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Carl H. Johnson01-Jan-2018 12:59
Carl H. Johnson25-Dec-2017 00:50
Gary14-Feb-2017 17:03
Thanks, Jim much appreciated...
Gary13-Feb-2017 16:55
Thanks, Jim. Yes, there are many magnificent Landscape subjects waiting to be photographed. We often over look the beauty setting just outside our door...
Gary10-Feb-2017 17:38
Yes, they are a beautiful animal in their own right...
Gary09-Feb-2017 17:10
Many thanks , Jim...
Gary08-Feb-2017 17:11
This snowshoe hike up this particular canyon never disappoints one for nice winter images.
Thanks for your nice comment...
Gary06-Feb-2017 17:46
Many thanks Jim for your nice comment on my Winter image...
Gary03-Feb-2017 15:07
Thanks Jim...
Gary28-Jan-2017 17:42
Many thanks, Jim...
Gary27-Jan-2017 17:15
Thanks, Jim.
I once did a series of sky/clouds images for a workshop and this is a reedited version of one of them, circa 2003
Gary24-Jan-2017 18:21
Many thanks, Jim. I've been going over some of my old images and re-editing them with my new Editing Software. I's amazing just how much I can improve those older images.
Gary03-Jan-2017 18:22
Thank, Jim we are finally having a typical Montana Winter, after so many open ones...
Gary01-Jan-2017 22:25
Thanks Jim,
This is a replacement lens for my old Tamron which just stopped working while photographing in sub zero weather. So far I'm quite satisfied with it' performance...
Gary21-Dec-2016 18:52
Many thanks Jim for your nice comment on my Winter image..
Have a joyous Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year...
Gary28-Nov-2016 19:11
Many thanks Jim...
Gary25-Nov-2016 18:38
Thanks Jim.
Gary17-Nov-2016 18:00
The real mature whitetail buck have yet to show up. The rut is a little late this year.
Gary15-Nov-2016 17:15
Thanks Jim...
Gary09-Nov-2016 17:07
Thanks Jim for your nice comment on my Moose image...
Gary08-Nov-2016 16:46
Thanks , Jim for your very nice comment on my Landscape image...
Gary07-Nov-2016 16:59
Many thanks, Jim...
Gary06-Nov-2016 17:07
I appreciate your nice comment on my Autumn image...
Gary02-Nov-2016 17:40
Thanks, Jim for your nice comments on my recent images...
Gary01-Nov-2016 16:58
Many thanks, Jim...
Gary24-Oct-2016 17:01
Thanks Jim. I was quite surprised to see this group of Moose and enjoyed photographing them.
Gary23-Oct-2016 23:53
Many thanks for your nice comment on my Larch Fir image...
Gary19-Oct-2016 16:35
Many thanks Jim for your nice comments on my work, I very much appreciate them...
Gary17-Oct-2016 16:51
Thanks Jim. I filled up three 16GB cards and I know it well take me forever to process them all...Unfortunately this stream is a catch and release, or I would have wet a fly and sampled the cutthroat population...
Gary10-Oct-2016 23:20
Many thanks Jim
Gary10-Oct-2016 16:56
Thanks Jim...
Gary07-Oct-2016 16:07
The day I took this image the clouds were really on display...
Gary29-Sep-2016 16:43
Thanks, Jim I appreciate your very nice comment on my Foggy Morning image...
Gary28-Sep-2016 15:54
I do appreciate your nice comments on my work...
Gary17-Sep-2016 17:02
Jim, thanks so very much for your nice comment on my Pelican image...
Gary16-Sep-2016 14:15
It's often stated we never appreciate our surroundings until they are no longer there. My west is gradually being consumed by subdivisions and just to darn many people. I grew up country, worked hard all my life and hoped too settle into a pleasant retirement with my wife to enjoy the solitude we had chosen for ourselves. Now, the rural area we chose, has been consumed by homes which are built on ranch land that had been in the families for generations because their off spring chose not to follow in the parents foot steps, or else the government regulated them out of business. The image I posted yesterday is no long a pristine meadow but a dried up piece of land not good for anything, because of a new diversion dam built to accommodate some sort of new industry built by some company from back east...
Gary15-Sep-2016 16:09
Many thanks Jim for your nice comment on my Landscape image...
Gary14-Sep-2016 15:53
I appreciate your nice comment on my Rainbow image...
Gary12-Sep-2016 15:18
Thanks for your nice comment on my HDR image...
Gary12-Sep-2016 15:17
I appreciate your nice comment on my HDR image...
Gary11-Sep-2016 16:52
Thanks Jim...
Gary09-Sep-2016 15:55
Thanks, Jim.
Over the years and hundreds of images from YNP I count this as one of my favorites. I'm quite fortunate in as much as we are a short four hour drive from the Park, we often make a long day trip to the Park. Summers are bad, as you might know, so we try to go a couple times in the Fall, which is better anyway.
Gary08-Sep-2016 16:23
No Jim, the frosted fence was this past winter...
Gary06-Sep-2016 16:49
Thanks Jim. I can not even image climbing on one of those bulls, not even for the money...
Gary31-Aug-2016 16:21
I appreciate your nice comment on my Sunset image...
Gary28-Aug-2016 15:58
Thanks, Jim for your nice comment on my Sunset reflection image...
Gary21-Aug-2016 15:27
The area near those Falls are loaded with so many small Falls and cascades one could spend a week up there photographing them. The only problem most of the down hill Falls and cascades are in road less areas and one would have to climb back out. At my age I can no longer do that and carry all my equipment.
Gary14-Aug-2016 16:23
Thanks, Jim on your nice comment on my Sunset image and also my Pintail image...
Gary11-Aug-2016 16:29
I appreciate your kind words on my Landscape image...
Gary10-Aug-2016 15:13
Thanks Jim, for your nice comments on my two Swallow images.
Gary08-Aug-2016 15:44
Thanks, Jim. Pelicans are not local to our area, but are often seen coming or going else where.
Gary02-Aug-2016 19:02
Thanks, Jim.
I have seen them roost on these types of fences before, but have never seen them walk on them...
Gary26-Jul-2016 16:35
Thanks Jim, the guy that lives there is often away for weeks at a time and the deer have sort of moved in in his absence...
Gary23-Jul-2016 15:12
Thanks for your nice comment on my Water Falls image...
Gary21-Jul-2016 15:52
Yes, hunters look for just such easy kills. I hunt with both my camera and rifle, but only to fill my freezer. I quite hunting for quite sometime, but just recently began hunting again. My Wife and I have been stocking up on all necessaries which includes meat of all kinds, wild game is plentiful in our area and we are allowed four tags between my Wife and I. We have canned many quarts of venison and stored them in our basement in case of emergencies. If the demarcates win in November I am afraid this country is in for some really hard times.
Gary18-Jul-2016 20:13
Thanks Jim on your nice comment on my Kestrel...
Gary17-Jul-2016 16:22
Thanks again Jim for your kind words on my work...
Gary11-Jul-2016 20:39
It' interesting you mentioned about printing that landscape image. My wife took it to someone to make a Gallery Print of it...
Gary10-Jul-2016 16:16
I do appreciate your nice comments on my work...
Gary09-Jul-2016 15:59
I appreciate your nice comment on my Landscape image.
Gary28-Jun-2016 21:53
Thanks Jim for the nice comment on my Landscape image...
Vickie BROWN21-Jun-2016 23:43
Hi Jim,
So glad to see that I just found your name on the picture of Sting's performance
Sorry that I had not visited PBase friends' gallery since three years ago, always stay with 90-old-year father in my hometown.
Gary14-Jun-2016 16:13
many thanks Jim on your nice comment on my Grass Seed image...
Gary13-Jun-2016 21:53
Thanks Jim I appreciate your nice comment....
Gary11-Jun-2016 22:30
Thanks, Jim this area has produced a lot of nice landscape images for me...
Gary10-Jun-2016 23:18
Hi Jim, these Rams come down two to three times a month to lick the salt off of the road and they make for some really nice images. They do not seem to be spooked by people because they are in a no hunting area.
Gary02-Jun-2016 15:33
Many thanks, Jim for your nice comments on my Landscape Scenic images...
Gary29-May-2016 18:15
Thanks, Jim...
Gary26-May-2016 14:40
Many thanks, Jim I appreciate your nice comments on my images...
Gary25-May-2016 17:32
Thanks, Jim...
Gary22-May-2016 15:29
Our Wild Turkey population took a huge hit last Fall when Fish and Game came in and trapped a number of them and sent them out of state...I appreciate your nice comment on my image...
Gary21-May-2016 19:06
Thanks, Jim I appreciate your nice comment on my Tom Turkey...
Bob Brown 12-Mar-2016 22:06
Jim, I love your work. I particularly enjoyed the Fall album. But it was those two little girls (granddaughters?) that stole the show. Thanks for sharing.
Carol How23-Aug-2015 23:29
Great photography Jim. I like how you've set up your homepage too.
Chrissie Higgleton22-Jun-2015 14:36
Your galleries are so lovely, I shall need lots of time to really look at them properly. I will be back again soon.
huile de ricin14-May-2015 12:50
Je suis impressionnée par vos photos, woow !
Avoir une belle peau01-May-2015 13:10
Your are amazing !
Graeme05-Apr-2015 10:34
Hi Jim,

I would like to wish you and your family a very Happy Easter and to thank you for your recent kind comments and support.

hamery31-Dec-2014 15:19
happy new year ( hkt ) to u and to your love ones, jim.
Stephanie31-Dec-2014 13:56
::: (_( …*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
*: (=’ :’) :::::::: Happy New Year Jim!! 2015! :::::::::::
•.. (,(”)(”)¤…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*…*
hamery19-Nov-2014 03:40
yes,I am happy to see u2 as well. we learn different tech, from other by photosharing and hope that one day we can take one pic that we can be proud of in our life. cheers
hamery19-Nov-2014 02:08
Thank you Jim for visiting me again and again. I think sharing the photos are the greatest harmony of all. I really enjoy your pics especially with your grandchild. So sweet and cute and special ! lucky u.
Guest 13-Sep-2014 15:13
We had a cold front sweep in from Canada delivering some below freezing temps and the weather people say there is another one on it' way as well. Our leaves have begun to change and there are more signs pointing to a cold winter this year. We noticed the Does kicked their young out very early and we are beginning too see more mature Bucks in the area.
Guest 07-Sep-2014 16:16
Thanks, Jim for the nice comment on my "Milkweed Seed" image...
I have not spotted a Monarch this summer, I've also heard they are on the decline in our area, which saddens me as I have always enjoyed photographing them...
Barry McCartney04-Sep-2014 19:54
I came across your galleries this morning - very good work. I have browsed a few galleries and will be back to view more later.
Have added you to my favorites list.
Dracee 26-Aug-2014 00:49
This Site is cool and informative. I enjoyed visiting this site. keep this site up. Good work.
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Guest 03-Jul-2014 15:21
Thanks Jim, it's good too be back...
Guest 26-Jun-2014 22:48
A gallant gentleman is Jim Coffman. He is an artistic photographer of many talents, composing and creating memorable images of landscapes and nature in their infinite forms. People, pets, and animals in the wild fill his galleries. His rural scenes are breathtaking in their beauty, and his water images are unrivaled.
More important, Jim encourages, promotes, and praises others with a discerning eye. He is a most remarkable fellow that we, especially I, have had the good fortune to know in cyberspace.
Greg Dunn 06-Jun-2014 02:16
Jim, your images are exceptional, and awe inspiring! What a eye you have! Keep up the excellent work!!! -Greg
Guest 16-Dec-2013 16:46
Thanks Jim, your comment means a great deal to me specially coming from one who is head and shoulders above most photographers...
An early Christmas greeting to you and yours from the O'Dell's...
Guest 13-Sep-2013 15:11
Morning Jim,
Our Fall season is spotty at best at the moment. I had to go up in the "high country" to get this image. The foliage begins to turn a bit sooner up in the mountains. I was hunting grouse, so I was enjoying two of my pleasures at the same time. No, I did not see any grouse :-))
I hope Friday the 13th is good to you....
Guest 08-Jun-2013 21:51
Hi Jim,
I had a chuckle when I read your message section on your home page. It seems your State spawned another one (present administration in the White House)
I thank you for your nice comments on my image, they are much appreciated...
RappWizard03-Jun-2013 00:38

Thank you for your praise and generous comments that you left on my Dog gallery. Having reviewed the body of work in your beautiful galleries, I consider your comments very high praise. Thanks again.

Dave Rappaport
Karen Gillespie 17-May-2013 15:54
Howdy Neighbor,Love the photos !!!
Lindsey27-Feb-2013 20:18
Wonderful collection of galleries...I look forward to diving into them! :)

Have a great day! Lindsey
Guest 05-May-2012 05:46
For you and your witf
Again congratulations and a great day!!!!!!!!!
Guest 12-Feb-2012 16:03
Thanks for stopping by my gallery. Your galleries are beautiful and inspirational, another reason I just love this website. Thanks, Tim
Stephanie22-Dec-2011 22:55
Hi Jim ~
I just wanted to wish you and your family (including Bella) a very Merry Christmas and the Happiest and Healthiest of New Years!
Steph :)
an nguyen18-Dec-2011 02:02
Happy Holidays to you and yours .
Thank you for supporting me throughout the year and your finest words on my work .
Anne N
Guest 13-Dec-2011 23:04
The current message on your Profile page concerning governors of Wisconsin made me laugh.
Now I'll just have to follow up and view your photos!
Mike H.26-Jul-2011 00:41
Hi Jim
I wonder if you know just how much your photography pursuit by itself inspires others? Especially those relatively new to the digital world such as myself. Your works are becoming a benchmark -- as well as regular, uplifting entertainment. Thank you for taking the time to comment with encouragement on my images.
Kind regards,
Jeff Real03-Jul-2011 12:52
Your photography is simply amazing. You capture your surroundings in a way that is so pure and beautiful. Each day I check in and get inspired anew. Thank you for sharing this marvelous work and for the time you have spent commenting on mine.
Range View 11-Apr-2011 12:54
Hi Jim
Thanks for your visits to our galleries & the kind comments.
I'm sure we will learn a lot from your great photography.
David & Barbara.
Guest 28-Mar-2011 02:58
Thanks Jim for your visit to my Gallery...
Thanks for your nice comments on it...
Graeme09-Mar-2011 19:51
Hi Jim, Thank you for your continued support of my work each day. I love your work and your love of raw nature, wood and animals. One can learn a lot from the view through your eyes....
Kind regards,
Jean Chiasson05-Mar-2011 00:16
Hey I went to cuba and I'll be back soon.
Guest 08-Feb-2011 02:25
Hi Jim,
Thank you for your kind welcoming remark and comments. Your photos are gorgeous.

Best regards,

Guest 10-Sep-2010 11:23
Hello Jim, Thank you for your kind comment on my gallery. Your gallery are wonderful as well. many photo I like it But I need more time to see all your photo so I will be back again.

Please take care
g fitzgerald20-Aug-2010 15:32
What can one say but that the photographs in your galleries are stunning. You are indeed an artist in your work.
janescottcumming23-Jul-2010 23:09
Jim, I truly enjoy visiting your galleries. You really do take beautiful photos of so many different subjects. I think your love of photography comes through loud and clear in your work! I am so pleased that you take the time to visit my galleries. Thank you again for all your kind comments. Take care and keep on shooting! Jane
fineartism19-Jul-2010 20:29
Hello Jim, thank you very much for your comments !!!
I am glad I found your galleries, this way I can see lots of beautiful pictures from the other side of the world... and I really enjoy it.
Guest 02-Jul-2010 13:15
Jim, I am a new photographer and your nature shots are my inspiration. I hope to be able to take the kind of shots you do someday. Keep up the beautiful work!
Robert Houde24-Jun-2010 02:11
Jim Terrific galleries. I am glad I stopped by.
Guest 05-Dec-2009 18:20
Thank you very much Jim for your attention and your kind comment in my new gallery.

Best regards.
Paolo Peggi (aka Bracciodiferro)23-Nov-2009 19:46
Many thanks for your daily support my friend!
I am attracted by your beautiful galleries...
Jean Chiasson18-Oct-2009 22:50
Hi Jim Thank you for your visit and encouraging Bye
Ann Shapiro18-Aug-2009 01:57
I love your pictures. I love your dragonfly gallery - they are very hard to photograph - great job! I have just started taking pictures and have so much to learn but having a blast just walking around my neighborhood (I live on a lake) and snapping nature and all it's beauty.

I look forward to seeing more of your pictures.

Keep on snapping, Ann
John Armstrong24-Jun-2009 06:44
Thanks for all your recent kind words. Looks like you have still got a lot going on in your part of the world to keep you busy photogaphically!

Best Regards John
poetry66613-May-2009 23:24
Hi Jim, I love your galleries. Your work is so precise and beautifully captured. I would also like to thank you for your continued support of my work. I really appreciate it my friend.
Best regards,
Jean Chiasson14-Mar-2009 21:16
Thank you for visit and encouraging Jim
poetry66611-Mar-2009 01:15
Hi Jim, Thank you for all of your kind comments and support recently. All are very much appreciated my friend.
Best regards,
Guest 16-Dec-2008 16:00
Great Galleries
poetry66601-Dec-2008 00:06
Hi Jim, Thank you for your continued support of my work. your kind comments are very much appreciated my friend. I find your work inspirational and excellent to view.
Kind regards,
Rosemarie Kusserow24-Oct-2008 16:43
Thanks Jim for your kind comments and votes on my b/w gallery, I´m pleased you like my shots, it was a plesure for me to view at yours as well, kind regards,
Rosemarie :o)
poetry66613-Oct-2008 18:25
Hi Jim, Thank you very much for all of the kind comments and votes. I have added you to my favourites and look forward to viewing your galleries.
Kind regards,
Marcia Rules07-Sep-2008 00:30
Jim, thanks for your appreciation of my work! You picked some of my personal favorites. I will look at ALL your galleries in a few....
1moremile22-Aug-2008 00:49
Great photos and an absolutely gorgeous family. Congrats.
Guest 20-Aug-2008 19:03
Hi Jim, thanks for all your lovely comments on my various pics. We haven't had very good weather of late and it isn't very inspiring taking pictures when you are trying to keep the rain and wind off... I think us Brits will be growing webbed feet if this rain doesn't abate. Also, thank you for your comments on my lovely Jess, she is a rescue collie and is just the most fantastic companion when I am out with my camera. I will be back to visit your galleries again to look at all your fantastic views through your lens. Kind regards, Jackie
Guest 16-Aug-2008 13:45
You truly have an eye for landscapes and nature photography! Enjoyed viewing your work and will be seeing you again!
Rosemarie Kusserow04-Jul-2008 08:17
Congratulation for the Independed Day ! Have a great time, it is always a plesure to view at your works, regards, Rosemarie :o)
Guest 07-Apr-2008 03:42
Sorry, I meant to send this to your guest book, not your email. But I will tell you again, you have such great work. It was a joy checking it out today and I hope you don't mind that I added you to my favorites. Best always...Dawn
Guest 26-Mar-2008 04:58
Hello Jim, thanks for taking the time to view my images and the wonderful comments on my
B&W work. Best Regards, the other Jim.
barryml24-Mar-2008 14:59
Thx for visiting my gallery, yours is a fantastic gallery, I love the states and is trying to immigrate at the moment, my family and I have enjoyed our trips so much to yous country.
Regards Barry
Guest 14-Mar-2008 02:30
Hi Jim, thanks so much for your comments. I'm glad you visited my gallery, because it allowed me to discover yours, and you have some great material. I will visit again.
tomr-photos20-Feb-2008 06:01
Hi Jim. Thanks for visiting and commenting. :)
Jerry Curtis10-Feb-2008 17:51
I'm glad you enjoyed so many of my images. I, likewise, enjoyed many of yours. We seem to like shooting similar subjects. I especially enjoyed your rural shots and waterfalls, but all your work is worth more time than I have to devote right now, so I'll just boolmark the site.
All the best,
blizzard06-Jan-2008 14:25
Good morning Jim
I completed a tour of Coffman land and I must say I enjoyed it
I picked out a few favorites ,all in all you are an excellent photographer
Now Jim Please don't respond with a bunch of reviews for me . I can only sit at the computer for about 40 minutes for the day. OK ok
Debbie Blackburn Beierle14-Dec-2007 07:54
Hi Jim! Stopping in to wish you and yours a VERY Merry Christmas!! Thank you for all your kind remarks and support! Debbie
Guest 02-Dec-2007 14:02
Hi Jim, Thanks for the comment you left me.
Cliff29-Nov-2007 22:26
You have a great eye !
Guest 13-Apr-2007 00:21
Excellent collection of photos, loved the deer shots.
Thierry Lucas28-Feb-2007 21:40
Hello Jim,
Thanks very much for your comments.
You have very nice pictures.
Will go back to see more.

Guest 28-Dec-2006 22:05
Nice galleries, love your (?) dogs, especially the white...I´ll be back
Karen Moen27-Dec-2006 19:39
Thank you for your visit and kind feedback. I like how you capture small details in nature. Lovely work!
fotabug10-Dec-2006 23:19
You have some wonderful photos in your galleries. I enjoyed browsing through them. Will be back.