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FRG Photography

Selected Photos from my Pbase/junglegeorge on line photo albums for slide show on main page
Cheers George

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My Sarawakian Dog Sally Hello_Tweet_tweet.jpg RipplesatDusk.jpg The Milky Way 3 and planet Venus DSC01745eer.JPG kookaburra4r500MP.JPG
DSC07360r500MP.JPG DSC07491r500MP.JPG Vinnier500MP.JPG DSC01822er.JPG DSC01823eer.JPG Rock_Wallaby_5er.JPG
Rock_Wallaby_2er.JPG Rock_Wallaby_3er.JPG Rock_Wallaby_4er.JPG Rock_Wallaby_1er.JPG Bush_Turkey1er.JPG Bush_Turkey2er.JPG
Rippleserw.JPG _DSC5991erw.JPG _DSC6015erw.JPG _DSC6091erw.JPG _DSC6136erw.JPG _DSC6399erw.JPG
_DSC6437erw.JPG Pink and Grey Galah eating pink flowers, Agelsea, Victoria, Australia Purple Swamphen, Agelsea, Victoria, Australia Chestnut Teal Duck shaking, Agelsea, Victoria, Australia Pair of Chestnut Teal Ducks, Agelsea, Victoria, Australia Cormorant in flight, Agelsea, Victoria, Australia
Female Doe Kangaroo with Joey in pouch Close up of Doe Kangaroo Doe Kangaroo, Angelsea, Victoria, Australia Swan Lake Sunset Breamlea, Victoria, Australia Swans in the twilight glow The magical sky Breamlea Victoria Australia 7/08/2012
_DSC1677erw.JPG _DSC1690erw.JPG _DSC1694erw.JPG _DSC1700erw.JPG _DSC3509erw.JPG _DSC3511erw.JPG
_DSC3529erw.JPG _DSC3545erw.JPG _DSC3572erw.JPG _DSC3280erw.JPG _DSC3056erw.JPG Crimson Rosella Platycercus elegans 3
Pink and Grey Galah - look to the right Australian King-Parrot 21 Geese taking flight from water Hump Back Whale, Sorrento, Port Phillip Bay, Victoria, Australia HDR Image Geelong 11/03/2012 Juvenile Wattle Bird, Australia, Victoria, Breamlea
Jan Juc Surfing competition Wild Boar at Bako National Park Sarawak, Borneo Curiosity _DSC4177erw.JPG _DSC4178erw.JPG _DSC4314erw.JPG
_DSC4319erw.JPG _DSC4476erw.JPG Bantam Rooster, Thailand, Bangkok, Chutatapuk Gardens DSC01652er.JPG _DSC2424er.JPG _DSC3833erw.JPG
_DSC3837erw.JPG High Dynamic Range Edited Photo 5.5 Tonnes of Gold Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, Australia, Victoria, Maribynong Silver Gull or Australian Seagull, Australia, Victoria, Maribynong Australia, Victoria, Maribynong Australia, Victoria, Maribynong
DSC07444er.JPG Lohmann Brown Laying Hens, Australia, Victoria DSC08064er.JPG DSC08104er.JPG DSC07030er.JPG DSC07527eer.JPG
DSC07546eer.JPG DSC07629eer.JPG Silver Gull or Australian Seagull DSC07770eer.JPG DSC07778eer.JPG DSC07975eer.JPG
DSC06962er.JPG DSC06971er.JPG DSC06994er.JPG DSC06963er.JPG Silver Gull or Australian Seagull Silver Gull or Australian Seagull
DSC03413er.JPG DSC03504er.JPG DSC03174er.JPG DSC03193er.JPG DSC03202er.JPG DSC03216er.JPG
DSC03318er.JPG DSC03385er.JPG DSC03488er.JPG DSC01798er.JPG DSC03505er.JPG DSC03519er.JPG
DSC03541er.JPG DSC03606er.JPG DSC03761er.JPG DSC03815er.JPG DSC03824er.JPG DSC03860er.JPG
DSC03888er.JPG DSC03909er.JPG DSC03925er.JPG DSC03936er.JPG DSC03978er.JPG DSC02331er.JPG
DSC04004exr.jpg DSC02374er.JPG DSC02567er.JPG DSC02698er.JPG DSC02840er.JPG DSC01861er.JPG
DSC06197_Resized.JPG DSC07718_Resized.JPG DSC01012er.JPG DSC01084er.JPG The Kuching Cats Interhash Rugby
Suspension Bridge - no jumping Interhash Friends Black Orchid Cave Exit Buffalo Horn Spider DSC09548.JPG
DSC07695_Resized.JPG DSC05639_Resized.JPG DSC06833_Resized.JPG DSC00566_Resized.JPG DSC06949_Resized.JPG George.jpg
DSC09896_Resized.JPG Sunset Kuching River Kuching Dragon Boat Racing The Sunset Mongolians Kuching Ferryman Six On A Bike - Plenty Of Room
Roti Chani in action Boys on Bike Eggs and a Bun in the oven True Innocence Bako from the clifftop DSC06903r.JPG
Marianne Having Lunch With Orang Utan DSC03501_Resized.JPG DSC08060.JPG DSC07044_Resized.JPG DSC06500_Resized.JPG DSC04529_Resized.JPG
DSC03924_Resized.JPG DSC06953.JPG DSC01470_Resized.JPG Malaysia, Sarawak, Jong's crocodile farm, Peacock DSC08866e.jpg DSC06845r.JPG
DSC06846r.JPG DSC06956.JPG DSC09788.JPG DSC09814.JPG DSC09872.JPG Redirect to India Photos
Malcolm.jpg Wagler Pit Viper r George & James Suitably Dirty After Caving A Cave Entrance From Inside Beautiful Stalagmites & Stalactites James, Patricia, Sam, Kate & Tansee
DSC03141er.JPG DSC02983er.JPG DSC03008er.JPG DSC03011er.JPG DSC03043er.JPG DSC03058er.JPG
DSC03065er.JPG DSC03131er.JPG Wagler Pit Viper a Walter James Parr (Jim) 1893-1949 - 5 sitting around 1918 Walter James Parr wedds Dorothy Florence Linter 20/9/1919 Grand Auntie Dorothy Magaret Parr (Marge) 1905 - 1981 and Great Grandma Emily Calcutt 1871 - 1937
My Grandfather on my mothers side Walter James Parr Standing at Left My Great Grandfather on my mothers side Me on the left and my brother James second from the right at my neighbours with my mates Me at Lakes Entrance - I guess I was about 8 years old Isabella Dalton nee Steel oldphoto049.JPG
Picture 092er.JPG DSC07567_Resized.JPG DSC07650_Resized.JPG DSC07753_Resized.JPG DSC07802_Resized.JPG DSC09573.JPG
DSC09596.JPG DSC06908_Resized.JPG DSC07016_Resized.JPG DSC06431_Resized.JPG DSC06503_Resized.JPG DSC06580_Resized.JPG
DSC06598_Resized.JPG DSC06617_Resized.JPG DSC06623_Resized.JPG DSC06057_Resized.JPG DSC06100_Resized.JPG DSC06144_Resized.JPG
DSC04421_Resized.JPG DSC04430_Resized.JPG DSC04432_Resized.JPG DSC04482_Resized.JPG DSC04484_Resized.JPG DSC04498_Resized.JPG
DSC04505_Resized.JPG DSC04527_Resized.JPG DSC04598_Resized.JPG DSC04629_Resized.JPG DSC04652_Resized.JPG DSC04664_Resized.JPG
DSC04670_Resized.JPG DSC04689_Resized.JPG DSC04691_Resized.JPG DSC04718_Resized.JPG DSC04041_Resized.JPG DSC04050_Resized.JPG
DSC04070_Resized.JPG DSC04165_Resized.JPG DSC04207_Resized.JPG DSC04218_Resized.JPG Just the thing for a consumer lawyer - 100% discounts Green Whip Snake 2
Mr Snappy Naughty Macau DSC01495_Resized.JPG DSC01540_Resized.JPG DSC01591_Resized.JPG DSC01602_Resized.JPG
DSC01609_Resized.JPG DSC01613_Resized.JPG Flipping The Oyster Pancake - Mmm Wind Blown Lillian The Three Wise Monkeys Diving
The Croc DSC03874_Resized.JPG DSC03966_Resized.JPG Jambu Air Vegetable Display Choosing The Vegetables
Kropok (fermented dried fish - delicious) Kite Flying Kampong Sekog Boys Bako waiting for the tide You heard what I said Hari Raya House Visiting
A Musical Evening Mederka Palace Foyer Prime River Frontage Temple Roof Lost at the waterfall Feet in river
Waterfall Ana Ris EPV0126er.jpg 080602.JPG EPV0177e.JPG My Graduation 1974 Reverend John C King blessing Mum's Car
Mum & Me DSC07646_Resized.JPG DSC07661_Resized.JPG DSC02755er.JPG Pink and Grey Galah, Australia, Victoria, Sandy Point DSC05641_Resized.JPG
DSC05760_Resized.JPG DSC00816er.JPG DSC00834er.JPG DSC00902er.JPG DSC00976er.JPG DSC00979er.JPG
DSC00981er.JPG DSC01074er.JPG DSC04829_Resized.JPG DSC04858_Resized.JPG DSC04910_Resized.JPG DSC04972_Resized.JPG
DSC00056_Resized.JPG DSC00058_Resized.JPG DSC00627_Resized.JPG DSC00635_Resized.JPG DSC09436er.JPG DSC09454er.JPG
DSC09462eer.JPG DSC09473er.JPG DSC09477er.JPG DSC03293_Resized.JPG DSC03347_Resized.JPG DSC03361_Resized.JPG
DSC03386_Resized.JPG DSC03391_Resized.JPG DSC03399_Resized.JPG DSC03407_Resized.JPG DSC03414_Resized.JPG DSC00720_Resized.JPG
DSC00846_Resized.JPG DSC01905_Resized.JPG DSC02004_Resized.JPG DSC00085_Resized.JPG DSC00101_Resized.JPG DSC00118_Resized.JPG
DSC00159_Resized.JPG DSC00196_Resized.JPG DSC00258_Resized.JPG DSC00774_Resized.JPG DSC00961_Resized.JPG George squeezing out an exit
James reflecting on the days adventures George freezing his # off IMG_2579_Resized.JPG DSC06430_Resized.JPG DSC06434_Resized.JPG DSC06472_Resized.JPG
DSC06475_Resized.JPG DSC06489_Resized.JPG DSC06501_Resized.JPG DSC06545_Resized.JPG A Difference Of Opinion Worms
The Group Fossils Large Shell Fossil Cave Crab Large Cave Spider carrying eggs Cave Waterfall From Roof
That Dog wants to go A new photographic dimension Anyone Hungry What's That Cave Monster Chewing sugar cane under the banana tree A likely lot
George (totally stuffed) Patricia Honey Comb (some say fossil shark tooth but I don't think so) Jungle Spider 150 mm across Large Jungle Spider less a couple of legs (just as well they have 8 to start with) Cooling Off In The Paddy Field - I knew I should have brought my bathers
Buffalo Horned Spider Mother Bat With Baby Bat In Arms DSC06967er.JPG DSC07513eer.JPG