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His strength is surpassed only by the power of his heart...

My first and only pet, miss him so much!
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IMG_0866.jpg Please, trying to sleep over here. OMG a 5d mk2?? There's totally room for me in your camera bag. Some day I'll escape, you just wait.
I can dream... Really? Still taking pictures? Someone save me from this guy. Seriously, why are you following me with the flashy thing??? Okay now you're just freaking me out.
Fine I'll give you one cute pose. Surely I can find a way to climb this tripod. You are so boring. Uh hi, wtf are you doing? Glamour pose.
This is my shelf. Gonna take a nap, don't mind me. See these teeth? They will destroy you. DO NOT WANT. Ugh...
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