAH PHIL!!! g1/78/587478/3/104534183.WQEBgx4Z.jpg g1/78/587478/3/104534186.0pZfoSFK.jpg
g1/78/587478/3/104534189.6DIFTZ2n.jpg g1/78/587478/3/104534191.tG91xSma.jpg g1/78/587478/3/104534193.oodW6VjA.jpg g1/78/587478/3/104534195.MDQJZLvG.jpg
g1/78/587478/3/104534197.mb1OzNVS.jpg g1/78/587478/3/104534199.NegnNnPh.jpg Get it! You got away from him, don't look so surprised!
And he fights back! YELLOW CARD! g1/78/587478/3/104534205.pwWftH5o.jpg Yeah Luke!
That shirt might be too big for ya. That jerk. g1/78/587478/3/104534209.GEEcOcpV.jpg g1/78/587478/3/104534210.mjgcCxzB.jpg
g1/78/587478/3/104534211.bS0yrBsX.jpg Yeah he moves well. g1/78/587478/3/104534213.PqfJseHx.jpg g1/78/587478/3/104534214.DPldpzsO.jpg
Me protecting my girlie self while Phil puts his game face on a touch early. g1/78/587478/3/104534216.oX4mOTdm.jpg g5/78/587478/3/104534217.hX6L765T.jpg Just took one in the balls... OUCH!
g1/78/587478/3/104534219.kr6gSHzs.jpg Missed it by that much... g1/78/587478/3/104534221.nbr4gZJN.jpg g1/78/587478/3/104534222.NvKYAqOO.jpg